Winter Beef Recipes To Keep You Warm | Gordon Ramsay 

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Here are a few recipes to help you during Winter.
#GordonRamsay #Cooking

Gordon Ramsay's Ultimate Fit Food/Healthy, Lean and Fit - po.st/REpVfP

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19 нов 2020






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Melody S.
Melody S. Пре 2 дана
I forgot to season the beef before sizzling, worrying how it’s going to turn out
Nikoleta Lisi
Nikoleta Lisi Пре 3 дана
I learned how to cook from him. My passion for cooking was fired from him ❤️
Stuff King
Stuff King Пре 3 дана
Look at dem cheeks
klimber10001 Пре 4 дана
Am I seeing double?
Chingyiu Ho
Chingyiu Ho Пре 6 дана
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Lustify Пре 6 дана
I wonder how long ago this was recorded
Neels Duplessis
Neels Duplessis Пре 7 дана
Papa is watching his words:)
LiNingAir Пре 7 дана
2:25 He really said, "EXPRESSO"...
Jaleel DnO
Jaleel DnO Пре 8 дана
I've eaten my lunch just right now, and my mouth is still watering.
Jynx Пре 8 дана
shii i’d be hung over after one meal
Mairis Bērziņš
Mairis Bērziņš Пре 9 дана
Ahh I wish i had a parent that was a good chef. Then no one would have a valid reason to call me fat if u getting fed like this.
Sweeney DC
Sweeney DC Пре 9 дана
Gordon is so lovely 🥺
Jay Pete
Jay Pete Пре 9 дана
This made me extremely hungry.
Jerome Baker Designs
Jerome Baker Designs Пре 10 дана
Can you zoom the camera in even closer I want to be able to see nothing.
2006glg Пре 10 дана
Jack's all grown up now...and I admit it, I'm jealous of Gordon's kids to live with a master teacher as a dad.
Neelotpal Phonglo
Neelotpal Phonglo Пре 11 дана
I think she knows better the ingredients then her siblings
100T Hitz
100T Hitz Пре 11 дана
Bro imagine this man as ur father every meal is just insane
Julian Marin
Julian Marin Пре 11 дана
Awesome. Mix. Love it.
Laurin Kreischer
Laurin Kreischer Пре 11 дана
Gordon: You smell the beef? My eyes: Yes chef!
Alex Miller
Alex Miller Пре 11 дана
Did Gordon Ramsay just use canned tomatoes? CANNED? NOT FRESH?
Spiritual Empress
Spiritual Empress Пре 12 дана
You know his son ain’t gonna remember that lol love seeing his softer side though
Vasja Snaiper
Vasja Snaiper Пре 12 дана
Great dad this guy is superman
Keem Bogart
Keem Bogart Пре 12 дана
The beautiful burma unequivocally slow because employer periodically scratch to a rustic moon. fearful fearless, vengeful pyramid
John Werner
John Werner Пре 13 дана
And don't steal daddys thunder. Hummm.lol
SIDAF Пре 13 дана
I like how his son doesn’t react like “dad stop” when he pinched his cheeks A lot of us don’t seem to appreciate the little things our parent’s do to express their love
john collazo
john collazo Пре 14 дана
Two chefs in the making. Lovely family
joe buck
joe buck Пре 14 дана
I wish so much Gordon would adopt me
jmrm Пре 15 дана
How can one person be the scariest person and wholesome at the same time.
LmA bye bye
LmA bye bye Пре 15 дана
Beach😂🏖️🏖️that was really cute
B Olifant
B Olifant Пре 15 дана
Oh no he said Expresso it's all ruined
Radoslav Takev Jr.
Radoslav Takev Jr. Пре 16 дана
No doubt this food tastes great but how healthy is it, statistically speaking
Sly Invasion
Sly Invasion Пре 17 дана
No being funny right but I rate Gordon very highly in my scale of awesome people.. however.. whilst I have watched countless.. and I mean countless hours of his videos on RSvid.. I always find myself thinking the same thing. 'Yep.. you've all these ingredients because you are not on a budget.. how are (for arguments sake lets say 'common' people supposed to do this. I like many others do not open my kitchen cupboard to star anise.. or however you spell it. Bravo Gordon on your ability to make something out of nothing.. but you had something to make that something out of nothing in the first place.
Iam fukked
Iam fukked Пре 16 дана
John Hendrixson
John Hendrixson Пре 18 дана
just a touch of olive'ol
Guacolda Urzúa Urrutia
Guacolda Urzúa Urrutia Пре 18 дана
Lo podriantraducir en español porfa
Zaychic Bronya
Zaychic Bronya Пре 19 дана
He used CANNED TOMATO. Not the usual Gordon:))
Chris Faller
Chris Faller Пре 21 дан
How long ago was this recorded? Jack is in college now.
Janetkelly Kelly
Janetkelly Kelly Пре 20 дана
Jack's in the Marine's seen him in his uniform look's very smart
TURK182 Пре 22 дана
I love watching these videos of Delish recipes cooked at home with Gordon's kids. Awesome!
berkah sofa
berkah sofa Пре 24 дана
i'm your fans from indonesia mr gordon ❤️
Sauce God
Sauce God Пре 24 дана
Your a legend if your watching in 2021
Mike Morrissey
Mike Morrissey Пре 24 дана
I actually get a warm fuzzy feeling seeing him in the kitchen with his kids. They're ALL adorable especially little Oscar. Lol
Артём Нова
Артём Нова Пре 24 дана
Am I retarded or did he really say ""eXpresso"?
Sonic 2.0
Sonic 2.0 Пре 25 дана
Jesus love’s you an he is coming back soon an if you’re not ready you’re going to hell please just try to get to know god please
Mihaly Istvan Göczö
Mihaly Istvan Göczö Пре 25 дана
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mfaracing Пре 28 дана
Before I watched this video I thought Gordon Ramsay was a bully. I now know this isn't the case. Great recipes, even though I will never put oil on pasta in the pan.
Dank L0rdzzz
Dank L0rdzzz Пре 28 дана
Hope you do this to your girlfriend 🤣 hate it but love it when parents say that hate it when it happens to me but either way it do be funny
Meagan Walsh
Meagan Walsh Пре 28 дана
Never thought he could be so calm while teaching 🤣🤣🤣 love gordon
فاطمة هشام سمير
فاطمة هشام سمير Пре 29 дана
OK...The title said beef recipes for winter to keep you warm and he didn’t show us the first recipe that included beef and then the second recipe was desserts not beef lol 😆
Karam Marji
Karam Marji Пре 29 дана
The lavish sociology angiographically hop because lycra topically add up a regular copper. questionable, nine basement
Beckham Rajkumar
Beckham Rajkumar Пре месец
15:36 I hate my mind
Brian Izzo
Brian Izzo Пре месец
I really think Tillie ends up being the best cook out of the lot.
Arsal Islam
Arsal Islam Пре месец
He can be a mean man to the world but treats his daughters like princess. Awesome dad !!!
Arvinikh Buyan
Arvinikh Buyan Пре месец
He said bitch ʕ •́؈•̀ ₎
Victor Lodi-Fe
Victor Lodi-Fe Пре месец
His pronunciation of ciabatta and espresso triggers me xD
Sophia Valentina
Sophia Valentina Пре месец
aww Tilly
Ellie van cauwenberghe
Ellie van cauwenberghe Пре месец
He got such great kids!!
Karen Belaire
Karen Belaire Пре месец
Tilley is a sweet little lady.
Karen Belaire
Karen Belaire Пре месец
Jack is so cute.
Taseen Amin
Taseen Amin Пре месец
Gordon is such a great father.
Team Spxct
Team Spxct Пре месец
He is a good father
Shouko Neshimiya
Shouko Neshimiya Пре месец
PeterFargo Пре месец
As a father of two girls...I love seeing this side of Mr. Ramsay. I think she will likely be your protégé.
indy full
indy full Пре месец
Adorable kids !
Cooper Fedele
Cooper Fedele Пре месец
:no one/me eating Mac & cheese :POV gorden DID U MAKE THIS?!?!??:me yea....: gorden LEMME TASTE THIS LAMB SOUCE
anton thiem
anton thiem Пре месец
If I ever decide to break-into and steal something, it will be a set of GR knife's.......any idea what they are called
Suresh Dhanjani
Suresh Dhanjani Пре месец
Gordon I loved when your daughter teases you by saying burnt garlic everytime
Roelien Stapelberg
Roelien Stapelberg Пре месец
Where can we find these recipes?
Thomas B.
Thomas B. Пре месец
His teenage son doesn't know what a bay leaf is?
Thomas B.
Thomas B. Пре месец
I just figured his dad, one of the most famous chefs ever, would’ve shared the basics with his kids at this point.
D B Пре месец
Why would he?
Lincoln Austin
Lincoln Austin Пре месец
I wonder how much olive oil Gordon goes through in 10 years
Donna Frangona
Donna Frangona Пре месец
For San. You can cook for me any time. I'll have to try your delicious recipes. Beautiful family. Greetings from Pittsburgh USA.
Donna Frangona
Donna Frangona Пре месец
I mean Gordan.
Donna Frangona
Donna Frangona Пре месец
Gordam I love your recipes. Yum.
pilson9256 Пре месец
Expresso?! Whats that? A fast coffee? No x in espresso!
Connor Пре месец
no one: camera man: *microscopic angle*
Tim C
Tim C Пре месец
When he tried to feed jack and he refuses 😂😂 that sorta stuff gets my funny bone
The47thBasement Пре месец
His son looks just like him. This is the sweetest thing ☺️
Tanya Miller
Tanya Miller Пре месец
EEERRRG..... what podcast is this? Family ties?
ICatheraTashaI Пре месец
Oil makes it harder for sauce to stick to pasta.
Roey elimelech
Roey elimelech Пре месец
0:06 idiot sandwich
Dozer Hernandez
Dozer Hernandez Пре месец
150 Celsius or Fahrenheit
Just A. Name
Just A. Name Пре месец
I'm here teaching my son how to pour hot water into Ramen.
William Harrison
William Harrison Пре месец
You are such a good cook I love watching your videos and tv shows
Miranda Smith
Miranda Smith Пре месец
CES 2021
Alan Hope
Alan Hope Пре месец
Quintessentially Italian: Expresso. Oh Gordon.
James Park
James Park Пре месец
8:40 gordon ramsey with the dad joke
Afa Dira
Afa Dira Пре месец
The Best Chef in the World....
Бог есть Любовь
Dear friends, please watch this video and just think about what has been said. rsvid.info/video/mpjMlsyd0oGvgJo.html
Rafael Chavez
Rafael Chavez Пре месец
Excellent heartwarming family program, wonderful food. The kids are a pleasure to be about. Only one comment, with the cooking spoon, think of the Manic Street Preachers: "If you double-dip this, then your children will be next".
Johan Rendon
Johan Rendon Пре месец
Imagine he just called him a donkey donut
idiotic maxTM
idiotic maxTM Пре месец
Istg having gordon as your like dad or uncle would be heaven- this food makes me so hungry -w-
Dyln Davilin
Dyln Davilin Пре месец
“Don’t be cheeky” I love this guy
MaryLu Harmon
MaryLu Harmon Пре месец
とおさかりん Пре месец
Gordon: What is this leaf? Me: Bitch.
heddu you
heddu you Пре месец
Matilda loves cooking, Jack is just here so he won't get fined
heddu you
heddu you Пре месец
Gordon's kids are going to make him buy them wine when they are 16 and use the excuse "but daddddd i am trying to make ur beef cheeks recipe"
heddu you
heddu you Пре месец
Pause @0:08 and picture Jack thinking "get those beef cheeks the fk away from my face"
JIB23 Пре месец
When you have a 30k dollar kitchen it makes cook that much better and 30k is just a guess
Nutz Ssh
Nutz Ssh Пре месец
i know hes a chef but why is he always in a hurry lol
sbgrant Пре месец
Am I the only one who thinks this kid doesn't care that much about the cooking? GR is very keen to teach him but he seems to be following the lead out of some sense of duty. His interests clearly lie elsewhere.
Joe Young
Joe Young Пре месец
awsome watching you cook with family, you become a teacher and not a critic.. love the video!
Chris Harthcock
Chris Harthcock Пре месец
Leaf of gelatin. Damn I wish we had that near me
KlLLd0tPH Пре месец
Word of the day "doesn't it" 😂
Gregory Martin
Gregory Martin Пре месец
Temps in °C folks
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