Wild Scenes as Crvena Zvezda SWARM Referee Post-Match, Complain About Final Whistle Being Blown 

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February 25, 2021 -- AC Milan vs. Crvena Zvezda: Second Leg (UEFA Europa League 2020-21: Round of 32)
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25 феб 2021






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Коментара 100   
Djordje Babic
Djordje Babic Пре 15 сати
Hassad Abbass
Hassad Abbass Пре 17 дана
Big respect for Dejan Stankovic from an Ac Milan fan
Bojan Srejic
Bojan Srejic Пре 22 дана
Red Star is favourite
Pedro Lucatero
Pedro Lucatero Пре 24 дана
crvena zvedza's gk had me dyin straight talkin shiet to bitchass donnaruma ahaha
4LEK54ND4R Пре месец
something new? its always the same thing, getting used to it - uefa- mafia
Josua purba
Josua purba Пре месец
Sama aja ini mah tergantung wasit aja mau kasih atau gak. Soalnya menit krusial.dan tergantung di kandang siapa. Soalnya waktu di kandang red star kayak begini dikasih. Giliran di kandang san siro ya jangan sampai.
Mladen Vukotic
Mladen Vukotic Пре месец
Alfonso Bossi
Alfonso Bossi Пре месец
ref asks Stankovic, can i explain and he says no, i think he did it because Red Star players were too melancholic, like they didn't rush to take the corner.
ToxaKastela Пре месец
0:08 kako rece ovo crvena zvezda🤣🤣🤣
Bojan Sekulic
Bojan Sekulic Пре месец
uefa mafia
Night_Monkey02 Пре месец
It was a great game for Red Star, but unfortunately my team wasn't lucky
Haha Hahamanu
Haha Hahamanu Пре месец
red star belgrade was much better. as milan serbia has a good team with strong players serbia is a country with good football and good players 🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸
Stipo Zamo
Stipo Zamo Пре месец
Belgrade players behaving super bad..
nongdarko Пре месец
Award a corner but don't allow to take it? Never seen that before ever, and watching football from all over the world. UEFA is still corrupt. UEFA MAFIA
Red star
Red star Пре месец
Uefa mafija uefa mafija red star 💪💪💪💪💪💪
Che Palino
Che Palino Пре месец
Zoran Bakovic - The Zoran
Zoran Bakovic - The Zoran Пре месец
Because the ref knew that Pavkov will score...Forza Stella Rossa!!! :) We scored that goal... Just watch at 1.28 he he he rsvid.info/video/vsypYtiTzpLKcpo.html
Rob Nolan
Rob Nolan Пре месец
Should have let them take the corner even though the time was finished but this is football let the people dream... from a Milan fan good luck red star !
random guy
random guy Пре месец
Corruption. Nothing else.
Zoom In
Zoom In Пре месец
Russia is always aggressive
Scott Miller
Scott Miller Пре месец
Red Star played beautifully and deserved that final corner kick. Michael Uzoho (post below) is 100% right.
a t
a t Пре месец
my respect for the ref📈📈📈📈
schmucker1989 Пре месец
Milan has made 3 goals in these two games: one auto goal and two penalties. Enough said.
TommyBNRS Пре месец
and 2 red cards for Red Star...
David King
David King Пре месец
We need to take asian ref to ensure impartiality
Chris Anderson
Chris Anderson Пре месец
O:04 😂😂😂
Testdriver2804 Пре месец
what a bunch of idiots, stop the game after you give a corner, simply must be a horrible ref
david. one
david. one Пре месец
this ref is a shame for fotbal , and milan is a shame team ! big respect for zvezda from Dinamo Bucharest !
Marco1 Njie
Marco1 Njie Пре месец
It was only a corner....imagine the scenes had he given Red Star a penalty and blows for fulltime
Janis Chonev
Janis Chonev Пре месец
Jesus christ say Red Star not crvena zvezda that is whay it litteraly means!!
Dejan SRB
Dejan SRB Пре месец
the referee knew that pavkov would score now
Judina Tv
Judina Tv Пре месец
Novae Rog
Novae Rog Пре месец
Why is everyone complaining, the 3 minutes were up. Doesn't matter where the ball is
Marko Ivanovic
Marko Ivanovic Пре месец
@Judina Tv dude he is some asian guy, they don't know football, only rice
Judina Tv
Judina Tv Пре месец
you obviously didnt watch the game, milan have wasted litteraly over a minute in the aggregate time plus subbing a player. he MUST at least let the Red Star Belgrade team to kick that corner also the ball was in front of milans goal for the last 30 seconds he should have waited for milans players to kick off the ball out of the danger zone
Arkhalis Пре месец
Mate, ref must of got a lot of money from Milan
J K Пре месец
It doesnt matter when the ref blows his whistle lmao. It was past 3 minutes then its over. He can end the game in 2:55 if he wants to.
Dragan Markovic
Dragan Markovic Пре месец
@J K Yes and that has nothing to with what I am saying. I said twice already that it was in accordance with rules but it was shitty decision. Only thing that maybe wasn't in accordance with rules was amount of added time, I think it should've been more.
J K Пре месец
@Dragan Markovic yea but its the referees call he doesnt have to give more time if it says 3 minutes. Yes its not good sportsmanship but u cant say anything if he ends it right on the dot. He can end the match whenever he wants.
Dragan Markovic
Dragan Markovic Пре месец
@J K He violated fair play and sportsmanship. It is a common and good practice to allow last seconds free kicks, outs or corners in last seconds of the match. And there is also added time in added time, for example there was one substitution in the added time which certainly took longer then 2 seconds. And 3 minutes added time is laughable, in the second half there was 9 substitutions and a red card, numerous fouls, corners, outs and other breaks and they all sure as hell took longer then 3 minutes. Referee didn't break any rules but that was shitty decision by all standards.
J K Пре месец
@Dragan Markovic wat do u mean he didnt violate anything
Dragan Markovic
Dragan Markovic Пре месец
He can end the game whenever he wants, he can do all sorts of things, but that doesn't make it right.
Vladimir Mitic
Vladimir Mitic Пре месец
THE BLOD Пре месец
and when your players lie down for 2-3 minutes and don't get a yellow carton, can that? If Milan had lost, they would have played up to 98 minutes. Uefa mafia, Zvezda much better and more combative, Milan did not deserve to go further !!!
ivan0193zg Пре месец
Niste samo zasluzili korner, nego ste zasluzili dalje. Steta.
Re Ma
Re Ma Пре месец
Let's remember that Ac Milan already was in suspension for paying referees sooo this might be that case
Dos Пре месец
THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE. THIS IS PURE SCAM, IT'S ALL ABOUT MONEY, AIN'T IT? Crvena Zvezda is the winner for me, i have no words for this betrayer. The Spain ref should be removed immidiately from his job. SHAME ON YOU!!
Sofija Vulic
Sofija Vulic Пре месец
thank you Red Star ❤️🤍
KoMar1988 Пре месец
This is ridiculous how referees helping to "bigger" teams. Even if the attack is ongoing the referees should not play the end. In this case they did not even allow a corner to be performed. Just because they playing against Milan. Few days ago Real Madrid won against Atalanta, obviously with the help of referee. Now they helping to another "big team". UEFA is disgusting!!!
Giuseppe Bernardi
Giuseppe Bernardi Пре месец
Mrdak S
Mrdak S Пре месец
They were scared cuz they knew that milan pavkov would score an goal lol
Vuk Nedeljkovic
Vuk Nedeljkovic Пре месец
Emrah Alomerovic
Emrah Alomerovic Пре месец
Uefa mafia
Bojan Stamenkovic
Bojan Stamenkovic Пре месец
imagine if this happened to Milan or some bigger club like Manchester it would be chaos they would leave the league. but its Red star its not same rules for everybody. Shame.
AverageatBest Пре месец
LoL loser Milan almost lost to small club
neki Пре месец
Referees can be the biggest dickheads. Uefa Mafia. IDEMO DALJE ZVEZDO🔴⚪️
vk_o2 Пре месец
I hope you use all that money you took for this OBVIOUS STEAL - for the medicine ... you POS
noor imam syafii
noor imam syafii Пре месец
Salut for Dejan Stankovic.
Lex Talionis
Lex Talionis Пре месец
He gave 3 additional minutes and they finished! What difference would it make?! Why they didn't score one more goal in 93 minutes?!
Lex Talionis
Lex Talionis Пре месец
@Bojan Stamenkovic obviously not the same rules for everybody! 3 goals canceled for Milan in 2 games. Overall possesion 60-40 and numerous ocassions lost from AC Milan! The fact is that Milan is in the next round and you are not. Deal with it ;) P.S the ref gave 3 minutes and he ended the match at 93:09. So what is the problem?!
Bojan Stamenkovic
Bojan Stamenkovic Пре месец
@Lex Talionis we score in first game in 93 minute.. you got 2 penalties and 1 own goal are you in shame for 7 time UCL Champion ? Reff was scared it would be the same and he finish. is not the same if Milan 500 milion $ club with big star like ibra or Red star who was Champion in 1991. not the same rules for everybody.
Branislav Bijuklic
Branislav Bijuklic Пре месец
@Lex Talionis Thank you!
Lex Talionis
Lex Talionis Пре месец
@Branislav Bijuklic Well Crvena is a very good team and I wish you all the best from the UK!
Branislav Bijuklic
Branislav Bijuklic Пре месец
@Bojan Stamenkovic Neka im brate, ako su morali na ovaj nacin, nek im je sa srecom. Vidis da velika vecina misli ono sto i mi , da je cista kradja. Nije nam ni prvi ni poslednji put da prezivljavamo ove stvari. Znamo vec kako to ide. Od 4 poluvremena imali su jedno celo igraca vise da nas pobede i nisu nas pobedili! Sta nam to govori?
Dalibor Brkic
Dalibor Brkic Пре месец
Nenadツ Пре месец
No words. Bullshit refereeing
TБ ЦЗ Пре месец
Milutin Đorđević
Milutin Đorđević Пре месец
It’s time to learn how to pronounce Crvena Zvezda. It is not Zveca but Zvezda.
رأس المعرفة والحكمة
UEFA + referee = Mafia Samo zvedeeeeee
The Fourth Chairman
The Fourth Chairman Пре месец
Since what zlatan did to lukaku, milan hardly win
Chaabi Taha Taki Eddine
Chaabi Taha Taki Eddine Пре месец
Im ac Milan fan but that was a disgrace honestly 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
Lazar Kljajevic
Lazar Kljajevic Пре месец
ZEroツ Пре месец
manager's reaction was so sad man why didn't you give the chance they might not scored but cmon give teams opportunity
AlTube Naldom
AlTube Naldom Пре месец
These Spanish refs during la liga always blow the whistle 1 minute before the half is over. Hopefully this will be a lesson for all Spanish refs; specially Hernandez Hernandez
DenisFIFA Пре месец
All this for a corner😂
Milo Games
Milo Games Пре месец
@Lazar MMA are you supporting him or are you against him?
Bojan Stamenkovic
Bojan Stamenkovic Пре месец
@Milo Games evan worse.
Milo Games
Milo Games Пре месец
Oh shut it, Milan would do the same if we won
Mohamed Mukhtar
Mohamed Mukhtar Пре месец
Why do they even still play with the away goal rule with some matches being played at neutral stadiums and no fans in any games? There’s no home advantage at all this year so the away goal rule shouldn’t be applied this year
Re Ma
Re Ma Пре месец
But cvalifications were played 1 game without public but not in neutral ground soo they could do the same here
AverageatBest Пре месец
away goal rule is non sense garbage, its throw away the extra time fun !
Victor Isabelle
Victor Isabelle Пре месец
You make a fair point. But there is still a slim advantage for a team that is not traveling to the game. But for neutral ground your point stand.
MGeKa aja
MGeKa aja Пре месец
This is not right. My respect to mr stankovic for controlling his players.
Duke JukeBox
Duke JukeBox Пре месец
Respect to proud club Crvena Zvezda from Rangers fan.You deserved to go through.Nothing more to say about ref than UEFA MAFIA!
Marko Croatia
Marko Croatia Пре месец
@TommyBNRS Da, u Jugoslaviji je bilo katrastrofalno suđenje protiv Dinama i Hajduka u korist Zvezde, partijskog kluba, i Partizana, vojnog kluba. Da je bilo katrastrofalno suđenje protiv Zvezde, ona ne bi pobijedila Ligu prvaka 1990./91.
TommyBNRS Пре месец
@Marko Croatia Decko promasio si temu, pricas o stvarima koje nemaju nikakve veze sa ovim sto je tema ovde kradja i katastrofalno sudjenje protiv Crvene Zvezde.
Marko Croatia
Marko Croatia Пре месец
@TommyBNRS Javili se Srbi koji ne znaju hoće li na Istok ili na Zapad.
TommyBNRS Пре месец
@Marko Croatia Izgubio si kompas sine
Marko Croatia
Marko Croatia Пре месец
@TommyBNRS Jugoslavenski nogomet bile su i partijske direktive o dodjeli naslova prvaka i sustavna sudačka pomoć u željenom smjeru. Jugoslavenski nogomet bilo je i Šajberovo kolo i premještanje igrača silom u Beograd nakon rata kako bi klub narodne armije u što boljem svijetlu predstavio pobjedničku vojsku.
Tk Tk
Tk Tk Пре месец
Rigged bullshit
Jelena Vecic
Jelena Vecic Пре месец
UEFA Mafia
Anthony Sharma
Anthony Sharma Пре месец
Refree is bias!!! They should allowed corner kick!!!
Babington Пре месец
From a Milan fan, this is disappointing.
Ite johnson
Ite johnson Пре месец
@HaStA Ar 🤣😐
HaStA Ar
HaStA Ar Пре месец
@Ite johnson not with that grammar😂
Ite johnson
Ite johnson Пре месец
@Srbin Srbin dont worry well knock them out for you
Srbin Srbin
Srbin Srbin Пре месец
Respect from Red Star fan
Officer K
Officer K Пре месец
Feel so bad for red star refs did them bad
Sasha Пре месец
biggest robbery this season in Europe league!! UEFA MAFIA!! RED STAR BELGRADE IS MUCH BETTER TEAM THAN MILAN!
Strahija The LENGENDARY Пре месец
Also the disrespect between names. Look at the smaller teams, they pronounce names wrong, making it disrespect and undisciplined. This is mafia, how do you not understand
Strahija The LENGENDARY Пре месец
@isError in games or irl football, every league in the world in this case Europe must be recognized, otherwise thatd be mafia. As Europe only supports the bigger clubs, this is mafia lol. Open your bloody eyes
Strahija The LENGENDARY Пре месец
@Nikola Bogdanovic yeah exactly, Liverpool is way better then Milan. Thankfull they don’t really verse each other as the result would be the same as inter lol
Strahija The LENGENDARY Пре месец
@isError lol, yeah they aren’t better, played amazingly twice and you say Milan still deserves to pass. Don’t even say home leagues matter. Also a decent game? Clearly everyone is playing good against Milan lol, they’re literally falling apart. Stick 🖕in ibrahimovic’s ass. Once he joined, he practicallly did nothing against red star so I don’t get why pioli was saving him incase results go wrong for him 😂
Nikola Bogdanovic
Nikola Bogdanovic Пре месец
@isError well we won in group vs Liverpool 2-0 when they took Champion League, so why do you think that Manchester would be problem?
aurora rojas
aurora rojas Пре месец
Milan tiene que mejorar mucho para la siguiente fase si quiere ser el campeon Fuerza milan
Re Ma
Re Ma Пре месец
If this is your "great Milan" you should be ashamed Be a man a say "this i a shame"
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They are right to complain.
Blake Williams
Blake Williams Пре месец
Does anyone not realize that they had 76 MINUTES TO SCORE A SECOND GOAL? How are you blaming a referee for not allowing a corner kick when they had so much time during the match to put the game away? This is the issue with football supporters. You think the referee caused the loss? He didn’t award the corner kick because he didn’t need to. What would you do if the referee came out and said “You’re telling me I make one mistake in your eyes by not awarding a corner, but you had 3/4 of the game to score a second goal, and I’m the issue?”
Slavisa Jesic
Slavisa Jesic Пре месец
They have always played like pussies, that's their style of play throughout history lol
Dragan Markovic
Dragan Markovic Пре месец
First of all we scored a goal from corner in 94th minute in the previous game against Milan, we scored 2 corner goals in our previous league game and we scored a corner goal in this game but it was disallowed. So I think it's within reason to think that we could've scored from that corner. I don't think we were robbed but it was a shitty decision. And also 3 minutes added time in a half with 9 subs and a red card and there is also added time in added time, game was stopped in 93:02 it certainly took a kid to give a ball to our player more then 2 seconds and that wasn't only stoppage in the game. And this is also frustration for first leg referee who gave us dubious red card and gave them penalty when Theo clearly dived. Not to mention that Milan had a player more in both games and played like a bunch of pussies...
Ishmael Пре месец
Oh ffs leave it, added time was over
Milo Games
Milo Games Пре месец
He allowed the corner he should have allowed it to take it.
Mixa Пре месец
Shame for uefa
Efiraim S.
Efiraim S. Пре месец
if you watch la liga you know this ref is ass
Joe Šimunić
Joe Šimunić Пре месец
Ja ne znam šta vam nije jasno? 3 minute se igrao pudužetak..i u 94 minuti sudija svira kraj utakmice! Sve je po pravilima igre..a to šta ste vi planirali dati gol u 94 min...a sudija vam to nije dozvolio ,to ne znaci da ste pokradeni..ili je možda opet ceo svet protiv srba!?
dejan juhanovski
dejan juhanovski Пре месец
od 160 komentara najmanje 155 misle da je trebalo da se pusti korner jer je korner prilika i sansa za gol koju je sudija oduzeo i nije dopustio da zvezda iskoristi tu zadnju sansu..da je dinamo igrao ovako protiv milana i imao korner i ovaj sudija neda isto bi se bunio ..
Marko Croatia
Marko Croatia Пре месец
@carick235 Trebao je igrač koji je razvlačio dobiti žuti karton...
Afrim Kozmaqi
Afrim Kozmaqi Пре месец
@Богдан Станић jeste C. Zvezda bila ostecena i pokradena od strane spanskog sudca ali postavlja se pitanje zasto pa valjda i sami znate zasto,gledao sam celu utakmicu,Milan nije zasluzio da ide dalje,al sudci su odlucili da oni idu dalje,a taj korner na kraju vrh svega toga
Emrah Alomerovic
Emrah Alomerovic Пре месец
4 sekunde su prosle od kada je zavrsio 3 minut produzetka
Богдан Станић
Богдан Станић Пре месец
@Marco Dos Santos па деда му је био Србин. Враћа се коренима
Joe Šimunić
Joe Šimunić Пре месец
Samoproglašeni Nebeski narod, pa i Najstariji narod na svetu..od koga je verovatno sva civilizacija krenula, je opet pokraden..KARMA ... dogodine u Vojvodini !!! BBB
Steva Krkota
Steva Krkota Пре месец
Do čega je tebi čovječe na ovakvoj temi. Auuuu...nedobog nikom tvojih muka!
Senad Pilav
Senad Pilav Пре месец
@dejan juhanovski pa evo sad je sazrela da može bit dostojan protivnik svima
dejan juhanovski
dejan juhanovski Пре месец
uf tesko je biti rezultatski bolji od dinama ;) ali u pravu si ,biti naj gori ucesnik lige sampiona ikad kao sto je dinamo zagreb takav rezultat zvezda sigurno nece stici.zvezda u svakom nastupu u ls ima bar jednu pobedu dok je dinamo imao sezona u ligi sampiona sa 0 bodova gol razlika minus 26 ili tako nesto..vi nikad u zitovu necete osvojiti ligu sampiona a liga sampiona je osvojena kad ste vi vec se odcepili od jugoslavije tako da osim jednog igraca hrvatskog porekla veze nemate sa zvezdinim uspehom..u sezoni 1991 / 92 je zvezda stigla do polufinala LS-a .to je bila prva championslegue sa grupnim fazama i tad je zvezda dogurala do polufinala..kad vi dodjete do polufinala championslegue-a ..javi se..
Senad Pilav
Senad Pilav Пре месец
@Marko Croatia partizan ste mogli. Pobjedjivat ali zvezdi niste mogli pera odbit
Senad Pilav
Senad Pilav Пре месец
@Joe Šimunić ovde bi tvoj dinamo dobio tri komada lagano
Danilo Ilic
Danilo Ilic Пре месец
Semir tuce
Semir tuce Пре месец
Many questionable calls in this game. All against Zvezda. Disallowed goal, penalty, red card, plus this corner.
Nenadツ Пре месец
@Kofi Bullshit he is completly right
Milo Games
Milo Games Пре месец
Pankov was hit in his shoudler by the ball
Kofi Пре месец
Nah only this corner
luka zdravkovic
luka zdravkovic Пре месец
davide regalia
davide regalia Пре месец
In fact they didn't lose😂
Pink sweetie Boo
Pink sweetie Boo Пре месец
Idk what to say about milan.. being dominated by team like redstar and drawing .. milan really needs top world class players if they want to bring glory days back ..
Slavisa Jesic
Slavisa Jesic Пре месец
Lol Red Star is among the greatest and most influental clubs of 20th century... sure, we are not as good as we were back in the 70's, 80's and 90's but we still have heart and great history to fight for, even with our modest budget and inability to keep our best players, not to mention how unfortunate we were in some of our most historical matches, we should have won at least two UCL titles not "just" one 2nd thing, AC Milan NEVER won a fair game against Red Star: - Infamous '88-'89 UCL 2nd match fog incident ( RS - AC Milan 1:0, Red Card for Milan ) and game replay decided after penalty shootout - '06-'07 lol no comment, any other team would have been disqualified, Calciopoli loosers, UEFA MAFIA - '20-'21 two draws, we were better team in both matches
Marco Dos Santos
Marco Dos Santos Пре месец
RED STAR gona have glorius day Don't worry ❤🤍❤🤍
rohullah khan
rohullah khan Пре месец
Thi is actually soo ridiculous i personally think uefa need to do something about the referees like even with var they have the worst decision making
SK 9 1945
SK 9 1945 Пре месец
If the zvezda fans were there this wound not happen and if it were to happen NATO wound have to come again, this time to Italy.
Epicgamer Boi
Epicgamer Boi Пре месец
As a very passionate Partizan fan I feel like it was bs not to give them the corner But at the end of the day I don’t really care. PARTIZANNNN najbolji team
Afrim Kozmaqi
Afrim Kozmaqi Пре месец
Spanish referee man of the match 👏👏👏👏👏
Night_Monkey02 Пре месец
Better be quiet, stupid potato
Crvena Zvezda
Crvena Zvezda Пре месец
This refree is AC Milan suporter.
Mohamed Yacine BOUZIDI
Mohamed Yacine BOUZIDI Пре месец
No one did notice that redstar coach is Dejan stankovic, inter Milan star in 2010.
N M Пре месец
Legend. Inter's Dragon :)
syed firdaus
syed firdaus Пре месец
He looks different, didnt recognise at all till you mentioned it
Bryn F
Bryn F Пре месец
ref 100% has rttf kessie
Big Shaq
Big Shaq Пре месец
Str Пре месец
Italian clubs bribing the refs again lmaooo
Pedja Vukmirovic
Pedja Vukmirovic Пре месец
@Malito Salameene we all know don't bother milan and real are poison of football ...milan was down but evil rise again and never spoke about juve...
Lotus Eclipse
Lotus Eclipse Пре месец
@Malito Salameene let him . He is only a innocent kid
Malito Salameene
Malito Salameene Пре месец
Italian clubs? Did you saw Juventus Porto ,(Penalty at the very end denied) , Atalanta Real Madrid (red card 17” undeserved). Also in the 4-1 Bayern Lazio there was a pen on milinkovic savic
Luka Jakovljevic
Luka Jakovljevic Пре месец
Everybody knows that if this situation was on the other side of the pitch, he would given Milan a corner. Uefa mafiosi
Za Vi
Za Vi Пре месец
@Stipo Zamo The point, which you totally missed, is that same stuff would NOT happen to Milan.
Stipo Zamo
Stipo Zamo Пре месец
Stupid stuff. Everybody knows if you would be Italian it would be OK for you. You see it from a Serbian point..would the same stuff happen to Milan you would not care..so don't be a hypocrite :)
Za Vi
Za Vi Пре месец
@Adam Wirawan Actually the game ended 1-1. Losing is when Inter stuffs 3 big ones in your ass.
Adam Wirawan
Adam Wirawan Пре месец
Lose is hurts,, i understand,, so relax,, go to bathroom and wash your head
blue dream
blue dream Пре месец
Ne seri
luka pinjuh
luka pinjuh Пре месец
You can only be thankful that Red Star fans were not on the game,whole Milano would be on fire after this.
No Name
No Name Пре месец
@Hafidz Aliy you are the first who run away. When delije comes
Svrmnjm Пре месец
Yeah 😂
No Name
No Name Пре месец
@Hafidz Aliy rsvid.info/video/yKqTcp532p-2f68.html
Hafidz Aliy
Hafidz Aliy Пре месец
Uhhhhh scary 😱🙀 🤣🤣🤣
spiritov69 Пре месец
Stevie Tse
Stevie Tse Пре месец
why is Europa League more entertaining than UCL lol
Joshua Jacob
Joshua Jacob Пре месец
Simply because it is. UCL is fuelled with the lust for money. UEL is comparatively more raw
493 Пре месец
Milan is through im stoked but that is so unfair
xSMOKEx Пре месец
The ref gave a corner, so he should have least let them take it. I don't remember hearing a whistle at he end of a game, that came during a corner or throw -in etc. This is really mind boggling to me since I played for 30 yrs of my life and watched on tv for 45 yrs! 🤣
Mark Lenyk
Mark Lenyk Пре месец
I’ve never seen this happening, this is just straight up refs carrying big clubs to the next rounds
Darko Darkic
Darko Darkic Пре месец
Elkan Zilkan
Elkan Zilkan Пре месец
Hope this Milan never win seria a never play Champions league
AR - 06CN 925449 Shelter Bay PS
But it isn’t really Milan’s fault
Pink sweetie Boo
Pink sweetie Boo Пре месец
Don't worry. with players like this serie a is out of reach we will finish atleast in top 3 I hope
OP Bsd
OP Bsd Пре месец
The referee deserves a slap fr💀
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