Widespread looting reported overnight in downtown Chicago 

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Widespread looting reported overnight in downtown Chicago



10 авг 2020






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christianna aguilar
christianna aguilar Пре 4 дана
Trebor Reklaw
Trebor Reklaw Пре 9 дана
At least they’re peaceful…
XSoCal Пре 22 дана
This was just on a larger scale from the typical smash & grab that the south siders love to use. It's kind of like 31 Flavors.....what's the flavor of the month. Smash & grab? Swiping cell phones from restaurant tables and running? Car jacking? Or just the go to muggings?
DEPLORABLE #1 Пре 23 дана
Absolutely BLM can LOOT any DEMOCRAT run city and consider it reparations ! The mayor of these cities will feel so much better about themselves if you do LOOT !
Seth Ven
Seth Ven Пре 24 дана
Wait why are the police illegally beating the living shit out of that black man? 0:03 Sweet ol' America, police brutality at its finest.
Silvana Peck
Silvana Peck Пре 25 дана
You dumb "protesters", you are helping Trump to be reelected.
Austria Germany
Austria Germany Пре 28 дана
liberal run cities complete trash
Ethan Cropp
Ethan Cropp Пре 29 дана
BLM 👍🏼
Zachary Payne
Zachary Payne Пре месец
So they are getting shot at for nothing?
iago71 Пре месец
Hey Lori Lightfoot, good luck with your next election. How many Christopher Columbus statues are left in Chicago to take down?
Jombang Jam
Jombang Jam Пре месец
Abandon the Ship !
FlogrownCJ Пре месец
But it's cuz of racism right?? This is what is going to happen when there's no police in America. Get your guns people!! Shoot to kill.
K J Пре месец
Lori Leadfoot could care less.
I'm the Real One.
I'm the Real One. Пре месец
Her accent is kinda cool. Is that accent Scottish or Irish?
Danica Daniel
Danica Daniel Пре месец
The reporter is Irish,very nice accent.
757 Virginia
757 Virginia Пре месец
Shout out to Chicago i love it 💖💕💯
Joanna Пре месец
Can't breathe without designer
Tien Pham
Tien Pham Пре месец
This is consequence of rejecting Mighty God, rejecting The Savior, Jesus Christ and rejecting his Ten Commandments: In Stone v. Graham, 449 U.S. 39 (1980), the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that a ... The statute required the posting of a copy of the Ten Commandments on the wall of each public ... The Court held that the Kentucky statute that required the Ten Commandments to be posted in school ... Chicago (1969); Cohen v. HOW TO FIX THIS PROBLEM? Jesus said: "Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls" Mathew @
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo Пре месец
Update: Barnes and nobles untouched
Naeem Haq
Naeem Haq Пре месец
Chicago is quickly becoming the new Detroit.
mothman1967 Пре месец
Mayor Beetlejuice has assured everyone that this is "peaceful protest", adding a strong statement informing us that "Orange man bad!". I'm sure the voters - both living and dead - are pleased with all this. After all, this is what they keep voting for. Shitcago, YOU GOT WHAT YOU BOUGHT, so enjoy.
Joanna Пре месец
affiliate that Trump entered the Miss USA dressing room in 2001 when she was a contestant.
t henderson
t henderson Пре месец
It's now being said that looting is a form of reparations. Is that all they want? If I buy you a pair of Nike's or a cheap big screen will you feel better? Apparently so. If looting some shoes and a big screen are considered reparations......your great, great, great, great, great grandpa would be ashamed of you. How sad.
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo Пре месец
the Hood all our Stores been had Security watching and Checking Your Bags before you Enter .. I guess that's next for Downtown .... Downtown look like the Hood .😎
Chris Archuleta
Chris Archuleta Пре месец
Semper fidelis I'm glad i got retired after 15 years in the Marine Corps I was an idiot farm kid 18 when september 11 happen and believed we were attacked by afghanistan from people living in caves that the media and government lied and grotesquely exaggerated its extension people using rusty ak47s made from in someones shed and wearing sandles the enemy was right here in Washington DC
Never Go Full Ratard
Never Go Full Ratard Пре месец
Now you are awake & the veil has been lifted, welcome to the real world.😉
Deveree Greenwood
Deveree Greenwood Пре месец
What happened to MARSHALL LAW?
Godw1ll99 Пре месец
destroying the city further will certainly help to improve the lives of those within... i mean it wasnt bad enough from years of democrat policies i guess the communities within wanted to speed up the process instead of patiently waiting for the inevitable total collapse.
mikin lirou
mikin lirou Пре месец
How long will Chicago's residents put up with this mayor who does nothing except draw money.
Keon Hicks
Keon Hicks Пре месец
Never Go Full Ratard
Never Go Full Ratard Пре месец
And many years in prison.🙏
Haha Haha
Haha Haha Пре месец
Nice BLM for life lol
ko napi
ko napi Пре месец
Recently, I felt like I was having a strange crime and a strange dream that might be the consciousness of others. I suppose they are all gay. And after a lot of thinking, I noticed another side. People who are gentle and have a sense of justice. Maybe it's a story. Some of the incidents in the world include people who are not gay but are gay. And the media creates that environment to mislead. I like feminine men, and there was a boy who played dolls together when I was a kid. He was kind, but when he got angry, he had the strongest fight in that grade. I mean, I think the scariest type in the world is a woman or a feminine man. So maybe some people think they should be eliminated. Somehow, I might have discovered it! It is important to change your viewpoint! 最近私は犯罪の匂いがするなという事件と他人の意識かもしれない不思議な夢を見て、こう感じたの。 全員ゲイじゃないかしら。 そして、色々考えてもう一つの側面に気づいたの。 優しくて正義感のある男性の性質を持つ人達。 たぶん、の話だけど。世界で起こる事件の中にはゲイではないのにゲイにされる人達がいる。 そして、メディアはミスリードする為にその環境を作る。 私は女性的な男性が好きで、私が子供の頃一緒にお人形さん遊びをする男の子がいた。彼は優しいけれど怒るとその学年で喧嘩が一番強かった。 つまりね、世の中で一番怖いタイプって女性、もしくは女性的な男性だと思うんだ。 だから、排除しなければならないと考える人達がいるのかもしれない。 なんか、私すごい発見したかも!視点を変えるって大事! h/why=yhwh=360°eddiee55
mikin lirou
mikin lirou Пре месец
The balding "glamour girl", Lightfoot is as incompetent as she is repulsive!
Ray Brown
Ray Brown Пре месец
When you reward criminality like these politicians do, you will get more criminality! During the Domestic Terrorist rampage all over the USA the Congress and Senate did ZERO, I wonder if these cowards would do anything if the Terrorist came to the White House???
william tsanakas
william tsanakas Пре месец
Biden/Harris--They want to take away our police/& protection & yet not condemn all this violence!!
Pete Shour
Pete Shour Пре месец
Chicago? We don't know that name. We know Lootersville! Why can't the news media get the name right?
Donald Clement
Donald Clement Пре месец
Wake up.the hole city official.doing nothing .
Same Funk
Same Funk Пре месец
A Timeline of Donald Trump’s Creepiness While He Owned Miss Universe From walking into a teen dressing room to joking about his obligation to sleep with contestants, Trump’s a storied pageant creep TESSA STUART OCTOBER 12, 2016 8:26PM EDT Donald Trump was forced to sell the Miss Universe Organization - which also includes sister scholarship programs Miss USA and Miss Teen USA - in 2015 after his incendiary comments about Mexicans drove away broadcasters NBC and Univision. But Trump owned the pageant for nearly two decades, during which time he would have had the opportunity to come into contact with nearly 4,000 beauty queens. On the heels of the damaging videotape on which Trump and former Access Hollywood host Billy Bush salivated over Days of Our Live actress Arianne Zucker, and joked about sexually assaulting women, came allegations that Trump entered the Miss Teen USA changing room where girls as young as 15 were in various states of undress. Mariah Billado, Miss Teen Vermont 1997 told BuzzFeed, “I remember putting on my dress really quick because I was like, ‘Oh my god, there’s a man in here.'” Three other teenage contestants from the same year confirmed the story. The former pageant contestants discussed their memories of the incident after former Miss Arizona Tasha Dixon told Los Angeles’ CBS affiliate that Trump entered the Miss USA dressing room in 2001 when she was a contestant.
Never Go Full Ratard
Never Go Full Ratard Пре месец
🇺🇸 Trump 2020 🇺🇸
Same Funk
Same Funk Пре месец
This is the kind of man you support. None of you deserve to call your self Americans.
Naturally B-K
Naturally B-K Пре месец
Literal madness completely disastrous and embarrassing
spicy1ize Пре месец
This was Hilarious 😂.... It's just Material Items... I'm sure the Gold Coast will Recover 😎.... I was downtown yesterday,the Stores that are Open ,they have Security Guards ...🤷😂 In the Hood all our Stores been had Security watching and Checking Your Bags before you Enter .. I guess that's next for Downtown .... Downtown look like the Hood .😎
Never Go Full Ratard
Never Go Full Ratard Пре месец
@Spicy 1 ize: since you think "it's just material things", why don't you let them loot your home? Foh.
Crying Liberals
Crying Liberals Пре месец
Looking like The New Detroit thanks to The Derelict Mayor
Folkboat11 Пре месец
The blm/antifa people are the grown up product of giving what a child wants to stop a tantrum, the democrats and their media continue the tradition. Pathetic at best. Remember when Hillary was winning the polls until the Trump supporters got off work?
Soinas Doyi
Soinas Doyi Пре месец
How long will Chicago's residents put up with this mayor who does nothing except draw money.
TVC 15
TVC 15 Пре месец
They are just peaceful undocumented shoppers.
Michael Makaveli
Michael Makaveli Пре месец
The real Gangster is the guy recording the Looting Footage !!!!!!
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