Why It's Almost Impossible to Do 60 Push ups in 30 Seconds | WORLD RECORD 

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Why It's Almost Impossible to Do 60 Push ups in 30 Seconds | WORLD RECORD
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I saw this video online from 6 years ago where a guy broke the record for most pushups done in 30 seconds, he did 47 push ups, I thought I can do that and I beat the record with 49 pushups, I uploaded the video and someone beat with doing 50 pushups in 30 seconds and he uploaded that video, I saw the video, tried to beat it and I did 51 with perfect form and 53 with decent form, and then… he beat me again, then I beat him again, and he beat me again... now there are more and more people trying the challenge, and this got me thinking: Is it humanly possible to do 60 push ups in 30 seconds?
Here are the videos I am talking about:
Most push ups in 30 seconds WORLD RECORD - Can you break it?
- rsvid.info/video/ycWzoaqU3n26as0.html
Мировой Рекорд Отжиманий За 30 Секунд (СДЕЛАЕШЬ БОЛЬШЕ?), Игорь Войтенко Тренировки (Igor)
- rsvid.info/video/lr3EodCgtpa5bMU.html
Most Push Ups In 30 Seconds WORLD RECORD (PERFECT FORM), the guy who beat me
- rsvid.info/video/vtDNebdo0KfOhMU.html
Someone broke my world record, so I broke it again | MOST PUSH UPS IN 30 SECONDS
- rsvid.info/video/qZ2pdc2n0pnXm5o.html
Most Push Ups in 30 Seconds | My Response to Browney (WORLD RECORD)
- rsvid.info/video/35uvgKmKppfHnNk.html
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Most push ups in 30 seconds WORLD RECORD - Can you break it?
- rsvid.info/video/ycWzoaqU3n26as0.html
Someone broke my world record, so I broke it again | MOST PUSH UPS IN 30 SECONDS
- rsvid.info/video/qZ2pdc2n0pnXm5o.html
Someone broke my world record, again | My Response (Most Push-ups In 30 Seconds)
- rsvid.info/video/16-8fdKqu3ybndk.html
My sister's crazy 90 day BODY TRANSFORMATION | $500 Transformation Challenge
- rsvid.info/video/uNy5dqyWzJ6wj6c.html
My girlfriend & family try to break my world record (they beat me) | MOST PUSH UPS IN 30 SECONDS
- rsvid.info/video/zcyuorGEsXveipo.html
Why It's Almost Impossible to Do 60 Push ups in 30 Seconds | WORLD RECORD
- rsvid.info/video/uZakhtqKr2PYscU.html
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21 мај 2020






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Browney Пре 5 дана
This video was a big project! Let's smash 10K lieks. Subscribe for more 🙌🔥
Clasher King
Clasher King Пре дан
You are doing wrong push ups it may hurt your backbone.
chakma Deba jyoti
chakma Deba jyoti Пре дан
@Browney rsvid.info/video/27y9fb2rqmDcs9k.html
Jeter Canda
Jeter Canda Пре дан
Browney you must train your shoulder and triceps
Khaalid Sharif
Khaalid Sharif Пре дан
Andris Ekker
Andris Ekker Пре дан
Tari Ádám RSvid 30 seconds challenge / World Record!
K A Z A M 420
K A Z A M 420 Пре 9 сати
Back to basics joined The chat
Rajneesh Shukla
Rajneesh Shukla Пре 9 сати
Why don't you have the biggest chest on the planet then?
mark McDonald
mark McDonald Пре 9 сати
You better beat him you can do it
Chesterfieldrossa Пре 9 сати
1000 pushup in <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="90">1:30</a> hour🤩
Bennet Teppich
Bennet Teppich Пре 10 сати
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="415">6:55</a> Thank me Later!
Luka Calakic
Luka Calakic Пре 10 сати
Neko poslije videa od Back To The Basics
Komachi Пре 11 сати
Browney: how many pushups are you able to do in 30 seconds Sascha Huber: ja
ezik büzük
ezik büzük Пре 11 сати
ProGamingSerbia 22
ProGamingSerbia 22 Пре 13 сати
Back to the basics, Serbian chanel BEST!!💪💪❤️ Najjaci smo!!
Steve Пре 13 сати
me completing my daily 100 pushup. (In some minutes.) Watching 60 pushup in 30 sec.
Jose R Suarez
Jose R Suarez Пре 13 сати
Well,if you have long arms,is more difficult because you have to go down more to the ground if you do the pushups the right way,all the way up and all the way down..!
itsukishuun Пре 13 сати
Make velcro gloves, 70 push ups(?) unlocked.
CodieCher Пре 13 сати
I thought this was a WIRED video
qprimair Jw
qprimair Jw Пре 13 сати
This man really puts the efford in doing pushups
David Cruz
David Cruz Пре 14 сати
Metynis666 Пре 14 сати
Is it only annoying me? 0,55x60= 33 not 32,5 TLIKE REALLY almost 1M views and no one pointed it out.
Vankata104 Пре 14 сати
Sorry Browney they beat it again - rsvid.info/video/1bjCm7aRmpqqrc0.html
DX7- Mejd
DX7- Mejd Пре 14 сати
I did 44 in 30 sec
Louk Skywalker
Louk Skywalker Пре 14 сати
Bro i did 59
EAsY TEcH Пре 15 сати
Your favourite colour :red....(red hand)👌
Nishant Chapagain
Nishant Chapagain Пре 15 сати
I just tried it but I could only do 45 pushups 😅😅😅
F E E L I N G S . . .
F E E L I N G S . . . Пре 15 сати
‏‏‎ ‏‏‎
Muscle up
Muscle up Пре 16 сати
Real world record is held by the guy who did 150 push ups in 60 seconds because he probably did like 75 in 30 seconds
Åge Kush
Åge Kush Пре 16 сати
It counts when the form is perfect. But I guess toilet paper partials can be the new standard now that they are back in stock.
Asger Black
Asger Black Пре 17 сати
Опа, и тут Войтенко))
David Schmitt
David Schmitt Пре 18 сати
Youre an Idiot you are much to heavy and only cause you cant do it is not impossible for every other person.
Geaming Team
Geaming Team Пре 18 сати
Ты ещё не видел Саратова.
KillBill Grill
KillBill Grill Пре 18 сати
So I can probably do 10, where's my medal?
Fraser T
Fraser T Пре 18 сати
It’s not tho is it because SAIBOV has already done it
The Loose Sushi
The Loose Sushi Пре 18 сати
I can do 16 in 30 sec😁
Yohannlol YT
Yohannlol YT Пре 19 сати
This is why toilet paper is sold
Sean McHugh
Sean McHugh Пре 19 сати
Mans skart and steong
Sean McHugh
Sean McHugh Пре 19 сати
I like you man you deserve me to subscribe to you
Ben Miller
Ben Miller Пре 19 сати
Watch this browney
Ben Miller
Ben Miller Пре 19 сати
Syed Aidrus
Syed Aidrus Пре 20 сати
No joke i thought you were Tanner Fox in the thumbnail 😂😂, but then i saw the muscle and....
Hudson Lawrence
Hudson Lawrence Пре 20 сати
Guy called saibov did 60 with good form
Oscar Narvaez
Oscar Narvaez Пре 20 сати
haha i thought I was watching a time lapse
Ntomatakis Karotakis
Ntomatakis Karotakis Пре 20 сати
Oscar Narvaez
Oscar Narvaez Пре 20 сати
nobody's gonna say anything? (WIRED)
Spinzo Lynx
Spinzo Lynx Пре 20 сати
I can do 100 pushup's in 50 second's like here for plus 5 pushups more pushups 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻
Gast Arbeiter
Gast Arbeiter Пре 21 сат
The question is : can you do just 1 clean pushup?
Dino Cukusic
Dino Cukusic Пре 21 сат
Back to the basics...
Wisdom Пре 21 сат
Why isn't his arms growing even tho he does 3000pushups in 72 hours
Ryslan XD
Ryslan XD Пре 22 сата
NOOO, youve got bad technical
Máté Pálffy
Máté Pálffy Пре 22 сата
Szegény Tari Ádám 😟..
Péter Nagy
Péter Nagy Пре 17 сати
j.p grounala
j.p grounala Пре 23 сата
Nothing is impossible
j.p grounala
j.p grounala Пре 23 сата
Saibov did it
Dávid Garbacz
Dávid Garbacz Пре 23 сата
A Hungarian Guy did 59 pushups🤦🏼‍♂️ rsvid.info/video/p6-ZnK-nnYSogMU.html
Mc Screw
Mc Screw Пре дан
Why it’s almost impossible for me to do a single pushup in an hour
Adrian Lemus
Adrian Lemus Пре дан
Train with resistance bands if you want more explosiveness.
MOONツ STAR Пре дан
Everyone: Saitama: BITCH PLEASE (not to offend anyone)
Jeffrey Gazso
Jeffrey Gazso Пре дан
awsome challenge..!!....oh ...lol.......... i'm 54......!!!
Jeffrey Gazso
Jeffrey Gazso Пре дан
dude your push up's deserve toilet paper......booo..!!!!....go down all the way.
Jeffrey Gazso
Jeffrey Gazso Пре дан
and BETTER than what your doing...!!
Jeffrey Gazso
Jeffrey Gazso Пре дан
I got 63 in 30 seconds..... maxed out at 345 in a row a few years ago !!
Zorila Ciprian
Zorila Ciprian Пре дан
My record îs 58 but the w.r îs 62
Yzrch Spike
Yzrch Spike Пре дан
i admire this dude but i cant tell if this is legit he is just moving his upper body in lower position.
David 468Proo
David 468Proo Пре дан
Rango completo pendejo jaja igual buen vídeo
Jasguse 411
Jasguse 411 Пре дан
Thank you Browney for this challenge; it helps our youtube community to see an opportunity no matter where you are. Subscribe
TheCommercialBreakk Пре дан
Have you tried plyometric pushups they could allow you to do even more pushups by making you faster
Gligorov Пре дан
Back to the basics 💪
leonardo castro
leonardo castro Пре дан
Why im even seeing this if im fat asf.
Matija Vukovic
Matija Vukovic Пре дан
Back to basics are from Serbia they are impressive
Saucy Spaghetti
Saucy Spaghetti Пре дан
As a 15 year old I like to think of myself as fit but then I see you doing 60 push-ups in 30 seconds when I am nowhere close to you with a score of 28 push-ups
Make sure u subscribe me i haven't posted anything yet until someone breaks 62
ravninderpal singh
ravninderpal singh Пре дан
i love it when the cat just walks away
Francisco Ramírez
Francisco Ramírez Пре дан
0, 0, 0, 0...
Alex S.P.R
Alex S.P.R Пре дан
I done 54 in 30 sec (toilet paper one)
Erik Vései
Erik Vései Пре дан
@Tari Ádám Pro-Physique
Erik Vései
Erik Vései Пре дан
I can’t even do 30 push ups in a hour
Ahmed Jusufbegovic
Ahmed Jusufbegovic Пре дан
Ne seri back to the basic!!! Like ako si sa balkana i ako znas ko je back to the basic!
Suxcess Пре дан
When U see the record is 53, I manage to do 50 AND SUDDENLY RECORD IS 58? cmon man... I guess I ma go training again...
BeastMaster64 Пре дан
Why aren't you going all the way up and all the way down kiddo?
iDontNeedU Пре дан
I just did some calculations. Assuming a full push-up would mean lifting your center of gravity (aka belly button) 30 cm (11.8 inches for 'muricans) from the ground, it would take you a minimum of 0.5 seconds to do a full push-up, considering the only force pulling you down is gravity. This is also assuming you have the (infinite) strength to start at full upwards velocity after every pushup and litteraly just letting yourself fall to the ground on your way down (so this is impossible in practice). If you want to do push ups faster, consider finding a way to pull yourself down (eg. by attaching handles to the floor) or make your push-up distance shorter (like you said in the video). Now I have to go back to my homework 😅
jari van der Heijden
jari van der Heijden Пре дан
perfect arm length..... I'm 1,70 but my arms are 1,86 tip of middle finger to tip of middle finger. that's a big no lmao
William Stixrud Hagen
William Stixrud Hagen Пре дан
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="425">07:05</a> i am No push up master but isn't the whole body supposed to go UP and down and not Just the chest?
Ness is Bad
Ness is Bad Пре дан
Saitama can do these easily.
Most Push Ups in 30 Seconds. I NEED YOUR HELP
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