Who Can Make a Better Store at Home? 

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Who can make the best McDonald's restaurant at home??? We transformed our house into McDonald's!!!
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29 јун 2020






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[•Jocelyn_UwU•] Пре 24 минута
Quartine got them like:
Prashi Gupta
Prashi Gupta Пре сат
I think they forget to turn off comments in this video
[•Jocelyn_UwU•] Пре 24 минута
ayyy yee
zzheaven Пре сат
the coke she was supoust to get said::((((((((((((((((((
Jaden Martir
Jaden Martir Пре сат
Did you siad buns for the buger
Jasmin Benjamin
Jasmin Benjamin Пре сат
I love McDonald’s
Nopal Family
Nopal Family Пре сат
no one: literally no one: not even a single soul: Ronald: *put fries in the oven*
People who are missing Chibi and George [Sisvsbro's cats]
Billy Pope
Billy Pope Пре сат
I thought you a vegan🌿🌾🍃🌱🍂
Caitlynn Brown
Caitlynn Brown Пре сат
That is amazing how there able to make a resteraunt in there house! 😱 I love it! Brilliant!
bfdi reactions
bfdi reactions Пре 2 сата
did i just see freedy in the back round
kelly siwes
kelly siwes Пре 2 сата
He had help with the posters
kelly siwes
kelly siwes Пре 2 сата
Ronald is a cheater
Tanisha Sharma
Tanisha Sharma Пре 3 сата
ronald should say so guys were in the store without a MASK lol
Hoa Tran
Hoa Tran Пре 3 сата
you hamburger what is big hamburgers
The Robinson sisters
The Robinson sisters Пре 3 сата
Ronald sticks his face in the camera to much
Sadip Devkota
Sadip Devkota Пре 4 сата
Why do you make videos so late famous youtuber post 2 videos in a week
Craft & Mine
Craft & Mine Пре 4 сата
Karina: "This does not look like McDonald's ice cream" Me: *"SINCE WHEN IS THAT A THING!?"*
Vale flower 2.0
Vale flower 2.0 Пре 4 сата
We can comment finally after forever :o
Nisha Rajan
Nisha Rajan Пре 4 сата
Why did I think that it was gonna be both of them in one vid lol
Nisha Rajan
Nisha Rajan Пре 4 сата
Those fries looked so bad lmao
Eric Johnson
Eric Johnson Пре 4 сата
Brooke Steckler
Brooke Steckler Пре 4 сата
He forgot the coke
Dylan Alvarado
Dylan Alvarado Пре 5 сати
Hi Karina and Ronald How u doing
Hyper Animations
Hyper Animations Пре 5 сати
WeLcOmE tO mCrOnAlDs
Chayronique Wessie
Chayronique Wessie Пре 5 сати
Why does Karina not take big bits
Andrea Villegas
Andrea Villegas Пре 5 сати
Ronal is a little brother of karina😜😏😳
John Kick
John Kick Пре 6 сати
Love it
Kevin W
Kevin W Пре 7 сати
i love your mcdonald's or should i say mcronald's
Kitty Kay123
Kitty Kay123 Пре 7 сати
Karina: where where these veggies harvested Ronald:the store Me: no they where farmed from the box
제니_Kim Jennie
제니_Kim Jennie Пре 7 сати
I think i well vote 9/10
Lydia Cardenas
Lydia Cardenas Пре 8 сати
Kamina don't like McDonald's by the other two lights on. F*****
Lydia Cardenas
Lydia Cardenas Пре 8 сати
I already saw Covina Starbucks video make Wanda and pagina Starbucks taste nasty they said are you f****** kidding me
Mateos Games Channel
Mateos Games Channel Пре 8 сати
Maria Vazquez
Maria Vazquez Пре 8 сати
Nathalie Williamson
Nathalie Williamson Пре 8 сати
I know your secret brother
Dennis Amaeshi
Dennis Amaeshi Пре 9 сати
Maybe. He s. Micdonld. Instead. Of micronold
Caitlin zebra Downie
Caitlin zebra Downie Пре 9 сати
Is Karina vegan
Caitlin zebra Downie
Caitlin zebra Downie Пре 9 сати
Where did they move to
Hannah Rynkiewicz
Hannah Rynkiewicz Пре 10 сати
Katrina wensa hahaahahaah
Festim Beqaraj
Festim Beqaraj Пре 10 сати
Everytime i get a happy meal , i give it to my dad or mom and tell them " i only got it for the toy"
Olivia Freeman
Olivia Freeman Пре 10 сати
Vanessa R
Vanessa R Пре 10 сати
BRUH karina is so mean and when it was her turn Ronald was pretty nice! "Were was the vegetables from"OMG!!
drawing girl dragon girl
drawing girl dragon girl Пре 10 сати
Karina wins and I say that!
Lotfi Ferradi
Lotfi Ferradi Пре 10 сати
Oh yeah Benjamin
jessie feet
jessie feet Пре 11 сати
I Love your vids sis vs bro
It's Gamer BOI
It's Gamer BOI Пре 11 сати
I think I know why Karina and Fred don't like the fries 🍟. Ronald forgot to salt. Or either he did off camera 📸 no one knows
anna hughes
anna hughes Пре 13 сати
I am a GIRL,!!!!!!!!!!!! 👧
Kata Gajdazieva
Kata Gajdazieva Пре 13 сати
Lottie Palmer
Lottie Palmer Пре 13 сати
Did anyone notice how their apple slices were the whole way through, but they had no core!?
Lindsey Olson
Lindsey Olson Пре 13 сати
Ronald: booger burgers 😂
Lindsey Olson
Lindsey Olson Пре 13 сати
Anisha Pandey
Anisha Pandey Пре 14 сати
Freddy :- I love fries. McDonald’s fries are always good. Ronald :- yeah. *After eating fries* Freddy:- this is complete junk. Ronald :- no it’s not. Freddy:- beyond junk. Me:- rolling on the floor laughing 🤣🤣
Jotheesvaran Пре 14 сати
Can someone tell me what karina is wearing in head pls pls🥺
Gaming with JOY!!
Gaming with JOY!! Пре 14 сати
YEET! (yat)
Cheyenne Bozeman
Cheyenne Bozeman Пре 14 сати
Karina Ronald
Mark kondrat
Mark kondrat Пре 15 сати
Omg it's so funny how they complain about the toy
Manish Dedhia
Manish Dedhia Пре 15 сати
Any new video
Salome Muriuki
Salome Muriuki Пре 16 сати
Project Jayce
Project Jayce Пре 16 сати
I'd also want to say that I commented in this video because the comments in your latest video is disable......just to add that
Project Jayce
Project Jayce Пре 16 сати
Dear Sis vs Bro I would like to say that Karina has a follower in tiktok that copies your contents and does'nt even says that the content that they are doing is yours i've been really bother for a long time their youtube channel is Kaycee and Rachel in Wonderland Family