"White Trash" - Tom MacDonald & Madchild 

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Special thanks to Ryan Lo




17 јан 2020






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Rod h20
Rod h20 Пре сат
Canadian representative's to America
thatkidslife_11 Пре сат
This is the exact way we all. Eed be who. Ares what they think
Featherstar Пре 2 сата
Straight fire, again! Love you guys!
M G Пре 5 сати
These dude are drom canada singing about your problems keeo up the good work
Cool Air
Cool Air Пре 7 сати
just yep
Olivia Howard
Olivia Howard Пре 9 сати
call us white trash like we care but we dont
blackpondarts Пре 9 сати
This is dope but why is it censored?
jason wright
jason wright Пре 10 сати
third position politics can save the usa...and perhaps europe also..the usa was multicultural from the start ..greetings from europe.
jason wright
jason wright Пре 10 сати
neither right or left.
donaloizzo Пре 13 сати
Brittany Williams
Brittany Williams Пре 21 сат
Love it!! ❤️
Mika Ferrier
Mika Ferrier Пре 23 сата
How does anybody think this song is ok this guy is a idiot he's supporting Trump when Trump is taking away black rights. What has humanity come to the. The people who liked this song have no common sense whatsoever.
Eric Пре 11 сати
hahahaha trump isn't in office anymore, and you still blame him for any problem
chuck grumble
chuck grumble Пре 23 сата
dude i like this guy where can i find malcom?
Cris Addis
Cris Addis Пре 23 сата
Welp... Guess I know what song I'm gonna blow my subs to 👌 just gonna send er Boyz.
Jackula Von damned
Jackula Von damned Пре дан
Jackula VonDamned here. I never ever listened to rap because I could not relate to it. Some beats were ok , but the lyrics that hate me ,turned me against it. My homeboy, a mexican dude named risky made me watch you cuz I made him watch a FXR do a wheelie. Tom, wild chilJackula VonDamned here. I never ever listened to rap because I could not relate to it. Some beats were ok , but the lyrics that hate me ,turned me against it. My homeboy, a mexican dude named risky made me watch you cuz I made him watch a FXR do a wheelie. Tom, wild child, snake the Ripper, and that other dude with the beard that sings WAR, changed all that. Brought new music, more political music into my life. I've been down 13 yrs, and only 7 months to go. Iv been convicted of a hate crime against another white boy that crashed into my crimes car drunk. He stepped up, and my boy hit him once. 6 yrs, then I got jumped at a upper class bar, wacked 4 people to save my life becuz of my broke leg, 18 yrs. And they say they get profiled? Tell that to my life in the rearview mirror. Anyways thanks for the eye opening and the broadened music selection I have now. Fuck, out of nowhere.
Wayne Menard rebel rider YouTube
Hunter Collins
Hunter Collins Пре дан
I love this song I’m a big fan of yours but I always feel out of place for being country and growing up country. Your music saves me I feel like I’m apart of something like people understand me and what I believe. Keep it up bud
Thingsandstuff Withinmebrain
Madchilds voice is lil Wayne's
Sinister Пре дан
Rolling on heavy machinery...💥💥
Mattie Norml
Mattie Norml Пре дан
In Dog we trust and all the cats are just backup.. 🤪
B G Пре дан
I got labeled trailer park trash.... and the f*****-up part was... it was the white racist that labeled me... the other f*****-up part is... I am white🤪🤪🤪
OMG it’s daddy levine
The people who disliked this video are prob some city teenagers.
Leyshun Le Roux
Leyshun Le Roux Пре дан
Could just not vote, I never have never will as soon as you do you part of this game.
LOFT Tm Пре дан
Prolly get a few long stares look like you don’t belong here ayyyy
spx730 Пре дан
why are the cuss words removed :|
Landon Hyde
Landon Hyde Пре 2 дана
If we still had myspace this would be my profile song 😜🤘
Liquid Mike
Liquid Mike Пре 2 дана
I'm not sure everyone here knows just HOW FRESH Madchild's music is.. Do yourself a favor and listen to Dope Sick
Zona Bot602
Zona Bot602 Пре 2 дана
The message in the song was pretty dope but the song was kinda meh . The beat was terrible but lyrics were good
Hoku Macias
Hoku Macias Пре 2 дана
He needs to tattoo his legs lol he is dope though
Biswarck Пре 2 дана
Em always wanted to be black.. Tom is much better
Megan Пре 2 дана
Tom is the ONLY rapper I listen to.
Vor Name
Vor Name Пре 2 дана
Preston Byrd
Preston Byrd Пре 2 дана
Government has always tried to separate us with ethnicity cause they know that being divided makes all of us Vulnerable and Controllable. Spread the fear amongst the people and you have a Controllable dependant on the system. Glad someone is still spreading the truth that lies beneath the systematically brainwashed program the system has developed to control and run people's lives as they see fit. Everyone needs structure not arguing about that but not one that is more corrupted than Lucifer himself. Even he wants to stay in hell to get away from the stupidity. Wake up people, it couldn't be more obvious it's just people choose to not believe the things that scare them. things
yesterdaywassunday Пре 2 дана
An European here. Just my opinion. I like Toms musik and him speaking up BUT his stance on trump is kinda sad. It is like he is afraid to speak up about trump because he might lose his fan base. Everyone is free to vote for whomever they want but after one term that president went after the poor, global allies, supported dictators, attacked ur democracy and caused thousands of deaths (by doing nothing against corona) - the list goes on. So someone "woke" should not only have the balls to speak about generell issues but also the issues at hand caused by a certain president
TubeScavenger Пре дан
The fake news brainwashing is real.
Rod Hurst
Rod Hurst Пре 2 дана
Kind of sad 2 of the best rappers CANADA has produced have moved south !!!!! COME BACK HOME PLEASE THE CANADIAN MUSIC SCENE NEEDS YOU !!
"No Hey Hey Hey"
"No Hey Hey Hey" Пре 2 дана
Fuck all his courses are shit
MarKeith Raiden
MarKeith Raiden Пре 2 дана
You are wrong for that who does not like the patrios
Keith Anthony
Keith Anthony Пре 3 дана
Makes me want to get a Budweiser, and a Red!
Juan Pablo Arámbula Velasco
While I do agree with some ideas from the right I just never saw Trump as a decent candidate, they could've done better I guess the extremes are bad? But still mad respect for Tom his music and his message
Stone Wyant
Stone Wyant Пре 3 дана
Bru you think those tattoos Make you Strong you be like 6ix9ine you sound like him to
Smokey dopey
Smokey dopey Пре 3 дана
Macdonald i wonder where that name comes from 😂
harold daniels
harold daniels Пре 3 дана
Two white guys, from Canada, hyping American identity. Hmmm 🤔
Kyle Johnson
Kyle Johnson Пре 3 дана
Maga forever
Russell Bert Waters
Russell Bert Waters Пре 3 дана
I'm deplorable, and adorable.
REALAmERicANTigER Пре 3 дана
i mean this pretty juggalo
Paula Newman
Paula Newman Пре 3 дана
Oh my God this is so bad gesss
Paula Newman
Paula Newman Пре 3 дана
Just go with it
Tiffany Zukowski
Tiffany Zukowski Пре 3 дана
Whats gessss??? Is that in the dictionary?? I couldn't find it though.. Just not understanding your comment.. good luck in life with that 🤣😜😘
Jesmond Gauci
Jesmond Gauci Пре 3 дана
North America should stand together period most of the world is against us and is taught to hate the north before they come.. Most of us didnt come from these parts but hey i had family that didnt like it so they went back to Malta..You dont like your country go whereever you want that you do..only my dad stayed out of 25 family...these people get taught to not like a country they want to go to..makes no sense
Emmett tatter
Emmett tatter Пре 3 дана
What a monster. Both killed it
TheBiZzZzaaR Пре 4 дана
you two rock it.
Lonny J Dunn Jr LDaVice
Lonny J Dunn Jr LDaVice Пре 4 дана
Yo wife Nova did a great job on film bruh . My mom loves this song too. It reminds me of the early 2000s
Tannya McCutchan
Tannya McCutchan Пре 4 дана
Love this one
Zman 123
Zman 123 Пре 4 дана
Love Tom trump 2024
Bri Пре 5 дана
In God we trust, the guns are just backup ❤️
Stiffy Пре 5 дана
A better replacement to Eminem
Lonny J Dunn Jr LDaVice
Lonny J Dunn Jr LDaVice Пре 5 дана
Soon as I heard this i was jammin out I like it 👍👍
Sarah Пре 5 дана
This song sucks
zapcali Пре 6 дана
The homeboy rappin with him legit
Kenny Powers
Kenny Powers Пре 6 дана
I work in sales. I'm getting a face tattoo saying: I hate my job. Then I'll have them let me off with big $$$. Sounds legit right?
Zinky James
Zinky James Пре 6 дана
Smashes these drums 4 u brah hope u like
Zinky James
Zinky James Пре 6 дана
Here’s a drum cover of white trashrsvid.info/video/xNuQhbqrrJzKq7c.html
Zinky James
Zinky James Пре 6 дана
Billy William
Billy William Пре 6 дана
Christian anarchism, family hierarchies based on Roman pater familias, Scottish laird's and clan traditions, agorism, patriarchy, masculinity, reciprocity, voluntaryism (basically private and corporate crowdfunding of "public" infrastructure, like roads, trains, parks, etc.), individual sovereignty, white supremacy, rugged individualism, self-sufficiency, self-reliance, mutual defense, nationalism, community, church, etc. is the solution.
Nichole Flanagan
Nichole Flanagan Пре 7 дана
The other dude sounds like one of the dudes from SPM I this song
Charlie Osburn
Charlie Osburn Пре 7 дана
Bongino says he wants to publish the unpublishable 🤔
Jess J.J. French
Jess J.J. French Пре 7 дана
1st amendment here in America stop editing and censoring stuff jackass
kabrina wright
kabrina wright Пре 7 дана
It's hard to believe he's Canadian
Campbell STFU
Campbell STFU Пре 7 дана
Shit dude. Tom's taking the world by storm. Enlighten the planet Tom. God bless and God speed.
J Maz
J Maz Пре 7 дана
Did you talk mad shit about madchild before or after this video?
Full Send Filosophy
Full Send Filosophy Пре 7 дана
I've heard a lot of Tom Macdonald music and always thought he was a libertarian towards the center but we shared a lot of view points so I was okay with it but hearing this song I know now that my suspicion was always right tom Macdonald is a conservative and I love to see it
Justin Hukriede
Justin Hukriede Пре 7 дана
Tom Macdonald - I hope that your words can influence the youth to realize that we still have but you're worth fighting for and choosing to your situation to speak the mind of so many Americans my hat goes off to you! Salute!
iBringTerror Пре 7 дана
i hate america, but i love something in You. no homo V
chuck grumble
chuck grumble Пре 8 дана
let me sum this up, if youre white and feeling guilty, you shouldnt feel that way and proud of your roots
chuck grumble
chuck grumble Пре 8 дана
AMERICA!!!! my canadian brothers we are all the same, lets get together and fuk this system up. Free speech right ...
chuck grumble
chuck grumble Пре 8 дана
these colors dont run, awesome brother
Zinky James
Zinky James Пре 8 дана
Honestly Tom luv u Bro but madchild obliterated this joint!!!!!! You know💯💥
Mel Пре 8 дана
I don’t understand why he is complaining about being poor, coming from the bottom class and minimum wage, while saying that he’s voting for trump. Clearly, poverty is a result of capitalism. Therefore, we should criticise capitalism and be anti-capitalist. It’s capitalism that makes the poor poorer and the rich richer. Everything he’s talking about is a huge problem in the USA, yet he’s not really offering a solution or ,abbé he just doesn’t really understand politics. If you want poverty to end, you need to be anti-capitalist.
Trace zach daniels
Trace zach daniels Пре 8 дана
SO SHWEEEETTT...much love Tee with LIONS NAMED LEO.[the music worldwide} ahhhh sooo fun tom roxx
Ck Sitienei
Ck Sitienei Пре 8 дана
Lots of love from kenya🇰🇪 🇰🇪 Tom, You're above the best.
Jeff Crumpler
Jeff Crumpler Пре 9 дана
Lovett bro white and I love it got it tattooed on me for life and I show it
Travis J.
Travis J. Пре 9 дана
Loving this!!!
Christy BlackWidow
Christy BlackWidow Пре 9 дана
Dixie Vixen
Dixie Vixen Пре 10 дана
Heads on stakes that's where we're headed
Dixie Vixen
Dixie Vixen Пре 10 дана
Real Americans that love our liberty are very close to the breaking point. We are good citizens, we don't throw trash on the side of the road, we don't desecrate graves and memorials to the dead, and we don't live on government handouts. But... what we do is.. Sit back and wait Listen Remain calm Until... That line is undeniably crossed. Like the deal where they're threatening to take a woman's child if she doesn't remove her Confederate flag... My boys been preppin for a minute, and if you step on their toes you won't escape unscathed
Dixie Vixen
Dixie Vixen Пре 10 дана
Tom... they threatening to take a woman's child if she don't remove her Confederate flag... PLEASE SPEAK FOR MY CONFEDERATE KIN!
Meg Russell
Meg Russell Пре 9 дана
Thats just sick!!! Im all for the Rebel flag...born n raised with it around...
Sheena Dees
Sheena Dees Пре 10 дана
Other than Nova Mad Child is my favorite in the collaborative songs Tom does. These two blend together so well!😎😎😎
Joshua Bull
Joshua Bull Пре 10 дана
I mean his girlfriend who does like a third of the work doesn’t count as a collab
Sheena Dees
Sheena Dees Пре 10 дана
@Joshua Bull ahhh...in my world Nova is #1 and I've said that in multiple ways so yeah Nova counts...maybe you mean it different ???
Joshua Bull
Joshua Bull Пре 10 дана
Nova doesn’t count
Violet Freshwater
Violet Freshwater Пре 11 дана
Your music sounds like rap!
Stacey Roland
Stacey Roland Пре 11 дана
Love his music!
Bill Killinger
Bill Killinger Пре 11 дана
Sad right ? Says a lot about us ! 😱
Vinny Tesla
Vinny Tesla Пре 12 дана
Tom put his finger on the pulse of society, and it's been very effective ..... and he's an ambitious workhorse making things happen .....but as far as pure rhyming skill, Madchild is on a far different level
Alicia Mclimans
Alicia Mclimans Пре 12 дана
Where was he born?
Diva Doll
Diva Doll Пре 12 дана
Your legs are so naked.
Diva Doll
Diva Doll Пре 5 дана
@Shrimp He needs some more tats.
Shrimp Пре 9 дана
Americana Paul
Americana Paul Пре 12 дана
I'd like to play my harmonica with you.
Rob Singleton
Rob Singleton Пре 12 дана
How could anyone be mad at this song smfh
Daniel Welch
Daniel Welch Пре 12 дана
You have no idea how true this song is.
LunaS-phere Пре 12 дана
Two Canadians supporting Americans.. all the love fellow BC -in
Joel Storey
Joel Storey Пре 13 дана
Tom, Perfect man!!! Fkn Perfect!!!!
Jon Huniak
Jon Huniak Пре 13 дана
Finally, someone literally telling the truth. Thanks, Tom MacDonald. God Bless. So sick of the "plandemic" covid the cold virus 19, the BS of how many are sick, I don't trust the vacines.
Pat Winder
Pat Winder Пре 14 дана
First verse is fire!!!
ken Пре 14 дана
Robert Jordan
Robert Jordan Пре 14 дана
Keep spittin the truth bro
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