When You Don’t Know How to Count Money - Key & Peele 

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A drug deal hits a snag when the sellers can’t figure out the best way to count the money.

About Key & Peele:
Key & Peele showcases the fearless wit of stars Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele as the duo takes on everything from "Gremlins 2" to systemic racism. With an array of sketches as wide-reaching as they are cringingly accurate, the pair has created a bevy of classic characters, including Wendell, the players of the East/West Bowl and President Obama's Anger Translator.

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2 јул 2020






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Infernal Zeus
Infernal Zeus Пре 14 сати
Agreed amount or no deal -Mike You can’t short them 20 bucks
Joshua Powell
Joshua Powell Пре 15 сати
As a bank teller, this is just painful to watch. Maybe I'll try that rainman thing and see if it works
Lakindu Gamage
Lakindu Gamage Пре 2 дана
Is Hank pretending to be Tuco here?
Roger Chou
Roger Chou Пре 3 дана
Chad Daocsta
Chad Daocsta Пре 4 дана
In real live they would nt wait nd sit there and if there on cartel shit the trust is already there nd u would nt count its dis respect full looll
DAVID A. Пре 4 дана
It's Hank, isn't it?
Alec's Baldtwin
Alec's Baldtwin Пре 4 дана
The real joke is 8 kilos of 100% pure Afghani heroin for 100.000 USD
DedoPorno Пре 2 дана
@Irfan Gumelar 999 980. The money was actually the proper amount. They were trying to rip them off.
Irfan Gumelar
Irfan Gumelar Пре 2 дана
How much it supposed to be?
None 4
None 4 Пре 4 дана
Jotaro Ackerman
Jotaro Ackerman Пре 5 дана
Hank is that you?
Zeemas Пре 5 дана
Well they better change the title then
Capricorn Пре 5 дана
every money comes in the count
Kane O'Connor
Kane O'Connor Пре 6 дана
That ending was amazing!!!!
gamer orp
gamer orp Пре 6 дана
The video forgot to show the guy at the ends realization that he just scored
Dau Jones
Dau Jones Пре 7 дана
8 kilos for 100 grand is a steal tbh lol
rich tack
rich tack Пре 7 дана
yeo shenghong
yeo shenghong Пре 8 дана
Seriously you have to pull out a gun just for a 20 dollar cash less
M T Пре 8 дана
This is common core math in the real world.
White Пре 8 дана
How did they kill each other when it was 5 v 2 lol pretty good ratio there
Nubbie Wubbie
Nubbie Wubbie Пре 8 дана
Did this man just snort heroin?! 😂
Mike D
Mike D Пре 9 дана
3:30 The body on the right is breathing lol.
Demi Пре 9 дана
That just hurt to watch lmao
R S Пре 10 дана
3:33 fat ass from prison break
Trigger Core
Trigger Core Пре 10 дана
Aw Shit!
Max Profits
Max Profits Пре 10 дана
Still better than the ending to El Camino
ivor worrell
ivor worrell Пре 12 дана
stupid! chu gonna waste all zhat mooney, speshally zhese hard covid times!
sadaf munawar
sadaf munawar Пре 12 дана
They are better than most Hollywood actors.
ArafSpidey Пре 12 дана
Is it a trailer or the whole episode?
Sith Otaku
Sith Otaku Пре 12 дана
when my anxiety kicks in and I am asked to count money I legit forget how all of a sudden...............I feel targeted with this sketch lmao
Chase Magness
Chase Magness Пре 13 дана
100k that's it?!?!?! For that oml yallz is getting ripped off anyways
😑 In this case the money is not counted but weighted. Amateurs.
Box Foam
Box Foam Пре 13 дана
3:06 guy turns around to laugh lol
George Lundy
George Lundy Пре 15 дана
That money may be fake but I'm PISSED AF Looking at the money on the ground!! 🤦🏾‍♂️😒🤣🤣🤣🤣💯
Ege Erdem
Ege Erdem Пре 16 дана
ok this casting is genius
Supreme Bearface
Supreme Bearface Пре 16 дана
*Moral of the Story* : Counting cash is easier if it's thrown in the air (3:06) LOL
Man, Hank really went downhill after getting shot in the head.
Rayen Aouadi
Rayen Aouadi Пре 16 дана
we just gonna ignore the fact that key and peele managed to down all four of the buyers while under fire
Andyroo SC
Andyroo SC Пре дан
Because 2 of them is faster than 5
Rek Senpai
Rek Senpai Пре 5 дана
Greg Simpson
Greg Simpson Пре 16 дана
100k for EIGHT kilograms of herion? 😂
UcantHide4eveR's Gaming Channel
Asher Libra
Asher Libra Пре 16 дана
lmao can't believe this actually worked
wingsandash Пре 17 дана
Haytham Fayeq
Haytham Fayeq Пре 17 дана
Why would mexicans buy the drugs from americans that doesnt make any sense
Elu Leasau
Elu Leasau Пре 17 дана
Second hand awkwardness is real
Eddie k.
Eddie k. Пре 18 дана
The great Hank Shredder undercover
2LiveNoob Пре 18 дана
Who snorts raw strange untested drugs in the middle of a desert? What if he was wrong??
Senator107 Пре 18 дана
Or...When You Do Know How to Count Money.
AnkokuEvangeline Пре 19 дана
Gotta have that yellow tint to know you're in Mexico
Evin Grindle
Evin Grindle Пре 19 дана
Plot twist: that guy at the end left the $20 out on purpose knowing that they would kill each other, leading him to have all the money and drugs for himself
F. A.
F. A. Пре 16 дана
Who are you, the guy who designed the cube from "The Cube"? Cheers mate👏
sexy onionsauce
sexy onionsauce Пре 18 дана
Chǎofàn Supreme
Chǎofàn Supreme Пре 20 дана
Remember. Always be the last guy. He winning
Kaori Sadayoshi
Kaori Sadayoshi Пре 20 дана
Can I have 1K likes for nothing? I can’t think of a good comment like anybody else.😢
Tylerthee Gemini
Tylerthee Gemini Пре 20 дана
Do too muchhhh😂😂😂😂😂😂
NotA Programmer
NotA Programmer Пре 21 дан
Yeh please don’t ever snort heroin you will die like in Pulp Fiction. Although Uma Thurman didn’t die in the movie, in real life you would die.
safar murad Nazari
safar murad Nazari Пре 21 дан
Afghani heroin
mizzury54 Пре 22 дана
Forget that pure heroin will kill you.
DJ Freshman
DJ Freshman Пре 22 дана
Skit sucks
Edi Cavani
Edi Cavani Пре 22 дана
First of all. You can't get all that cocaine for 100k
Cade Пре 22 дана
never thought i’d see hank talking bean speak
S J Пре 23 дана
Broooo that’s a heck of a lot of coke to sniff, apparently
bobloblaw4life Пре 23 дана
The fake mustache is wearing Hank from breaking bad
Mr. Bob Dabbalina
Mr. Bob Dabbalina Пре 24 дана
Does a rip of pure heroin? Lol. Dies.. also 8 keys for 100g? Damn what a deal
DirtyDerbi Пре 24 дана
was just about to comment this too... "100% pure grade afghani heroin..." *snorts it* might be part of the joke tho :_D
Gabos Пре 24 дана
that sniff tho 0:32
rd711 Пре 25 дана
I was going to try and rain man it.
ƵiRro Пре 25 дана
Hank is undercover lmao
tigger Пре 25 дана
That second sniffle killed me
Movie Sync
Movie Sync Пре 25 дана
He is also from "under the done" and "the hustle"
NotSpecs Пре 26 дана
This hurts me
Robbie A
Robbie A Пре 26 дана
lol me when i buy weed
saxmanb777 Пре 26 дана
Hank finally broke bad.
World Truck Driving Simulator
This looks so Breaking Bad 🤣
Blitzs 2465
Blitzs 2465 Пре 27 дана
Over 20 dollars, seriously?
ramborghini88 Пре 27 дана
Damn all that cause they were short 20$ !!
Murtaza Nanabhai
Murtaza Nanabhai Пре 27 дана
12.5 dollars per gram? What a scam!
Darklanov Пре 28 дана
This is when Walt Jr became Heisenberg
C ScRuLLiNix
C ScRuLLiNix Пре 28 дана
Is that shrader?? 😂
CribNotes Пре 29 дана
Hank finally learned to speak Spanish!!!
Kenny SL G
Kenny SL G Пре 29 дана
Lmao this is probably the most infuriating skit.
SimplyOrange537 Пре 29 дана
All the former strippers smiled when he made it rain.
FlashySupreme Gaming
FlashySupreme Gaming Пре 29 дана
Plot twist: Money was intentionally "forgotten" so that both the money and the heroin would only belong to them.
Connor O’Dowd
Connor O’Dowd Пре 29 дана
Uhhhh I’m pretty sure if you snort heroine you will die😂
Taylor kazemba
Taylor kazemba Пре месец
Those drugs would be worth for than 100k
Angelo Mordini
Angelo Mordini Пре месец
I like how the rainman method worked
LummyTum Пре месец
Hank faked his death and things really got out of hand after that huh...
Akaza Sukuna
Akaza Sukuna Пре месец
Is this a movie or a series? TY
Annie Vasari
Annie Vasari Пре месец
their ending are always unpredictable
tmac20031 Пре месец
No comments on the fact that key and peele are getting extremely ripped off for 8 kilos?
James Bond
James Bond Пре месец
@tmac20031 oof ok yeah everything checks out my b fam
tmac20031 Пре месец
@James Bond I'm with the CIA. We made a deal a couple weeks ago. Nabbed a high level player.
James Bond
James Bond Пре месец
This is the FBI, most people don't know that. How do you, sir?
Kabi Пре месец
This is wrong way money is flying 😂
Tone Master
Tone Master Пре месец
ah shit, not again
Chad Daocsta
Chad Daocsta Пре месец
Counting it is disrespect lol in real life its saying there lieers or cheats lol
RINGO 25 Пре месец
This is the moment he became hanksenberg
santosh kurasa
santosh kurasa Пре месец
Hank is still alive, became a drug lord
santosh kurasa
santosh kurasa Пре месец
Imagine key and Peele movie
Reggie Amazing
Reggie Amazing Пре месец
100K is just 1000, 100's. So with both counting, were talking what, five to six minutes? Of course it also just just be 10 stacks of 100's, so....
Sir Gum
Sir Gum Пре месец
imagine after sniffing the coke, hank goes tight.tight..tight.
Isra Abrar
Isra Abrar Пре месец
This was the most relatable video ever......lol
Mae Edwards
Mae Edwards Пре месец
𝓗𝓞𝓣 𝓛𝓐𝓓𝓘𝓔𝓢 HOTLOVE.MONSTER تعرفماذا ؟ ملعون مرة أخرى ؟ Anfiska و ليس في كل فاجأ . تصنيف كيف ؟ ଧୂଳିସାତ୍ 「ドルフィン?ホテル?チェーン」と僕は言ってみた。ຜີ弓 اهو خير گهرن ۾ موجود نه ... نه ڪنهن انجير پاڻ vymahala ! سيمين حيران ٿي ويا . عورت ڪر! sorrowfulDoch o weh, es stimmte, und der lange Kerl, durch den man hindurchsehen konnte, wiegte sich, über der Erde schwebend, vor ihm hin und her. ఒక n odruzhenka జోయా EFA స్క్రిబ్లింగ్ లేకుండా ఆపటం మరియు కూడా సూచిస్తుంది నూతన ప్రయత్నాలు మనసు :
Anshuman Sinha
Anshuman Sinha Пре месец
ok.. that was fucking stupid.
Deepak Tirumangalam Pradeep
Deepak Tirumangalam Pradeep Пре месец
0:32 That made Key lose his character he did smile a bit😂😂
Hector Tovar
Hector Tovar Пре месец
Lmao afghani heroin with Red Dragon on it
Kay D's Bored n Beauty Chat
Kay D's Bored n Beauty Chat Пре месец
Aw shit lmao
Aleksandra Petrovich
Aleksandra Petrovich Пре месец
The true alternate ending to Breaking Bad
Angles Horn
Angles Horn Пре месец
I love how despite being 2 of them they took out all of those guys.
DD Пре месец
Is there there even the right number stacks in there to total up to 100k? It'd be fifty bricks of $20 bills, which would leave two bricks out if arranged like that. Or they're crammed in there, but the case looks even all around.
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