When Logan Paul pissed off the rock Dwayne Johnson 

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7 јан 2021






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Matthew Пре 19 сати
U probably had makeup on before u arrived
Armando Balli
Armando Balli Пре 2 дана
Bruh even the rock don’t like logan
KING GAMER Пре 6 дана
Gyro Zeppeli
Gyro Zeppeli Пре 27 дана
OoO he becomed Mars rock because he is so fucking angry
Kearia Jones
Kearia Jones Пре 28 дана
Lol Logan Cell nice haircut what the f😂😂😂😂😂😂
Anubis Пре 28 дана
Logan is cute
Lav Sharma
Lav Sharma Пре 29 дана
Rock isn't 6'5
Solène Rigot
Solène Rigot Пре месец
Should've give him the rock bottom right there and then 😂😂
sneeky pooperman
sneeky pooperman Пре месец
Nah its a skit lmao
Abra Cadabra
Abra Cadabra Пре месец
Look at Logan's face after he says nice hair cut.
Starkiller 90
Starkiller 90 Пре месец
Who is this baby next to the rock???
Capital J
Capital J Пре месец
Rick1901 NCR
Rick1901 NCR Пре месец
This can't be fake look how genuine that pissed off look on Dwayne face
sneeky pooperman
sneeky pooperman Пре месец
He's a fucking actor and this is a skit it was posted on vine
Bro Momento
Bro Momento Пре месец
This guy is way beyond douchetuber
Matei Tudor Productions
Matei Tudor Productions Пре месец
Is someone realising its a deepfake?
sneeky pooperman
sneeky pooperman Пре месец
Its not but its a skit for vine its was filmed on the set of baywatch which logan was supposed to be in
Vedant Dessai
Vedant Dessai Пре месец
Good that u didn't get a wwe move for that
Wonderdad 50
Wonderdad 50 Пре месец
Wow y Logan gotta be a asshole
sneeky pooperman
sneeky pooperman Пре месец
Its a skit
Mr.krackz Krackz
Mr.krackz Krackz Пре месец
jdddskk Пре месец
Dude stop filming your stupid face we wanted to see the rock
J J Пре месец
I thought they were doing a bit at first and that this video was a joke
sneeky pooperman
sneeky pooperman Пре месец
It is this guy wants clout it was a vine they did on the set of baywatch and logan had a bit for the movie
Joseph Lay
Joseph Lay Пре месец
People in the comment like Dwayne shoulda punched him for logan talking shit. Yall dumb if you think Dwayne the rock Johnson actually gives a damn what logan paul says they were probably faking that shit
sneeky pooperman
sneeky pooperman Пре месец
Its a skit they did on vine awhile ago ppl are hungry for clout for some reson
Alistair Addams
Alistair Addams Пре месец
Okay as much as I absolutely hate Logan, Dwayne has a notorious sense of humor, he was probably in on this.
Colin van Baasbank
Colin van Baasbank Пре месец
amazing uahhaha
Colin van Baasbank
Colin van Baasbank Пре месец
omg the profile hahahahha
sneeky pooperman
sneeky pooperman Пре месец
It was a vine skit
San Cambly
San Cambly Пре месец
I hate logan paul
Mateo Claure
Mateo Claure Пре месец
This guy is the reason abortions are starting to be legalized
sneeky pooperman
sneeky pooperman Пре месец
This was a skit
sneeky pooperman
sneeky pooperman Пре месец
Ale KC
Ale KC Пре месец
Didn't his scene get removed and is only available on CD now lmao?
MrGenie Пре месец
i searched around and apparently it was a bit they where doing or something
sneeky pooperman
sneeky pooperman Пре месец
Yeah it was filmed on the set of baywatch and it was a vine cus logan had a scene for the movie it just didn't make the cut
Johnny pink
Johnny pink Пре месец
So annoying 🙄🙄🙄
Cormac Taylor
Cormac Taylor Пре месец
Don't miss this logan. Ksi truly beat some sense into him.
sneeky pooperman
sneeky pooperman Пре 29 дана
@Cormac Taylor he has done like 4 skits with him and asked him to be in his movie baywatch which this was filmed in the set of
Cormac Taylor
Cormac Taylor Пре 29 дана
@sneeky pooperman doubt the rock is really up for doing a vine for some random RSvid kid he knows nothing about.
Cormac Taylor
Cormac Taylor Пре 29 дана
@sneeky pooperman you keep thinking that but this is just a case of cocky kid pissing off a celebrity.
sneeky pooperman
sneeky pooperman Пре 29 дана
@Cormac Taylor he is a fucking actor
Cormac Taylor
Cormac Taylor Пре 29 дана
@sneeky pooperman not everything is staged man you can tell the rock looks genuinely annoyed
prod prod
prod prod Пре месец
1 min of silence for those who think this is not scripted
XYLYL Пре месец
The pual brothers are overall pieces of garbage. Logan has chilled out, but used to be so annoying. Jake used to be alright, now everyone hates him.
XYLYL Пре 29 дана
pooperman know, i mean in general. U really just dislike the two.
sneeky pooperman
sneeky pooperman Пре месец
This is a skit BTW it was while they were filming baywatch it was on vine
Tomas de Roover
Tomas de Roover Пре месец
Jack Daniels
Jack Daniels Пре месец
Logan paul needs to sit down.
Zero Пре месец
This is why we can't have nice things...
judih Moreno
judih Moreno Пре месец
That is old
john john
john john Пре месец
Who is Logan paul
Swervinbishh Пре месец
Haha don’t disrespect the rock
VeryZestyLemon Пре месец
Logan Paul, I hope both sides of your pillow is warm
cayed 6
cayed 6 Пре месец
No one fucking likes Logan
sneeky pooperman
sneeky pooperman Пре месец
The rock filmed this bit with him and three others and wanted him to be in his movie idk what your talking ab
nirmal jayanth
nirmal jayanth Пре месец
Messing with the rock.... Rip
Dr. Royalty
Dr. Royalty Пре месец
Ok rock genuinely seem upset by that last joke. You can just tell by his body language.
Dr. Royalty
Dr. Royalty Пре месец
@sneeky pooperman yh I get that, but sometimes actors break character over some dumb stuff. I felt like near the end he broke character especially when he began mumbling some shit back to Logan.
sneeky pooperman
sneeky pooperman Пре месец
He's an actor and this is a skit lmao it was done when vine was still sround
David Muniz
David Muniz Пре месец
OMG Logan Paul is so funny 😐
Groovy Songs
Groovy Songs Пре месец
Logan paul is a bitch
Junkhead817 Пре месец
I could literally smell a can of whoop ass thay was just opened..
Laila Tucker
Laila Tucker Пре месец
Logan Paul needs to stop
hunter horton
hunter horton Пре месец
Does anybody actually like him or his brother? I damn sure don't lmfao. Like this if you DONT like them
sneeky pooperman
sneeky pooperman Пре месец
Wow want attention that bad "like this if you dont like them" thats pathetic
Shrimp91 Пре месец
The tables are going to turn and it will be the rock filming a dead guy.
Wrestlelesson Пре месец
It's Kevin Hart you idiots 🤣 he is using the face app and put a face and body of Logan Paul 🤣🤣🤣
John Norris
John Norris Пре месец
Logan deserved it lmao cheap shot at the rock for stating facts
sneeky pooperman
sneeky pooperman Пре месец
It was a skit lol
ThinLion Films
ThinLion Films Пре месец
Obviously they're joking around
Louie Sharpe
Louie Sharpe Пре месец
fr some ppl r so dumb
Broken & Broke
Broken & Broke Пре месец
Pretty sure it was all fun and games a sure he’s the Rock, not the Snowflake, he ain’t gonna get butt hurt over a joke
sneeky pooperman
sneeky pooperman Пре месец
These ppl crazy
sneeky pooperman
sneeky pooperman Пре месец
It was literally a vine
Robert Burrell
Robert Burrell Пре месец
Really who gives a fuck
Anita Banaśkiewicz
Anita Banaśkiewicz Пре месец
Geppe B
Geppe B Пре месец
Completely set up.
Beldro XD
Beldro XD Пре месец
He tried to hide it but he hates logan to
S t u k a
S t u k a Пре месец
I can sense Dwayne boutta punch Logan's ass
Nitin N3
Nitin N3 Пре месец
He is so funny and u look so funny 🤣🤣
Jojo490 Пре месец
Is this not a joke?
Saida Di
Saida Di Пре месец
Que feos
Brandon Shaver
Brandon Shaver Пре месец
Scene doesn't contain a Rock Bottom or People's Elbow, One sin
Bidu view
Bidu view Пре месец
I thought it's a woman
Maksut Ali Yonüz
Maksut Ali Yonüz Пре месец
Fuck your smile
EDI3Z _ Пре месец
Was that real or was that actrd
Pennywise Пре месец
No MANNERS @ all. I’m from OHIO & was taught to ALWAYS look people in the eyes when talking to them. I can’t stand when people are RUDE & have no MANNERS !!!
Matthew Link
Matthew Link Пре месец
I REALLY hope Dwayne wasn’t joking
Ben Green
Ben Green Пре месец
Awwwwweee logan so little
Sports Impossible
Sports Impossible Пре месец
I can’t believe I’m saying but Logan is actually kind of funny in this vine
Jayden Drapela
Jayden Drapela Пре месец
If I was the rock that Strength would go to Logan’s face. That’s why the rock is better then me
sneeky pooperman
sneeky pooperman Пре месец
Yes because you punch someone while your doing a skit this is a skit done for vine
Guap guap
Guap guap Пре месец
The rocks 6’5 and Logan is 6’2 EXPLAIN
Monk Killedababy
Monk Killedababy Пре месец
This is beyond staged. Please tell me no one thinks this is real...
Kilo Champion
Kilo Champion Пре месец
Surprised the Rock didn’t just deck him in the face right there. Probably would have gotten arrested for assaulting a minor, but I think he’d be doing the world a favor
sneeky pooperman
sneeky pooperman Пре месец
Because its a skit that was done for vine years ago
Ajmi Nadhimi
Ajmi Nadhimi Пре месец
@Rithikesh Muddanawoosh comes from r/woosh so it's the same thing it seems that you're the one who's stupid
Rithikesh Muddana
Rithikesh Muddana Пре месец
@Ajmi Nadhimi u blind or smtng? did I use r/wooosh?
Ajmi Nadhimi
Ajmi Nadhimi Пре месец
So stop using woosh
Ajmi Nadhimi
Ajmi Nadhimi Пре месец
@Rithikesh Muddana this is not Reddit
Nouvah Legend
Nouvah Legend Пре месец
Who the fuck is Logan Paul and why should I give a shit? Tired of seeing this nutsack everywhere.
Jimmy Baker
Jimmy Baker Пре месец
Wasn’t that scene in bay watch Wait u were there
x tian
x tian Пре месец
there's so much filter in this video he could do coffee with it
Bubbx 999
Bubbx 999 Пре месец
Yall know this a skit right LOL
Mr. Ditkovitch
Mr. Ditkovitch Пре месец
Logan you shopping an uppercut?
Maz Terbate
Maz Terbate Пре месец
This is prolly partly why you were cut from the film That and...your not an actor and only funny to ppl who haven't gone thro puberty. Passing off the Rock on the set of his Movie... What a dummy. If I had his access and popularity I'd actually do something with it. These guys do shit every week that endangers their "Career"....
I. R.
I. R. Пре месец
How primitive one to idolize disrespect?!!! Congrats to the Rock to tolerate this dumb!
Thomas Davey
Thomas Davey Пре месец
This Paul dude is a massive twat.
R4VENCREST Пре месец
Logan Paul your a fucking CRETIN
Sub Zero
Sub Zero Пре месец
I bet I could beat Logan in a 1v1 no helmets or pads just gloves in the ring I'm betting $200k
DCoyne Пре месец
He’s not your friend bro
Asaad Musaitef
Asaad Musaitef Пре месец
I like how he isnt even looking at the camera lens he's just looking at himself. Plus he just looks annoying.
Mannuel Osio
Mannuel Osio Пре месец
What the heck? He isn't even listening to him. Also he probably got hurt by not having a scene that he said " you're so funny" and then made a offensive comment to him. I don't like this guy why people watch him?
sneeky pooperman
sneeky pooperman Пре месец
Its a skit it was a vine
epic ghost
epic ghost Пре месец
I fucking hate Logan paul
Rayad Emrit
Rayad Emrit Пре месец
Glad he didn't Rock Bottom you.
Jeremy Rafuse
Jeremy Rafuse Пре месец
Logan Paul looks like a lesbian with 10 different filters being used.
pioneer mqn
pioneer mqn Пре месец
best comment yet
Joshua Dodson
Joshua Dodson Пре месец
It amazes me how gullible and naïve these people are on here. HELLO!!! IT IS A PHOTOSHOP VIDEO THAT LOGAN HAS SPLICED HIMSELF IN.!!! Us everyone just sheep with glazed over eyes that no longer pay attention?!?! I mean, if i am being honest, it isn't even photoshopped well and is obvious at first glance that even if you went back in time amd showed a drunk peg-legged Pirate with one glass eye and a eye patch covering the other where the internet or computers have not been invented yet could be shown thus video and even he would say "Arrrrgh!, this video is photoshopped obviously!"
Isayah Carmikel RozAgnès Guillaume
Not people thinking this is real 😂😂😂 They were friends at the time this is staged 😂😂😂
thad1296 Пре месец
This is literally pathetic
Reapr46rad Пре месец
This is proof that Logan is a d#$k
Shakeel Rahman
Shakeel Rahman Пре месец
What a clickbait title, it’s actually the other way Dwayne got pissed at Logan
sneeky pooperman
sneeky pooperman Пре месец
Neither its a skit
X Hawkeye
X Hawkeye Пре месец
Logan Paul is a bitch. Change my mind.
AGS 15
AGS 15 Пре месец
Lol this is obviously staged and people are still hating on him, I’m not much of a Logan fan myself but give him credit where it’s due, plus this was from like 3-4 years ago and he’s admittedly gotten better since then. Jake is still a POS tho
Innos Пре месец
Im pretty sure they did few video's together
ed b
ed b Пре месец
I hate Logan Paul as much as the next guy but he’s clearly joking here and the two (were) obviously friends, y’all gotta chill with these comments. context clues guys
Raw Fitness
Raw Fitness Пре месец
Yeah I don’t think so
Brandon j
Brandon j Пре месец
Logan needs to disappear
E T Пре месец
I can’t believe anyone hires these floppy pussies.
J H Пре месец
Who's that topless transgender with the rock
Bobo Smash
Bobo Smash Пре месец
Should have knocked that twat out when younhad the chance Dwyano and done us all a favour.
Kermit the frog
Kermit the frog Пре месец
If I were rick I'd kill em
Pelle S
Pelle S Пре месец
Haha not staged haha 🙂
Nostalgia 29
Nostalgia 29 Пре месец
Real or not this is just an awesome way to be hated
Logan Paul heavy bag and blocking practicing
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