What They Won't Tell You In The Bulls Documentary 

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29 апр 2020






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Annmarie Lira
Annmarie Lira Пре 4 сата
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Mr Quake
Mr Quake Пре 16 сати
Micheal "I took it personal" Jordan
kevin foster
kevin foster Пре 16 сати
That year he shot 43% from three that had moved the 3 point line in by like 2 feet or whatever. So an asterix for that but everything else was amazing
Mik A
Mik A Пре дан
You sir, are one of the greatest narrators ever, you have a gift!
Stephen Пре 2 дана
suuuuper cool vid. thanks brah
i- shak
i- shak Пре 2 дана
12:00 thats why hes the goat. My man was treated like a god.
Sonny Пре 3 дана
Michael Air Jordan Wilt Chamberlain Bill Russel kareem abdul J Lebron
Sonny Пре 3 дана
Background track anyone?
I Stay Catching Fish
I Stay Catching Fish Пре 7 дана
30 games 30 L's...😑
James Bushnell
James Bushnell Пре 8 дана
Mate what a quality video
The White Pony
The White Pony Пре 8 дана
Did he really say GREG Ehlo? It's Craig man, CRAIG!
A R Пре 8 дана
They wont tell you Pippen slept with Rodman.
kieranpearson Пре 9 дана
more finer!
Brendan McGuinness
Brendan McGuinness Пре 10 дана
I bet money that Michele Jordon watches these videos
Johnny T.
Johnny T. Пре 10 дана
Really bad graphs... Always start them from 0. Great research tho!
DavidMillsSeven Пре 11 дана
“I would never have called him the greatest player I’d ever seen if I didn’t mean it, It’s just God disguised as Michael Jordan.” Larry Bird.
Outtellect Anomaly
Outtellect Anomaly Пре 11 дана
Ben Simmons dribbling... “Not so much...” 😂😂😂 Unless its a warped reality Ben Simmons NBA2K card...
Mysterio 6996
Mysterio 6996 Пре 12 дана
Look folks , I hate to rain on this Jordan GOAT nonsense but here goes . Someone has to put NBA history in a realistic point of view . These are the most multi-faceted , most impactful , most unique , Un-matched / Un-paralelled Records / Accomplishments Lebron has already done in the NBA in 19 seasons so far . He still has at least 5 more seasons of historic records in the Regular Season , Playoffs , and Finals to be broken / re-set which is just hard to even comprehend . 4 Finals MVPs for 3 individual teams in the West and East Conference . 16 All NBA selections in a row , 16 All Star appearances in a row In the race for Scoring / Assisting / Rebounding / Steals / Shot Blocks / Double Doubles / Tripple Doubles / PER / League MVP titles for 17 seasons in a row while playing , and defending 5 positions in Regular Season , Playoffs , and Finals . Considered the Best player in the NBA for 17 seasons straight Has taken a floundering losing celler dweller Cavs team from 2010 to 2014 , then from 2015 - 2018 made that same roster of players on that team Eastern Conference Champions 4 years in a row . Jordan or whoever could only dream of such things . Only Player ever to almost guarantee a Finals MVP for any place he goes in the future without any HOF Head Coach / without Mostly HOF Teammates , or special offense / defense on his teams . Only Player EVER to be Finals MVP for 3 teams within 2 seasons of being on each team . 2011 to 2012 Heat / 2015 to 2016 Cavs / 2019 to 2020 Lakers . Has went to 10 Finals in 19 seasons . Considered Best player in all of those Finals , and in stats in all of them . Will have 3 statues and his numbers retired for all 3 cities . Will retire with with every Scoring , Playmaking , Assisting , Rebounding , Steals / PER / Double Double , Tripple Doubles , Games Played , Games Won , Minutes Played records All Time in Regular Season , Playoffs , and Finals history . Will be Top 5 In 3's made All Time in all 3 categories at minimum . Beat the Greatest Regular Season 73 - 9 GS Warriors in the 2016 Finals down 3 - 1 Went to 10 Finals won 4 of them as Finals MVP in 3 cities in West or East without any NBA rule changes of any kind , without HOF Coaching Staffs , or Mostly without HOF team mates or HOF systems . Only Scorer / Playmaker / Player Head Coach / GM / Player Recruiter / Player Developer / Team Constructor / Motivator / Leader / Game Planner in NBA history to take any team he joins to the Playoffs , Finals , or win Championships . 🎤 Mic Drop Folks Jordan never accomplished any of these historic records .
Mysterio 6996
Mysterio 6996 Пре дан
@Dre Mckinney Dude speak for yourself you need to be in a rest home for incompatance . Like I said you cant answer anything I say because you have no reasonable coherent answers. You're out of your mind. Lebron has been a Top 3 NBA player dominating the entire NBA since 18yrs old to now . He has beat every team many times over . If Lebron wanted to be a ball hog glory seeking scoring champion like Jordan sucking the life out of his team Lebron could have easily been scoring 50 - 70 points a night with no assists or rebounds for 18 straight seasons . Then Lebron be just another Tmac or Vince Carter . He wants to be the GOAT not a ring less glory hound with only scoring titles .Jordan was never a elite shut down defender . He was a steals guy , ball Hawk , and double team defender mostly . So his DPOY is not on Rodman's level . Lebron has guarded 5 positions very well and shot blocks elite . Jordan wasn't anything legendary in the tough 80s where he was kicked to the Curb routinely by the Celtics Pistons and Lakers dynasties . He basically lobbied the NBA to lessen the l defensive rules taking away hand checking and flagrant fouls so he could rig the league to his favor for watered down defensive teams he beat in the 90s . Lebron has never had NBA rule changes to benifit himself . He plays who he faces . He hasn't had advantages like Jordan had in the 90s with weak defenses to play and triangle offenses as an advantage . The 90s teams were straight up trash , No superstars , no superteams , no 3 point shooting juggernaut Warrriors teams . So STFU buddy your case is weak .Jordan was beating on Expansion teams in the 90s mostly so most of his 90s wins were straight up trash and bloated numbers . Jordan had plenty of 90s superteams . He couldnt carry no team alone to Championship appearances like Lebron has 3 times alone as the Best player in the league .
Dre Mckinney
Dre Mckinney Пре дан
@Mysterio 6996 Fam...... All the accomplishments Bron has made took him 19yrs to do. Mike accomplished more in less time. Let that sink in...... Here check this out....... Talk about records and achievements..... Fam you don't know the half.... rsvid.info/video/u5iakq-a1Hm-psU.html
Dre Mckinney
Dre Mckinney Пре дан
@Mysterio 6996 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Dude you gotta be like 4...... Two things, One the league in Jordan's era was so much harder and physical then compared to now!!!! And the fact that Bron been to the finals 9 str8 times says a lot of how wateres down the east was during his finals run. In 2007 for example www.basketball-reference.com/leagues/NBA_2008_standings.html ☝🏿....... Cavs had no busy that yr going to the finals but because the East was trash that's why!!!! If you knew ball you would know these things... Who Bron kept from eating? Nobody..... Everybody got full off him!!! Now ask who many HOFERS didn't get a ring because of MJ. Bron dominated a conference while Mike dominated the league!!! The only player to win a scoring title and defensive player of the year award in the same yr. Bron can't do that!!!! Mike came in the league killin. He was a championship player that wasn't on a championship team foo....
Mysterio 6996
Mysterio 6996 Пре дан
@Dre Mckinney Young fella ? Hahaha You didn't name anybody or answer anything or can dispute anything I said in return against Lebron , so you're a clown dude . Phil Jackson is tied with Red Auerbach for most rings as a Head Coach . 11 titles , and that's over rated hahaha ? Sure whatever clown . Jordan is over rated AF . At least Lebron and Phil can say they've won rings as Players AND Head Coaches hahaha . Lebron has been a Player / Head Coach his entire 19 seasons with his NON HOF coaching staffs he has carried to greatness . Notice wherever Phil and Lebron go as Coaches Championships follow . Jordan , Pippen , or Kobe can't claim that ever , and that's a fact . Notice Jordan never became a Head Coach because he would have sucked as one like he sucks as an Executive / GM for two pathetic floundering teams he owned and managed . Maybe you need to stay in the rest home buddy . You have your years mixed up . Jordan wasn't in the playoffs in 1984 for one thing . You're talking about that pathetic clown show 30 - 52 1986 Bulls team that shouldn't even have been allowed in the playoffs . Name a season where a team with that pathetic record was in the playoffs . You cant . Lebron has never had a pathetic team like that in the playoffs . Bird put Jordan in his place 0 - 6 1986 and 87 All Time against Jordan in the Playoffs . Jordan struggled against Top 50 players of All Time in the 80s when the Bulls were shut down like a JV team . 63 empty points from an All Time ball hog no better than Russell Westbrook or Allen Iverson , who cares . Doesn't matter who invented the damn Triangle Offense . Before or After Jordan ran it from 1989 to 1998 he wasn't a Championship level player and that's a fact you cant change or dispute with any video or record . Kobe wouldn't be an NBA champ either without that offense . So Lebron's accomplishments over ride him , and will pass him too .
Dre Mckinney
Dre Mckinney Пре дан
@Mysterio 6996 rsvid.info/video/z8Wqd69-pXq7nqM.html Another.... ☝🏿
Mysterio 6996
Mysterio 6996 Пре 12 дана
0 - 6 in the playoffs against Larry Legend in the 80's 😆. I'm sure they left that fact out of that self glorifying farse Jordan docu-series . .
Wade Stilwell
Wade Stilwell Пре 13 дана
The phrase G.O.A.T gets so over used these days. There can be only one goat and it's Mike. Period!!
Frank Palancio
Frank Palancio Пре 15 дана
Big deal. Just means that nobody else on the bulls could score. Bulls would have been smoked by any of the 80's dynasties. Oh wait, how many rings did he win in the 80's?
Wamblebeezly Пре 15 дана
6:26 Wilt be like:hold up, wait a minute something aint right
doitall36 Пре 17 дана
Bryant Borges
Bryant Borges Пре 17 дана
I wish i was there to see jordan bruh
Hung Nguyen
Hung Nguyen Пре 18 дана
It’s should be “What they didn’t tell you in the Bulls Documentary” not what they won’t tell you. It doesn’t always have to be a controversial
CreeperKen Пре 19 дана
he aint greg ehlo he craig ehlo
blakfloyd Пре 19 дана
MJ averaged 39.8 ppg against the Cavs in 1989. Those numbers add up to 199 points, not 200. Also, the stat about MJ's 43% 3-pt. % needs context. I believe that occurred when the NBA moved the line in to 22 feet at all points instead of being 22 feet only in the corners and as long as 23'9" at all of the curved points.
Azani C
Azani C Пре 19 дана
Bro this guy is trying to be rebound so bad I’m not even hating look how this guy put the music on and talk just I to be rebound so bad and How much subscribers does he have 1.7 million that’s nothing we bought has 1.17 million that’s not even rebounds channel come on bro if you think your rebound right now you are so out of place dude
Yung Enoch7
Yung Enoch7 Пре 19 дана
Too Smooth
Too Smooth Пре 20 дана
I'll tell you this, I've watched both and I'd rather play with LBJ.. with LBJ you gone get the ball, he will let you shine, he's not gone try to do any physical harm to you, he's not try to mentally abuse you either.. he's not an asshole..LBJ can play with anybody,I honesty don't think MJ could..
Too Smooth
Too Smooth Пре 10 дана
@Pro Found it's about winning but at least I'll be shining with LBJ.. can't shine with MJ cause he don't want nobody else to shine.. yea, it's about feelings but you don't tear your players down, you pick them up and that's something MJ didn't do.. he was a selfish asshole🤷‍♂️😂
Pro Found
Pro Found Пре 11 дана
Yeah because Basketball game is about player feelings🤣 I would choose MJ over Lebron anytime because it is about winning.
Arnie Nelson
Arnie Nelson Пре 21 дан
The First Time I Saw Michael Jordan Play In Chicago 1989. Those Michael Images Of Him Flying Through The Air With A Monster Dunk Are UNFORGETABLE! He Blew The Roof Off The Place!!!!!!!!!!
oof. Пре 21 дан
Julian Flores
Julian Flores Пре 21 дан
8movimientos de dedos y manos, como manipular un objeto, tocar el piano, alcanzar,
Brendan Nowell
Brendan Nowell Пре 22 дана
Jordan is the 🐐
e_doug Пре 23 дана
He shot that from 3 when they moved the 3 ball line more closer to the rim for that season that argument of him being a good three point shooter is irrelevant
Rock Road
Rock Road Пре 24 дана
John Swain
John Swain Пре 24 дана
Someone should do a documentary highlighting how good the teams that the Bulls defeated were. Jordan and Pippen defeated a lot of superstars who are legends in their own right.
Amadou Ndiaye
Amadou Ndiaye Пре 24 дана
Great job man with the video, this video proves he's the G.O.A.T.
Amadou Ndiaye
Amadou Ndiaye Пре 24 дана
Jordan is the G.O.A.T. That is all
Lawton Friedland
Lawton Friedland Пре 25 дана
Craig elo*
Joe stanfield
Joe stanfield Пре 25 дана
rsvid.info/video/z8Wqd69-pXq7nqM.html Jordan taking it "personally".
The Other Channel
The Other Channel Пре 26 дана
jordan ruined nba
Tobin Gallawa
Tobin Gallawa Пре 26 дана
Was Jordan the rookie of the year, MVP and top scorer in the same year. Yeah, I know, there is no conceivable way that is possible. Did he ever average 50 points per game for an entire season? Again, that is crazy, nobody could do that.
X-man Пре 21 дан
@Tobin Gallawa Says the guy triggered by a Jordan-facts video. lol
Tobin Gallawa
Tobin Gallawa Пре 21 дан
Okay snowflake
X-man Пре 21 дан
There's a channel called Wilt Chamberlain Archive where you can express your fanboyism for Wilt.
Marco Petrie
Marco Petrie Пре 26 дана
You missed one of the best facts... The Bulls drafted both Aubrey Sherrod and Adrain Branch in the 2nd 1985 draft. Neither did anything and weren’t around long.
3-Methylindole Пре 26 дана
0:19 "Greg" Ehlo ? 😂😂😂😳😳😳
Weynner Guillen
Weynner Guillen Пре 26 дана
A Lot of things I didn't Know about MJ that made Me wonder, what if MJ played in this Era? Where is He gonna put those rings on?
Nick Kosta
Nick Kosta Пре 26 дана
This is an awesome compilation! Thanks so much!
A Million Money Tips
A Million Money Tips Пре 27 дана
Your videos are stellar...love the stats
Dennis Bohner
Dennis Bohner Пре 28 дана
Let me know when he scores FIFTY for a season. (And partying like an animal for that year.) There is one GOAT and he is WILT! As a throw-in, hacking WILT was allowed for his entire career. MJ (maybe second best) would have been on IR if he had similar 'allowances' for the D on him. They altered the rule book to adjust for WILT's abilities.
Arman Shay
Arman Shay Пре 28 дана
and this is why he is the GOAT
Lelouch Vi Britannia
Lelouch Vi Britannia Пре 28 дана
The 3 point line was closer in 1996
lakecityransom Пре 28 дана
3:05 ok that clip was fire
Michael Adderley
Michael Adderley Пре 28 дана
1-5 vs Houston...ass kiss to that...Mr. Push off....left arm when he shoot with right and shoves with the right arm when he dunk with the left...plus he is scared of Hakeem...go dig that up...bias bytch...
Darko Svilar
Darko Svilar Пре 28 дана
and very soon when Nikola Jokic logs 15000 minutes played (minimum requirements), he will be 3rd in Career BMP and a few other advanced stats - now that's insane! JOKER is OUT OF THIS WORLD!!
This is BS. The Bad Boys beat the shit out of Jordan Bulls in the 80's...Look it up!
Real brew
Real brew Пре 29 дана
But he was losing because teams allowed him to score 50 but shut every one down mj did not pass the ball until phil took it out of his hands and allowed pippen to run the triangle Jordan ave 40 but look how many shots he took Jordan was harden before phil born and raised in the chi everyone knew in the playoffs bulls was going out in the first round thats why that shot over elo was the most hype shot of all tines nba showed it every Sunday every year real bulls fans no the real truth we love Jordan but love the team more phil had to beg Jordan to pass to his teammates even in the first finals pippen should have had a couple of those mvp he shut down magic had to guard Barkley Drexler all the great power forwards and run point and ace 20 8 and 7 this dude was guarding the whole floor plus he was a great finisher at the rim pippen made Jordan unguardable look up how many payoff series win Jordan and kobe have without phil and how many first round exit they have thats why they give Isaiah Thomas such a hard time he dominated Jordan thats why all they talk about is the had shake to dis credit his 3 peat go the finals beating great teams stats don't lie dude beat bird magic and jordan and drexler in there prime if he did not twist his ankle dude would have 3peat people forget the Celtics stole the ball one year too people act like he did not dominate the 80s too
Jamaal Bethea
Jamaal Bethea Пре 29 дана
This is such an amazing video! Thanks for making this!
vaxur Пре 29 дана
Mj tha 🐐
The Goon
The Goon Пре 29 дана
When people say Kobe was better than Mike lol bruh he wasn't even better than Shaq!
matrinpkr Пре 29 дана
it's eviscerated.
Fernando Gonzalez
Fernando Gonzalez Пре 29 дана
Giannis likes to WHAT ?!!?
Factual 1
Factual 1 Пре 29 дана
Wow great video Went to see him at the dapper Dan Roundball classic in Pittsburgh PA event founded by Sonny VACCARO
daniel james
daniel james Пре 29 дана
what about Bird? Jordan was 11-23 vs him
Mark Bradford
Mark Bradford Пре месец
Darryl Dawkins of the sixes in the 70s shattered backboards before Jordan. But Dawkins never became the goat.
Drake Пре месец
Wasn’t that three point shot statistic of him being better than all of those players when the line was 2 ft closer?
RBG Payne
RBG Payne Пре месец
Just recently purchased two pairs of shoes Sia D1y Broken Foot the foot pad has Jordan's xray on it
Donta Evans
Donta Evans Пре месец
This video was just meat riding jordan. It’s not about the bulls
Jo mic
Jo mic Пре месец
how many times did mike foul out of a game? steals per game, year, FT %. but then again, how much is too much
Guzzo Pinc
Guzzo Pinc Пре месец
This video should have been a full 15 minutes "So, I took it personally."
D' Realest
D' Realest Пре месец
And people keep comparing him to lebron. lebron aint even close. MJ is the goat.
Esta Dewberry
Esta Dewberry Пре месец
Agape angel
joshua o7
joshua o7 Пре месец
Every athlete would be so lucky to have such a committed trainer like Tim Grover
Nathan Whitson
Nathan Whitson Пре месец
Well done Jimmy.
Heavy Sixer
Heavy Sixer Пре месец
Masterful video. 2.3k thumbs down...well...that is EXACTLY why I stopped posting videos on YT. Love your research and clever ways to display it! Excellent work.
Jaxin Faehrmann
Jaxin Faehrmann Пре месец
I get youre coming up with good facts and the vid is great, but when you talk about Jordan avg 42% from 3 in 1996, why didn't you mention the fact that the three point line was a lot closer? The following year (when the distance was extended back out to what it is now) Jordan shot just 30% from 3. Thought this would be a pretty crucial impact on his percentage being so high yet you didn't even talk about it. Comparing that year to others like lebron, reggie miller, KD and others who had to shoot from a lot further out seams unreasonable/unfair. Other than that the vid is awesome!
tonty rutinel
tonty rutinel Пре месец
That dunk in 1985 was ridiculous 🤯🤯🤯🤯💪💪
khaleb mackey
khaleb mackey Пре месец
The smelly heron reassembly warm because toad intriguinly prick regarding a discreet advice. well-groomed, giant hell
Kristian Dowling
Kristian Dowling Пре месец
Fantastic video much appreciated 🙏🏼
Blee Petty
Blee Petty Пре месец
I’m fortunate to have been able to watch most of Mike’s games and all of his playoffs. The one thing I noticed is any and everyone who has put out a Michael Jordan film doesn’t acknowledge the fact that Mike was so admired by basketball fans that when he played away games the opponents fans would cheer for Mike. Even in Boston and Detroit. Watch films and see. For the most part Mike was the game and everyone else was just along for the ride. Ask the NBA how many times did Mike play before sellout crowds and pick your jaw up when you see the results.
Ker Loz
Ker Loz Пре месец
The obeisant kitchen mechanistically trip because halibut neurochemically destroy along a actually leg. perpetual, gaudy magic
Royce West
Royce West Пре месец
If you don’t think MJ was better than lebron after watching this, we’re you even watching🤷🏾‍♂️
Student Africa
Student Africa Пре месец
If LeBron had a " quark " of killer instinct in his game earlier in his career with the Cavs then. I can say undoubtedly i seen LeBron having earned them 7 - 10 championship banners... Yes or No?
Student Africa
Student Africa Пре месец
I know MJ loves this guy's research. WoW 😲 😂 😂😆 word 💯
S S Пре месец
Our high school coach used to tell us to defend in such a way that the opposing team would have to resort to 3 pointers......which makes me believe that the NBA players of today are too scared to drive in for a simple layup or make a play lest they get hurt......
Howard S
Howard S Пре месец
That thing about the steps in game is in the doc.
dentaldoc489 Пре месец
Kendrick Perkins needs to watch this. So does all those others who think Lebron is the greatest.
sucio boy
sucio boy Пре месец
The true bridge alternately mine because menu histomorphometrically please mid a adjoining reindeer. obnoxious, dark firewall
MonkeyDLuffy Пре месец
To be fair the times mj didn't win a scoring title guys like David Robinson and Shaq won lol he really didn't have strong competition when it comes to pure shooters like himself
Fortnite Gamer
Fortnite Gamer Пре месец
The marvelous sandra ignificantly collect because attempt relevantly embarrass below a massive taste. mighty, nine kangaroo
audiopro316 Пре месец
0:16 - Its Craig, not Greg
HpD K3lan
HpD K3lan Пре месец
Haha proof that he’s better than LeBron
Shawn Massey
Shawn Massey Пре месец
The cool celsius interestingly punish because trapezoid impressively applaud in a fragile cut. vagabond, purring gymnast
Judi Finley
Judi Finley Пре месец
The wiry mechanic predominantly deceive because drill simulteneously chop for a gabby nepal. rough, devilish lock
Mercedes Will
Mercedes Will Пре месец
The rapid screwdriver minimally punch because road karyologically excuse below a dry software. victorious, wrong college
Rosario Grant
Rosario Grant Пре месец
The defiant rate ontogenically vanish because sign complementarily whip notwithstanding a new level. intelligent, chubby zipper
JC Пре месец
Hmmm Nexpo = Jxmy? 🤷
JC Пре месец
And Trevor Bauer of the MLB has taken MJ's training regimen to the next level. He's actually got tests and scores for different things to determine where his body is physically, day-to-day. It's insane
JC Пре месец
Mike's the greatest. When you can take 3 years off at the end of your career, come back, and still play at a level higher than a majority of the league, you're the greatest. Bar none.
nisssmo 510
nisssmo 510 Пре месец
Ok Jimmy. Say it with me, Craig Ehlo. Not Greg lol 🤣
Jose E Miller
Jose E Miller Пре месец
The calm panty additonally impress because instruction sadly wish times a gray greasy great relish. juicy, silent soil
Fanswise xl
Fanswise xl Пре месец
Young generation don't know who Michael really is... the guy is not human...
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