Voters from Biden's home state give interesting response to first debate 

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Raymond Arroyo holds post-debate focus group in Scranton, PA on 'The Ingraham Angle'. #FoxNews #Ingraham
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29 сеп 2020






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WJ Cummins
WJ Cummins Пре 15 дана
Fox News, gone down the toilet, into the sewer. It's in the Deamon-Rats DNA to cheat. But its not over until the College declares the winner. But one sure thing is, fox is the LOOSER, for their biased, dishonest, ACTIVISM, NO CHANNEL FOR MEN OR WOMEN OF INTEGRITY. UNSCRIBED TODAY FROM THEIR UNAMERICAN PROPAGENDA. - EXCEPT - TUCKER, LAURAL, JUDGE, SEAN, LOU, AND SOME OF THE FIVE. BIDEN, VP, FOR THE WAX MUSEUM.. VIVA - NEWS MAX AND OANNEWS
Steve Parker
Steve Parker Пре 18 дана
The MOST dangerous thing, is uninformed misguided young voter's, who really haven't got a clue. Both Biden supporters here were Young, and often said erm between sentences.
Janet Campbell
Janet Campbell Пре 19 дана
Dale Plugge
Dale Plugge Пре 20 дана
If the Democrats worked with Trump for the last 4years our United States would not have any problems.
William Donaldson
William Donaldson Пре 20 дана
Fox......you are fake news!!!!
鄭子祈 Пре 22 дана
這場選舉.真的很怪.看看拜登上台時.的談吐.美國人民會喜歡嗎?想想吧?美國人民 拜登不怕死.傻瓜一個.背天逆行.哈哈!你死定了. 你的事. 川普總統一定嬴. 我管你信不信
purpose for life
purpose for life Пре 23 дана
Biden sounds like he has a blocked nose don't like him at all.
Barbara Roland
Barbara Roland Пре 27 дана
Well thanks to the Socialist after tonight we might not be free for long also a corrupt swamp monster selling us out to highest Corruption China & others Biden & Dems need to pay the price for what they did to Trump that why he so angry the swamp has not pay a price for everything they did to him his family & supporters Then here Biden sell us out all over the world Biden cant even remember where he his he is a joke
Richard Esckelson
Richard Esckelson Пре 27 дана
It amazes me the people actually pulling the lever is as dense as they are.
Faatali Asi Leavasa
Faatali Asi Leavasa Пре 27 дана
Good luck Trump God bless you
kev vandy
kev vandy Пре 28 дана
Americans are tired of Democrats fear and hate. Today's Democrats have been hijacked by racist ultra liberal socialists, and Americans aren't havin' it.
Alex Barbee
Alex Barbee Пре 29 дана
Why is my generation so delusional that they vote democratic 😂
Anthony Пре 29 дана
To be fair the UK mainly supports Trump, but if Biden wins, we have comedy 'gold' this guy will make George 'W' Bush look super intelligent. Win win... right?
Allan Biggs
Allan Biggs Пре 29 дана
When will the people open there eyes and see that Joe Biden has all the sines off ALSIMERS DISEASE .how I know this I've had 2 family members with it and that's what he's got .
Sunny Kc
Sunny Kc Пре 29 дана
She want abortion clinics on free of cost
Sandy Wakefield
Sandy Wakefield Пре месец
what a bunch of snowflakes..of course you fight in a debate..what do they think happens in a debate?
Gene Harlow
Gene Harlow Пре месец
Defund. Democrats if they want to defund law enforcement
Mar Jud
Mar Jud Пре месец
Separation church and state.this guy is extreme catholic. not even Rx birth control.Dont like either too.
Commenter Пре месец
After 47 years this is the year Biden will have the answer.
thevezz1 Пре месец
🇺🇸🇺🇸TRUMP 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸 MAGA
Zeek Samuels
Zeek Samuels Пре месец
Young girl has no idea
Donna A
Donna A Пре месец
That woman was right. This President has had to fight the disrespect not only of the left, but also from some of the Republican's who might disagree with him, and especially from a very biased media. Honestly a weaker man would have crawled into a cave. He has the strength that we need to stand up to the bullies of the world. Even if it means having to be a bully himself.
Donald Burrus
Donald Burrus Пре месец
2:50 is that girl stupid? She started by making a point to say that WHITE MEN are never arrested.
DJ Fenske
DJ Fenske Пре месец
Where did they get this people? A local Starbucks?
DJ Fenske
DJ Fenske Пре месец
Love hearing the young girl speaking. Totally indoctrinated by her school teachers and college professors. Grow up little girl. Learn life
Leanaki Le
Leanaki Le Пре месец
C'mon! man, how can you be a Biden supporter if you're not for defunding the police. Lol!
Bev Peterson
Bev Peterson Пре месец
I Love Lara Trump! She is so Well Spoken. 👍👍👍
Duncandevice 125
Duncandevice 125 Пре месец
Truck don't have no passion no nothing President Trump don't have no passion nothing like that
Trump 2020 from the UK 🇬🇧🇺🇸
Wilok Pictures
Wilok Pictures Пре месец
"Donald Trump needs to be quiet about race because he has no idea what it means to live as a black man in America" What a stupid thing to say! Should people who have never been homeless keep quiet about issues on homelessness? What an idiot!
Sonny visser
Sonny visser Пре месец
How can people like creepy joe 🤣🤣its the devil if you dony see that you are so stupid!!!!
Remy Esperon
Remy Esperon Пре месец
Voters are now intelligent.they cannt trade their future for false promises and for small amt of dollars.God bless AMERICA.
J Yuke
J Yuke Пре месец
From day one all the democrats and media have done is work against president Trump. Instead of working with him they have fought him every step of the way. They are the ones that have created the division in America.
Rachel the Great
Rachel the Great Пре месец
Defunding the police affects people of all races. I'm black. It affects me. My friend is white. It affects her. My mom's friend is Latina. It affects her. Saying that you don't want to hear white men talk about it because you think it doesn't affect them is ridiculous.
The main kid123
The main kid123 Пре месец
guys guys Biden eats babies I see It I seen it trump 2020
John Mclean
John Mclean Пре месец
Trump has the plan white people talking for black people is racist in every way
Donna A
Donna A Пре месец
Yep, and black people always claiming to know what white people are thinking about them works out about the same. It's everybody's problem and everybody is a victim of it.
Michael Thomas
Michael Thomas Пре месец
To the dude at 2:50 who suggests our safety guidelines should be weighed out with child psychologists about mask wearing and economic experts about shutdowns: 1) Imagine the psychological effects on a family who loses a child and 2) Dead people can’t sustain an economy. You can can’t have psychology or an economy without humans. Safety first.
bill j
bill j Пре месец
biden is NOT Presidental material. Calling my President names.
Ruben Pena
Ruben Pena Пре месец
The 2 young ones is what's wrong today. They're clueless!
Iggy-not-Pop Пре месец
Trump Came Down With COVID 2 DAYS AFTER THE DEBATE. I Believe He Was Unwell & Diminished -- Not Himself. I Noticed In His Facial Expression That He Seemed Tired & Down.
Teabagonyou Пре месец
So only non White’s opinions matter and whites can’t talk about race or race relations ? Solid liberal logic right there. Hope the young snowflake realizes that the majority of people in this country are white.
Zay I
Zay I Пре месец
We don't need another debate, we can decide by seeing Biden's criminal records, his lies and everything
Jena Balzer
Jena Balzer Пре месец
Hey little girl how bout you grow up before you say anything else really dumb. Oh and learn what being an individual is.
Venesia Brown
Venesia Brown Пре месец
Go Trump Beat Biden.
qa11 infixtech
qa11 infixtech Пре месец
228,956+853 deaths !!
qa11 infixtech
qa11 infixtech Пре месец
$750 tax return !!!
edward barber
edward barber Пре месец
How much money did you pay these so-called voters to try and con the people i see right thought them
Ten West
Ten West Пре месец
Abigail seems like an idiot that disregard facts...
Jackie Blue
Jackie Blue Пре месец
Truth: there has never been an ounce of respect. The lies. Attacks. The left have kept him from being a president and he still did more than all of them in less than 4 years.
gheny03 Пре месец
Trump 2020!
marks mopar
marks mopar Пре месец
You know we had local policing before the Clinton's changed that back in the 90s,but I believe they changed it because of local corruption between law enforcement and criminal activities.
Jen Milsfer
Jen Milsfer Пре месец
Biden has NO CLUE either of what it takes to be a black in America either.
Jacob Russell
Jacob Russell Пре месец
Trump 2020 ALL THE WAY
Sam Bowen
Sam Bowen Пре месец
If you vote for BIDEN you are Misinformed, Anti American or just a Maroon!
Sam Bowen
Sam Bowen Пре месец
Look at the size of Trumps Supporters and then compare to Bidens' supporters... It is OBVIOUS who is going to WIN 2020... DEMOCRATS have No Choice but to Cheat to win... That Is Their Way, Corrupt! DISGRACEFUL and Disgusting until they are ALL BEHIND BARS I HAVE NO FAITH IN OUR JUSTICE SYSTEM!
Steve Egger
Steve Egger Пре месец
These you kids are so naive, they have zero life experience, they have never been outside of their protective bubble nor have they ever come face to face with a criminal that cares less of what you think. These leftists think everyone in this world can be spoken to in a calm voice and that you can rationalize with them. Wrong! There are people out there that just want to hurt you and those are the ones the police have to deal with every day. These kids need to come out of their fantasy world and face reality.
Jeanne Davis
Jeanne Davis Пре месец
The young lady in the front row seemed immature and not educated enough in this arena. Sorry, maybe another 10 years when the maturity kicks in.
Genius Dog Poocho
Genius Dog Poocho Пре месец
the same stories support police support police very poor police very poor police
Trevino Clark
Trevino Clark Пре месец
Biden/Harris 💯✊ 2020
Trudi LM
Trudi LM Пре месец
No man can excel at every facet of life.
Tier 1 Gear & EDC Reviews
Tier 1 Gear & EDC Reviews Пре месец
Biden is off his rocker...
john doig
john doig Пре месец
if Biden gets in you deserve what you get
Tom Riggle
Tom Riggle Пре месец
How in God's green earth can you be on decided
Saffiyeh, Brandhi Jaffer-McNeill
Interesting , white people living in Scranton aren't effected by race?
Harvey Dry
Harvey Dry Пре месец
Harvey Dry
Harvey Dry Пре месец
Cory Cassell
Cory Cassell Пре месец
Todd Eldridge
Todd Eldridge Пре месец
The Dems have done a great job of brain washing our kids..
Cory Johnson
Cory Johnson Пре месец
Biden voters are so clueless that it’s pathetic. They’ll blame lockdowns on Trump and don’t even know states are in control or why they’re in control.
Sophia Terry
Sophia Terry Пре месец
Really, no clues to know how a black man living in America. You are so over BS of this statement. Go Africa and you will have a better clue how you WILL BE treated as a Black
Joe N
Joe N Пре месец
young people are stupid as fuk. once they get a job, buy a house and have kids they will vote Republican. They just inexperienced and easily manipulated
Lessons In Dipstickery
Lessons In Dipstickery Пре месец
Well the humor is gonna show up at every debate since I doubt ole joe will miss one
Mama1984 Andrews
Mama1984 Andrews Пре месец
Mask mandates are Shariah Law and enforce Islamic face coverings.
Scuba Steve
Scuba Steve Пре месец
Looks and sounds like a few people who really don't follow politics. They probably read a few articles of fake news. If you can't see how good trump is you are just brainwashed by the left media fake news.
John Paul Smithdeal
John Paul Smithdeal Пре месец
Lol, the young girl says she doesn’t want two white males standing up there fighting over race. Might want to take a closer look at your party, because half the lunatics destroying cities across the country in the name of BLM are white. Also, the fact that someone isn’t black doesn’t mean they can’t discuss race issues.
Dave Krypton
Dave Krypton Пре месец
Biden has no energy he looks and acts like a walking mummy.
Adrianna Guillot
Adrianna Guillot Пре месец
Two Roads Good or EVIL I don't like anybody, I just have to love them. I see more good in Trump and pure EVIL in Biden!!!
Dean Osborn
Dean Osborn Пре месец
Question for all you Biden supporters out there. If you were going to have open-heart surgery and had to pick between 2 surgeons would you pick the nice, personable surgeon who finished near the bottom of his class and has several medical malpractice claims against him (Biden) or would you pick the rude, arrogant surgeon who finished at the top of his class at John Hopkins Medical University and has hundreds of successful surgeries (Trump). I know which one I would pick and its sure as hell not Biden. Now, I don't care about some of the things he says but the man (before Covid) has given minorities and women the lowest unemployment rate in over 50 years and several quarters of over 3% GDP. This is the man I'm voting for November 3rd.
Lissete Batista
Lissete Batista Пре месец
He's weed the people he's not a politician drawings with the people
Lissete Batista
Lissete Batista Пре месец
Remember Trump is not a politician show me the people we the people that's the different did Trump is We the People
Lissete Batista
Lissete Batista Пре месец
Trump is the man don't you get it yet he's the man
rich w
rich w Пре месец
rich w
rich w Пре месец
Albert Slick
Albert Slick Пре месец
ABIGAIL CORRIGAN.........ANOTHER dunbazz who has been indoctrinated be the left. SHE WILL NEVER WAKE UP.
Albert Slick
Albert Slick Пре месец
comcfly Пре месец
Trump puts on a show but this our lives he is playing with not tv
Matthew99 Fon
Matthew99 Fon Пре месец
If your undecided your a moron.
Yeah Myrealnameright
Yeah Myrealnameright Пре месец
Two white men arguing about race Her comment is racist. If you have to put a color in front of any statement you are the racist.
snuka_ 420
snuka_ 420 Пре месец
That dingleberry Abigail is very uneducated...
Angela Williams
Angela Williams Пре месец
How shallow of a bunch of people old mentalking about someone's behavior when we're talkin about the country in which we live in. President Trump is to be respected, PERIOD!! The behavior of the audience in which you interviewed was worse then the vice president and the President!
MURR DOG Пре месец
Joe Joe, is like watching teddy ruckspin on loow batteries!...God bless America!...Kate Smith
MURR DOG Пре месец
The Obiden family, that steals together!.... lies together!.... C'mon man, our America is not for sale!
wawa san
wawa san Пре месец
hey ! before you vote , pray to the Lord Jesus Christ, He will give you wisdom, don't use your mind to think !
wawa san
wawa san Пре месец
fake.....joe biden..............fake !!!!
Sunny Skye
Sunny Skye Пре месец
This nation is too SHALLOW to survive. People voting based on how they talk? Is that truly the LIMIT of their understanding?!?! Oh gosh we’re doomed. 😫
Millie Ocasio
Millie Ocasio Пре месец
Obama is talking about decency. He doesnt have any.i hope the people in Pennsylvania dont fall for this.
Jamileth Vilchez
Jamileth Vilchez Пре месец
TRUMP 2020🇱🇷❤
Roji - Kuriakose
Roji - Kuriakose Пре месец
Save the future of US and vote for President Tump
Roji - Kuriakose
Roji - Kuriakose Пре месец
At the end the winner man will be Donald trump. The one only who love American people and who stand for the benifit of US people . Biden invest huge amount which is the money of US people in China and Russia. And falsly say he want to be the president of America.His son investing huge money in many country UKrain , China and Russia. US people be wise . Don't vote for Biden
DmcxDmc Пре месец
Defunding the police doesn’t effect white people! Amazing knowledge young lady...
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