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My name is Tavarish and I make videos about buying, modifying, and breaking cars. I also have opinions, most of which are wrong.
Van Jaap
Van Jaap Пре 21 сат
This is awesome!!
eric moore
eric moore Пре 21 сат
Interested in selling? I'm a 3rd gen guy
ElGalloGomez Пре 22 сата
How much he pay?
Wild Stallion
Wild Stallion Пре 22 сата
I enjoyed Ed’s one liners in this about male enhancement and mdma
Ryan Carriveau
Ryan Carriveau Пре 22 сата
This entire series was amazing. The banter between friends, the cars, and the great editing made it worth the few hours spent watching this series. I sincerely hope you three will continue this spectacular series.
doire aintu
doire aintu Пре 22 сата
Ed’s Entourage joke was fantastic!! A+ 😂 🤙🏻
CooliDon Пре 22 сата
Trying so hard to be like Top Gear. What a fail.
YouSchtupp Пре 23 сата
This is easily the most boring, lazily blatant Top Gear ripoff I've ever seen.
Olympic Season
Olympic Season Пре 23 сата
the vanquish makes such a beautiful sound
Eder Пре 23 сата
I call bullshit on the final prices. Maybe it's just the parts though, because the labor is where it hurts. Yes it was only 2k for the Benz but you're looking at triple or quadruple that price when all is said and done. Same goes for the other cars. You can always buy parts and you won't be looking at breaking the bank TOO bad but when a shop takes hours upon hours on your car and they charge upwards to $40-$100/hr, then you get a real sense of what you'll be paying.
Robert Blaricom Sr
Robert Blaricom Sr Пре 23 сата
CynicalDriver Пре 23 сата
SO, here I am at the end of this whole experiment, and I gotta say... It was pretty good. I do think it could be edited to fit more into an hour or maybe hour and a half, but it was good. Now I have to watch the second series and hope series three doesn't take up an entire evening. I mean no disrespect, but I love James, Jeremy and Richard. Top Gear was the best car show ever, and one of the best TV shows in general. They did not make their specials so long though, so that's where the gripe is coming from.
eeZeeTube Пре дан
When is the McLaren videos coming bro !!
Summer S
Summer S Пре дан
Cool 🚗 channel
Santiago Innocenti
Santiago Innocenti Пре дан
Jeremy Clarkson called. Wants his show back.
Summer S
Summer S Пре дан
I wonder what ever happened to Pimp my ride 🤔 It used to be a really cool show
Chris Пре дан
8:43 they all have the same shoes
Matthew Wakefield
Matthew Wakefield Пре дан
Why does the main guy sound like Patrick Bateman from American Psycho?
janes brown
janes brown Пре дан
Tavarish I love Your Videos You Are So Informative .....And You Buy The Cars I Would.....And Im From Newark Nj....And I Swear I Know You And I Live in 07202 Too!!! But I Claim Newark As My Hometown......I Swear You Worked On A Ice Cream/Or Iceey Truck .......Or A Resteraunt or The Soup Store on Elizabeth Ave ......??????? Nice AMG......P.S Where you get your Cares?????
Alexandre Côté
Alexandre Côté Пре дан
You sure don't have it easy in the us heathcare wise. Amazing guy!
carscarscars1 Пре дан
Not a bad series. However, you guys should take Coronavirus seriously, not perpetuate ignorance about this disease.
srt5musik Пре дан
They are all beautiful cars. Although not as exotic looking I love the vantage in black.
Bruce Parkinson
Bruce Parkinson Пре дан
is it just me or is the guy in the Aston the bad guy in the suit from the matrix?..."Mr. Anderson....."
Jesse B
Jesse B Пре дан
Next time use some fun fast regular hoopties
Jose Пре дан
They should do a muscle car or foreign car next
Jose Arce
Jose Arce Пре дан
Take it to an auto show lol
Gerrit TjaardA Marinus
Invite TuningFork for the haltec (mightycarmods)
Kim Jon ill
Kim Jon ill Пре дан
Ls swap it and super charge it
Bob Joe
Bob Joe Пре дан
Talking about the viper- “if you don’t like the styling” who doesn’t like the styling of a viper? And idc how Prestigious or picky you are everyone’s Inner 12 year old loves the Viper
srt5musik Пре дан
Pushing a bright blue gallardo because it's out of gas has to be the funniest thing I've seen all week 😂
Mark Mierau
Mark Mierau Пре дан
Whatever you do, you need to get rid of that eye poison body kit.
Ed B
Ed B Пре дан
Maybe should have you just have parked in a storage lot
Joseph Klingler
Joseph Klingler Пре дан
Sorry about flooding the car I’m just more of a Lamborghini half full type of guy.😐
shane m
shane m Пре дан
Love it I daily a 98 VW passat 1.8 t that I love thanks for your videos they are great you show love to your rides like I do would love to show you some pics of what I've done. Hope to hear from you soon thanks
Zak M
Zak M Пре дан
The way Ed says Nevada wrong drives me insane.... Great series though
Rich Пре дан
I really like this series but it is ruined by the addition of sound effects, especially apparent in this episode :(
Pp Lime
Pp Lime Пре дан
3 favorites cars channel in to1 !!!
Daniel Ruiz
Daniel Ruiz Пре дан
Because new jersey sucks dick..
Wild Stallion
Wild Stallion Пре дан
Mr Bolian is working hard to imitate Jeremy Clarkson
Panda MilkShake
Panda MilkShake Пре дан
I mean...best cheap exotic? Porsche Panamera or better yet, Porsche Boxter S 🤣
Pocketdimes 10
Pocketdimes 10 Пре дан
I thought the side of Freddie’s car said Trash.
Richard George James Jackson
Thank you for a great little series. Great guys, descent cars, a lot of knowledge; and very American.
Ben Donahue
Ben Donahue Пре дан
Turned on subtitles. Who is “Savaris”?
Derek L Washington
Derek L Washington Пре дан
Can I say THANK YOU FOR HAVING SOME DIVERSITY! Great vid I am now subscribing!
David Lozano
David Lozano Пре дан
Antenna in the corner probably for remote start
Adam Brattain
Adam Brattain Пре дан
This is the RSvid top gear I think we all need
Trevor K.
Trevor K. Пре дан
This is what American Top Gear should have been, haha.
Lawd Elpus
Lawd Elpus Пре дан
hmmm not much plagiarism going on here is there ... but then imitation is the sincerest form of flattery
Whoever did the foley needs to get fired. Or at least put nsfw
Daniel Immonen
Daniel Immonen Пре дан
Wtf are these voices
César Guimarães
César Guimarães Пре дан
Mercedes reliability its only a myth until you buy a 80's W123/124
a human
a human Пре дан
these are the people who actually replaced Hammond, May, and Clarkson after they were fired. not whoever is doing it now
jabberwock95 Пре дан
When you're doing a better job of impersonating Top Gear than Clarkson, Hammond and May...
Kyle Knoblauch
Kyle Knoblauch Пре дан
Worlds most expensive rat motel 😂🤣😂😩😱
Troy Crain
Troy Crain Пре дан
Gerald is that nikka!
Lord Gunther
Lord Gunther Пре дан
That pf changs joke was racist, nut its funny because of it lmao
George Hallo
George Hallo Пре дан
Tavarish doing toilet paper math at the end of this saying how he made money lolol.
Daniel dore
Daniel dore Пре дан
This is trying to be top gear so badly. If you are going to make a car programme, try to make copying top gear less obvious!
Joe DiMarra
Joe DiMarra Пре дан
i wish these 3 were hosting Top Gears American edition
pissedpookie Пре дан
Why is Trump Junior standing between these two betas?
Collin Gurian
Collin Gurian Пре дан
this series is the greatest thing ive ever watched.
Stefan Koch
Stefan Koch Пре дан
Too many commercials... Buh bye
Michael Kenis
Michael Kenis Пре дан
to be fair, german reliability does exist, but like american cars, you have to take it with a grain of salt and choose a car from the right era. Sadly, for mercedes in particular anything between 1997 and 2010 is comparable to mid seventies-early eighties american cars IE they dropped significantly in rekliability and build quality. (I mean srs, of all the people talking about reliability...) There's also the engine options which influence everything, the V8's are generally more reliable than the V12's, especially the post facelift one (the turbocharged 5.5 liter V12, which at it's earliest gen was aweful compared to the atmospheric 6 liter.
Chiel Donkers
Chiel Donkers Пре дан
This is better than the new top gear
Why are you reading this? Bruh
We ain’t gonna talk about how his voice changed at the beginning
Cleiton Cardoso
Cleiton Cardoso Пре дан
This dude sitting on the car painting was killing me
sha skafunction
sha skafunction Пре дан
Having gto the 1991 one feel so memorable. I wish i can find my car back. Asian use other app to buy and sell car, so its kinda hard to find, and after years they passes to another seller tho
bombastic00 Пре дан
How can you not like this. So much effort and nice montage and people are still have not found any happinness in life.
Dirtyd23 Пре дан
Sorry Tavarish but the Eclipse got the 4g63 from the vr4 not the other way around. The vr4 galant was the evo before the evo
164sven Пре дан
'' I got a text from...................................autotempest'' No shit...
Oscar Thorpe
Oscar Thorpe Пре дан
cars have a tendency of breaking down when you need them to work so if you're expecting the m6 to break down, chances are it'll be fine.
Sean Balentine
Sean Balentine Пре дан
I thought you got rid of the Lamborghini Murcielago................. 10:21 you will see it covered up...............or maybe I'm just an idiot and forgot that maybe he got it back idk who knows
Geli Gel
Geli Gel Пре дан
I admire that someone uses their skills to rebuild an engine vs. Spending $$$$$$$
FastFoxx 99
FastFoxx 99 Пре дан
Force fit a T56
Sonny H.
Sonny H. Пре дан
Love this car especially this comes in the manual transmission
Angel barajas
Angel barajas Пре дан
Love this I feel nostalgia from this like im watching the old Top Gear
Craig Fine
Craig Fine Пре дан
This is such a rip off of Top Hear and nowhere near as funny. Not even close.
Sean's Garage
Sean's Garage Пре дан
Yall are trying to be car guys without knowing about cars.. He said his 600 horsepower is more than two supercars combined 16:36 Someone needs to do their research.