Nathaly Cuevas
Nathaly Cuevas
Nathaly Cuevas
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I made a giant SPOOKY basket
Пре 13 дана
Grwm for a quince + Party Vlog
Пре 17 дана
what I do at 2am + sneaking out
Пре месец
Пре месец
Пре месец
My 17th birthday GRWM for dinner
Пре месец
A day in my life of online school
Пре 2 месеца
i made a brookie at midnight
Пре 2 месеца
I got tested for Covid-19
Пре 2 месеца
I turned my hair orange... + shopping
Пре 2 месеца
I bleached my hair.. again
Пре 3 месеца
i attempted to make cake pops ...again
Пре 3 месеца
Chisme Mukbang | Buffalo Wild Wings
Пре 3 месеца
I pulled an all nighter during summer
Пре 3 месеца
I made cake pops at midnight
Пре 3 месеца
I went swimming at midnight
Пре 4 месеца
We built our summer pool
Пре 4 месеца
Buying my First Car at 16 | Vlog
Пре 5 месеци
Fixing my messed up sleeping schedule
Пре 5 месеци
Things to do during quarantine
Пре 6 месеци
getting ready at 2am out of boredom
Пре 6 месеци
A day as a quaranTEEN
Пре 6 месеци
House Tour 2020
Пре 6 месеци
Grocery shopping during quarantine..
Пре 6 месеци
a day in my life in quarantine!
Пре 7 месеци
My first day of online school
Пре 7 месеци
I went on a date | ft. dossier
Пре 7 месеци
I went to the beach in the winter
Пре 7 месеци
Sneaking out at 2 am *don't be mad mom*
Пре 8 месеци
Answering your JUICY Questions
Пре 9 месеци
A day in my High School
Пре 9 месеци
Drive with me to go shopping
Пре 9 месеци
My Morning Routine *realistic*  2020
Пре 9 месеци
My Everyday Natural Makeup Routine
Пре 9 месеци
What I got for Christmas 2019 Haul
Пре 10 месеци
pink panda studio
pink panda studio Пре 3 сата
I was playing among us and red came out the vent and said MUSIC
Erika Garcia
Erika Garcia Пре 3 сата
Nat is me getting the blanket that was in the back instead of the first one, I thought I was the only one 😭💗 hehe I love you and also watching your videos!!!!! I never win any giveaways but I’ll give it a try MUSIC 💗
Alexia Cardona
Alexia Cardona Пре 3 сата
Ahhh he kept on laughing every time he pulled out somthing and i started laughing with haha MUSIC
Isabella Jimenez (Student)
Isabella Jimenez (Student) Пре 3 сата
Jasmine Glez
Jasmine Glez Пре 3 сата
Abigail Miller
Abigail Miller Пре 3 сата
Love your vids.. you are so pretty and nice and a genuine person :) MUSIC
Jazlyn Martinez
Jazlyn Martinez Пре 3 сата
you and Jacob are cuteee🤗& MUSIC
Abigail Cabrales
Abigail Cabrales Пре 3 сата
Love your videos❤️ music!
Abigail Flores
Abigail Flores Пре 3 сата
Heyyy ! MUSIC
Josselyn Medrano
Josselyn Medrano Пре 3 сата
i just finished this but why was his reaction so cute😭 Music <3
Celin Aguilar
Celin Aguilar Пре 3 сата
Love you so much and hopw to win bc I have never one and have never had a spooky basket #music
Kayla’s World
Kayla’s World Пре 3 сата
“I do at wanna blush” music
Liz Fuentes
Liz Fuentes Пре 3 сата
Nat: “special friend” Also Nat: I got him this hoodie so we can MATCH 😂 music
Maya Marie
Maya Marie Пре 3 сата
I love you so much I have been watching you for so long you are so beautiful please I love your hair btw.. I have my notifications on, I am subscribed, I liked the video, and I am your #1 fan!!!! LOVE YAA!!❤️❤️
Liza Vecchiarelli
Liza Vecchiarelli Пре 3 сата
Heyyy I love your videossss and MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kammy Paco
Kammy Paco Пре 3 сата
He’s just a simp for youu datee himmmm
Emily Lyn
Emily Lyn Пре 3 сата
Nat a little baddy She the special friends boo thing that where the hoddie came from. And that some factsssssssdss(Music)
Mateo Vlogs
Mateo Vlogs Пре 3 сата
I ship Music!!
Bryanna Diaz
Bryanna Diaz Пре 3 сата
girl we all know it’s cap that y’all are just “friends”😭keyword: music💘
lluvbean Пре 3 сата
Nat is like a total vibe and she’s very sweet for making all the baskets! MUSIC
Jennifer Parra
Jennifer Parra Пре 3 сата
Love your content I’m always excited to see what you post hope you and your family are doing well love you girl keep with the good work💛💛music
Nayelii cx
Nayelii cx Пре 3 сата
Nat lowkey a simp👀, your videos make my days and nightss *music*❤️
Desiree Vargas
Desiree Vargas Пре 3 сата
I love music and nat 🥺🥺
Jasmine Q
Jasmine Q Пре 3 сата
Omg the spooky baskets are so cute😩😍 music
Ella Lee
Ella Lee Пре 3 сата
Jocelyn Herrera
Jocelyn Herrera Пре 3 сата
Nat Is me not knowing how to use the tape 😂😂 ✨MUSIC✨ “ JUST FRIENDS “ sureee😂 Music
Destiny Montoya
Destiny Montoya Пре 3 сата
Love your channel always get so happy when you post ready for the next video stay safe "music"
Binita Barakoti
Binita Barakoti Пре 3 сата
Some one is feeling something add the music on
annaitza Пре 3 сата
Keyword: music , btw love you hope your safe
Odalys Garcia
Odalys Garcia Пре 3 сата
okay but can nat please be my friend I love spending money at michaels, target and on food music
Jojo Marie
Jojo Marie Пре 3 сата
Hey Nat I would really appreciate this box to give to my brother he has been through so much lately he dislocated his knee and then gets I a car accident he is not in the best mental state but I feel like something like this might bring his hopes up “ MUSIC” thanks
_maria_ _
_maria_ _ Пре 3 сата
We know Jacob was hurt when he sees the jk after for my boo at end 😂😂 music 🎶
Emely Franco
Emely Franco Пре 3 сата
we all say there just friends but yk that’s not true -music ❤️
Giuliana Pacheco
Giuliana Pacheco Пре 3 сата
“It’s fry your hair season” lmao girl you didn’t have to call me out😭😂 “music”
Evelyn Conejo
Evelyn Conejo Пре 3 сата
“ima need to find ur ring size” 🥺 music✨
Nathaly Diaz
Nathaly Diaz Пре 3 сата
he sounds all over the place LMAO💀
dennise espinoza
dennise espinoza Пре 3 сата
when the music starting playing at the end i was like about to cry u guys are so cute i give u guys all my luck on making this offical music .
girliegirl786 Пре 3 сата
Sooooo sweet!! You put so much effort in your videos and I never miss any! Keep it up!!<333 -music
Dulce Resendiz
Dulce Resendiz Пре 3 сата
Hey!! Great video! Loved it!! Keep thriving! Got my notifs on, liked the vid and subscribed! 😊Music!
pxachy bee
pxachy bee Пре 3 сата
hey nat ily so so much, the boxes are hella cute. soooooo if u wanna likeeeee send me the boxxxxxxxx..... heres my ig @kash.d0ll.0 teehee music
briseyda hernandez
briseyda hernandez Пре 3 сата
Vote Nathaly out she sus😂jk
JANEL Torres
JANEL Torres Пре 3 сата
“We’re just friends” 😂 🎵music 🎵
Luciana Williams
Luciana Williams Пре 3 сата
she literally saves me for boredom❤️🎃 music Music MUSIC
ꪑꪖriꪖ ꫝꫀrrꫀrꪖ
ꪑꪖriꪖ ꫝꫀrrꫀrꪖ Пре 3 сата
“got you, you that homie” y’all soo cutee🥺. Love youu nat💕-musiccc🎶💃🏽
dulce irianda
dulce irianda Пре 3 сата
;Me hella confused cuz everyone is putting music in the comics than realizing its for the giveaway 👻music😝 luv you nat !! Btw stop acting like y’all ain’t finna marry😏 SHIP !!
Karina And Yami
Karina And Yami Пре 3 сата
Your just a whole mood i love it :))) MUSIC
Daisy Silva
Daisy Silva Пре 3 сата
He going to be laugh so much lmao 😂 I can already hear his laugh 🦋✨music✨🦋
Miranda Vazquez
Miranda Vazquez Пре 3 сата
such an amazingg person nat, LOVE YOUUUU <33 #MUSICCCC
Fabiola De Alba
Fabiola De Alba Пре 3 сата
your channel is actually my favorite ever hehe MUSIC
Jessica Ochoa
Jessica Ochoa Пре 3 сата
Love your videos 💛💛 MUSIC
Brandy Ramirez
Brandy Ramirez Пре 3 сата
If you like this comment it’s because I’m the winner 😃
hatake vlogs:
hatake vlogs: Пре 3 сата
hiiii i actually love music :))
Sarah Johnstone
Sarah Johnstone Пре 3 сата
I’m obsessed w your videos they honestly cheer me up so much! Love you sm💓 music
Adriana Perez
Adriana Perez Пре 3 сата
I LOVE YOU VIDEOS SM 🙄💕it’s not even funny ! but hopefully i win , you’re really pretty ! MUSIC😝
Leujdhxfwns ____
Leujdhxfwns ____ Пре 3 сата
Nathaly i literally love you so much you're 100% my favorite youtuber and i would love to give the airpods to my mom. You have the sweetest soul and i love you. Yes im subscribed with notifs on! 🥰❤️❤️ ❗️MUSIC ❗️
Leslie Bare
Leslie Bare Пре 3 сата
Joselyn De Lara
Joselyn De Lara Пре 3 сата
Hi nat, I don’t really celebrate Halloween but I wanted to enter because my birthday is on Friday (October 23) and I don’t really know if we are going to celebrate my birthday because of rona even tho Mexicans don’t know her :) anyway ur doing great on your videos and hope u notice me 😪 luv u !! music
Chloe X Taylor
Chloe X Taylor Пре 3 сата
I love the boxxxxxxxxx🥰🥰😍😍😍😍 music
Brittany Sanchez
Brittany Sanchez Пре 3 сата
“My Boo JK” ✨Music✨
Lilia Rangel
Lilia Rangel Пре 3 сата
“Music” luv ur videos nathaly🥺🏃🏻‍♀️
Jazmine Ortega
Jazmine Ortega Пре 3 сата
Love you Nathalie ❤️ music
Makayla Streeter
Makayla Streeter Пре 3 сата
i’ve never won before ❤️❤️😢
crushing0nline Пре 3 сата
stop he's so adorable
Shelby Riley
Shelby Riley Пре 3 сата
Jazmine Hurtado
Jazmine Hurtado Пре 3 сата
musicc!!! ILYYY ❤️
Ariatna Sanchez,
Ariatna Sanchez, Пре 3 сата
I love watching your videos it's funny and entertaining ILY-Music
Kimberly Murillo
Kimberly Murillo Пре 3 сата
Naz: MY BOO JK ME: WOW Him: I just got friend zoned MUSIC
blare Пре 3 сата
Kenzie Hartsell
Kenzie Hartsell Пре 3 сата
gabriela ontiveros
gabriela ontiveros Пре 3 сата
PLSSS y’all are so cute 😭 and match each other’s energy 😭 keyword: music <3
Kiara Izaguirre
Kiara Izaguirre Пре 3 сата
“ ama need to get your ring size “ I-🥺🥺🤧 •Music•
Angela Monterroso Soto
Angela Monterroso Soto Пре 3 сата
Can some one pls tell me his RSvid Chanel
Tarynn Cruz
Tarynn Cruz Пре 3 сата
The music you listen to is amazing btw and i live your content!!
Brandy Ramirez
Brandy Ramirez Пре 3 сата
I wonder what ur fam think
Mia Del Rosal
Mia Del Rosal Пре 3 сата
Just know I love Starbucks to lol... music
Denise Perez
Denise Perez Пре 3 сата
All I’m saying is Jacob better treat her like a QUEEN👑!!!! They make a cute couple!!🎶 Music 🎶
Joanna Parra
Joanna Parra Пре 3 сата
Nicole Marin
Nicole Marin Пре 3 сата
The baskets are soo cute.. Also I love your new hair ❤️ “music”
Arlette Ramos
Arlette Ramos Пре 3 сата
if y’all don’t date ima be sad, if this is you with your friends I can’t imagine how you would be with your boo 💕 music
Adalberto Delgado
Adalberto Delgado Пре 3 сата
Key word:music hope at least you can like this comment