5-Minute Crafts VS
5-Minute Crafts VS
5-Minute Crafts VS
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Hi everyone!
Here you can find fun DIY-projects, crafts, beauty tips, food hacks, and funny life situations that everyone can relate to.
Have fun!
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Пре месец
Supreme80 Пре 13 минута
Miel pops zuzuzu zuzuzu miel pops ak ka ko slim nanana
Oat meal
Oat meal Пре 26 минута
I like my coffee with sugar
SHAISTA SAYED 8D 31 Пре 29 минута
15:18 is nice idea
Best Food
Best Food Пре сат
Adi Is
Adi Is Пре сат
ah ini cuma ngibul lho
kutty chutty
kutty chutty Пре сат
Cat Cam
Cat Cam Пре сат
One of the best 5 minute craft videos like if u agree 😜
Sara Abraham
Sara Abraham Пре 2 сата
Good I like it
Yeet ktn
Yeet ktn Пре 2 сата
the magnet ear is fake because it's reversed
Rosita Sotto
Rosita Sotto Пре 2 сата
Realy iam a cancer anyway like that is iam so shy hihihi
remyakrishnankutty82 Пре 2 сата
Wow 😳
Rakhi Naskar
Rakhi Naskar Пре 2 сата
kulwinder kaur
kulwinder kaur Пре 2 сата
Over acting 😅😒🙄
Rakhi Sharma
Rakhi Sharma Пре 2 сата
Amazing ❤️👍
Diwa Chaudhary
Diwa Chaudhary Пре 2 сата
5:56 who eats that much icecream
Diwa Chaudhary
Diwa Chaudhary Пре 2 сата
4:30 if you don't want books just donate them or give them to a poor or just sell it but don't waste it like that it also waste the paint also and the Glue gun
Rakhi Naskar
Rakhi Naskar Пре 2 сата
Diwa Chaudhary
Diwa Chaudhary Пре 2 сата
2:28 plot twist she was the one who put you the broken chair before 0:21 and turned it into a lamp
Kavita Bora Bora
Kavita Bora Bora Пре 2 сата
1st answer jo 2nd me h vo h real
Diwa Chaudhary
Diwa Chaudhary Пре 2 сата
2:00 in this scene you should have used the lamp you made from the trash it would look damn cool
Diwa Chaudhary
Diwa Chaudhary Пре 2 сата
0:29 If you took out something from the trash can and bring it home people will give you looks like this 😒
Judy Chhour
Judy Chhour Пре 2 сата
2:40am (pls make me sleep )
Raaya and her friends!
Raaya and her friends! Пре 2 сата
Actually Thumbnails can trick us😂
Arnav Bharde
Arnav Bharde Пре 3 сата
very bad hacks
Jessie Blanchett
Jessie Blanchett Пре 3 сата
Why would you put banana and honey in our hair and why would you put coffee in our eyebrows you guys have gone out of your mind stop making these videos because you know people have brains they’re not gonna do these
GetRekt t
GetRekt t Пре 3 сата
I can relate to the cancerrrr. But i luv to be out-
nicolenj Пре 3 сата
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nicolenj Пре 3 сата
rsvid.info/user-RZBPDTMVh1-s_7WwSpOr-A SUPPORT 1K GUYS 🤗
Haider Mughal
Haider Mughal Пре 3 сата
1K SUBSCRIBERS BEFORE 2021? Пре 3 сата
BE HONEST WHO ELSE HAVE BEEN A TRUE FAN FOR OVER A year❤️❤️?? BE "honest" SuBscribE for OnLy G00D lucK🥀☘️😘💋
Lion Heart Movers of Frisco
Lion Heart Movers of Frisco Пре 3 сата
Y'all this is really good stuff! May want to add it to one of my pages on lionheartmovers.com if that is OK with you.
palak Sharma
palak Sharma Пре 3 сата
Rekha vishwakarma Garden and vlogs
Please support my channel
Lovely Alice
Lovely Alice Пре 4 сата
l like 9:00
Nuha Suha
Nuha Suha Пре 4 сата
#SanskritiOfficial Пре 4 сата
Loved it 😆😆😆🤣
Bhargavi Kirpal
Bhargavi Kirpal Пре 4 сата
Karma Exists
Karma Exists Пре 4 сата
Who's REALLY loving the music!🤗
Марічка Тіменик
Nithya Shree
Nithya Shree Пре 4 сата
👌👌Super idea 👌 👌
5k subscribers without no videos challenge
Lets see how many people are watching this during quarantine
Tapojyoti Sarkar
Tapojyoti Sarkar Пре 4 сата
The first one is so satisfying
Sarah Пре 4 сата
0:26 if you had taken that till your eyes, make your face white so you would have become pennywise.
Jason Proveaux
Jason Proveaux Пре 5 сати
Me being a Pisces I’m kind! Also me:won’t even share a nugget
Ploy Bovornboriharn
Ploy Bovornboriharn Пре 5 сати
Girls in restroom they so fun to selfie?!
Anamika Ahmed
Anamika Ahmed Пре 5 сати
Ou makeup nice I like you i love you
Vriddhi Shivhare
Vriddhi Shivhare Пре 5 сати
You're wasting make-up just to show a fake ice - cream, its also not edible because its fake, and you're foing this all for views and likes seriously.
Rita Chhetri
Rita Chhetri Пре 5 сати
So funny
Aadhavan Thiru
Aadhavan Thiru Пре 5 сати
That girl is stupid🙄🙄 because he cant help the she is laughing stupid🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄
dhani dhari
dhani dhari Пре 5 сати
Girl is. Best
Poonam Agarwal
Poonam Agarwal Пре 5 сати
Its really made me sleep
M . lucky
M . lucky Пре 6 сати
A human can have a lot of talents . If you want proof see 5 minutes craft 😁😁😁
pokemon mssr
pokemon mssr Пре 6 сати
I think new
Samyuktha K
Samyuktha K Пре 6 сати
Triggerd insaan should roast this
Samyuktha K
Samyuktha K Пре 6 сати
@triggerd insaan
BTS ARMY Пре 6 сати
Them using school glue Me when i use school glue My mom:why are you wasting the glue?do you have a own shop of glues or what?
R.Ramesh Reddy
R.Ramesh Reddy Пре 6 сати
The hand that you showed me is false
laxmi pariyar
laxmi pariyar Пре 6 сати
Janaki Kulkarni
Janaki Kulkarni Пре 6 сати
Shereen Bhattacharjee
Shereen Bhattacharjee Пре 6 сати
The lamps have a light shade for a reason so that light comes out.but since she put all those golden things on them there is practically no light.
jeciane policarpo da silva
jeciane policarpo da silva Пре 6 сати
ese negócio de cachiar cabelo cortou meu cabelo
Kimberly Chandra
Kimberly Chandra Пре 7 сати
Omg a vacum cleaner dating lol It's tooo cute
Porkodi Natarajan
Porkodi Natarajan Пре 7 сати
Khorshed Alam
Khorshed Alam Пре 7 сати
Please share the name of all actress and actor of 5mincraft..
Organic Gardening
Organic Gardening Пре 7 сати
How's this rsvid.info/video/ktndj9V3tKrJh8k.html
Meow Ze
Meow Ze Пре 7 сати
Hii, today is my birthday so I was wondering if I can reach my ultimate goal of 550 Subscribers🥺💕 will u help?♥️
Sweetiefandom999 Пре 7 сати
WoW! That was incredible!
Mohamed Shahubaan Abdulla
Mohamed Shahubaan Abdulla Пре 7 сати
rsvid.info/video/3a_SaMtnnKrIfbM.html Pls click the link Very important
Joel Miguelangel Villalba Reines
Are you kidding
Ab Cd
Ab Cd Пре 7 сати
For the 1st one Can u just tell me what is it .? Options ● spider ● yan wo hara genda
Ab Cd
Ab Cd Пре 4 сата
@Suman Lata Singh just for fun
Suman Lata Singh
Suman Lata Singh Пре 6 сати
It's a frog
vlog pamore
vlog pamore Пре 7 сати
i love 5 minute crafts.
LPSCasperOfficial Пре 7 сати
This video is literally the definition of r/imnotlikeothergirls. This video is literally saying, “owo uwu im so quirky”
Cath Mireles
Cath Mireles Пре 8 сати
Mohamed Shahubaan Abdulla
Mohamed Shahubaan Abdulla Пре 8 сати
rsvid.info/video/3a_SaMtnnKrIfbM.html Pls click the link Very important
ღ Luki San ღ
ღ Luki San ღ Пре 8 сати
6:56 Mentiras y más mentiras, yo una vez hice eso, media hora con el mechón de pelo ahí metido y nunca tiñe, no gasten agua, tampoco gasten en comprar ese papel chafa, no tiñe el pelo :/
nida Chanel
nida Chanel Пре 8 сати
color vids
color vids Пре 8 сати
las vecinas
las vecinas Пре 8 сати
En el minuto 1:36 se ve alguien en el espejo. At minute 1:36 someone is seen in the mirror.
Prateeksha Has Fun
Prateeksha Has Fun Пре 8 сати
This actually made me sleepy 😴
raji sri
raji sri Пре 8 сати
That is helly
color vids
color vids Пре 8 сати
3:37 looks good but can’t eat it