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It's So Much Worse Than We Thought
Пре 3 месеца
The Curse of the Golden State Warriors
Пре 4 месеца
How Did The NBA Let This Happen
Пре 4 месеца
When Talking Trash Goes Horribly Wrong
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"I Can't Believe What I'm Witnessing"
Пре 5 месеци
This Changes Nothing
Пре 6 месеци
We All Made a Big Mistake....
Пре 7 месеци
How Does He Get Away With This?
Пре 8 месеци
The NBA Has A Big Problem....
Пре 9 месеци
The Goon
The Goon Пре 15 сати
All we want is a 1v1 contest during all star break honestly
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni Пре 15 сати
However everything you've described in this entire video is amazing. Straight facts, from the leagues, to the NBA, to the contenders, etc.
John Swain
John Swain Пре 15 сати
I'm not a Shaq fan, but the Shaq-led Magic defeated the Jordan-led Bulls, and no statistic-crunching is ever going to change that. Jordan "only" playing 29 games that season probably just meant he was fresher and better-rested than usual. Shaq got beat the next year by one man: Dennis Rodman, not Michael Jordan. I didn't see MJ battling Shaq for many rebounds, and when he did, that usually didn't end well for Jordan.
The Goon
The Goon Пре 15 сати
Me, a savage: *Morrison deserved it for never taking showers*
ThE BrOkEn GlAsS KiDs
ThE BrOkEn GlAsS KiDs Пре 15 сати
Uncle Rico went back in Kip's time machine 682 times to dislike this video.
Joseph Antonio
Joseph Antonio Пре 15 сати
This is what I think, every High pointer NBA players always practice offensively, not deffensively, they do what they want the most, like Dennis Rodman that always aim to get the rebound. But if they really defensive players aim only to make other players block, not getting the basket or turnover, ask Payton and Mutombo.
SonicBoomC98 Пре 15 сати
The high school probably wasn't that great, and it was still a kid versus an old man. And in some ways the video contradicts itself. One of the guys went on to play in the NBA. This just shows how advanced your skills get after a few years in college and years of training in the NBA. Is Scal gonna pick a guy that's a Kobe, Shawn Kemp, or Garnett in high school? I've seen NBA guys play guys on the streets or go back to local classics
Ernesto Lupercio
Ernesto Lupercio Пре 15 сати
Damn Brian had a jumper wtf lol
Kelley Eidem
Kelley Eidem Пре 15 сати
Jabbar did what he did while getting mugged on almost every play.
empowerall41 Пре 15 сати
Oh and you don’t need me to tell you that. Love your body of work. Awesome stuff.
The Goon
The Goon Пре 15 сати
When people say Kobe was better than Mike lol bruh he wasn't even better than Shaq!
empowerall41 Пре 15 сати
Dang, Jimmy, your narrative is impressive and maybe just maybe you get a seat at the opinion table.
Guardian Angel
Guardian Angel Пре 15 сати
Celtics is already a superteam during Bias Draft year. How come they can still get a top pick like len Bias. Jordan only has one of the weakest team.w no all star player.. During Mjs Early years in Chicago Bulls
ToxicDJLEE_Yt Пре 15 сати
0:57 ah yes, coryxkenshin yelling
Amichai Elteke
Amichai Elteke Пре 15 сати
What if Tristan jass versus him in a 5v5
Once a leo turned lion now judah
You’re not in the nba for nothing. They’re playing for high stakes in the league period Brian will give your number one high school college and pro player buckets. Scouts coaches don’t waste time and pay millions could you imagine his practices in Boston come on
Shawn Galloway
Shawn Galloway Пре 15 сати
I'm just gonna say what no one else seems to notice: times have changed and attitudes are different now. NBA used to be storylines, rivalries, overcoming obstacles, good guys verses bad guys, a battle of different styles, etc. Now it is watch the 'star' score a bunch of points. Society has changed from substance to flash, from meaning to vanity. It's not basketball anymore. It's individual accolades and star worship. These are the days of me me me, where social media and narcissism (stats, points) replaces depth and meaning (teamwork, plays, iq)
c soul
c soul Пре 15 сати
How was U of D 28-0 and they were 35-0 ?
Greg Buckingham
Greg Buckingham Пре 16 сати
They should make 3 pointers only worth 2.5 points lol
Malkuno Пре 16 сати
Watch these kids be the original globetrotters reincarnated.
LilHotPotato Пре 16 сати
This is absurd paying money for a renewable product that their marketing as limited. This is a total scam
Fishing MW
Fishing MW Пре 16 сати
Probably payed to cheat.
dxne Пре 16 сати
Anthony Davis :)
josh mcglade
josh mcglade Пре 16 сати
Kawhi Leonard
RAPTOR JK HD47 Пре 16 сати
mr jimmy you should do a routine on how you got to dunk at 12 and 5foot 7 height
mossamat akter
mossamat akter Пре 16 сати
i love steph
Jacob Byrd
Jacob Byrd Пре 16 сати
So he beat Michael Jordan at MAYBE 50% effort. Woooow lol
penguinista Пре 16 сати
I wish I had been able to get an internet connection when it started in the mid 80's!
Kevin L
Kevin L Пре 16 сати
AI isn't under [email protected]
seriouscatisserious Пре 16 сати
How stupid do people have to be? Imagine if you are the worst basketball player in the NBA, number 500. That means you are approximately the 500th best player in a nation of 330 million people. Get out of here and go back to Junior high and pay attention in math class this time.
B2 _VIDS Пре 16 сати
MJ won't have 6r without Scottie
BigMarcSosa YT
BigMarcSosa YT Пре 16 сати
Easy, all time - kobe Right now - Kawhi.
The Goon
The Goon Пре 16 сати
That shot was 10000% after the buzzer but I aint even mad at it lol
Eric Hollaway
Eric Hollaway Пре 16 сати
NBA players are legit on another level. Unfathomable without PERSPECTIVE!
Ed Wright
Ed Wright Пре 16 сати
Jimmy is the best at these numbers..it’s crazy but I love it!
SOS Hollywood
SOS Hollywood Пре 16 сати
Negro isn't racist just so you know, is the scientific term
Respect to CalTech for not hiring moron athletes just to make a basketball team, unlike most of the other college ....
Jason Luong
Jason Luong Пре 16 сати
How do I get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, practice, practice. How can you expect to compete with someone who practices 8 hours a day for years?
Kevin Bernard
Kevin Bernard Пре 17 сати
I think I would put up with Kelly oubre jr
Andrew McAllister
Andrew McAllister Пре 17 сати
I used to play pickup games at a gym in San Antonio where the occasional NBA pro and few D1 players took part. Antonio Daniels would play during the summer. We ended up guarding each other once. All I can say is, I might not be able to jump ... but I *am* slow!
Joel Freeman
Joel Freeman Пре 17 сати
1996-97: PG Kerr SG Jordan SF Bryant PF Pippen C Rodman Now that's a force. Small ball force, tallest man at 6'7 lol or PG Jordan SG Bryant SF Pippen PF Rodman C Longley
Dialectical Monist
Dialectical Monist Пре 17 сати
This is also what Michael Jordan did after 40... ...to NBA players during NBA games.
The Goon
The Goon Пре 17 сати
Was gonna say Wilt when he dropped 100 on cab drivers but then you said "modern nba" lol
soccerzaur09 Пре 17 сати
even funnier now that Paul Pierce got fired 😩
Darth Vadar
Darth Vadar Пре 17 сати
Awesome video. What a group of hoop gods.
The Goon
The Goon Пре 17 сати
Demar Derozan? The man never had a defensive first team, second or even 3rd team in his entire career and we gonna say his play style is more like Jordan than anyone else? Come on Jimmy. You can't play like Jordan if you don't play defense lmao it's not just about offense. Bruh.
todd paik
todd paik Пре 17 сати
10:42 he hit 420 then the stoner power kicked in
Sean Fray
Sean Fray Пре 17 сати
That was dope!
Pen Island
Pen Island Пре 17 сати
A professional athlete is better at sports than your average human being??? I’m shocked.
The Goon
The Goon Пре 17 сати
I already know it's gonna be Kawhi
George L
George L Пре 17 сати
what I meant was any basketball leader when he is cock sure of what he wants to do WOULD WANT THE BALL! Larry Bird has done it saying give the ball and get the he'll out of the way! Michael Jordan wants the ball... he has it. Now Scottie with a Jordan-less team wants the ball and Phil Jackson, of all people, has a different idea? Scottie felt disrespected and sure Jordan would also get pissed if Phil Jackson refused Jordan the ball. At that particular moment, Phil Jackson just didn't trust Scottie that enough or didn't respect Scottie that enough. What a fucked up time that was for Phil and that is one of the reasons why the Bulls lost that season. When there is a trust fissure between a great player and coach, somehow it translates to losing down the stretch of the series.
Todd Smith
Todd Smith Пре 17 сати
Basketball is a gene sport. If you’re not big and fast, forget it.
sulayi1441 Пре 17 сати
never disrespect the White Mamba
Teddy Пре 17 сати
The Tim Duncan laughing ejection be like: “You’re ejected for having a sense of humor”
Shiro Zero
Shiro Zero Пре 17 сати
So you’re saying me 9 years out of retirement Scal is the prime version of Dirk Nowitzki?! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Ryan Henry
Ryan Henry Пре 17 сати
Outstanding video, amazing to see! However, when i die i am still getting in line to challenge Kobe.....
BratPAQ Пре 17 сати
I like the part Barkley and Pippen hugging it out at the end, as if they didn't trash talked each other during the game.
Sieg15 Пре 17 сати
Caltech, a team that once beat Gregg Popovich in his first year as a college coach. Caltech had 99 game conference losing streak going into that game. Crazy.
whowonfoullaw Пре 17 сати
..is it because the ref's are just being "woke"?
Michael Пре 17 сати
I could go shutout on prime MJ.
Henrique Ferreira
Henrique Ferreira Пре 17 сати
That oh no said it all
Henrique Ferreira
Henrique Ferreira Пре 18 сати
John “talk to me nice” rogers. 🙌😭😂
José María Villafranca
José María Villafranca Пре 18 сати
-Wait it’s all Alex Caruso -It always has been
James Boguske
James Boguske Пре 18 сати
They are bad as hell but they did not mop the floor with foothill every game they won one by 2. I get what your saying but that's no moping and my school did the same in Indiana. We were ranked number 1 out of 60 teams appearing in nationalism 1999. And Muncie Central and Southside both public schools refused to play us for fear of being beaten both were dropping NBA stars.
Kevin L
Kevin L Пре 18 сати
"Carmelo, who's the hardest player to guard?" Carmelo: DEFENSE?
Ian Symonds
Ian Symonds Пре 18 сати
Imagine making a video about basketball and starting an argument on who's the most racist in the top comments
Whitney MacDonald
Whitney MacDonald Пре 18 сати
This is a great video. Totally hilarious and a great reality check. By the way, if I wasn't 5'9" I definitely would have been in the league. Three more inches, contributing bench player. Six more inches, perennial all-star. Nine more inches- Hall of Fame. No doubt. Shoot, at 6'6" with my leaping ability I bet I could almost dunk!
Kuangheng Hwang
Kuangheng Hwang Пре 18 сати
Perspective and the awareness of the Dunning Kruger effect.
1rralphh1 Пре 18 сати
“Kevin Griffin Jr” 🔳👄🔳 bruhhhh lmao
Chris Hawkes
Chris Hawkes Пре 18 сати
Ya know I’m a fan of all these guys, but I’m soooooo sick of the Jordan line, he offended me or talked trash now its game over. Funny how when bird talked all the shiz he wanted at Jordan and even when my scored 63,........wait for it. Chicago still lost. Never won a series. MJ is Ivan Drago, he’s just a man. Endowing him with God like powers if he ever got offended is ridiculous. The Lakers and Pistons all talked loads of trash and walked away with titles against Chicago. Only after they were all gone did is when this non sense begin.
cock the hammer
cock the hammer Пре 18 сати
harold miner wasn't even a walmart version of jordan..he stunk...what a joke
P Davis
P Davis Пре 18 сати
Props to John. But John was traveling his ass off.
P Davis
P Davis Пре 17 сати
@Henrique Ferreira Everytime he was in triple threat. 4:50.
Henrique Ferreira
Henrique Ferreira Пре 18 сати
The God oShred
The God oShred Пре 18 сати
I would love to meet Lebron at the rim
Landon Tanner
Landon Tanner Пре 18 сати
i would loose if i am luck the score would be 11 to 1
cock the hammer
cock the hammer Пре 18 сати
wow..bobby knight pretty much summed up jordans nba career..but did it 20 years early...
Ahmed Valentine
Ahmed Valentine Пре 18 сати
ESPN nba crew actually promoted this in their pregame show and Iwas so pissed about it like wtf yall scamming people now?
Guy in Colorado, Greetings!
Guy in Colorado, Greetings! Пре 18 сати
Great video. Send it to every high school in America and tell every athlete to focus on his/her studies, NOT SPORTS.
Vinjo Пре 18 сати
Man, a heart attack that young...what shit luck & how seriously unfair. Great story though. It really pays some respect to Bias too; makes sure he’s not forgotten to time. Never knew this. Keep up the great work👍🏼
Edwin J
Edwin J Пре 18 сати
Gilbert Arenas was better than Bradley Beal and that’s not how you pronounce Samuel Dalambert’s last name.
David McBride
David McBride Пре 19 сати
Growing up in Virginia, we all remember when we heard the news of Lenny’s death. Its still painful