Uncle Roger Meet Egg Fried Rice Lady (@Hersha Patel) 

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Uncle Roger finally meets egg fried rice lady, Hersha Patel. Will they get along? Does she actually know how to make egg fried rice?
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9 авг 2020






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mrnigelng Пре месец
Hallo niece and nephew! Auntie Hersha will be at premiere too. Hit the like button now to show some love. *Please support us with superchat so Uncle Roger can buy some rice!* In other news, *Auntie Jenny swiped right on Uncle Roger* and now we are going on Zoom date! Video coming in a week or two. Uncle Roger so nervous, many butterfly in stomach. HAIYAAA! Subscribe to Hersha Patel youtube: rsvid.info BYE BYE!
E M S Пре 48 минута
Uncle Rogrt is now my favorite East Asian in all of Britain. (Sorry, my old uni friends, you are out and Uncle Roger is in.)
arikaa a
arikaa a Пре сат
8:50 just for me to cackle at later :)
Heleta Heleta
Heleta Heleta Пре 12 сати
2000 Subscribers With 1 Video Challenge
*If live gave you a hundred reasons* *to cry , show life that you have a* *thousand reasons to smile!* *I didn't created this,just spreading* *positivity*
lourdes guittu
lourdes guittu Пре 21 сат
Auntie hersha so intense because of you,from Philippines watching here✋i love it good vibes
officer kd6-3.7
officer kd6-3.7 Пре 20 минута
She was an awesome sport with this! Credit to her
Mike Read
Mike Read Пре 32 минута
Everyone here in Vancouver every home and back alley has at least 1 rice cooker
Namie Anievas
Namie Anievas Пре 56 минута
It was so funny and enjoyable to watch. I laughed so hard. 😆😆😆😍
Rafiuddin Baig
Rafiuddin Baig Пре сат
Why would she impress uncle Rogers by tossing and wasting rice?
martha black
martha black Пре 2 сата
Omg we need more people like them on tv. Keeping it real. 🤛🎊😎
Gomez Пре 5 сати
Chinese medicine shop😂
Muhammad Ardian
Muhammad Ardian Пре 5 сати
Ugh, I regret searching uncle roger, and then watched some of his videos. Cause now I'm falling to the youtube rabbit hole and laughing my ass off at 3 a.m 😂
Bark Bark
Bark Bark Пре 5 сати
both of you pronouncing paella wrong. -shakes head- PIE-AY-YAH.
Kissie Harris
Kissie Harris Пре 5 сати
I laughed soooooo hard...I love Uncle Roger...I also love my rice cooker...lol
Rurekashi Tokizeka-chan
Rurekashi Tokizeka-chan Пре 6 сати
His face though 🤣🤣
135Pandemonium Пре 6 сати
She is so pretty!
John Paul Baliguat
John Paul Baliguat Пре 7 сати
Im loving this channel already
Sofian Enam
Sofian Enam Пре 8 сати
First thing he does when he's in her house is that he finds colinder.
John Blundski
John Blundski Пре 8 сати
She's a very good sport.
aiemanul yusoff
aiemanul yusoff Пре 8 сати
It is right all asian use finger
Hello It's Jayden
Hello It's Jayden Пре 8 сати
Uncle Roger.exe (File has been deleted)
Liton !
Liton ! Пре 8 сати
Hersha u disappoint ur roots😂
Liton !
Liton ! Пре 8 сати
Oh no here we go again 😂😂
Liton !
Liton ! Пре 8 сати
Indian mom's would have prepped a 6 course meal with dessert By the time hersha explained how to cook rice 😂😂 Ya maybe except you hersha !
Raynald Torres
Raynald Torres Пре 9 сати
Every asian household has a rice cooker. NO exception!
fajtik Пре 9 сати
Uncle Roger savage XD
Jin Drago 666
Jin Drago 666 Пре 10 сати
This man speaks the truth 🤣 about asian moms
KFB Gaming
KFB Gaming Пре 10 сати
Indian people good at rice. Really? Except you😂😂😂😂😂
Piffy Popper
Piffy Popper Пре 11 сати
Bruh he made this girl infamous not famous lol
Gwen Michelle
Gwen Michelle Пре 11 сати
Auntie Hersha is such a sport and super pretty 🥰🥰
TODDY MV Пре 13 сати
She literally learnt how to cook rice properly before she invited Uncle Roger to her house😂 Definitely on yt🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
melvin fernandez
melvin fernandez Пре 13 сати
Waahahhahaah!!! Wahhahaahahhaaha!!! I just watched your reaction on how she cook fried rice... and here you are... 😂😂😂😂
kajal Jha
kajal Jha Пре 14 сати
I am asian and I don't own rice cooker. No one in India use rice cooker. Rice cooker is the shortcut and that's not asian 😏 I consume rice daily 👍🏻
Tanya Vasilevitsky
Tanya Vasilevitsky Пре 14 сати
isn't this the best possible way of negating irrational hate? show everyone how awesome you are by laughing at your self. This is halley-berry-at-the-razzies levels of classy :-)
2000 Subscribers With 1 Video Challenge
*If live gave you a hundred reasons* *to cry , show life that you have a* *thousand reasons to smile!* *I didn't created this,just spreading* *positivity*
• c i n n a m o n •
• c i n n a m o n • Пре 16 сати
Wait- Is it bad that Im a pure Malaysian and I use a measuring cup--
Blueberry_Gacha _
Blueberry_Gacha _ Пре 16 сати
Sumayya Qasim
Sumayya Qasim Пре 16 сати
Indian people good at rice also 👏👏👏
Kerry Cutino
Kerry Cutino Пре 16 сати
The Memester
The Memester Пре 17 сати
"One more egg pun and uncle roger gonna suicide" bro you got me cracking up
David Thai
David Thai Пре 18 сати
This men break character when he saw her fuck up the rice toss
Ralf Peter Dela Paz
Ralf Peter Dela Paz Пре 19 сати
Uncle Roger: I fear no man But that thing (colander) It scares me.
Anagha Gore
Anagha Gore Пре 19 сати
"Because Aunty Hersha don't have any cultured friend." Uncle, you read my mind. XD
Semanti Manna
Semanti Manna Пре 20 сати
*Uncle Roger approves Biryani* Me: this brings tears of joy in my eyes
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