Trump posts entire 60 minutes interview to expose journalist as 'fake and biased' 

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US President Donald Trump has released the 60 minutes interview he walked away from to expose the journalist as biased.
In a hilarious power move the president didn’t take any chances of the interview being taken out of context so he released it three days before it was set to air.
He accused CBS journalist Lesley Stahl of orchestrating a “fake and biased” interview.
The two go back and forth throughout it, with Stahl insisting she “didn’t want this kind of interview”.
“Of course you did” said the president.



22 окт 2020






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Luis Mdáhuar
Luis Mdáhuar Пре 3 дана
What a horrible woman
Márcio Cruz
Márcio Cruz Пре 4 дана
The most unfit unprepared President ever. Sad to see, too ridiculous to be taken serious. The problem is that the rest of the world knows, here in Europe when he's going to talk you want to see expecting some more stand-up comedy.
alan silverman
alan silverman Пре 6 дана
Didn't work...
Carrington Ndhlovu
Carrington Ndhlovu Пре 6 дана
"Washington DC is the most vicious place". That man was speaking facts
VaidasJSP Пре 6 дана
So hard to watch so much disrespect to most loved president in history.
David Пре 6 дана
Do journalists know the difference between interrogation and interview? Lol
Bakhtiyar Serikov
Bakhtiyar Serikov Пре 6 дана
This woman not being professional at all!
Caroline Travers
Caroline Travers Пре 7 дана
she’s disgusting and so disrespectful.
Jefferson Airplane
Jefferson Airplane Пре 7 дана
It seems a President that hits back is not liked by the media and the hood winking types of the Clintons the Obamas and the Biden
Deplorable , Another
Deplorable , Another Пре 8 дана
Sky, you've just done exactly what Trump is fighting against - you're commenting of sound bites to suggest a narrative and crush the truth. Fuck. You. Lady.
Evolution Of A Fighter
Evolution Of A Fighter Пре 9 дана
Sky news you taking an L just like 60 minutes on this one and I know it’s bad because y’all tried to pick the clips to make him look stupid and it still looks like the other way around. You media ppl are idiots he’s fighting for the people’s independence, freedom and the truth of who’s controlling this world. So bow down to your satanists deceivers Trump cannot protect you once it’s too late you’ll have to pray to God instead. The devil doesn’t reward his loyal followers with a nice comfortable spot in hell you will get the same treatment. Also btw the devils miserable down there too
PeachyKeen 76
PeachyKeen 76 Пре 9 дана
Aussie lady... I don’t think you got what was going on.... she was trying get particular bites from him. I’m in TV, she was trying to ruin his bites. All of America can see what a conversation this was. I live in one of those DEM states and it is EVIL. Our governor is a TYRANT. We love Trump.
Tristan Max
Tristan Max Пре 10 дана
Yet no mass arrest but I get locked up for misusing my blinker. This is a crock of shit! I’m a free and sovereign human being. Nothing is ever done to these criminals so I better be left tf alone as long as I’m not hurting or damaging people’s property..
Jaime G.
Jaime G. Пре 13 дана
This is why they dislike him....because he tells it like it is and exposes their fraud.
Lila Selby
Lila Selby Пре 13 дана
You news reports are so freaking corrupt..what a nasty bunch of reporters..with..such lying Leslie Stahl..she is so vicious.. I would never watch her again.
Lila Selby
Lila Selby Пре 13 дана
Li am embarrassed at how Leslie Stahl conducted herself. How dispicable of her.
Cindy Gonzalez
Cindy Gonzalez Пре 14 дана
She was respected but not now!!!
Donald Talbott
Donald Talbott Пре 14 дана
Trump 2020
Laura Lane
Laura Lane Пре 14 дана
And you sky crappy Australia, spoke VERY DISRESPECTFUL OF OUR WONDERFUL PRESIDENT ...... GROSS. HOPE I NEVER COME UPON THIS DISGRACEFUL CHANNEL AGAIN. Take your nasty attitude somewhere else. No one should be on a channel with your smug cruel way. Leslie was cruel the whole time, she was like a little nasty child trying to start many arguments Sooooooooooooo ugly & unprofessional
Laura Lane
Laura Lane Пре 14 дана
The PRESIDENT was right, he's so kind .....Leslie so assinine & UGLY. VERY UGLY , EVIL.
Daniel The Red
Daniel The Red Пре 14 дана
W hitmer should be locked up. Imagine having your Gran or Gramp beaten by a Prisoner released due to Covid, turned care worker, because of w itmers decision. The Woman if full on evil, giv'r the Ax.
Creature Domes
Creature Domes Пре 14 дана
Joe Biden is a embarrassment to the USA
Creature Domes
Creature Domes Пре 14 дана
Joe’s supporters are the filth of the nation
Monster G
Monster G Пре 15 дана
Mr trump, I think your mistaken. Her first words were ‘but let’s start with trump’ this just set the stage for the rest of the interview. She’s a clutch plate. A tool.
Barbara Пре 15 дана
Andrea is not a credible journalist. Why throw away your entire career in an activist move? She believes what she hears in her cocoon.
ROG Пре 15 дана
Donald Trump is the projected winner of the 2020 United States Presidential Election.
tyro 7
tyro 7 Пре 16 дана
Journalists become an instrument of attack
Tonaya Conley
Tonaya Conley Пре 18 дана
Shame on you Leslie, very, very disrespectful. I could have done better than what you did, it was like you reverted back to kindergarten
AaronsVids2 Пре 19 дана
Damnit sky news don’t give me your opinion of what happened! Don’t turn into fox and cnn
Jake295A Пре 19 дана
When America goes to shit one day, I’m moving to Australia! Based on the comments, we probably agree on some things..
m e
m e Пре 19 дана
shut up lying leslie.
MrCalverino Пре 19 дана
Mara A
Mara A Пре 19 дана
Trump wore a mask for 2 days in 4 years and sky shows only those days with him wearing one. .... shame on you.
Krupa G
Krupa G Пре 19 дана
They should all be locked up.... AND WHAT
L. Garmon
L. Garmon Пре 20 дана
Commentator looks ill-informed.
DANIEL JEON Пре 20 дана
Tht girl is such nonsense
M Ann
M Ann Пре 20 дана
Expose all the fake "journalists"!
John Hammink
John Hammink Пре 20 дана
I think I like this guy more every day. I've been railroaded and quoted out of context as well. It's infuriating.
HASAK1 Пре 20 дана
they asked biden questions like he was a toddler it made me disgusted!
Tu Man
Tu Man Пре 20 дана
Who’s this big shiela trying to deface trump, is that Jenny Craig
The Arab Hippie
The Arab Hippie Пре 20 дана
She's a Jew she must be related to Epstein
Joseph Sanchez
Joseph Sanchez Пре 21 дан
Lesly what ever shouldnt be so dishonest at her age
SadiO Man
SadiO Man Пре 21 дан
Only fact check the other side
hayek77 ishida
hayek77 ishida Пре 21 дан
Look I dont know if everything is True or not but you cant go make accusitions and then when the person asks you to back those accusitions u dont even provide the answer. He asked when did I say to lock her up and she Just rambles on. Plus its a big deal to say stuff like that. U cant expect a normal reaction if it aint True.
Toyota Nerd !!!!
Toyota Nerd !!!! Пре 21 дан
Their supposed to throw hardball questions you morons . If he doesn’t like hard questions he should not be president. He says ridiculous things and expects no one to question him
Righley Foust
Righley Foust Пре 21 дан
That interviewer should be locked up
Adam Thompson
Adam Thompson Пре 21 дан
He is a trooper ... Good for him those snaky sobs
Tony Biggs
Tony Biggs Пре 21 дан
The biggest whiner in the history of the world..thank yu America...for sending this loser home
Prissy Lu
Prissy Lu Пре 21 дан
Fake News thug snowflake Lesley Stahl... She drank the bad koolaid for huge payout... This woman is SICK EVIL FRAUD person and she should lock up in prison... she threatened President Trump... quote: "be careful" ... when President Trump had enough of her stupidity question... shamed on her and so disgraced... bad old fart &%#@* woman...
Hunter MacDonald
Hunter MacDonald Пре 21 дан
“It got pretty awkward when [he called out her bullshit]”
Rich Homie Sean
Rich Homie Sean Пре 21 дан
LOL Sky News Australia needs to focus on Australia. You don't see American News covering Australian News
Jerisa Andon
Jerisa Andon Пре 22 дана
M L Yuen
M L Yuen Пре 22 дана
American famous reporter betrayed Americans public.
Bongo Fury
Bongo Fury Пре 22 дана
And then exposes himself is more likely, creepy old maggot.
Lynda Smartt
Lynda Smartt Пре 23 дана
Steve Set
Steve Set Пре 23 дана
real news. finally. f Fox News. Fox News is dead
Stella's Pooch Pit/rockin rolondo
How hard is it for you aussies to understand? We elected this man, because we are tired of all the bullshit!!!!!!
Clint Boston
Clint Boston Пре 24 дана
Funny how this video is cut to do the same thing he was trying to show, the media in this country is a joke...LOL
Son of Liberty
Son of Liberty Пре 24 дана
I thought they were actually going to show all the video footage, not hand-picked gotchas.
Godkingmaximus 2
Godkingmaximus 2 Пре 24 дана
Every morning joe Biden wakes up, his wife would have to remind him his the president of the United States.
funny universe
funny universe Пре 24 дана
American need to understand that you can ask the question to your president not Donald Trump as a person. It's Presidential office, not Donald Trump's office you need to give some respect. No other countries general public never talk to their President / Prime minister like that. And we seen Donald Trump as a best president of all time. Search for the fact with un-biased mind. You can ask hard question, but respectively.
DarthKryat Пре 24 дана
wow this female reporter on sky seems to be just as biased as the yank 60min reporter , way to twist words and make things out worse than what they are and you call yourself a journalist
Deion Robinson
Deion Robinson Пре 24 дана
Bitch sound brainwashed and refuse to listen to reason
Eric Natividad
Eric Natividad Пре 24 дана
Do your f***** Job old lady or did you forget how to do that!!!🖕old lady!!!
Eric Natividad
Eric Natividad Пре 24 дана
F*** 60 minutes even our community said so!! Screws fake media 🖕🖕🖕 do your f****n job old lady!!!
Alejandro Arvizu
Alejandro Arvizu Пре 24 дана
This should not offend any Australian.
Frankie Figz
Frankie Figz Пре 24 дана
Best potus of my generation and he's being treated like shit...TRUMP 20
Lisa Libby
Lisa Libby Пре 24 дана
In my opinion, If you stupid media people don't think there are thousands of us that know what your all doing and what your trying to hide, well we know.......Hollywood...Big Tech....Why no one can say Soros... Why you are violating the freedom of speech.... Many do their research down the so called rabbit hole. Many dig to find your hidden agendas and information that certain ones want swept under the rug. Your being found out. The media hiding it means they are involved or being paid to hide it. It would be interesting for those who think or dig for themselves to be polled as well , to see who thinks epstein really killed himself or not. Just wondering.....This is all my opinion but many would agree I bet.
Aleta Chalker-Matheny
Aleta Chalker-Matheny Пре 24 дана
I used to have respect for Leslie Stahl however, she has fallen far from reporting Truth. It's absolutely disgusting how the Entire liberal media Lies to the American public. What's even more sad is that there are good Americans falling for tge lies.
515ventures Пре 24 дана
Smash that liberal bitch!!
Lord Rothschild
Lord Rothschild Пре 25 дана
🇺🇲rsvid.info/video/15HRiNF50Wu2cbM.html🇺🇲 US Presidential Election 2020 Please watch, comment and subscribe ♥️👍 May the 🌞 shine on you and your loved ones ❤️ Did you hear that individuals were dropping off mail in ballots?.. So those have not gone through the USPS and are not postmarked. They cannot be 🤷🏻‍♂️ Illinois always has dead individuals voting and we wait on Nevada.. Home of Sin City and the Mafia, prostitution, fixed boxing and rigged sports 🤣👍
Nicole Bronner
Nicole Bronner Пре 25 дана
She said she's not going to fact check him!!? why not?? Is it not convenient for main stream media to have a factual interview with President Trump?????
inkkie7 Пре 25 дана
👏🏻👏🏻Well played, Mr President, you preempted their bias which is so explicit.
patty zupan
patty zupan Пре 25 дана
Not once does any interviewer ask President Trump about the things he has done to make this Country independent of foriegnenergy or the middle East peace talks which got him elected for 3Noble Peace Prizes ! No she just talks Low blows, not even close to a decent human being ! No respect for our President!
josh f
josh f Пре 25 дана
More fake news coming to you from Australia 🇦🇺
CD Пре 25 дана
The WHITE LIBERAL l is the worst enemy to America, and the worst enemy to the black man. Malcolm X
dande tande
dande tande Пре 25 дана
Good thing he filled everuting, because he exposed how fake the msm is
Blue sky
Blue sky Пре 26 дана
If someone says that joe dosent get a special treatment then you must be f blind
Big G from SA
Big G from SA Пре 26 дана
That women needs to be locked up. She needs to learn her place. Trump 2020
limit shordy
limit shordy Пре 26 дана
Where are the insults? Are they coming soon?
Daragang Magayon
Daragang Magayon Пре 26 дана
Such disrespect. How awful. Maybe it is time she retired.
Atle Furnes
Atle Furnes Пре 26 дана
President, Make America Great Again !
ron Richardson
ron Richardson Пре 26 дана
Lefty leslie , leftist propagandist is nothing but a puppet for the DNC . What a liar. Wonder how many times she had sex with Biden.
smithysmithy1 Пре 26 дана
Well Maddie I didn't see her hitting him anywhere especially his "Ace Card" you're full of it too.
Rastafari Jah
Rastafari Jah Пре 26 дана
Lying Lesley , Disgusting Whore .
Rastafari Jah
Rastafari Jah Пре 26 дана
Lying Lesley , Disgusting Whore .
Greg Barnett
Greg Barnett Пре 26 дана
Stahl sucks
Rolando Macatulad
Rolando Macatulad Пре 26 дана
Obviously democrats vote for their party and not for Biden. That is the only reason why Biden gets any vote at all. That is very sad to see in this election. Loyalty to parties is detrimental to the country.
Mike Schoeffter
Mike Schoeffter Пре 26 дана
I never thought I'd like to see a woman take one in the brain !
Ray Milan
Ray Milan Пре 26 дана
As usual, Trump forgets that White Americans exist.
chris paul
chris paul Пре 26 дана
masks dont work, the cdc spins lies every day. covid never been isolated.... entire thing a fraud run by fraudci who killed hundred of thousands of gays with azt.
chris paul
chris paul Пре 26 дана
press all tribe water boys
haleh nafisi
haleh nafisi Пре 26 дана
Media in US work for globalism and communists and Dems
Doreen Zaarour
Doreen Zaarour Пре 26 дана
She needs to retire and what a horrible way to end her career. She was such a liar and kept talking over him as he told the truth. She needs to go!
Noogsie Пре 26 дана
Trump 2020!
Dale Hebenstreit
Dale Hebenstreit Пре 26 дана
It is so refreshing to have a President with a backbone.
T Ginter
T Ginter Пре 27 дана
I guess he should be accountable tho
T Ginter
T Ginter Пре 27 дана
3:46 it should say "for everybody were the best" not "we're the best"
Berenice Bassardien
Berenice Bassardien Пре 27 дана
Who us this horrible journalice
pedro leal
pedro leal Пре 27 дана
His a coward!!
Cynthia Burrus
Cynthia Burrus Пре 27 дана
President Trump is the best President in U.S. History. Leslie Stahl is a washed up Leftist Socialist Marxist shill who has never been a very good Reporter at her best and certainly she is not able to spar with the best. She believed she would walk into this interview and utterly decimate this President. Nope. Not on that day nor any other.
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