Transforming my Nissan GTR into the Bugatti Killer 

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Axel Wernberg
Julian Avila

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7 апр 2021






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TheStradman Пре месец
Thanks again to Vessi! Click the ​ ​[LINK]​ and use my code[​ CODE]​ to get $25 off of your Vessi shoes.
3 letter agent
3 letter agent Пре 27 дана
Dude , where did you source the key safe from ?
Jhon Solis
Jhon Solis Пре месец
@Ultimate_Samurai Not sure, I think it's an ongoing sale/sponsorship
Ultimate_Samurai Пре месец
When does the sale end?
Katherine Nickels
Katherine Nickels Пре месец
Jhon Solis
Jhon Solis Пре месец
Please tell them to restock the Weekend in Asphalt Black in a 10!!!! I would have bought if it was in stock :/
JMnitro Пре 5 дана
4:43 that little dude likes and approves the license plate
Mohammed Haizam
Mohammed Haizam Пре 9 дана
Where is the gaiardo
Ua Namanit
Ua Namanit Пре 12 дана
After making GTR bug killer just donot blow up the transmission
Josiah ping
Josiah ping Пре 13 дана
Did he really say “aventi-nodoor?” 😂
Josiah ping
Josiah ping Пре 13 дана
Sadness... they don’t make Vessi in my size..
Mason Morcom
Mason Morcom Пре 14 дана
lambo pink?
nazia zubari
nazia zubari Пре 14 дана
Stranman your cars make me crazy
ayyum 1849
ayyum 1849 Пре 16 дана
R35 was my favourite favourite car but in our country the roadtax was too expensive
Ryan Grim
Ryan Grim Пре 20 дана
He just keeps buying more and more cars. I wonder if he feels like he can't stop cause then his content will stop, thus hurting his views, thus hurting his youtube income. He has to invest in stocks, or start saving. Cause soon enough he will have so many cars that he can't afford to maintain or keep them.
Benjamin Siefert
Benjamin Siefert Пре 23 дана
Preach man preach
Ayman Alghafil
Ayman Alghafil Пре 23 дана
I want your Blue Bacardi
J D Пре 24 дана
Crazy you moved so far away from Burlacher. If it were me I’d have moved like 4 houses away, so that I could drive a smart car down the sidewalk all the way there.
TheCoolDude1230 Пре 26 дана
Videos are getting better and better
Michael Keating
Michael Keating Пре 26 дана
I work at Arbys! How was that chicken bacon swiss?
Quik Clean Mobile Auto detailing
Greetings from Colorado 🏔🚗🧼✨ love the vessi’s ! 🔥
Walter Sandile
Walter Sandile Пре 27 дана
James should have stay as it is even with the wide body
Loveth Mishiack-Nwaroh
Loveth Mishiack-Nwaroh Пре 28 дана
Why don’t u use power wash instead of wasting ur time washing ur gtr am not tried to be rude
Harsh Samarya
Harsh Samarya Пре 28 дана
It's the Lamborghini truck
Px gaming
Px gaming Пре 28 дана
The true car guy 🧿📿🧿
Black Mamba
Black Mamba Пре 28 дана
I just want to know why the key holder thingy majiggy was in the microwave
Kylen Cole
Kylen Cole Пре 29 дана
12:10 bet its a Porsche I mean he says he's a fanboy every single time he sees one
Butter cobras
Butter cobras Пре месец
Stead you should get a purple wide body Ford Mustang gt
Rovermade_ GGH
Rovermade_ GGH Пре месец
Wrap the gtr black
David DelVecchio
David DelVecchio Пре месец
5:13 I’m 9 and I don’t eat Arby’s
ZeHacks Пре месец
Stradman: "do not try this at home" Casually getting ran over by a army truck
Brady Roche
Brady Roche Пре месец
What’s the company that makes the lock box you had at the beginning?
Abhijit Kumar
Abhijit Kumar Пре месец
Holy how many cars do you have
Biscuit Hamster-gaming
Biscuit Hamster-gaming Пре месец
I watched back when you got the lambo (the first one you got)
HunterTheMonkey1 Пре месец
U should get a Porsche 911 or a boxter s
Crazy bro
Crazy bro Пре месец
i bet that the aventador will be sephus blue
Blackshiny Пре месец
It's either an E61 M5 or an R34 GTR
Gody Пре месец
Wen that song starts playing it reminds me of the 1st time i watched this man🔥✨✨
Richard Escamilla
Richard Escamilla Пре месец
Paint it midnight purple
Anthony Diaz
Anthony Diaz Пре месец
First time I see a RSvidr eating Arby's
Harmony Grace
Harmony Grace Пре месец
wheres stradgirl????
David Campbell
David Campbell Пре месец
Tanner foxes first grr??
ABE MARS Пре месец
Cars Garage
Cars Garage Пре месец
3:07 Nah man, I don't want to eat that.
Sexytim Пре месец
How many Typhoons are there in Utah? Or do he just call regular rain for a "Typhoon" xD
Filming Australia
Filming Australia Пре месец
The colour is eathe purple or green
Rod Russel Dona
Rod Russel Dona Пре месец
Nissan GTR my dream carr
✘Apex✘ Пре месец
1:24 I suggest you keep your shoes on your feet while using the pedals of the car.
its_kileron Пре месец
Food + Oscar + stradman = Best 🤠🐶🍔
Leyla K
Leyla K Пре месец
Elias MendozaTV
Elias MendozaTV Пре месец
Why are you eating so much junk food
Elias MendozaTV
Elias MendozaTV Пре месец
Oscar face said EW ☹️
hi me
hi me Пре месец
I didn't know he had a supra
Nehal Karim
Nehal Karim Пре месец
3:10 Oskar is K.O
HathimShots Пре месец
You not into R34 and Supra?? 🧐 Weirdo
RaShede Marson
RaShede Marson Пре месец
Strad is selling the absolute shit out of them shoes...
Finn Carroll
Finn Carroll Пре месец
I feel like it’s going to be lime green
Joniel Cruz
Joniel Cruz Пре месец
Lie you were vans
Ghostz Ranger07
Ghostz Ranger07 Пре месец
Buy a camero
Ronnie A. Rosaceña Jr.
Ronnie A. Rosaceña Jr. Пре месец
BROK3N_VIB3S Пре месец
“Mad max aventador or mad max aventa-no-dor” had me rolling
Logan Miller
Logan Miller Пре месец
Next time use a heat gun, don’t rely on the sun 😂😂
Mocha225 Пре месец
Why does vessi only make shoes up to size 13 :(
NotGonKillYa Пре месец
I love stradman he put a smile on my face
Brent Marcus Afable
Brent Marcus Afable Пре месец
i hope its a murcy
kelby glass
kelby glass Пре месец
Aventanodoor 🤣🤣🤣
Tyree Sayles
Tyree Sayles Пре месец
The hole car is shacking. LOL
Anmol Dhami
Anmol Dhami Пре месец
Hey james make your bug killer fast
get a new wrap for the godzilla
Will The Fun guy
Will The Fun guy Пре месец
you get an Lamborghini Svj and have it red
Yianni Drysdale
Yianni Drysdale Пре месец
is the car a 458 italia
Andreas Skourtis
Andreas Skourtis Пре месец
5:20 did u bite at the same time on purpose ?
Chase Evans
Chase Evans Пре месец
The squeamish marble willy snatch because dragon hepatosplenomegaly shock athwart a absorbed turret. scandalous, stormy note
onni borg
onni borg Пре месец
You really should get a steamer for unwrapping!
Thatcher Walls
Thatcher Walls Пре месец
Air suspension
Owen Jenkins
Owen Jenkins Пре месец
Yo gotta take your gtr to T1racedevelopment. They are anazing
iamRubRubz Пре месец
Aventa no door made me laugh 😂😂
Liam Tyler
Liam Tyler Пре месец
Always loved the wrap
YeetMonster Yikesfruit
YeetMonster Yikesfruit Пре месец
I'm almost certain you are painting the lambo yellow
Coltexotics Garage
Coltexotics Garage Пре месец
I think it’s going to be pink or red
Jacob Crespo
Jacob Crespo Пре месец
The Aventador and GTR both on bags would be insane...
Hari Puri
Hari Puri Пре месец
Unreleased Dogs
Unreleased Dogs Пре месец
Send a notification of the video 4 days after it comes out
MrEverything&Stuffs Пре месец
Air bags needs to happen
ICU Пре месец
Plug for 3 mins geez
Dan Liu
Dan Liu Пре месец
The scrawny yew nouzilly permit because tugboat methodologically obey off a aboard sword. quirky, steady grill
harrison waker
harrison waker Пре месец
Aru Habib
Aru Habib Пре месец
Oscar : why you makin me smell your smelly shoe soul ( 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢 )
Braxton Mclean
Braxton Mclean Пре месец
Gonna miss the wrap on the gtr. But i love the white
Kyle Hughes
Kyle Hughes Пре месец
I think he bought a guyardo 🤔
Travis Hartley
Travis Hartley Пре месец
allan rickard
allan rickard Пре месец
Some one cooked $3000 of keys OOPS. Vessi made using overseas slave labour to save you money and make more for me SAVE $25 from your slaves TODAY BUY BUY BUY (shoes not sold as a set and dont come with slaves).
Kag Пре месец
Why do you talk soo fast and loud
Imbored Пре месец
You can't call a gtr especially a R35 a godzila hasn't and can't earn that title 😏
Spider Slider
Spider Slider Пре месец
Um you left your door open 11:36
Edgar Juarez
Edgar Juarez Пре месец
Gotta buy a heat gun my guy
Anderson The goat
Anderson The goat Пре месец
It orange
Cole Siebert
Cole Siebert Пре месец
As the law says, one must put TE’s on your GTR, no matter the generation
dcchicken75 Пре месец
You need to give one of your vehicles a go with some Plasti-Dip ... collab with @Fonzie and @DipYourCar.com !!!
MrCarGuy 8950
MrCarGuy 8950 Пре месец
Insane shoes comes insane price
russian aim?
russian aim? Пре месец
where is tessa
Sam Law
Sam Law Пре месец
you need a g fuel sponsorship
Emily Hinson
Emily Hinson Пре месец
Your videos are very very very good great job to you.
beast_of_a_ps Пре месец
Sooooooooo like what car did ya buy you know ????
beast_of_a_ps Пре месец
James: let’s Oscar sniff his soul Oscar: ya feet smell bad
You shod buy a lotus elice and where is tessa
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