Tom MacDonald - "No Response" 

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MIXED & MASTERED by Evan Morgan




29 мај 2020






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Wns Ruby
Wns Ruby Пре сат
On google his net worth is only 100,000k but let’s be honest google is always off by at least 100k usually a couple million
ItsBeerDrank! Пре 2 сата
late... this song is actually fire.... most decent song this dooF-baLL ever done... he snapped on this.. can't lie..
Shakey 84
Shakey 84 Пре 2 сата
🔥🔥🔥🔥💪🏻 #HOG
Sean Michael
Sean Michael Пре 3 сата
“I don’t expect to see heaven, if that’s the case I respect it...” Damn dude...
Tex 1680
Tex 1680 Пре 3 сата
the same 12k haters in every of toms hits. its new times y'all
Daniel Cox
Daniel Cox Пре 4 сата
Hell yeah!!!!!
yoits willhere
yoits willhere Пре 4 сата
i love how not all of his teeth have that whatever its called on it
Well Youwantedattention
Well Youwantedattention Пре 4 сата
R.I.P Eminem
Andrew Jude St-Fleur
Andrew Jude St-Fleur Пре 5 сати
Protect this man!
Forever Reptiles
Forever Reptiles Пре 5 сати
Damn wasn’t ready for that drop 🔥
Shay Perry
Shay Perry Пре 5 сати
This is some gym music for sure,THANKS TOM👍
grant palmer
grant palmer Пре 5 сати
Nico Cas
Nico Cas Пре 6 сати
cliffordincalifornia Пре 7 сати
Brother ..........is On Fire !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dillon Gordon
Dillon Gordon Пре 7 сати
Tom MacDonald it would be straight fire 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 if you would add a sick intro before your song plays and over time alter the course of your evolution through time. Just food for thought I don’t no if that concept would vibe right until you try it???
_Dad_Chef_Exotics_ _Forksnorkler_
Ruth Eshelman
Ruth Eshelman Пре 8 сати
Wow someone who's actually good at rapping. Compared to most mainstream garbage today
Zer0 Gravity
Zer0 Gravity Пре 9 сати
I don't know about Tom McDonald's background, but, I'll bet his IQ is way up there.⏫ You can't be that lyrically brilliant and be average.✍️🎓
mary padilla
mary padilla Пре 10 сати
Omg eminem, this guy is fir REAL. HIGH 5 TO THIS GUY 😀😀😀😀😀
Kenneth Tinsley
Kenneth Tinsley Пре 12 сати
For those of you who don’t know the beef between Tom and Mac Lethal, y’all need to do some research, watch those videos, there’s 2 each from Tom and Mac Lethal, then come back and listen to this one, carefully
Jesús Méndez Salas
Jesús Méndez Salas Пре 12 сати
Awesome, what a performance, !!viva Tom!! (spanish)
Dora Reed
Dora Reed Пре 12 сати
Finally a true raper!!!!!
ValorYFuerza Пре 15 сати
AdamzLife Пре 15 сати
Christina Пре 15 сати
This man stays real. Fucking love it
Shug Mac
Shug Mac Пре 20 сати
The mans a legend 🙌🏼🙌🏼
sarah croy
sarah croy Пре 20 сати
Where's your CD so I'm not looking up your songs on my phone while I'm driving? Love you...
Tom Пре 22 сата
The video is just AMAZING!!! @ Nova Rockafeller :) Just awesome, well done!
Roman Simahin
Roman Simahin Пре 22 сата
By your people own definition then Trump is also the realest??
MTBSD Пре 22 сата
Holy Fucking Shit!!
Mattahl Пре 23 сата
The most talented rapper to take off in a long long time.
John Smith
John Smith Пре дан
Tom......you have surpassed Eminem.
BMammaLuv Пре дан
Hank Storm
Hank Storm Пре дан
bro chill........ too much fire!!!!
Carol Rodenberg
Carol Rodenberg Пре дан
Wow tom and nova phenomenon!!
Stephen Marton
Stephen Marton Пре дан
Guitar lead arpeggios are nasty. Genius !
Rock it Tom, that is right... Respectfully, Scott
X JollyFreak X
X JollyFreak X Пре дан
Torres Tico
Torres Tico Пре дан
Great. I'm 47, listening to rap for more than 25 years. The Skill is outstanding. The lyrics and the messages are poetic with an energy hard to find. The only Rapper i remember, who touched me deeply like this, died in 1996....shoutouts from Germany!!
Thomas Preston
Thomas Preston Пре дан
Absolutely brilliant 👏 Damn that was dope! 😎
Martin Karlsson
Martin Karlsson Пре дан
This guy making 4-6 minutes long songs packed with lyrics that could fill a normal 10 min song. While the others making songs 2:30 long with like 20-30 words.. First impressive rapper for ages!
steven gegar
steven gegar Пре дан
mr. discskyz
mr. discskyz Пре дан
Speechless... this video and track is pure magic. Go ahead Tom flip the industry!
J S Пре дан
I don't know what his struggles in life were but they produced a monster. I stopped listening to rap after the puppets like Eminem and snoop started pushing political agendas but Tom done got me hooked again. Every song is equal in greatness.
kitty ferguson
kitty ferguson Пре дан
Oh he has a gf...I didn't think that would be his goal.I just think it's a distraction from his political goals . Am I thinking wrong ?
Breezy Tree
Breezy Tree Пре 22 сата
Yeah him and Nova are powerful together. Without Nova, Tom wouldn't be Tom.
Dwight Cummins
Dwight Cummins Пре дан
K Trump
K Trump Пре дан
DeKage Playz
DeKage Playz Пре дан
The message is the truth, always truth spoke. Honestly its sad that all these rappers lost 2Pak message, but here we stand by someone who is living the same message keeping the real truth alive. That not being the sad part, the sad part is its a white boy who gets it, these other rappers dont. Never stop Tom, never.
Dabone Marrow
Dabone Marrow Пре дан
All muscles with no bone mass!!
Kenny Riddle
Kenny Riddle Пре дан
That clap segment was awesome, Props to whoever came up with it. Made me laugh too, acting a fool🤣🔥🔥🔥
Anna J
Anna J Пре дан
Nothing says I don't care like wearing the shirt you wore while dying your hair. Nice touch :)
Michael Varela
Michael Varela Пре дан
Ive been following him for years. Hes grown and always kept it real. And all the hard work truly shows and pays off.
Brian Mullenax
Brian Mullenax Пре дан
One of my favorite artists
Thomas Kolodziej
Thomas Kolodziej Пре дан
I don't like this dude but that song was good
Breezy Tree
Breezy Tree Пре 22 сата
and also check out his song "This house"
Scott Catlin
Scott Catlin Пре дан
Hahaha nice comment keep watching and youl get hooked check out I'm sorry and I don't care
Ms. X
Ms. X Пре дан
Thank you for sharing the truth!!!
Nana Kaakyire
Nana Kaakyire Пре дан
I only listend to tom today and please help me stop listening to him !!!!
Breezy Tree
Breezy Tree Пре 22 сата
Honestly there is no medication for your addiction lol. Only more music from Tom!
Nik Пре дан
lol it happens to me every once in a while too.
Stand On Scripture
Stand On Scripture Пре дан
Sorry but Yeshua aint your saviour if you worship Satan with demonic music... You clearly have not read the bible.
Stand On Scripture
Stand On Scripture Пре 5 сати
@Deviant Graphics Yes you do
Deviant Graphics
Deviant Graphics Пре 5 сати
@Stand On Scripture Lmao you dont need god to prove youre a good person lmao.. preach somewhere else. He dont owe you an apology.
Stand On Scripture
Stand On Scripture Пре 22 сата
@Deviant Graphics Wait are you psycick? much more than dark eyes, you can see the symbolism in hand horns, mocking Messiah, his appearance and you will be judged to hell lest you repent. also it is not what goes in your mouth but what comes out that DEFILES your spirit!
Stand On Scripture
Stand On Scripture Пре 22 сата
@Breezy Tree 1 Corinthians 6:2-4 - 2Do you not know that the saints will judge the world? And if you are to judge the world, are you not competent to judge trivial cases? 3 Do you not know that we will judge angels? How much more the things of this life! 4So if you need to settle everyday matters, do you appoint as judges those of no standing in the church? Clearly you have no clue about the meaning of judging, I am not judging this guy to having a punishment ... God will judge him to hell, I am judging him so that he may repent ... WE WILL JUDGE ANGELS AND THE WORLD... GET BEHIND ME SATAN
Breezy Tree
Breezy Tree Пре 22 сата
Matthew 7:5 - You hypocrite! First, remove the beam out of your own eye, and then you can see clearly to remove the speck out of your brother's eye. You can care for someone, but never Judge someone's walk with Jesus. That is for him and him alone to do. We all suck, and obviously Tom was in a bad place and he knows that. He has turned his life around, and helping more people than you could ever imagine.
Mannie Hero
Mannie Hero Пре дан
wow bro
Jackie Gigliotti
Jackie Gigliotti Пре дан
Tom i will support u do u believe in god and not the Illuminati they make people mean and evil please do not get involved in that
Damian Lorre
Damian Lorre Пре дан
Keith Kalen
Keith Kalen Пре дан
So i was flipping through video's and by chance i was fortunate enough to stumble across this guy. Glad i did, the few songs I've heard struck a chord. Liking his music lots, if he ever plays San Diego I'll for sure go and see him live.
Scott Mele
Scott Mele Пре дан
This dude gets it!
sivaD Пре дан
This became my favorite song of all-time not even halfway in. Tom MacDonald is something like Ali in his motherfuckin' prime!!!!
Nicholas ward
Nicholas ward Пре 2 дана
All the FAKE ass things we see day in & day out, the way this guys speaks the truth and the real It puts a whole new view on Sooooo many things!! & he's dope as shit doing it...
Marcus Boyd
Marcus Boyd Пре 2 дана
Gav Adams
Gav Adams Пре 2 дана
Whos mum we donating too ill click 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Michael Allen
Michael Allen Пре 2 дана
Clapping for hours my 🐕 don’t know what I’m doing
Michael Allen
Michael Allen Пре 2 дана
Thank you Nova middle finger at 2:10 feel like we flying together
PoohOnYourShoe Пре 2 дана
Petition to have Tom and Harry Mac spit a song
Sally McMurray
Sally McMurray Пре 2 дана
Stay humble my friend
Cardboard Anonymous
Cardboard Anonymous Пре 2 дана
Wish EM would spit from the soul like this fire! Mad props to you and Nova. Reminds me of Seven from HOG MOB.
Cyber Kie
Cyber Kie Пре 2 дана
Savage 👍
Bung Holio
Bung Holio Пре 2 дана
Lol WalMart music isn't fighting the system it's capitulation to RSvid corporate asswipes. So fake......
Max Mueller
Max Mueller Пре 2 дана
This must've been what it felt like to hear Motzart play in person.
Maureen Parisi
Maureen Parisi Пре 2 дана
Dude a quick question we love ( me and all the various excuses fir a life) we love you. Yeah mnm was breakthrough I can’t even remember his song. Dude- you are Lincoln park ok. Not whatever the prev. Star was. You are you’re ducking self man.
Aether Born
Aether Born Пре 2 дана
I would honestly pay to see #MacLethal and #TomMacDonald battle face to face, for the venue, I'm thinking Vegas
Chris Zilli
Chris Zilli Пре 2 дана
thought it was already clear, the feud is over, Tom won by TKO in the first round.
Strange Reality
Strange Reality Пре 2 дана
I'm the rapper that these other rappers jealous of I made more off CDs than rappers who are selling drugs True story, every single aspect independent I got texts from presidents and major labels I ain't read yet Told my manager I'd knock him out, and he was like, "The homie?" Then I fired him, if you're watching this, I'm sorry, dawg, au revoir I don't need nobody's help, it's me and Nova by ourselves "Come here, babe", this is the entire team, nobody else I conceptualize, produce, and write like every record Me and Nova work the hooks, then they're mixed and mastered by Evan This is homegrown, shout out all the rappers who have thrown stones I'ma die rich while your casket full of broke bones I ain't gon' respond to all your disses, look, I get it Your videos get no views, you say my name, and people click it But I'm different, you need clout, and you're desperate to make a living But my bank account already full, I counted seven digits like Fuck y'all attack me with disses, attract all the critics I laugh at predictions, surpass all the limits The wacker the rapper, the more he's angered by the fact that I'm winning I'm stacking the millions, it's tragic to witness like cancer in children Aye, no playlist, no paid clicks, no fake shit Rappers call me gay 'cause my braids pink Your main bitch, go crazy, so wasted Front row at my show, I'm her favourite I'm famous, they basically hate that I made it Get paid more in a day than they claim on their paycheck I'm patient, but say my name again, I ain't playing I'll buy the place that you're staying Then raise the rent to the space and your parents' basement is vacant They call me privileged, y'all can't admit that I'm gifted I did it without a label's assistance, I made the business decisions I overcame the addictions, lived in the streets, got evicted Kicked it with killers and strippers, but still my vision was different I bought a mic, started spitting, produced the beats and I mixed it I turned my hand into a fist and flipped a bird to the system I prayed I'll finish my mission and keep my image consistent I fixed the parts that were missing and switched the gas and the pistons It's mathematics and physics, I had to travel the distance I had to add some ambition and then subtract my suspicions I wanted castles and riches, headed for caskets or prisons I battled glasses of liquor and cabinets packed with prescriptions And still these fucking rappers wanna sneak diss All over my Facebook, always tryna tweet shit I ain't gonna keep this a secret, my marketing genius The algorithm triggered by exploiting your weakness And y'all can call me clickbait and gimmicks, I call me rich A million monthly listens on Spotify, suck my dick I'm about to drop a couple million dollars on the crib Quarter million on a whip, I just sent my mom a grip And first of all, I heard it all, I could write a perfect song I Google the net worth of rappers hating, and I don't respond Middle finger from a private jet, I don't give a single flying fuck Every single person I have met, pussy in person, on Twitter they tough Yo, if rappers wanna beef, I got the roast pan Put 'em in the dirt like a fucking UFO crash Double time rappers mad, I murder it with slow raps All they do is go fast, turn 'em to some ghost with the most facts Slow clap, pulling triggers quickly with no blowback Cracking under pressure like a cold glass, no fence Jealous that I rose fast, y'all are on the rollback Look at your career, it's a joke, man Promise that I won't laugh, say you got the smoke, can't afford gas Oh man, so sad, you record your album in a closet full of clothes with a notepad Strong on the outside, muscles with no bone mass Let's look at me for a second, man, I was deep in depression Making me weak and pathetic, I thought I needed their blessings It leaves an impression, I feel the infection repeating the lessons Would only lead to me, and that's a lethal injection And I was chasing the dragon with no medieval invention I go to sleep and dream my life would be for me if I catch it I let my demons possess me 'til I woke up in a wreckage And realized that I destroyed a whole cathedral of blessings It's like my feet were magnetic, the street was steel, we connected I couldn't seem to reach the sky no matter how far I'm stretching And I was beaten to death and screaming for help for a second Now I put everything I bleed into completing my records I can't compete with my past, but I'm still seeking the relics And I believe with every breath I breathe, the sequel is better No fear or surrender, I'm clearing the pressure The tears I remember will never let me forget I was near to the devil I never claimed to be holy, but I got angels' protection I got a barbed wire halo and devil horns I don't mention Yeah, the Lord is my saviour, but shit, revenge is so tempting I don't expect to see heaven if that's the case, I respect it 'Cause I tried to cage the beast, but it's woken up the broken locks I'm crushing everything I see like empty cans of soda pop You titties on your knees like a grandma who don't own a bra Put a bullet in your head like words you only spoke to God I'm rowing through an ocean all alone inside an open box Frozen from the blowing snow and soaking through my only socks Y'all noticed me and chose the heat, so now the waters boiling hot You hoped I'd croak, I'm dope, and coke don't crack and turn to solid rock Ay, I ain't talking to you losers like you know the cops I'm rich, and that ain't bad for a kid who couldn't hold a job Budget brand rappers all that Gucci fake, I own a lot You can't afford the way I live, you trying to control the cause Whoa, I'm in solo mode, your promo won't affect the drop Artists that you promo don't have clout, the photo lights are bought Try to put me in the dirt, I'll thrive like you are growing pot You prototypes are hurt, y'all need work, let me open shop Y'all don't understand me like a burner phone, it's coded talk Don't ever see my POV like you don't know the Go-Pro off Make sure that the drone is on slow-mo, so when y'all get shot The footage captures every single moment while your corpses rot Shoot it all on Rokinons, touch it up in Photoshop Upload it to RSvid with a donate button for your mom So alarmed, y'all could never reach me with those broken arms Untouchable as alcoholics' wallets at an open bar Unbreakable Da Vinci Code embedded in like my most my songs Gang is full of animals, you'd think my home is Noah's Ark Past is full of broken hearts, opponents that I've blown apart My logo on the stove, I let it smoulder 'til they know the mark While y'all were finding Nemo, I composed a team of total sharks Hid inside the reef and chiselled teeth 'til they were oversharp Y'all fishy rappers went to sleep to dream of coral seas and stars We silently and violently reminded y'all the ocean's dark Lordy, I really feel sorry for your corny bars Maybe you'll improve, and this is setting up your story arc I am more like Iron Man, you are more like Tony Stark You're human, I'm a Robo suit equipped with guns and poison darts Choking y'all to death like I am Homer home alone with Bart I wish, I wish, I wish you fucking would on every glowing star Core as hard, high-performance parts from a pro garage All I see is smoke and sparks every time your motor starts What more you got in store for me? Your death threats were ghost stories And what's next gon' be painful Gravestones
Rose Irene
Rose Irene Пре 2 дана
Chris Zilli
Chris Zilli Пре 2 дана
and too many watch television and believe anything that it tells em.
Anna Tuite
Anna Tuite Пре 2 дана
So much love and respect ❤
FERNANDO G Пре 2 дана
Ashley Nolen
Ashley Nolen Пре 2 дана
Could y'all just imagine a concert? Ages all over the place! I love this so muchhhhhh! Yaaassssss
Pixel Game Squad
Pixel Game Squad Пре 2 дана
That background riff that comes in at 2:50 is beautiful and haunting 🔥
Norbert Vidar Ramberg
Norbert Vidar Ramberg Пре 2 дана
Tru`n real
bakedbean 75
bakedbean 75 Пре 2 дана
Very good
Looney Luna
Looney Luna Пре 2 дана
Long live the legend 🤘🖤
JENNA H Пре 2 дана
I am 62 yo...and Tom is 104 smart.
N3MM13 Пре дан
Did you choose that number randomly..? 😉
Lina Mlinarchik
Lina Mlinarchik Пре 2 дана
Best Phenomena to hit the music world
11secondeclipse Пре 2 дана
SkyBrigidRain Пре 2 дана
Dude your work is AWESOME!!!!!!!
Marshall Giray
Marshall Giray Пре 2 дана
This guy is way too good love it
Leisure Craft
Leisure Craft Пре 2 дана
Ninnu85 Пре 2 дана
i dont need enymore others songs. only toms👏👏
Vor Name
Vor Name Пре 2 дана
Charles Eveleno III
Charles Eveleno III Пре 2 дана
..I'm her favorite...smfh..SICK
Remco H
Remco H Пре 2 дана
fuck yeah.
Nicola Moloney
Nicola Moloney Пре 2 дана
Totally in love with you.
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