Tom Macdonald on Fox News 

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3 феб 2021






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East Realm Dirt
East Realm Dirt Пре 5 сати
Says king fakewoke
Crystal Lapensee
Crystal Lapensee Пре 5 сати
I love Tom McDonald, my opinion, you are a brave ❤.
Rusty Shackleford
Rusty Shackleford Пре 6 сати
This is why the news fuckin' sucks. Tom is fucking great. And his message is much deeper than attacking cancel culture and throwing shots and blm. He's throwing shots at most of what people believe fundamentally, and it's almost nothin' but net. But eh, they're gonna frame it how they want
Erica Wright
Erica Wright Пре 7 сати
Keep it up Tom!!!We love you & Nova!!!!
- Juice-
- Juice- Пре 16 сати
Fox News highlights a white rapper only because he's white, rapping and talking down on black lives matters. Lol. Love when our culture is used then praised when it address issues conflicting with our message.
David Cantrell
David Cantrell Пре 19 сати
Look how they cut and spliced just exactly what they needed.
RussianPlus Пре дан
I'm Russian ( if that matters ) and I support Tom and his message
Daniel Gadley
Daniel Gadley Пре дан
I been following tom for a few years now ! So happy to see him have success!! Hang over gang ✊
Roland Kovacs
Roland Kovacs Пре 2 дана
2 random guy on Twitter outraged. Who. Gives. A. Shit.
April Roeder
April Roeder Пре 2 дана
Thank you Tom Jesus loves you
BiffSarin Пре 2 дана
Reporter: “...he also doesn’t get a lot of media attention...” Uh, I think that just changed...in a BIG way!
Chris Zilli
Chris Zilli Пре 2 дана
So, uhm, you guys are all smart enough to realize that the media lies and that Tom's message about them wanting to divide us to be true so uhm, I really hate to be the one to point this out but, why do you believe them about the covid narrative? You mean, you believe the same industry that didnt know that smoking was bad for you, or that after how many billions for cancer research we're still microwaving ourselves? Or how they hid the effects of concussions or how probably all of you at one time or another said that there is no money in cures only treatments... so yeah, smarten up, you're being invaded. Not enemy invasions need to be done with landing crafts with men in uniforms.... Cheers.
Jennifer Marie Martinez Herron
The McDonald's owe California's farm laborers and ironsmiths who couldn't get small smithing businesses and tool schools going.
Nate Ramsey
Nate Ramsey Пре 3 дана
Accepted narrative no people just don't like hearing the truth
Nate Ramsey
Nate Ramsey Пре 3 дана
I know what I was told haters are gonna hate
Nate Ramsey
Nate Ramsey Пре 3 дана
I speak the same damn thing my entire life now so don't give me he's only one willing to speak out about this he's not there's hundreds of thousands of other people that's why they like his songs
Nate Ramsey
Nate Ramsey Пре 3 дана
This dude is speaking nothing but the truth the real real truth and I'm Native American the people that don't get nothing even our continent was taken and we were damn near wiped out show all these other races complain about hate crimes What About Us us the Native Americans everybody calling for justice and what's fair and what's right well what about us Native Americans oh yeah throw us on the back burner
Woke Alone
Woke Alone Пре 3 дана
Tom and Nova are just the beginning.
Nathan Wofford
Nathan Wofford Пре 3 дана
It's sad when speaking pure truth is called controversial. What a shame.
Jason Lee
Jason Lee Пре 3 дана
Toms the shisnit!!
Christian Petersen
Christian Petersen Пре 3 дана
I'm a conservative, but I must admit, it almost seems like Fox News was doing exactly what Tom was calling out in his video, the media fanning the flame... Tom was calling out much more than just BLM and cancel culture in his video, but anybody that only watched this story on Fox wouldn't know that, now would they?
Aaron Gerdus
Aaron Gerdus Пре 4 дана
Controversial take? Lol those Twitter comments are a perfect example of the new age libs. My opinion is right, yours is wrong, oh and you're racist..
MatMadik Пре 4 дана
The Left cancel, the Right unsubscribe 😊. #Trump2020 ✊
Animal Planet’s
Animal Planet’s Пре 4 дана
Hell ya
Corbin Hall
Corbin Hall Пре 4 дана
His track's speak truth!!!
Tracy Tracy
Tracy Tracy Пре 4 дана
He tells the Truth!
yashioman Пре 4 дана
Every person is racist because everyone in some way treats people differently because of their origin/skin/race etc. Example: if you’re a heterosexual male and you prefer black women over non black women, you’re racist. And let me reverse it: If you’re a heterosexual male and you prefer non black women over black women, you’re also racist. To desire and select a “partner” of whatever magnitude, based on their genetic makeup is core racism. Treating anyone differently, good or bad, because of their race/origin, it’s racism. It is impossible to escape. Racism is part of the Homo sapiens construct. It is essential to basic survival and procreation. To protect diversity, you shouldn’t wander to other sources for procreation just to satisfy your indulgence/fetish. The only way to protect diversity is to know, embrace and respect what you are and where you come from and ultimately reproduce with your kin because the more that happens the more you can extend your unique traits into the future. Of course humans live in a extremely complex society where your depraved ego is what ends up determining who you pursue sexually and sensually.
Suzette Conte
Suzette Conte Пре 5 дана
Hahahahahaha!!! Left speechless!!! Turn off your cancel culture FOX! Tom MacDonald's Fans are here to stay!!
Roy Meston
Roy Meston Пре 5 дана
And Faux doesn't use Tom's words to manipulate it's moronic base?
steve clements
steve clements Пре 5 дана
tom is a mad man! so good
Margaret Kirton
Margaret Kirton Пре 5 дана
Bone chilling the similarities he and I share.
Ollie Putzulu
Ollie Putzulu Пре 5 дана
True he is saying freakin’ fakes
Brandon McCoy
Brandon McCoy Пре 6 дана
Tom Macdonald is truly the realest artist in the game right now. I knew he was gonna blow up
Sean Пре 6 дана
"Tom MacDonald rails against cancel Cult-sure." Nice Freudian slip.
Esoterik11:11 Jones
Esoterik11:11 Jones Пре 6 дана
They just tried to make bro look bad for speaking facts...IM BLACK.. i approve and appreciate TOM
Ashley M
Ashley M Пре 6 дана
It's really disappointing that it's all or nothing. If you have to agree with absolutely everything someone says for any of it to have value, that's sad. How do you grow as a person? When it comes to ideas you can take the good and leave the bad but you need to be able to communicate. You can disagree with almost everything Tom has to say except when he is telling us that we need to stop dividing ourselves, especially by the colour our skin, we're all human. If you disagree with that, you are the problem.
andrew hodgkin11
andrew hodgkin11 Пре 6 дана
I must be satan then because I’m with Tom! Toms music is great I love that he speaks what ever the hell he wants now a days you can’t do that because people are so sensitive ALL LIFES DO MATTER all people are them same no matter the color of our skin and people saying that oh these kinda people are bad or good well guess what all people no matter what they look like the color of their skin or ugly or not we all have good and bad but we also have are bad days I think everyone’s beautiful in their own way if if you see them as ugly their still beautiful no matter what other people think and if you don’t think their beautiful there is someone out there that will think they are beautiful TOM IS GREAT! LOVE YA TOM, NOVA YOU PEOPLE ARE GREAT!
Ruth Dever
Ruth Dever Пре 6 дана
These ladies expressions are so funny
Jason D Miller
Jason D Miller Пре 6 дана
Beautiful interview. I don't like rap music but this guy needs to be heard
Kim Hazen
Kim Hazen Пре 6 дана
I'm 60 years old I Love his music.
Pierre Gauthier
Pierre Gauthier Пре 7 дана
Funny how FOX is using Tom to get more views lolol
Celena Fenner
Celena Fenner Пре 7 дана
Tom McDonald is nothing but spitting truth outta every song! And by the way he is the farthest thing from racist! THESE SLEEPY SHEEP SHOULD SERIOUSLY BE DE-PROGRAMMED!
Mitch Alexander
Mitch Alexander Пре 8 дана
I'm gay (if that matters) and I'm here for Tom MacDonald!
Franklin Пре 8 дана
Controversial for spitting the truth. Lets cancel al these hate media outlets, politicians and the 1% who are dividing us.
Jeris Rathbun
Jeris Rathbun Пре 8 дана
I love how they only put the parts that made him sound bad then muted the parts with the truth in it like listen to the beginning of the of the song so much truth.
Tirzah Morelle
Tirzah Morelle Пре 9 дана
love you tom💜💜💜💜
Gaynor De Klerk
Gaynor De Klerk Пре 9 дана
Tom Macdonald is the BEST ever!!
Miguel Reyes
Miguel Reyes Пре 9 дана
Apparently I have to identify as a "person of color" now before I utter a word about any of this... either way, he's got it right!
john singer
john singer Пре 9 дана
wow same "woke guy" goes on the most corrupt news station in history...... NICE....... IRONIC I was almost starting to like him. then i saw this.... He is just fake and same thing everyone wants... CLOUT...... shame
Melissa Rambo
Melissa Rambo Пре 9 дана
Tom Macdonald do you have US citizenship? Ummm you should. May be a little pre mature but a US presidency could be in your future. People hate politicians they like people who are real. That's why everyone loved Trump!
Melissa Rambo
Melissa Rambo Пре 9 дана
They hate you Tom because they know you are right
Big King Ryan
Big King Ryan Пре 9 дана
Coming from London, any person who labels tom as a "Racist" "Homophobic" etcetera will not last a day.
Dorothy Ann Ford
Dorothy Ann Ford Пре 10 дана
Love Tom McDonald!!!!
Knobs Пре 10 дана
bruh move your mouce... bruh... bruh!!!
bob gates
bob gates Пре 10 дана
What a great man.
Dewald hand
Dewald hand Пре 10 дана
Ayara 81
Ayara 81 Пре 10 дана
Why not play the whole interview?
Perseus Rex
Perseus Rex Пре 10 дана
good on fox for having the stones to have him on
Z Kat
Z Kat Пре 10 дана
I love it, "facts don't care about your feelings" is a fact", LOL!!
Some Guy
Some Guy Пре 10 дана
The girl looked like it made her sick to report a point of view that wasn't hers. Don't get to big Tom or they will turn you in to an antisemite. They save that for the people they really want to bury.
Prison4HillaryC Пре 11 дана
Tom MacDonald = REALITY/COMMON SENSE... People are starving for something to watch/listen that isn't 100% lying... Abortion bar is the greatest bar in a song that again is COMMON SENSE/REALITY... Which is the exact reason the left operates how they do... Make up fake names for what's actually happening... (Women's Healthcare is killing a unborn child with it's own original DNA from the start) The fake names are designed to cause anger... To stay with same example... The racist white men on the right want to control a womans body... Sure we do... When did it become even a tad weird to (with no health emergency for the mom) to be against a totally innocent human being killed... You hear them scream their bs excuses if they dare try to "debate"... The left eats themselves... "What a a rape" Ok simple... One question if I say a perfectly healthy no issue pregnancy is there a moment in that time it's ok to say no abortion at 9 months for a perfect healthy mom/baby? Now days the answer is absolutely no you cant put that limit on the topic! Which instantly destroys the entire bs almost 0% rape type old excuses... That's the reason we are now here & millions just want a question answered with a 100% real answer... They want for both things to be able to happen with out being called some horrible attack like Racist Nazi all because the FACT that is the answer.... (FACTS DON'T CARE ABOUT FEELINGS)
Beauford Beauford
Beauford Beauford Пре 11 дана
Thanks Tom I have a song called cow manure splatters wish you could hear it
heretic124 Пре 11 дана
"interview" He said like 3 sentences. This format is dead to me. I want him on podcasts.
Oblivious 2 Reality
Oblivious 2 Reality Пре 11 дана
Car rides were quite when I was a kid. My Mom made sure of it. lol She'd still be drivin while smackin my cousins, and I in the back seat. She said "Don't make me come back their!" Well we just wanted to see her get in the backseat while driving. lol
I'm Hungry
I'm Hungry Пре 11 дана
Cancel cul"c"ure as c is pronounced in citrus xddddd
Alex Zender
Alex Zender Пре 11 дана
Well I’m racist I guess🥲
JOHND224 Пре 11 дана
#TomMcdonald #foxnews Now can you please expose and speak on the commercial fishing industry and how it is all being covered up using climate change and other bullshit. #stopcommercialfishing
ryan macatee
ryan macatee Пре 11 дана
I very much like his views it’s me exactly I’m not racist I love everyone u don’t love me that’s on u go to hell we need people like this can’t give one side all the power to speak and make the rules that leads to nothing good and he’s right the elites at the top most likely are putting us against each other I can’t understand the half of people who are brainwashed like my parents I don’t get it but you may feel as u wish it’s up to u don’t tread on other people for thinking differently that’s y I can’t think or see how they see it and if anyone noticed in the 70-80 s the news put everyone against African Americans and then take it back and switch sides which now will basically make two sides to fight then they’ll say they saved us from ourselves when they manufactured it to begin with idc if u don’t think I’m right good for u
Keyboard Dancers
Keyboard Dancers Пре 11 дана
I'm gonna enjoy watching the TM phenomenon develop!
Jaime L
Jaime L Пре 11 дана
I'm so so sad at the destruction of America (I'm an Irishman). I hope your country can get back to being the no. 1 superpower 🦅
Jaime L
Jaime L Пре 11 дана
2:30 OH SHIT can anyone respond to this?
Richard Killey
Richard Killey Пре 12 дана
He isn't scared of speaking the truth and I love him for it!
Stroup Family band
Stroup Family band Пре 12 дана
Gregory Kroestch
Gregory Kroestch Пре 12 дана
The world IS becoming allergic to opinions. It's annoying and oxymoronic. "Be more tolerant they say but keep your opinion to yourself... We can speak up but you must shut up."
Aaron Azazagoth
Aaron Azazagoth Пре 12 дана
Tom brings people together.
querylent Пре 12 дана
Wake up WOKE mf'ers Tom Macdonald rulez!
Advanced Survival Tactix
Advanced Survival Tactix Пре 12 дана
Ya'll mofos ARE fake woke 💯
Eugene Rudenko
Eugene Rudenko Пре 12 дана
Pathetic interview, level of their journalism is a performance to manufacture agenda that causes headache as all other media. Tom is good anyway.
Marijuana Misfit
Marijuana Misfit Пре 12 дана
Its "People so stupid"
Jess Dee
Jess Dee Пре 12 дана
Wow, leave it to twitter dummies to chime in.
Overly Reminiscent Grandpa
Overly Reminiscent Grandpa Пре 12 дана
Lol he’s corny af. But also often correct
J Dawg
J Dawg Пре 12 дана
FOX NEWS... "FAKE NEWS" they did there best with this piece to lead there mainstream viewers in a kinda subliminal way with the negative edits from there intro to over all discussion and description of him, the IG hate posts, then cuts from song and interview... Anybody who is into TM knows that dude is legit, trying do something good! But "FAKE NEWS" gonna put the early spin to control the narrative, push back on his come up!
Hexxxplicit Truth
Hexxxplicit Truth Пре 12 дана
Heathen FireArts
Heathen FireArts Пре 12 дана
( at 4:20 ) that bish is so fucking triggered 🤣🤣🤣 litterly the shit he's talking about. Gotta love it.
Jason Lowther
Jason Lowther Пре 12 дана
I support the man with every fibre of my being
Blu Advance
Blu Advance Пре 13 дана
More news channel should be displaying songs
Natalie Ballard
Natalie Ballard Пре 13 дана
Tom MacDonald is the KING!!!! He only SPEAKS TRUTH!
Salvatore Corleone
Salvatore Corleone Пре 13 дана
I’m woke enough to know Tom is on point... and as a narcoleptic I’m pretty much never woke.
KNOW THYSELF Пре 13 дана
Every boomer comment on toms vids. Well im not a rap fan but I sure dig this hippie hop. Its every comment. Can you guys pls not make him seem corny. He's effing amazing
Dennis Gentile
Dennis Gentile Пре 13 дана
Thank God there's still people like him the voice and opinion and be able to put it as a artist would
Dennis Gentile
Dennis Gentile Пре 13 дана
Anybody who listen to Tom is open-minded not racist
Kaylum Billings
Kaylum Billings Пре 13 дана
Funny thing is on itunes people are stupid was banned for a week but it proved his point so they unbanned it
Thomas Пре 13 дана
I'd never heard of this guy or his girlfriend until I saw them pop up on the news. This dudes topping the charts for the SAME reason Trump got elected, people are sick of the bullshit and someone who speaks their mind without fear of backlash is refreshing. I added him to my RSvid Music playlist, so much of his music is fact and some of it is pretty damn entertaining too! Plus him and his girl make a cute couple!
Lisa Outhier
Lisa Outhier Пре 13 дана
He has common sense that's all.... love his music!!!
AvonCalling71 Пре 13 дана
Ed Denoy
Ed Denoy Пре 13 дана
Some of his material is good and true, of course he will take a lot of flak, but all media people do. He looks like a right knob, though.
RarelyAccurate Пре 13 дана
His girlfriend is talented, his videos always look tight.
Fact9 Spitter7
Fact9 Spitter7 Пре 13 дана
Your truth is the truth....the sheep speak for themselves.
Political Porn
Political Porn Пре 13 дана
I LOVE this song and if the media would take the time to listen to his music you might f*cking learn something!
Phil RIta
Phil RIta Пре 13 дана
Bit of an aside - but what's going on with the anchor's pupils? Two in each eye? Do contacts do that?
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