TIMELAPSE OF THE FUTURE: A Journey to the End of Time (4K) 

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Support my work on Patreon: www.patreon.com/melodysheep | Get the soundtrack: bit.ly/2HKl9fi | How's it all gonna end? This experience takes us on a journey to the end of time, trillions of years into the future, to discover what the fate of our planet and our universe may ultimately be.
We start in 2019 and travel exponentially through time, witnessing the future of Earth, the death of the sun, the end of all stars, proton decay, zombie galaxies, possible future civilizations, exploding black holes, the effects of dark energy, alternate universes, the final fate of the cosmos - to name a few.
This is a picture of the future as painted by modern science - a picture that will surely evolve over time as we dig for more clues to how our story will unfold. Much of the science is very recent - and new puzzle pieces are still waiting to be found.
To me, this overhead view of time gives a profound perspective - that we are living inside the hot flash of the Big Bang, the perfect moment to soak in the sights and sounds of a universe in its glory days, before it all fades away. Although the end will eventually come, we have a practical infinity of time to play with if we play our cards right. The future may look bleak, but we have enormous potential as a species.
Featuring the voices of David Attenborough, Craig Childs, Brian Cox, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Michelle Thaller, Lawrence Krauss, Michio Kaku, Mike Rowe, Phil Plait, Janna Levin, Stephen Hawking, Sean Carroll, Alex Filippenko, and Martin Rees.
Big thanks to Protocol Labs for their support of this creation: protocol.ai/
And to my Patreon supporters: Juan Benet, Kalexan, Laine Boswell, Holly, Dave & Debbie Boswell, Abraxas, Alina Sigaeva, Aksel Tjønn, Daniel Saltzman, Crystal, Eico Neumann, geekiskhan, Giulia Carrozzino, Hannah Murphy, Jeremy Kerwin, JousterL, Lars Støttrup Nielsen, Leonard van Vliet, Mitchel Mattera, Nathan Paskett, Patrick Cullen, Randall Bollig, Roman Shishkin, Silas Rech, Stefan Stettner, The Cleaner, Timothy E Plum, Virtual_271, Westin Johnson, Yannic, and Anna & Tyson.
Soundtrack now available: bit.ly/2HKl9fi and coming soon to iTunes/Spotify/Etc
Peace and love,
Concept, music, writing, edit, and visual effects by melodysheep, with additional visual material sourced from:
NASA Goddard
Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking
Journey to the Edge of the Universe
How the Universe Works
Deep Impact
Wonders of the Universe
Moon raker vfx reel
Voyage of Time
if you found the text hard to read, check out the large text version:
Voice sample sources:
Attenborough Davos Speech rsvid.info/video/3dnYlLWn0WWVp6c.html
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20 мар 2019






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melodysheep Пре годину
hey guys - thanks for all the love on this piece. just posted my follow up film, LIFE BEYOND: rsvid.info/video/uLnInMeFxWCzpKM.html hope ya dig!
Marahata Charara
Marahata Charara Пре 14 дана
Acuos Auditore
Acuos Auditore Пре 15 дана
Cuando veas esto sig que ya a pasado mucho tiempo, recuerdas como fue la tierra, recuerda y mira hacia el exterior
리온t V
리온t V Пре 23 дана
Miguel Osorio
Miguel Osorio Пре 26 дана
500 :)
Miguel Baltazar
Miguel Baltazar Пре месец
The music in the first years when humans existed, what is the name of the music
RPT ITA Пре 4 сата
See nothing but black , *ok , let’s start over*
Kevin Wilbert Quispe Huaracha
Vaclav Rychtera
Vaclav Rychtera Пре 5 сати
Tildess Пре 5 сати
we’re all seeing this now aren’t we
love Mr beast
love Mr beast Пре 5 сати
Me: sleeps again at 7am after waking up, Me:IM blind
王光毅 Пре 5 сати
1:02 Chongqing,China
Jacob Henderson Gaming
Jacob Henderson Gaming Пре 5 сати
I will most likely be dead by 2099 or 2100 from mold age
ćomii Пре 5 сати
Black hole when he suck everything: WHOOP
Franky Пре 5 сати
Me: watches Video: finishes at 2021 me: :0
Uthaimin Usman
Uthaimin Usman Пре 5 сати
After All LIfe >> Life Will Begin Soon Again
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler Пре 5 сати
Ain’t god real ? 😂
Joel Vinluan
Joel Vinluan Пре 6 сати
all this time, you not really matter beyond everything but still you lived on this milkyway just do everything what you want go talk to your crush already
Tag McDonald
Tag McDonald Пре 6 сати
Anti-vaxx moms be like: 🤔🤨☹️😧😳😣😆😬😐
Fami Gliola
Fami Gliola Пре 6 сати
the cameraman at the end of time: bruh
le cat
le cat Пре 6 сати
Worst thing to happen in the future of the universe: ParashockX Outro has no more stars
Aj61406 Пре 6 сати
Nazkk Kkk
Nazkk Kkk Пре 6 сати
When he said the sun is now dead it hit different pain
just look at me go
just look at me go Пре 6 сати
uhh i am scared
James Reinhard Horst
James Reinhard Horst Пре 6 сати
A nice video, interesting to watch while you make a file backup, but just science fiction.
Death Trooper
Death Trooper Пре 7 сати
I...I don't want to go!
Death Trooper
Death Trooper Пре 7 сати
That...that made me cry...
BigIcedCoffee Пре 7 сати
me: shit everythings dead. *realises the video is only halfway done* me: wot
BigIcedCoffee Пре 7 сати
Ok who’s gonna relink the fire?
Silja Kr
Silja Kr Пре 7 сати
Meagle Beats
Meagle Beats Пре 7 сати
When you realize just how insignificant we all really are...
Dzak GT
Dzak GT Пре 7 сати
Humans 100 one trilons next die is in video oh no 😓😓😨😨 im 1 questions how is cameramen survive ???
Archer Jaye
Archer Jaye Пре 7 сати
It makes you think, doesn't it..... about how we are taking this beautiful time we have for granted. A haven between a fiery birth and an icy death wasted by worrying about trivial matters.
LOLLIPOP Пре 7 сати
The music really gives me goosebumps
Levi Ackerman
Levi Ackerman Пре 7 сати
A masterpiece.
Itachi Uchiha
Itachi Uchiha Пре 8 сати
We humans are such interesting beings we cant even save our own planet and yet here we are predicting the fate of the universe i think its best if we stay inside our "mortal" level
Nataniel 100
Nataniel 100 Пре 8 сати
Light, darkness. Life, death. Opposing forces in every aspect and yet one CANNOT exist without the other. They are different yet same two but one. Perfectly balanced in the cycle of rebirth transcending understanding. When one no longer exists the other loses meaning. The universe as we know it is nothing but a ripple in the infinite sea of creation. Rising and falling with every new drop that emerges from the infinite well. An eternal cycle, unstoppable and unavoidable. All things MUST end and that is just fine. Do not mourn it, instead rejoice it existed. Close your eyes and sleep withing the world of memory. As NEW light shines across nothing. The universe will not END in a bang but instead BEGIN anew. As it ALWAYS has...
Pablo - Roblox
Pablo - Roblox Пре 8 сати
George Chow
George Chow Пре 8 сати
The star will become a marble then collects by light.
anitheironmanux roblox gaming
what well happen to cosmos to?
Daniiel Пре 8 сати
All this gonna happen and you over here trippin' about one girl.
anitheironmanux roblox gaming
that all we need but i feel like i well never live how the futuer comes i just think what well happn to me and you all
Mizeal Пре 8 сати
No one who is watching this video is gonna experience any of the interesting stuff
J.A.V Пре 8 сати
mayane isidro
mayane isidro Пре 8 сати
me: god are going to be existing here forever god: yes my child this video pops up god: well im outta here byeeeeeeee
Arina Thakur
Arina Thakur Пре 9 сати
what about man made stars? they could provide the energy
Edward Пре 9 сати
people are smart
mayane isidro
mayane isidro Пре 9 сати
we can survive
Abhinav Bhise
Abhinav Bhise Пре 9 сати
if there exist other universes with different laws of physics then wow possibilities are literally infinite
CaNeSaZeNo Пре 9 сати
i blinked and 1 trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion years past
Shashank angitaya
Shashank angitaya Пре 9 сати
time is the most potent l said elders _. here we are knowing time once will be meaningless and that is the truth
Sandy Пре 9 сати
Aktuell ist die Erde von einer äusserst aggressiven Spezies befallen. Der Raubaffe, welcher sich den Namen Mensch gab, hat den Planeten flächendeckend zu seinem Eigentum erklärt. Was für eine Anmaßung!
Karl Bankson
Karl Bankson Пре 9 сати
Isn’t crazy how we think 80 even 50 years is old..... watching this is scary we don’t matter, immortality would be the worst thing to wish just floating in the cold dead infinite beyond of space.
Abhinav Bhise
Abhinav Bhise Пре 9 сати
I always wonder if the big band happened after the end of universe like its a continuous cycle of birth and death
Abhinav Bhise
Abhinav Bhise Пре 9 сати
i always wonder where exactly is the universe expanding to like do we live in a box and the box is expanding and if yes whats outside the box an infinite nothing?
Karl Bankson
Karl Bankson Пре 9 сати
I’m not going to but this gives me a reason to kill myself its not like it would matter
Abhinav Bhise
Abhinav Bhise Пре 9 сати
so crazy to think that our future as a species is already decided
Dalija Preljevic
Dalija Preljevic Пре 9 сати
this is not real
NoobyRyan Пре 9 сати
its what people "think"
Sean Griffin
Sean Griffin Пре 10 сати
What if each generation of intelligent life perceives time faster than the last, so that anyone living in the black hole era, for example, will see the ‘age of starlight’ the same way we see the Big Bang?
william tao
william tao Пре 10 сати
This is a true reason, why Thanos snaps his finger until the universe itself got reborn.
Baby blue Crewposter
Baby blue Crewposter Пре 10 сати
They said bennu will hit earth
A Stupid Imbecile
A Stupid Imbecile Пре 10 сати
Reject humanity go back to monke
Diana Arong
Diana Arong Пре 10 сати
Good thing is god took me before stars dies
wurstgesicht Пре 10 сати
Just a few minutes in and I'm already depressed.
Danish Blox
Danish Blox Пре 10 сати
No one knows what will happen in future but the only know is god
Danish Blox
Danish Blox Пре 6 сати
@NoobyRyan l
NoobyRyan Пре 9 сати
and the simpsons
God Blue
God Blue Пре 10 сати
the earths prolly gonna end soon maybe within the coming 40 to 50 years:THE DAY OF JUDGEMENT FOLKS............
Valentina Martinez
Valentina Martinez Пре 10 сати
lol imagine that in 2062 we breed ducks with top hats and send pictures of theme dancing all day.
wurstgesicht Пре 10 сати
Its crazy to think about it but the future might also be completely different due to Chaos Theory. We can never meassure anything precise enough to predict the future properly.
adame Games dz
adame Games dz Пре 11 сати
ar you say the life not end hhhh
Harpreet singh
Harpreet singh Пре 11 сати
Either intelligence on this universe ie we must take charge of taking us and matter into future we are here as intelligence and aware beings must take charge of changing and holding things as a whole we can and will surely be its kinda literally inpossible but every new discovery and idea looked impossible once
Harpreet singh
Harpreet singh Пре 11 сати
Listen everyone who is afraid of dyeing must watch it
Fajny Kuba
Fajny Kuba Пре 11 сати
it is a beautiful story
Tan Dinh
Tan Dinh Пре 11 сати
Iya ya Allah.
Rémi Ginestet
Rémi Ginestet Пре 11 сати
I do believe in God
Arhaan Ahmed
Arhaan Ahmed Пре 11 сати
Sage art Rinne rebirth
Ghost RIxz
Ghost RIxz Пре 11 сати
Im scared for the future
MagicalTale✓ Пре 12 сати
Wow 999999999999999999999999999999999999 trillion years in 29 minutes wtf
Meghry Messerlian
Meghry Messerlian Пре 12 сати
Will black holes remake the whole universe
Meghry Messerlian
Meghry Messerlian Пре 12 сати
I can just imagine what can happen next. This was so scary. I mostly liked the music.
Mable Mable
Mable Mable Пре 12 сати
Cockroaches: “where’d everyone go?”
Amish Austin
Amish Austin Пре 12 сати
Universe : It's about damn time. God : This is my entertainment.
StrivingFor Mindfulness
StrivingFor Mindfulness Пре 12 сати
“Cold, dark, and empty- this is how the cosmos will spend most of its life." Am... I..... the ... cosmos?????
AaronTheStuffguy Пре 10 сати
Sort of
No Nho
No Nho Пре 12 сати
Love you.
KlNG BEATER Пре 12 сати
if you think about it the only thing that would be left as evidence of our existence once our solar system perishes is the satellites we sent out into deep space
Genilson Soares
Genilson Soares Пре 12 сати
Um dos melhores vídeos que já vi na vida. Uma das melhores coisas que a internet já produziu. Uma absoluta obra-prima.
Aileen Laurel
Aileen Laurel Пре 13 сати
When you can't even read comments becaus you'll miss a few millions of years
Abdul hannan
Abdul hannan Пре 13 сати
Nice story
Ner d
Ner d Пре 13 сати
i feel so much more smarter now
Ner d
Ner d Пре 13 сати
Meanwhile the queen is vibing with her cokroaches.
Atlantis Пре 13 сати
MeliMelon Пре 13 сати
Actually the earth ends in 2020, oops :P
Jaden Stone
Jaden Stone Пре 13 сати
Hahaha your name is melody sheep... And this video is about writing a melody for sheep to follow. Space is not real, planets do not look like that. Stars and planets actually look the exact same. Melodysheep... Jesus christ, truth in plain sight. Like come on... Melody sheep? You could have chosen something a little bit more undercover. But I'm not at all surprised that people still believe this because we'll after all, they are sheep in need of fake melodies.
Fenrix15 Пре 13 сати
19:20 “... but combine one flavor with another, and something new was created”
Amogh Verma
Amogh Verma Пре 13 сати
After watching this video; Abhishek Upmanyu: Mai Kya Karu Phir Job Chod du XDDDDDDDDDD
Abdul Rehman
Abdul Rehman Пре 14 сати
very well made
A Пре 14 сати
This makes me rethink how I spend my time on this earth... I wish I was born a little earlier where I was too naive to understand what the future holds or a few hundred years in the future to see how far technology advances.
Matilda Hutchison
Matilda Hutchison Пре 14 сати
Ok but I can’t comprehend how our universe is expanding like it must be in something for it to expand like what’s outside the edge of the universe
DIY NGULIX Пре 14 сати
Universe is just someone science project, that got F !
Kaung Kaung
Kaung Kaung Пре 14 сати
Cockroaches: “where’d everyone go?”
How To Vegan
How To Vegan Пре 14 сати
If you found this video Awe Inspiring. Watch this one it literally says thr same thing about the end of the world, and the Universe being rent assunder, expanding on for ever, but its been known since 1,400 years ago....... rsvid.info/video/x520mdJ-z6yxgZI.html
Matthew Tingler
Matthew Tingler Пре 14 сати
Me: scared The vid, year 610 billion trillion thousand million million trillion.
Kpopper 101
Kpopper 101 Пре 14 сати
Wow is all I can say
Honey Badger Productions
Honey Badger Productions Пре 14 сати
Who are the people behind Melody Sheep? I love a lot of your work it’s amazing
Jennifer Kamigaki
Jennifer Kamigaki Пре 15 сати
Flamingwizard 01
Flamingwizard 01 Пре 15 сати
I wonder if this will still hold if we discover white holes, love the video tho!
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