Time to Talk.. 

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I talked about some claims about me that was hurtful, some harrassment and also touched on clickbait. Hit that like and drop a comment! :)
Featured in the video:
Dr Ben Buchanan, Clinical Psychologist specialist in body dysmorphic disorder
Foundation Psychology Melbourne - www.foundationpsychology.com.au/
Abbey Sharp
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11 авг 2020






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Chloe Ting
Chloe Ting Пре месец
Please do not mention this person's name. There isn't a need for this person to get any attention and even hate. We are better than that :)
aradhana chauhan
aradhana chauhan Пре 5 дана
You give me more confidence each day❤️ Lots of love 🌺
Philisiwe Nkosi
Philisiwe Nkosi Пре 6 дана
Anything 4 u proncess
Philisiwe Nkosi
Philisiwe Nkosi Пре 6 дана
Kajsa Brown
Kajsa Brown Пре 13 дана
you da boss chloe!
juvelyn co
juvelyn co Пре 15 дана
Kar Law
Kar Law Пре 58 минута
I think you are creating a really healthy, motivating and supportive community. Don't let his negativity get into your head.
LouAmari Пре 2 сата
He spelled diarrhea wrong.
EricaMorgan Пре 3 сата
Clearly this person is just jelly.
Jane Garcia
Jane Garcia Пре 3 сата
How can anyone claim she is scamming people? She gives us free workouts that actually produce results.
Nina Mallah
Nina Mallah Пре 4 сата
I was introduced to your channel two months ago, and I've lost 15 lbs! I have been doing yoga and gym workouts for years- with very little results. I love that your workouts are not too intense so I actually look forward to them everyday. I take recovery days when my body says so. I love your attitude, energy and cute face :) Thank you!!
Cara DeBona
Cara DeBona Пре 4 сата
Don’t ever change or stop doing what you do!! You are the reason I wake up and want to workout everyday! I haven’t felt this confident and strong in years !! I thank you so much!! Not everyone wants to be the bodybuilder type! I’m just trying to be fit and strong and you have done that for me! Stay sweet, Chloe!! So much love! ❤️
Sara Reindal
Sara Reindal Пре 5 сати
zero intensity........? I am in an okay shape and I was DYING after the first five minutes XD Who is he, Hercules?!
denshizzle 05
denshizzle 05 Пре 8 сати
No intensity in her workout? First time I tried her 25 min full body workout in low impact, and I'm so out of breath. I'm a newbie into the world of fitness. And I'm so glad there are low impact versions of her workout. He's just so jealous of you.
The word on Weightloss
The word on Weightloss Пре 8 сати
You’re wonderful clo clo.. don’t listen to this idiot. You’re motivating and the ppl who matter can tell you care about the progress of others! Keep doing what you do... your so generous with all your free programs
Gyanendra Bhattrai
Gyanendra Bhattrai Пре 11 сати
Love you ♥️♥️
Cara King
Cara King Пре 16 сати
omg this guy is so stupid. ive been doing these workouts for about 2 weeks now and i love them. i am so happy and chloe is a great instructer, she is so sweet and enthusiastic. my friend also does these workouts and we both love chloe so much. x
Abc 10
Abc 10 Пре 20 сати
Queen Chloe 🙏
tutifruitibooti Пре 20 сати
So many comments so you probably will never read this, but your workouts helped me get my fitness back after years of recovering from a head injury and then going through IVF, which ruined my metabolism (I used to be thin and athletic prior). Starting your workouts in June and continuing off and on all summer I gained back so much definition and lost weight as well. I've never been the kind of girl to use a workout video but this really worked for me :)
Mina Marr
Mina Marr Пре 21 сат
He's not worth mentioning. Thank you for your hard work and training us for FREE! It's obvious MILLIONS of us appreciate you!
Delicate Sweet
Delicate Sweet Пре 21 сат
I don't understand why Chloe is getting hate from people. The very first time I discovered her channel I took it as a blessing. I did some of her workout and honestly, it was so hard and intense, it was just the first day. But when I did it like almost everyday, I got so used to it and honestly, I saw lots of difference in my body and I'm so happy and thankful for it. Chloe ting, thank you so much ❤️ xo. ***To people who does Chloe Ting workouts, Don't forget to stretch before exercising, she also has stretching videos too 😉😊😁 and yes, let's not skip the ads so we can help her too***
Sanaa Kuttab
Sanaa Kuttab Пре 21 сат
I love your programs, videos, and spirit
Ikigai Harmony
Ikigai Harmony Пре 21 сат
We love you Chloe. Because of you I have a healthy habit. You motivate me to exercise. My belly is now turn into abs. Sending virtual hug to you.
Jazzy Пре дан
how can he say ur workouts are 0 intensity - i wanna see him try! also 100s are PAINFULLL
mesungjae_bts Пре дан
Just followed you after this video :)
Meagan Chavez
Meagan Chavez Пре дан
Girlllll just know there’s hella people pissed because you blew up with simple routines. It is what it is. By simple I don’t mean anything negative by it. I’m doing them. On day 5 right now!!! Heeeeeyyyyyy lol wish me luck. Quarantine did me dirty y’all. But I mean if you look up any personal trainer they tend to have similar videos and workouts. Like why can’t people be happy and celebrate the fact that someone is doing positive shit in there lives. Keep
Sneza Zivkovic
Sneza Zivkovic Пре дан
Know it’s hard but I hope you won’t stress too much because of these little peope. You changed people’s lives and continue to do so. Giving out free programs and advice shows what kind of peraon you are. We’re here for u girl! ♥️
Klaudija Jukneviciute
Klaudija Jukneviciute Пре дан
I love the way she takes this smoothly and calmly. She is such a good person I feel if i saw her in real life she would be soo sweet!!
La Mr vuvu uwu
La Mr vuvu uwu Пре дан
Guapaaa prrityy bella hermosa you are real im spanish and my english no its good sorry
baba iaga
baba iaga Пре дан
I KNEW YOU WERE A PEWDIEPIE FAN!! Nice pp references I love your workouts and thanks for making them free you’ve helped me a lot with not only my body and my fitness but working out helps me deal with stress, depression and just gets me in a generally better mood actually, so yeah, thanks you so much for doing what you do
Ani Avanessian
Ani Avanessian Пре дан
Lol sounds like this guy has a crush on Chloe
Mary Grace Pacheco
Mary Grace Pacheco Пре дан
Chloe Ting, thank u for making me confident. I'm just doing your workout routine for 9days but i saw a lot of progress. 😊
jen Пре дан
i love you so much! you are an inspiration :)
Brianna Alvarado
Brianna Alvarado Пре 2 дана
She actually helps
Daniella Rodriguez
Daniella Rodriguez Пре 2 дана
Don't mind them. Just keep on doing what you love. Your workouts are great,challenging and fuuun. That's what's most important that a workout is fun, because if it is we are gonna keep doing them
Z T V Пре 2 дана
Love your workouts! Not easy by any means lol, wooh! Each time after a workout I feel like I have worked out a different part of my body. Muscular type might be for some, toned might be for some, and skinny might be for some. The point is everyone wants different body goals. You have The Body! My goals for sure. Don’t let anyone try to tell you otherwise and don’t change for the haters. Your channel is not workouts to build mass muscles or for weight lifters. If some don’t like it, they don’t have to watch your videos, simple. After working out to your videos, I definitely feel challenged and my body getting stronger each day. Keep up the excellent work Chloe!!!
Cheryl Muir
Cheryl Muir Пре 2 дана
Keep rising, Chloe! We love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Jeffrey Chen
Jeffrey Chen Пре 2 дана
Very well put! Love how you're handling the situation
Lulu M
Lulu M Пре 2 дана
You are absolutely amazing!!!! Keep up the good work!!!! Love you 😘
Jooniper Пре 2 дана
Proof that people will hate on literally anyone. It comes from a place of deep insecurity and jealousy. Your workouts are changing my LIFE. You are strong and beautiful and I am grateful to have come across your channel. Keep being true to yourself and working passionately, Chloe xx
Tami L
Tami L Пре 2 дана
The guy is just a hater! I used to think that no one would be crazy enough to think they would get abs in 2 weeks but this man has proven me wrong. I entered it thinking I would loose some inches on my waist and I did, I lost 1.5 inches watching and working with just 1 video! The hater can suck on that!
Oakley Peters
Oakley Peters Пре 2 дана
This is ridiculous! You have done so much for women's health and self confidence. Your videos are super inclusive and helpful. Especially for people coming out of quarantine and feeling down and not their usual selves. He does not know what he is talking about. He just wants to hear his own opinions validated but other haters in the void of internet space. Don't let him worry you for a minute.
Alizeh Dahl Winter
Alizeh Dahl Winter Пре 2 дана
I'm gonna be honest, I only just heard of you last week but you are just so cute and sweet that I think I'll try the 2 week challenge! Screw the haters!
Isaac Cole
Isaac Cole Пре 2 дана
What a lame guy . How could anyone hate on such an awesome creation of the lord. You need a real man to make you feel right ;)
Strangers Paths
Strangers Paths Пре 3 дана
I really like you Chloe and In my opinion this guy just wanted to spread some hate. This video just feels like u make fun of that. I mean sure laughing at something is better than crying and the things he was saying are obviously dumb af :D but still I wished it would be more serious, and I know everyone has different reactions on things (I also laugh in rl at stupid situations), because it feels like a drama video ^^ And I dont mean to be rude or something. Just my honest opinion. Just keep doing what u do. You have so many people who really like you, count me in!
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