This Earthquake Drowned the Pacific Northwest 

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This earthquake drowned the Pacific Northwest long ago-and there’s still evidence of it today.
Find out more in “Making North America: Human”: to.pbs.org/2tNUffc
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6 јул 2017






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Official Lazy Company
Official Lazy Company Пре 3 дана
6.5.Magnitude? sort of mild.It`s not earthquake intensity
Nathan Stevens-Cocco
Nathan Stevens-Cocco Пре 9 дана
Hey Goomba! Human beings arrived in North America over 14,000 years ago! What evidence is there for high magnitude earthquakes beyond a few hundred or a few thousand years???
Bailey Greuniesen
Bailey Greuniesen Пре 13 дана
ryland adams
Carva Lone
Carva Lone Пре месец
Fantastic animation!!
Krane Пре месец
Why can't they just dig down another 300 years and see what they find? If its cyclical that should reveal it...no?
Ralph Latham
Ralph Latham Пре 3 месеца
"Will it happen again?" ? The question is when.
TexMex Пре 3 месеца
Taco Tuesday 8-11-2020
Soul Chicken
Soul Chicken Пре 3 месеца
Makes me wonder if there is any record of it in Native legends.
Ann Stropes
Ann Stropes Пре месец
There is! I watched a well done documentary on it.
VEAKSTA Пре 3 месеца
yeah it will happen again. the world is going to have some massive cataclysmic events in the near future. this could be one of them.
JB_XYZ Пре 3 месеца
September 2020
Seba Elizalde
Seba Elizalde Пре 3 месеца
How far will it come and pls tell me if it can reach Portland
Ray Ramos
Ray Ramos Пре 3 месеца
SmokeRanch Пре 5 месеци
It has happened many hundreds of times
hello there
hello there Пре 5 месеци
Recent findings conclude that the Cascadia subduction zone is more complex and volatile than previously believed. In 2010, geologists predicted a 37 percent chance of an M8.2+ event within 50 years, and a 10 to 15 percent chance that the entire Cascadia subduction zone will rupture with an M9+ event within the same time frame. Geologists have also determined the Pacific Northwest is not prepared for such a colossal quake. The tsunami produced could reach heights of 80 to 100 feet (24 to 30 m).
Laub1793434 8
Laub1793434 8 Пре 5 месеци
Hi everyone! Download #SeismoCloud free app - to contribute to earthquake early warnings. You will be notified in real time. play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=it.sapienzaapps.seismocloud • When your phone is on stand-by and placed on a table, it becomes an online seismograph • Thousands of smartphones like yours will allow the monitoring of the whole territory • In the event of an earthquake, an immediate alarm will be sent to those in areas where damage may occur • The alarm (as a notification) travels faster than the seismic wave, so many may receive it a few seconds or tens of seconds before experiencing the earthquake. SeismoCloud is a crowdsourced project: everyone contributes simply by installing the app. The union of all small contributions is a great service for everyone.
wanderlustandsparkle Пре 6 месеци
Everyone should be forced to watch videos like this as it shows that Tsunami's don't just go inland a few miles as this video has shown that 80 miles inland had a Tsunami.
Andrew Nel
Andrew Nel Пре 7 месеци
Does it surprise anyone that the United States government allegedly attempted to crop dust the Californian citizens with carcinogenic and sterilizing chemicals. There are few things that upsets the bag men more than having to spend the taxes they extorted from the public on disaster recovery.
Xx Xx
Xx Xx Пре 7 месеци
Lol seriously? Yes it is true, but it was called a great flood! Nope, second time around its going to be very hot!
ginger cox
ginger cox Пре 7 месеци
I would think some record could be found documenting this event?
stvp68 Пре 8 месеци
Trying to figure out where they had the cameras placed during the canoe sequence
Deepanshu gamer
Deepanshu gamer Пре 8 месеци
Hood job
Prophetic Word
Prophetic Word Пре 9 месеци
The big unthinkable earthquake never been seen by human kind is yet to come rsvid.info/video/nqW7dcl2q3qrh6c.html
Guy H.
Guy H. Пре 9 месеци
I know this river! I lost a 20# King salmon there!
雷星 Пре 9 месеци
i live in nanaimo BC am i safe from tsunami? im scared
雷星 Пре 3 месеца
@Satria Jannatan are you sure? im talking about the big one
Satria Jannatan
Satria Jannatan Пре 8 месеци
I think you'll feel the earthquake, but I don't think it would cause a large tsunami in nanaimo
wisterV Пре 10 месеци
Were the not Spaniards on the West Coast In 1700? Did they not feel the effects of this event?
Todd Kort
Todd Kort Пре 7 месеци
There had been several European expeditions along the west coast, but no settlements, except for those of the indigenous tribes. The first European (Spanish) settlement on the US west coast was a fort (Presidio) built in the San Diego area in 1769, long after that early 1700s earthquake.
UFO's Astrology & Predictions With Dr. Turi
Take real predictions of large quakes from Dr. Turi @t
not you
not you Пре 10 месеци
A 700 mile crack....reminds me of a woman I once met.
Satria Jannatan
Satria Jannatan Пре 8 месеци
Lou C
Lou C Пре 10 месеци
I remember staying with my grandmother during the summer in San Pedro California, and finding sea shells in the side of a cliff way up on a hill at Pecks Park. Now being a 11 year old kid in 1968, I was surprised and confused as to how the hell all these sea shells got way up here. I mean, Pecks Park is not that close to the ocean, and as mentioned, up the hill a ways. I remember it being about 2 or 3 miles from the Ports a Call village. Well not long after that, I learned the answer. Lets hope the next big one is a long time off.
Steven Bull
Steven Bull Пре 6 месеци
How bout Noah's Flood?
Amiya cuteyy Rodriguez
Amiya cuteyy Rodriguez Пре 10 месеци
On I my for people who died 💔😭 but it is ok I live in Texas and I'll be okay I know but people who live in the sea I my sorry for you guys 💔😢😭😭😭
Liberal #WalkAway
Liberal #WalkAway Пре 10 месеци
This is one of the things that's wrong with America. Nerds like this should have their face kicked in not supporting their foolish theories
Joey Riveira
Joey Riveira Пре 10 месеци
He said 600 miles of land mass fell under the ocean . That seams so extreme to loose nearly 1/5 the country’s lenght . That would put Seattle at the eastern end of Idaho if the land had not have gone under .
XenoNautica Пре 10 месеци
I didn’t see who made the video so I was expecting some Conspiracy Stuff- Then I realized it’s that big flood thing that happens. A very- happy?- surprise. But uhhhh Yeah the flood thingy is really interesting and there’s a lot more to it then what was said in the video. I recommend looking it up
Victor PONCE
Victor PONCE Пре 10 месеци
a mudflood in 1700 hmm. Maybe we are on to sumthn.
Charlie Sands
Charlie Sands Пре 10 месеци
Before humans stepped on North America. Around 1700
Johan Madetski
Johan Madetski Пре 10 месеци
I hope the next one selectively takes out all the west coast libtards.
angela c
angela c Пре 10 месеци
The GOVERNMENT has been in control of the weather for years.
Tomnator Tomnator
Tomnator Tomnator Пре 10 месеци
angela c you’re a fuckin idiot
SometimesTurtle Пре 10 месеци
Really? "Will it happen again" and ends? Talk about skirting the actual issue and just pretending it's not over due already and we currently have many many signs showing it's primed and priming more at the moment more than we have ever seen. Not good.
Mike Richardson
Mike Richardson Пре 10 месеци
I’m sure it will happen many more times this last one was probably not the first time.
jim walker
jim walker Пре 10 месеци
cascadia is part of the ring of fire. it connects also to the san andreas fault system.
ReformedOrderPart2 Пре 10 месеци
I currently live in Seattle, WA. I lived in a place up on Capitol Hill just off of I-5 in having an insane view of downtown Seattle, Queen Anne Hill, the Space Needle, & parts of Lake Union. I awoke to see a fog based cloud formation that was literally a wall of thick clouds that looked like a giant tsunami that went as far as I COULD SEE from one end of town to the other. I had even taken a picture of it with my phone. I had also had a dream in which I awoke, to find my bedroom carpet wet & water in my living room. Wasn't until I got there from the bedroom that I saw the tops of West Seattle & Queen Anne Hill as "islands" in only half of the Space Needle sticking up out of the still waters in just the stem of the structure remaining.....
emeraldent Пре месец
You should be good on the hill! I live down by the market, all silt land! Only renting, lol, probably headed inland in near future, ha
bowblizz Пре 10 месеци
Thank god I live north of the border that 99.9% of yank northwest earthquake shows just ignore. To them its OR/WA/AL coastline. Sad insecure mindset yanks.
Raymond Bowers
Raymond Bowers Пре 10 месеци
An underwater displacement can cause over a 1 mile high wall of water.a mega displacement or asteroid can cause over a 3 mile high of water.both will take out earth......
Dr Rockzo
Dr Rockzo Пре 10 месеци
Oh God I hope hippies and those folks in black don't drown
Vinnie Valentine
Vinnie Valentine Пре 11 месеци
This is why most Oil comes from coastal areas, there where most people live and end up getting wiped out thru earth's history.
jollyandwaylo Пре 11 месеци
Oil was created millions of years ago by dying animals for the most part. Plants create natural gas. The oil fields are usually formed in a large body of water that can dry up or through plate tectonics be pushed to other places. It doesn't have to be at the coast. It has nothing to do with people or where they live.
Phill Taylor
Phill Taylor Пре 11 месеци
OF course it's going to happen again! The question is when!.
ZyferDex_ Пре 11 месеци
perhaps anytime but i dont think its gonna happen in our lifetime
Lesley Gaither
Lesley Gaither Пре 11 месеци
Mark 13:8 For nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom. And there will be earthquakes in divers places and there shall be famines and troubles: these are the beginnings of sorrows.
Ter Пре 11 месеци
Does the water come inland for 15 miles??? Anyone know HOW FAR? Interesting..!
Titãñús Ghïdøráh
Titãñús Ghïdøráh Пре 11 месеци
Joanie Dingess
Joanie Dingess Пре 11 месеци
Well our continent has East, West and southern shores surrounded by ocean. If that sea level rises, all the coastlines are affected by it. Ppl should be smart and move to higher ground. Do your own doing for you and your family. Don't wait on somebody else to be all so helpful when you'd need it most. Just remember how slow that help was to reach many ppl in New Orleans. Many homeowners lost all they had and nothing to bankroll themselves with for a new home. Living in old buildings once meant for other things, trying to find some way back to their life. It was heartbreaking. Best to pay attention to warnings when it becomes more obvious that there will be a problem. I was raised in the hills of WV, and never wanted to go back because of how poor many communities were. I mean, it could get you bogged down in winter or flooded in, in the spring and sometimes the summer. Guyandot river flooding(Its another north going river). Dams now stall most of that mine water, but it still gets high at times during heavy rains and they have to release some of the dam waters. But, as a place its well away from coastal shores. Its just an idea that some may want to think about. Getting your children into a safer area to grow up in and raise their children in. Just make sure you have a good income tho. Those areas aren't called poor for nothing. All the mines are mostly gone now. Railroad work dried up with that. Little left for the railroad in these places, except for hauling big cargo. They leave home grounds to find work in nearby cities, but not much work left that students or low income families don't already have. I would like to see the local govs in each state in the mountain areas there do some pooling of some of the best business minds to see if they can find some sort of viable businesses to create jobs, and products that our world may soon need. Maybe think futuristic needs, but with a slow process of that, because they also need to be selling now products too, to stay relative and productive. I try to raise these idea a lot whenever I can. Doesn't hurt.
brodefineportraiture Пре 11 месеци
Millions of Democrats would die if this happened. Think of what this could do to our country.
June Thomas
June Thomas Пре годину
Yes I believe there will be an earthquake in California I lived in Norwalk California and they had an earthquake I was 14 on my way to school and side walks were cracking into everythang was shaken so yes I was scared we did not have school all that day so a we could thank about what happen in the earthquake.
Anna Lexi
Anna Lexi Пре годину
*_A couple of years ago I had a dream that a big earthquake tsunami happened like this!! I lived in Washington & was seeing black & water come towards us.._* *_& I live in Northern California never even been to Washington before!! The dream was so vivid & scary.._*
Emory King
Emory King Пре годину
ima blood
Emory King
Emory King Пре годину
ok boomer shiba
Clint Louis Flores
Clint Louis Flores Пре годину
Omy gud sobire hot angy...@@@
Clint Louis Flores
Clint Louis Flores Пре годину
Omy gud sobire hot angy...@@@
nightworld4 Пре годину
Well time to go to Mount Rainier, or something like that
Zethify Пре 8 месеци
nightworld4 Reggie?
Quentin De Francesco Ponzevera
Quentin De Francesco Ponzevera Пре годину
They are many earthquakes in Seattle I m live in Seattle and they are only time the earthquakes
That1 Guy
That1 Guy Пре годину
The quake in Japan back in 2010 had something similar happen. Will never forget seeing that damage it has created. Such unbelievable force pushing cars and buildings. It Will be scary to see again on our coastline.
April Roberts101
April Roberts101 Пре годину
Im glad i live in england...
Abigail Deeks
Abigail Deeks Пре годину
April Roberts101 if the ocean rises 10 feet Britain will be gone
The Tourist
The Tourist Пре годину
that makes the ground vibrate, but nothing that makes the ground vibrate as much as my mother-in-law comes in 😂
Yabba Dabba Doo
Yabba Dabba Doo Пре годину
Anyone who lives on a coastal strip is constant flood disaster material. These clowns get wiped out and then expect $50 from everyone from the wise end of town to rebuild their life?
Rosaisela Sandoval
Rosaisela Sandoval Пре годину
What’s coming next? Biblical-From a 2000 year old book “THE SIXTH SEAL” Revelation 8:8 “The second angel sounded his trumpet and something like a huge mountain all ablaze (☄️ ASTEROID) was thrown into the sea.”
Steven Bull
Steven Bull Пре 6 месеци
Good insight!
Barry Dean
Barry Dean Пре годину
That true
Mark Volker
Mark Volker Пре годину
larry mack
larry mack Пре годину
it's an existential threat. we must act NOW. there's no time to wait. do it for the children!!
Big Bad Joe Grizzley
Big Bad Joe Grizzley Пре 6 месеци
@jollyandwaylo Could be wrong but the cascadia subduction zone reaches all the way to Northern California. If it were to be hit by the wave it would then would wipe out a third of all fruit's, vegetables, nuts. Along with polluting the ocean, here in Washington state we still deal with debris washing up on our shores from the Japan incident. Not to mention Boeing, Amazon, Microsoft all being wiped out may seem small compared to Yellowstone or something that catostropic. But the effects caused by the disaster wouldn't limit itself to just the pnw but alot of the Pacific region as we still see with Japan. Waste plastic is becoming a major source of environmental pollution, including as a significant contributor of greenhouse gases, a principle cause of global warming so the two go hand and hand.
jollyandwaylo Пре 11 месеци
We are acting and have been acting for decades. All building codes have been changed to reflect earthquake danger. Global warming is a far more dangerous situation because it doesn't just affect a small region.
Titãñús Ghïdøráh
Titãñús Ghïdøráh Пре 11 месеци
Heavy Metal Hair Salon
Heavy Metal Hair Salon Пре годину
Yeah specially we're magnetically connected to the Sun
Whitney Connolly
Whitney Connolly Пре годину
We are coming in our elliptical orbit to between Jupiter and the Sun. Jupiter has a Mega Huge Magnetic Field that goes past Earth. What an adventure that will be.
Rose White
Rose White Пре годину
Imagine you're a dinosaur. And 4,350 years ago it suddenly started to rain and the ground began to shake...and a year later all the dinoaurs, people and other animals are buried in sediments - apart from 8 folks and a selection of animals on a big floatigf box with perfect dimensions for riding rough water... Read: A BRIEF HISTORY OF TIME NUMBER 2 available from Amazon.
gremlinuk1968 Пре годину
Observer Пре годину
1. Yellowstone Super volcano 2. cascadia subduction zone 3. San andreas fault. American dream eh?
Kamiha Helberg
Kamiha Helberg Пре годину
Guiding Angel lmao made me laugh😄
Tony Brown
Tony Brown Пре годину
rsvid.info/video/m5iTfZZmqpKtcLM.html watch this Saints eye opener wall all of them .
Daniel Nsikan Joshua
Daniel Nsikan Joshua Пре годину
Here, doing my homework for this season of acceleration :)
Vance Myers
Vance Myers Пре годину
Daniel Nsikan Joshua
Daniel Nsikan Joshua Пре годину
No search fo Jesus
Logan Donley
Logan Donley Пре годину
Is it me or does this dude look like a younger version of Stanford Pines from Gravity Falls
UFO's Astrology & Predictions With Dr. Turi
6.3 mg quake Oregon, 6.1 mg Japan Dr. Turi did it again! “This is where you will see the real power of Draco, when I put the green where my mouth is!” -rsvid.info/video/1ZSYo8hzm2vOapI.html Read more and share pls www.drturi.com/6-3-mg-quake-oregon-6-1-mg-japan-dr-turi-did-it-again/
jamieson collie
jamieson collie Пре годину
Seattle’s finna be clapped
Mary Davis
Mary Davis Пре годину
Thumbs up
trailerpark ninja
trailerpark ninja Пре годину
Just wen I thought Wisconsin was the worse place 2 live lol, boy wen it happens yikes, maybe that's y the gov bought millions of coffins, they know its coming
Whitney Connolly
Whitney Connolly Пре годину
And the State of Washington suggesting people be used for fertilizer...
George Roberts
George Roberts Пре годину
Drown the PNW? Really? I know it wiped out a coastal fishing town of sixty thousand in Japan in 1700 from the subsequent wave.
WiiLove Weather Entertainment
WiiLove Weather Entertainment Пре годину
I think the town was called Mito
Ken McClellan
Ken McClellan Пре годину
Yes, we are again about to go under. The books to read are Chan Thomas' "Adam & Eve Story" or William Bassett Walker's "Cyclical Deluges." Unfortunately, your powers-that-be have spent three centuries attempting to make humanity forget ancient stories that would have an impact on your life. Take care. archive.org/details/cyclicaldelugese00walkrich/page/n10
Jeff Motter
Jeff Motter Пре годину
The earthquake happened in 1700?? So there wasn't any people in the United States in 1600??? Really?
Caelan Wells
Caelan Wells Пре годину
Caelan Wells
Caelan Wells Пре годину
Bessie Staton
Bessie Staton Пре годину
This is a sign we are living in the last days of this System of things which mean the Governments that are ruling now. Yes the Queen' s reign too ( Not God' s creations trees, ground , grass flowers vegetables ect . Will remain forever.). And some humans too.
jbdancers Пре годину
Bessie Staton True indeed, Sister Staton. 😊
shermun fakename
shermun fakename Пре годину
kj Nightbird
kj Nightbird Пре годину
I had read in the past, that this repeating earthquake triggers a corresponding tsunamis in Japan. Yes, it last hit them in 1700. They even made megalithic stone markers warning future generations NOT to build below its marking line. This quake has been going on for thousands of year. ⏳📉🌎🌊🌏
David Mehnert
David Mehnert Пре годину
BeeHead Пре годину
The land that subsided as much as 5 feet during the earthquake in 1700 does not appear to have risen back up to its previous level, at least not where the ghost forest is located. I think that this fact would weigh against another fault release coming soon. Of course, there are a myriad of other things going on that could cause one to happen soon. I would not live permanently or own property close to the coast along that zone.
TR- Labs
TR- Labs Пре годину
So much CGI, not a single real photo of Earth!
Mr Smart Ass
Mr Smart Ass Пре годину
TR- Labs oh ok
TR- Labs
TR- Labs Пре годину
@Mr Smart Ass I did a lot of computer graphics and animation, just look at the video!
Mr Smart Ass
Mr Smart Ass Пре годину
TR- Labs not trying to have an argument, but evidence?
TR- Labs
TR- Labs Пре годину
@Mr Smart Ass No, just real facts!
Mr Smart Ass
Mr Smart Ass Пре годину
TR- Labs sounds like you have some sort of conspiracy.
TR- Labs
TR- Labs Пре годину
So much CGI, not a single real photo of Earth!
ShakespeareCafe Пре годину
Tick tock...it happens every 300 years on the Cascadia Subduction Zone 1700>>>>2019 = borrowed time....GOOD BYE STARBUCKS
Mike Becket
Mike Becket Пре годину
More hype bullshit and junk scuence. BULLSHIT every damnass drop of water on planet Earth is the same amount we have had since the brginning forever... as it cannot leave planet Earth ...No more no less And what we have now is the exact amount we have had in the beginning so this flooding and new York under water is bullshit Pure and simple....stupid
Peyton Singh
Peyton Singh Пре годину
That is not true at all lol. Antarctica is melting, that causes more water. Just one example. God bless.
ThomasG10mtn Пре годину
*PRAISE JESUS CHRIST!* Thank you my Everlasting Father!
Gojo 32
Gojo 32 Пре годину
I feel sorry for you people that live near it.You guys will have it worse than me with the San Andreas fault.
Colleen Lumanlan
Colleen Lumanlan Пре 8 месеци
it.You Nord.js
Nebadon Lanonandek
Nebadon Lanonandek Пре годину
Keep on guessing, keep on changing geological history books maybe someday you will learn the truth of Earth's real past👽
Fayrothedon Пре годину
Leslie Killam
Leslie Killam Пре годину
It's not the co-killess. It's the co-keel. Coquille.
Nitroracing71 Ho-Boa
Nitroracing71 Ho-Boa Пре годину
This reminds me of HENRY ROLLINS! CAUSE I'M A LIAR, A LIAR!!!!
Warren G.
Warren G. Пре годину
Soon, very soon. You can count the last days. Before 2028 we will witness how small man really is, and don't control one Damn thing on earth. Mark my words. The old world will die and new be born. The San Gaberial's will stand on the sea and shore.
Leena Right
Leena Right Пре годину
Oroville Dam is 464 miles above Ridgecrest. If it fails, disastrous flooding and loss of life will occur. It is already close to maximum capacity. I sincerely hope officials will make it a priority to check the structural health of the dam in the light of these two very strong quakes. 😐
Stu L
Stu L Пре годину
A similar event took place about 8,000 years ago ( minutes in geologic time ) in a similar area and brought a 30' tidal wave almost 40 miles inland in Washington. Today - it would wipe out much of that area.
Fer cool Adventure
Fer cool Adventure Пре годину
Fast & furious😗😂🏎🚓
Life in Washington
Life in Washington Пре годину
Must be global warming. Man sure did mess up That Sahara Jungle. All those natives and there carbon. Damn them all.
Jeff Sutthoff
Jeff Sutthoff Пре годину
Can’t happen again ‘cause MAGA!
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