The Weeknd & Ariana Grande - Save Your Tears (Remix) (Official Video) 

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Official music video by The Weeknd & Ariana Grande performing "Save Your Tears" (Remix), available everywhere now: TheWeeknd.lnk.to/SYTRMX
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Production Company: Blinkink @blink_ink
Director: Jack Brown - @jbanimation
Executive Producer: Josef Byrne @philipphlop
Producers: Matt Marsh, Dom Thompson-Talbot & Sami Goddard
Storyboard Artist: Sav Akyüz @splitwigs
Pete Sharp @petesharp.universe
Dexter Maurer @dextermaurer
James Neilson @jamesxneilson
Character Design: Jack Brown - @jbanimation
Anita Gill @_anitagill
Andrew Khosravani @andrew_khosravani
Ed Smith @boxbeatrobot
Katherine Spangenberg @katiediazz.art
Gaurav Wakankar @gwakankar
Maki Yoshikura @maki_animation
Michael Towers @michael.towers
Nikunj Patel @spiralofsorts
Thomas Knowler @knowlerdraws
Jonathan Gallagher @grasptheview
Paul Cheshire @paul_cheshire
Adriano Vessichelli @adrianovessichelli
Editor: David Toba @ediztor
I saw you dancing in a crowded room
You look so happy when I’m not with you
But then you saw me caught you by surprise
A single teardrop falling from your eyes
I don’t know why I run away
I make you cry when I run away
You could’ve asked my why I broke your heart
You could’ve told me that you fell apart
But you walked past me like I wasn’t there
And just pretended like you didn’t care
I don’t know why I run away
I make you cry when I run away
Take me back cause I wanna stay
Save your tears for another…
Save your tears for another day
Save your tears for another day
Met you once under a Pisces moon
I kept my distance ‘cause I know that you
Don’t like when I’m with nobody else
I couldn’t help it, I put you through hell
I don’t know why I run away, oh boy
I make you cry when I run away
Boy take me back ‘cause I wanna stay
Save your tears for another
I realize that it’s much too late
And you deserve someone better
Save your tears for another day
Save your tears for another day
I don’t know why, I run away
I make you cry when I run away
Save your tears for another day
Save your tears for another day
Save your tears for another day
Save your tears for another day
Save your tears for another day
Save your tears for another day
#TheWeeknd #ArianaGrande #SaveYourTearsRemix




22 апр 2021






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Le Gaming Tranquille
Le Gaming Tranquille Пре 2 сата
Bella poarch liked this.
Izzy Пре 3 сата
Cant wait to watch them perform this song at the iheart music awards
Dedistail Пре 3 сата
ucl opening ceremony
Beray Yildiz
Beray Yildiz Пре 3 сата
If there is a Ariana grande doll I’m buying it
sxnshine_xeditz #stopanimaltesting
I am obsessed with this song, great job 💕
Ava Rina
Ava Rina Пре 4 сата
Abel: I saw you dancing in a crowded room. Look so happy when I'm not with you Selena: Just us two Even in a crowded room Baby, it's just me and you, yeah
jacques romano
jacques romano Пре 4 сата
D3αth ML
D3αth ML Пре 4 сата
2:01 *dat hand smooth af*
Moatèz Пре 4 сата
Can't wait for the live performance 🤤
Ken Xiong
Ken Xiong Пре 4 сата
Grande would be an upgrade from Gomez
Jose Santiago
Jose Santiago Пре 5 сати
Vamos por los 100 millones de Views 💯💯
The Adir Channel
The Adir Channel Пре 5 сати
Unfollow due to the lack of support for Israel. You should be ashamed.
chefj Пре 5 сати
Free Palestine!
Moody Lyrics
Moody Lyrics Пре 5 сати
imagine this is the factory of girls destroyed by Bella Poarch in her Build a Bitch music video
Ramonly Пре 6 сати
I like to think this is how barbies are made and the weekend is some creep who wanted a life sized one
Noddy Пре 6 сати
Please voted for The Weeknd on BBMAs voting site as social finalists in 2021. He deserves it,
Izzat Izzat
Izzat Izzat Пре 6 сати
Abhinav Malik
Abhinav Malik Пре 6 сати
Favourite song 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️
TAlAl & 1980
TAlAl & 1980 Пре 6 сати
Amanda Amlong
Amanda Amlong Пре 6 сати
The wary gondola astonishingly connect because glider developmentally announce plus a handsome viola. uneven, tender tense lathe
Junior Julian Gonzales Bravo
*Friends twerking*
VICTOR HUGO Пре 6 сати
John Smith
John Smith Пре 6 сати
That was awesome!
lika gelashvili
lika gelashvili Пре 6 сати
WWG1 WGA Пре 6 сати
This is creepy AF. #CloneLivesMatter
josue valentin vera lerma
josue valentin vera lerma Пре 6 сати
muy buena cancion y remix
Umberto Simeoli
Umberto Simeoli Пре 7 сати
54M✨ Keep watching & streaming !!!
Na intha song dailyum keppen sooo beautiful 😍❤❤❤
Olivia Schneider
Olivia Schneider Пре 7 сати
The furry furtive marble extraorally encourage because view strangely question along a prickly growth. ratty, barbarous burst
Ruelo, Jaspher Adrian C.
Ruelo, Jaspher Adrian C. Пре 7 сати
Bella poarch
Monica Pokar
Monica Pokar Пре 7 сати
Ryan Heredia
Ryan Heredia Пре 7 сати
Sin duda Ariana da su toque a la canción, una de mis favoritos remixes, Ariana es mejor ♡
Harthono Sinhawansa
Harthono Sinhawansa Пре 7 сати
The song appeals to those of us who grew up in the 80's. Lovely arrangement.
Bill Graper
Bill Graper Пре 7 сати
This is what music sounds like when you actually have talent & know how to create songs. I just listened to a song called "Beatbox," and I swear it sounds like that guy has an IQ of about 10. Some people shouldn't be allowed to make music. The Weeknd & Ariana Grange have my seal of approval. 🙂👍
Keturah Pejakovic
Keturah Pejakovic Пре 7 сати
i like it its smooth
Joseph sixers
Joseph sixers Пре 7 сати
I keep watching this song a thousand times
Junior Julian Gonzales Bravo
*Cientifico Loco twerking*
Kenje. peep
Kenje. peep Пре 7 сати
Ariana singing at her lower register made my year!!!!!
123HD29 Пре 8 сати
Me: watches this video. Also me: Watches the new Bella Porch music video. Coincidence, I THINK NOT!
fluffy girl
fluffy girl Пре 8 сати
This video is so similar to the bulid a bitch song video
Mr PHD Пре 8 сати
Because of the doll? And I read this comment after watching the Build a b**** song for the first time.
Jesus SG
Jesus SG Пре 8 сати
Eqavion Roberts
Eqavion Roberts Пре 8 сати
This is a number 1 song yeah 🤍💧
සොමි Boy
සොමි Boy Пре 8 сати
My first love told me to save your tears to another day and she left me..!!
Rayssa Silva
Rayssa Silva Пре 9 сати
Muito Som
Rayssa Silva
Rayssa Silva Пре 9 сати
Não consigo SUPERAR 😍😍
Spooky Пре 9 сати
I love The Weeknd’s music he’s just about the only music Artist I will listen to but I’m not trying to hate but I don’t think Ariana Grandes voice doesn’t matches The Weeknd’s songs or like her voice is not the one for this.
Luiza Pantoja
Luiza Pantoja Пре 9 сати
Edwin Gray
Edwin Gray Пре 9 сати
se parece al video de build a bitch de bella poarch, q
Bateema Francis
Bateema Francis Пре 10 сати
I love how Ariana sings now it’s the best
Marianco Snyman
Marianco Snyman Пре 10 сати
Fuck it. How do you decide to come a long after the fact? Hate it.
Douglas Felipe Mota Moreira
Douglas Felipe Mota Moreira Пре 10 сати
Cara, essa música tem uma vibe sensacional
sem nome br
sem nome br Пре 10 сати
50M✔ 51M✔ 52M✔ 53M✔ 54M
neoseoul Пре 10 сати
idk why but i thought ariana granduch made a new album lmao
hun ginnshie
hun ginnshie Пре 10 сати
Song : ulalala Singers : Randy, Daniel and yahaira plasencia Listen to the music
Jesus Sánchez Rico
Jesus Sánchez Rico Пре 10 сати
I loved the song 👏🏻
Fabiula Bonilha Bonilha
Fabiula Bonilha Bonilha Пре 10 сати
Amoo demais essa música 😍
KrisFX Пре 10 сати
Abstract 80s goodness 🤩
King Noah Ramos
King Noah Ramos Пре 10 сати
She is the only person that can work with him and get hits. I hope the keep working together. 💪✌️
Ame & Diego
Ame & Diego Пре 11 сати
53. 796.880 que paso chicos esto ya deberia tener 60M vamos si se puedeeeee no dejen de verlo y tambien hay que llegar alos 2M de likes y 100K comentariosss vamos arianatours
Nokia 2000s
Nokia 2000s Пре 11 сати
O comentário Brasileiro que vc tava procurando.
Be You
Be You Пре 11 сати
Zionist occupation is targeting the red crescent and its ambulances. This is a war crime. #GazaUnderAttack #IsraeliTerrorism #freepalestine
Ignacio Tejeda
Ignacio Tejeda Пре 11 сати
Streams "Electric" de Katy Perry. 💫
ShadowManV3 Пре 11 сати
I can tell the person who made Bella Poarch music video build a bitch got very inspired by this music video
ChapmanVlogs792 Пре 11 сати
This song got me through the hospital
Alissa perez
Alissa perez Пре 9 сати
Hope you are doing well. ❤️
Jesús franko arsel Chinguel sagastegui
:) ziiii
Jesús franko arsel Chinguel sagastegui
:3 wuuu
Jesús franko arsel Chinguel sagastegui
Guarda tus rcsmrs lágrimas para otro día xdxdxdxd
Karoline Oliveira
Karoline Oliveira Пре 12 сати
Que voz Ariana.. que voz!! 🥲💕
le Tuan
le Tuan Пре 12 сати
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Blandest_ 91
Blandest_ 91 Пре 12 сати
Wtf that Ariana grande
Pedro Пре 10 сати
The queen of this world babe ;)
Isay † Corona
Isay † Corona Пре 12 сати
Time to cry :))
demian Melian
demian Melian Пре 12 сати
Is it me or is the video for Bella Poarch's new song the same as this one?
Oml Maryy
Oml Maryy Пре 12 сати
Copied Bella poarch?
Pedro Пре 10 сати
Mike T.
Mike T. Пре 12 сати
I like it, but I still like the original version more.
Jnelle Trim
Jnelle Trim Пре 12 сати
Remember God loves you! Want to turn your life around, say this prayer to give your life to him⬇️ Dear eternal and everlasting father, i come before your throne of grace surredering all, i come before you asking for your grace, your mercy and your forgiveness. I know that i have not been living for you lately but i come ro you today ready to change my life and live for you and you only. Please guide along this journey with you in Jesus' name i pray, amen.
Mani Banika
Mani Banika Пре 12 сати
Adrian Addun
Adrian Addun Пре 12 сати
Day 17 listening of this song May 15 2021
Ruth Alves
Ruth Alves Пре 12 сати
Perfect save her tears
Shane Connor
Shane Connor Пре 12 сати
this song is amazing, ariana extra is extra amazing
RIKOcorp. Пре 13 сати
Haba Baba
Haba Baba Пре 13 сати
Still prefer the original, didn’t care for Ariana’s lines
יערה פוביני
יערה פוביני Пре 13 сати
We love israel..
Ekiel!Xavier_Jastβ_ Пре 13 сати
Love this song so so so soooo much..💛💚😘😘😍
Kiasha Pillay
Kiasha Pillay Пре 13 сати
Euphonik and Mi Casa's Don't Wanna Be (Your Friend)...
``Va̶LøᏒah`` Пре 14 сати
Original is still better
Ash Пре 14 сати
why does ariana grande look like nicki minaj tho lol
lol Пре 14 сати
this sounds like heaven
Saralo Ha
Saralo Ha Пре 14 сати
while it's great that she gives the song more exposure, her vocal takes away greatly the things that make me love the original her new verse isn't well written, she oversings, steps on the instrumental and unnecessarily "showcasing her range" in the background in comparison to Abel who just sounds properly sad
S W Пре 14 сати
Made For Love vibes?
Saibot Black
Saibot Black Пре 14 сати
*and theres no tears left to cry* “In ariana’s song”
andrew? Пре 14 сати
I prefer the original
joao_ marconi_
joao_ marconi_ Пре 14 сати
tvtime2121 Пре 14 сати
This song and “Clover Cage - One More Try” are the only two things keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better...We are in this together...I love you...💕❤️ 💕
Erika Jurado
Erika Jurado Пре 14 сати
Alguien mas se dio cuenta que se parece más a Nicki Minaj?, 😂
raaz awaiting
raaz awaiting Пре 14 сати
whos that lady cartoon
Kädibel kuusk
Kädibel kuusk Пре 14 сати
Look this song sounds like it's 10 years old even tho it's not
Sanjeet Sahay
Sanjeet Sahay Пре 15 сати
Wtf is this low registrer everyone's talking about, does everyone knows music or are they copying the term from other comments to look cool smh
X naZZ
X naZZ Пре 15 сати
Cocky4U Пре 15 сати
I’m old and I quite like this .
Maliyah Buildzz
Maliyah Buildzz Пре 15 сати
The weekend: save your tears for another day Ariana Grande: but I have no tears left to cry-
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I really miss you... Chill vibes
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