The Real Story of Paris Hilton | This Is Paris Official Documentary 

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We thought we knew Paris Hilton. We were wrong. This is the untold true story that shaped the woman, and the iconic character she created. Stream it free September 14 with ads on RSvid or sign up for RSvid Premium to watch the Extended cut. Learn more at: support.google.com/youtube/an... Check out RSvid Premium at: rsvid.infoorigi... See if Premium is available in your country at: support.google.com/youtube/answer/6307365
0:00 Intro
5:20 Paris’ Early Years
12:00 Nicky Weighs In
16:37 A Crazy Lifestyle
31:25 Nightmares
44:28 The Teenage Years
51:08 Bad Relationships
1:09:53 Stories of Abuse
1:20:50 Survivors Reunion
1:30:02 Breaking the Silence
1:37:45 Telling Mom The Truth
1:42:02 Credits

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13 сеп 2020






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New Beginings
New Beginings Пре 31 минут
Just be what you wanna be, 💯🖤❤️
Gerb McNuggets
Gerb McNuggets Пре 45 минута
TL;DR “I want to be a billionaire because my parents mentally abused me so much I can no longer trust people and money makes things easier to control”
Laura Grace
Laura Grace Пре 57 минута
YOU’RE AWESOME BABE ! Smashing it !!! ❤️
Pinay Network
Pinay Network Пре сат
I love Paris Hilton
Amanda Sardi
Amanda Sardi Пре сат
Paris, I believe that struggle creates character and character creates hope. Stay strong and beautiful. All of my love.
Aish Ashoori
Aish Ashoori Пре сат
Paris you need to do Transcendental meditation 🧘‍♀️ TM TM.org it is very healing
TANYA FRIDA Пре 2 сата
If Andy Warhol were alive.......
Cherie Пре 2 сата
Someone please introduce Paris to CBT and ASMR.
Tahlia Jasmine
Tahlia Jasmine Пре 2 сата
oh my heart ❤️
Kim Pontiveros
Kim Pontiveros Пре 3 сата
GMONEYHAWK Goria Cunningham Jr
Paris Hilton is iconic in fashion
Eva María E.M.
Eva María E.M. Пре 3 сата
Hola París ,que suerte de NO haber tenido traumas d pequeñita ,pero la vida te lo acaba dando y a ti también te paso pero más entre la juventud y la madurez y eso te hace GRANDE ,porque te hace la mujer que eres hoy en día y te deseo lo MEJOR saludos desde Spain (Barcelona)
Eva María E.M.
Eva María E.M. Пре 2 сата
Probare uno de tus perfumes París lo pediré para Navidades
Eva María E.M.
Eva María E.M. Пре 2 сата
Eres alucinante París y NO eres ningún monstruo a NO ser que seas el monstruo d las galletas ,Ñam,Ñam
Eva María E.M.
Eva María E.M. Пре 3 сата
También me gustan MUCHO los animales París y me ENCANTAS por eso MISMO porque te gustan como a mi MUCHÍSIMO
Gitty Rosenberg
Gitty Rosenberg Пре 3 сата
The fact that this is people's normal is heartbreaking!! Wow I have no words to express how much respect i have for you for sharing that and how proud I am of you for being so real and raw and it breaks my heart that you had to go through that and for anyone who has gone through!! You all are deserving of so much better than this. This documentary is so raw,raw,open,honest and just inspiring and just opens this new level of respect and admiration for you and just people in general that are suffering.I love you!!❤💖 Just wow!!💔🙏💖
IVY C PF Пре 3 сата
Watching this basicly gossip girl serena is bassed on her That why , just bc u see someone with alot of money or have a famous last name does not mean they have it perfect
Christina Ray Nguyen
Christina Ray Nguyen Пре 3 сата
so much respect for you!
demrnda.blñs Пре 4 сата
Quelle vie misérable elle mène... 😨 Ça doit être hyper dure pour elle.
Swemau5 Пре 4 сата
02:20 You're the number ONE female DJ in the World and you get paid $1 Million per DJ gig. I'm going to watch the rest later, but she's not even a real DJ LOL
Yulinda L Gaol
Yulinda L Gaol Пре 5 сати
993K subs, 16 MILLIONS VIEWS
Mary Ann Lammersen
Mary Ann Lammersen Пре 5 сати
Serious deadly case of affluenza. (A psychological malaise supposedly affecting wealthy young people, symptoms of which include a lack of motivation, feelings of guilt, and a sense of isolation.) Paris is motivated, but toward that which makes her case worse...psychologically speaking.
Bruce Porter
Bruce Porter Пре 5 сати
,8, s,a Z? . BC
Sarah C
Sarah C Пре 5 сати
Wow! This has to be the most genuine Paris I have ever seen. I take my hat off to you for being so brutally honest and vulnerable not just with your words, but also your emotions. Not an easy thing to do at all.
Zohar Fishtetn
Zohar Fishtetn Пре 5 сати
Give me a break...poor little rich girl.
Tashaa M
Tashaa M Пре 5 сати
Awe Paris this heart breaking, I hope this helps you move forward. You are just beautiful inside and out. 😘😘😘😘
Relax Realign
Relax Realign Пре 5 сати
I’ve always liked her. Fr.
Kimiblue Пре 6 сати
Interesting! Who would've thought
Good Girl
Good Girl Пре 6 сати
No hate . But I really don't like Paris I get that dumb blonde mean rich girl vibe from her I don't think she deserves all that hype. Like we know you are pretty what else ? Anything else besides your looks and makeup that is interesting? .
kelkel90ful Пре 6 сати
before she got up on stage at Tomorrowland that was so hard to watch I think a lot of us can relate to a guy who has ruined every big moment for her
Miss Renee
Miss Renee Пре 6 сати
I love this real side of Paris. It made me love her her more. I love her in her jogging pants and showing this real raw side to herself. Most of all I love this movement that she is standing for. I think this is by far my favorite side of her.
Nico Sphere
Nico Sphere Пре 7 сати
Im so proud of you Paris. Love you! ❤
Sanjana Dias
Sanjana Dias Пре 7 сати
Now the Kardashians are gonna come out with somthing like this
Allen Valladares
Allen Valladares Пре 7 сати
Just finished the whole documentary! Love you, Paris! Stay strong as you are. 💋
cyndiluwho Пре 7 сати
This sheds some light on the voice changes......going in and out of character.
Mary DiMambro
Mary DiMambro Пре 7 сати
Incredible woman!
Eric Bhealed
Eric Bhealed Пре 8 сати
Thank you for having the courage to be yourself and to tell your story. So beautiful.
Thanks for sharing this.
Sanjana Dias
Sanjana Dias Пре 8 сати
"Are they your real frnds ? Yes. Can they care for you ? " Poor child .
liz Damião
liz Damião Пре 9 сати
When appearances matter more than love and happiness... this is what happens. I have a new found respect for Paris, definently born into the wrong family. Live your life and seek your dreams Paris, everything and everyone else, are secondary.
Pwettypwushie Пре 9 сати
"she's never told me that" *continues to self comfort by biting her nail* her mother is a LIAR
Ifra Riaz
Ifra Riaz Пре 9 сати
this is a real life thriller movie and the amount of respect i ad for you just went up like a million times!! the first time i heard about the genuine you was from jensen ackles and jared padalecki .... spnfam supports you!!
Cynthia Пре 10 сати
I just don’t understand why on earth they would send her to that ,school‘
Matt Friend
Matt Friend Пре 10 сати
Paris would make the greatest mother of all.
CeeCee Black
CeeCee Black Пре 10 сати
Beautiful, moving, deep, and informative. Thank you, Paris 💙 new fan with a new perspective, bless you
Lexi Пре 10 сати
Paris, I don’t know if you’ll ever see this, but if you do: your little Hilton’s love you & care for you. I’m sorry you had to go through the things you did. You turned that into success and I hope you find your happiness. If I learned anything from this it was to not judge a book by its cover. You shouldn’t feel like you have to act a certain way for YOUR brand. This is your brand - be entirely yourself!!! And people will love you even more for that. 💖
teresa de jesus aispuro
teresa de jesus aispuro Пре 10 сати
She clearly went through something traumatic and is still coping through what she went through and her sister basically sees it as “well you were a bad kid” such bs
Matt Friend
Matt Friend Пре 11 сати
Wow.😦...I hope your healing Paris, I know you are helping many others.
Eric Morgan
Eric Morgan Пре 11 сати
Always knew you were real ; not just a rich girl gone wild. Awesome! Simply done. Perfect real look into your life.
Gabriela Heitor
Gabriela Heitor Пре 11 сати
ugh i love her
Abbey Ranch
Abbey Ranch Пре 11 сати
Proud of you for sharing with the world the real authentic you is Gods love shining bright thru any darkness... you really are....a Star. Praying for your success anddd divine health and happiness always! -Hebrews 6:10 is for you Paris💛🙏🌺🍀
Emma Peterson
Emma Peterson Пре 11 сати
this is incredible
3rdeye Kai
3rdeye Kai Пре 11 сати
Why were these parents okay with strangers kidnapping their children though???? Thats obviously traumatic and abusive.
Eric Morgan
Eric Morgan Пре 11 сати
Love the Documentary. I to had some whack parents growing up; hence why I’m broke to this day. Mental abuse and physical. I to had went to Utah (job corps). Like military and so much craziness. Keep up the DJ ing I love it. Mixing it up :)
Ana Peña
Ana Peña Пре 11 сати
it made me cried a lot. I love you Paris
JOANA M Пре 11 сати
I hope they stop this camps. As well as the ones of I.C.E. Stop abusing kids.
Wallace Miller
Wallace Miller Пре 11 сати
womanizer yh
womanizer yh Пре 11 сати
Lashawn Holman
Lashawn Holman Пре 12 сати
I've always been a fan of Paris, liking everything about her, but watching this truly made me respect her on another level. Boxing up all that hurt so beautifully is so relatable. Thank you for sharing. #lovesit
JOANA M Пре 12 сати
I really don't like the guy she was dating. He seems like a manipulator. Why do some people think their couples owe them all just because they have trusted enough to date them? That's an abusive thing to do. Trust it's earned. I think the guys she dates are jealous of her and insecure. He even complained about not being promoted enough. Disgusting. She is wise not to trust them fully.
***Berlin Stadt der Jugend*** Berlin***
Just be your self- and--🤟🏻👏🏻🤘🏻🌷😬🙏🏻❤️🤣
Lisa Пре 12 сати
OH Paris we all seem to suffer in some way huni. I was bullied, however this place you went into solitary have you proceeded to call police and make a case on this??? I think you should...this is a big deal and you could be helping alot of others who were in there..
Angel Johnston
Angel Johnston Пре 12 сати
RSvid.com/watch?v=aKKUKZcySWs RSvid.com/watch?v=oouPLPsN5kc
Ivan Martins
Ivan Martins Пре 12 сати
I was hopping this wouldnt be as theatrical as it was... too many scenes were pure acting....
D G Пре 12 сати
It’s disgusting how family makes us feel like we always have to be perfect
D G Пре 12 сати
Everyone wants to be rich and famous, not knowing they are the people whom are the saddest.
AyshaV .A
AyshaV .A Пре 13 сати
I cried.
Alex Tsahalis
Alex Tsahalis Пре 13 сати
She's a true Aquarius. No one will ever really "know" her the way she knows herself.
Hannah Hansel
Hannah Hansel Пре 13 сати
I have so much more respect for you Paris. 💗
AyshaV .A
AyshaV .A Пре 13 сати
I believe you Paris xxxx
Kelsey George
Kelsey George Пре 13 сати
Something about this just seems so disingenuous. I feel some authenticity, but she's still pretty much the same person that she appears to be in media.
Mavani Пре 13 сати
This is so similar to riverdale when Betty and her sister were in that sisters home
Abigayle Hamblin
Abigayle Hamblin Пре 12 сати
The sisters of quiet mercy, I totally thought of that!
Janeofthronz Пре 13 сати
This was so raw and amazing. Love always Paris❤️✨
Rachel Bernet
Rachel Bernet Пре 14 сати
I hope since Paris revealed all the abuse she has edurred (finally) has made her family and friends with great influence in the world cause an uproar in the horrific communities that Paris was sent to as a teen. These communities are being paid to abuse children. This is insane and so scary. No wonder she has the same nightmare night after night. Imagine the people who have been through this who have no voice. Thank you to the women and Paris who brought this to light. I am beyond disgusted. I don't want to blame parents for sending their children to these places but in a way I do. I've never been a parent. It's so difficult not to blame parents.. Very frustrating. I hope these horrible camps/places get shut down and the people are held accountable. That's all.
selin Susan
selin Susan Пре 14 сати
I see a beautiful woman, who is creative, kind, willing to admit to mistakes, and take responsibility. True to herself. This documentary has played the role of a personal reminder to me, to be honest with my own self. And that I can choose who I want to be, but it needs to be for myself. DAMN DJ PARIS!
ITSConnorMurphy Пре 14 сати
After watching this I really don’t know how I feel about her parents... Even her sister; just toxic, I don’t know.
sunshineagua Пре 14 сати
Paris: not sure if you’ll see this, but I love you and am so proud of you for speaking out and standing up. You’ve saved many lives just through the power of your voice. Your Truth is you Power. Your beautiful authentic expression is your Nature. I hope that you might look up “self-hypnosis”. Theres an ancient yogic technique called “auto suggestion”. You can delete those nightmares and replace them in your subconscious mind. If you need help with suggestions, write back! Blessings and light. You’re are whole and complete already. Shed the attachments and you’ll find happiness lies beneath, ready to be lived. ❤️
sunshineagua Пре 14 сати
Also (money can’t buy happiness) happiness is just underneath the pain/attachments. Let go of those! Seriously, healing is available. I am on the path of freedom as well. It’s the “work” but there are keys...raga yoga/self hypnosis can help but all the keys exists with you! Ask Your Heart! It’s the voice that is your Light/Guide. You’re Love, Light, and I pray that you achieve Peace and Happiness!
Sleepy Meadow
Sleepy Meadow Пре 14 сати
Don't you ever worry about buying a new laptop ever again Paris; I will teach you how to clear your search history.
Mrz. Taylor
Mrz. Taylor Пре 14 сати
Her mother's controlling ways is the root cause for her trust issues and unhappiness. Overbearing parents cause so much trauma to their kids.
Kay Rod
Kay Rod Пре 14 сати
My heart goes out to you girl. Now I understand the sunglasses. Bless your soul and I hope you find your person. I know there's someone amazing out there for you. ❤
stevensckeyes Пре 15 сати
So I'm a guy and a few minutes into this, I couldn't stop watching. You know this is proof...While there is nothing at all wrong with achieving success, love is not measured by materialistic objects - which are often collected in abundance to remedy filling a void. At the end of the day, what matters is setting your soul free. Very eye-opening look not into just "Paris Hilton," but the journey of a girl growing into a woman who has finally begun her own healing process, which will allow her to finally experience true, genuine happiness. Awesome. Very brave of you Paris. You've gained a fan:)
Kara James
Kara James Пре 15 сати
Because I’m a fan of her and want her to stay strong and find happiness
Kara James
Kara James Пре 15 сати
I’m going to support Paris Hilton
skate shack sample
skate shack sample Пре 15 сати
the king has no clothes, who doesn't want to be like that
Jackie Garza
Jackie Garza Пре 15 сати
I really hope this quarantine helped Paris get a small break from traveling and the stress that obviously comes with it! We love you Paris Thank you for speaking out for the rest of us survivors
YWG Пре 15 сати
Keep doing what your doing ❤ , people are trying to bring u down but atleast u love something,go all into it !
Lisa McGrath
Lisa McGrath Пре 15 сати
Thank you Paris for being real and staying true towards urself. Ur a wonderful person inside out.... Ur not alone
YWG Пре 16 сати
Damn I feel for you Paris, the childhood thing is inhumane and torturous! 😔😭 YOU ARE STRONG ,REALLY REQLLY STRONG !
Carmen Hunter Health IFHCTM
Carmen Hunter Health IFHCTM Пре 16 сати
Very vulnerable, very real, very appreciated. Let the healing begin. Try Brainspotting and Neurofeedback. you can move on.
Dee Sanchez
Dee Sanchez Пре 16 сати
Wow 🤩 I feel you girl... all the way UP 👆🏽forever HOT!!!!!! Besos 💋 and Hugs all the way from South Texas We LOvE You 😍 P.s My daughters are 2nd generation watching The Simple Life...😉👩‍🌾👩‍🌾
Hannah Sarro
Hannah Sarro Пре 16 сати
My thoughts have totally changed after watching this - amazing story that takes a lot to do ❤️
EveryoneItsKay Пре 17 сати
Remi Longsplice
Remi Longsplice Пре 17 сати
Powerful. I came over to check it out from KatVonD speaking about the documentary. I was locked up in a similar facility in Chicago. The joke was, that you were cured when the insurance ran out. But wealthy families could keep the kids in there indefinitely. The 11 months Paris was in there, must have felt like an eternity.
Lori miss
Lori miss Пре 17 сати
Glad she didn't marry that douche bag. I've had 8 million boyfriends and they were never controlling or physically abusive. There's something in her psyche that makes her go to controlling men. That nutjob was actually trying to stop her from doing her job and going onstage. She was there working. She doesn't need someone like that. Crazy.
šahza šahzić
šahza šahzić Пре 17 сати
You probably wont ever read this but girrll take your life in your hands... dont let guys be dickheads be the boss .. girl do not let all off them do that to you...
Yanira Gomez
Yanira Gomez Пре 17 сати
Que asco que en ese momento se burlaran de eso en televisión abierta
Ceylan Avci
Ceylan Avci Пре 17 сати
Her voice changes like she become different person when she is serious
Ala ala Sasha
Ala ala Sasha Пре 17 сати
She has the options,she could choose not to,but......still digits to figured
Lori miss
Lori miss Пре 17 сати
I've seen that whole kidnapping thing on Dr phil
Joyce Пре 18 сати
It's kinda unnerving how her voice changes when she's doing media. But this made me respect so much more than the blonde bimbo I thought she was base upon the show she did with nicole richie. Update after watching it through: She's is so strong. And I wish her all the happiness, love and just peace of mind.
Rirri Rum
Rirri Rum Пре 18 сати
I always loved Paris, I loved her then I love her now , my girl crush forever
Yanira Gomez
Yanira Gomez Пре 18 сати
Sus fragancias son las mejores, eres un bello ser humano Paris 🥺
Blue Butterfly
Blue Butterfly Пре 18 сати
Fantastic documentary! I was NOT a Paris fan but, I sure am now. I'm a 60 year old mom, grandma and retired Social Worker. This really touched my heart. I really hope she and the other ladies hold this place accountable. When that lady asked if Paris has ever apologized to her parents, I couldn't believe it!! It's her parents that need to apologize to Paris!! Being a teenager is the most difficult stages in human growth. Having difficulties like she did, is a parenting issue not a teen issue. Clearly, her parents had poor parenting skills and/or didn't have the skills to parent a free spirited teen. All the best and I sure hope Paris keeps in touch with those girls because they're REAL people. Not sure about the spirituality part in Paris's life, but having a strong spirituality is the foundation of healing. I really hope they do a documentary on that school! 💙🕊️🕊️💙
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