The Advanced Chess Bots Are Terrifying 

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After the last video I recorded against the beginner bots, I decided to play the more advanced ones, beginning with Nelson (1300) and ending with Ahmed (2200). These are all on chess.com.
0:00 Intro
0:30 BOT 1 - NELSON - 1300
4:27 BOT 2 - ISABEL - 1600
10:00 BOT 3 - MIGUEL - 1900
18:40 BOT 4 - FATIMA - 2000
26:50 FINAL BOT - AHMED - 2200
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12 јан 2021






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Rachel Precourt
Rachel Precourt Пре 3 сата
Guys we all know jimmys mom is the best bot.
jkopf Пре 4 сата
I am watching this today... you are welcome
Enoch Lui
Enoch Lui Пре 7 сати
It's not Nelson that is bullying me. It's Antonio.
xShawt Пре 12 сати
Timothy Edward Thomas
Timothy Edward Thomas Пре 13 сати
No one : Me trying to do anything : 12:07
Seth Parker
Seth Parker Пре 15 сати
Thank you for the revenge against Nelson. That jerk has been ruining my quick comp games during my lunch break.
FrostFire Пре 18 сати
26:38 Pronounced that name horribly wrong, it's an arabian name.
Kiran A Samraj
Kiran A Samraj Пре 18 сати
I hate nelson
tatewaki2000 Пре 22 сата
I didn't recognize my distaste for Nelson until this video. Thank you for giving us a voice. ❤️
R3tryX #
R3tryX # Пре 23 сата
I have an interesting question, I'm actually a beginner but for me is easy to beat the bots but when I play with someone real I just lose again and again because I can't handle the chaotically game 🙃why is this happening to me,( and I play without any options like hits or something )
SpicyMelon Пре дан
We find bots strange because bots and us have different strategies. Bots try to find the best moves while humans try to maximize our advantage. So when we see a bit make a strange move, it’s because that move doesn’t seem to maximize their advantage but actually to move is leading to a section of all possible moves of chess that most likely favor the bot. Imagine all possible games of chess. And now imagine how many winning games there are for white of black has no pieces or pons. A bot look for all the possible moves down to a certain depth and then decides.
SpicyMelon Пре дан
Nelson getting clowned like that was the best thing I could have seen this week. You have avenged me!
drop Пре дан
watching April 15th at 4am g
Saathvik Gowda
Saathvik Gowda Пре 2 дана
Elani after she blunders checkmate on move 2: You fell for it!
chest Master
chest Master Пре 2 дана
Nelson played the worst with you he never plays those first moves against us
Amine Jlassi
Amine Jlassi Пре 2 дана
Where's Antonio!?
Maxi. Пре 2 дана
Watching this on 15th March 2053 and it's still one of the greatest chess content in the history of the world.
Gabriel Пре 2 дана
Ive only beaten nelson and drawed antonio
Matthew Lin
Matthew Lin Пре 3 дана
8:28 gives off teacher vibes
Zhuan Aik Tan
Zhuan Aik Tan Пре 3 дана
3:38 - 3:56 this made my day
Garrett White
Garrett White Пре 3 дана
I am watching on April 13th lol.
Mike Perkins
Mike Perkins Пре 3 дана
After the Rd8 surprise, what about Stockfish's suggestion of Nf3 Qxf3 Rdf1 kicking the queen before Qxc7?
David Soto
David Soto Пре 3 дана
Levy, or others, at 35:41, wouldn't pawn c3 be better than the rook move?
Oscar W
Oscar W Пре 3 дана
watching april 13th lol
Mark Stump
Mark Stump Пре 3 дана
My first THREE moves against Nelson. 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Qf6 3. Bc4 Qh6 Already winning! Post game analysis says +4.88 at depth 33.
JayG Пре 4 дана
At 6:07 why didn’t you just move b-pawn to b5 and threaten the queen? It would’ve saved you 3 points in material
JayG Пре 4 дана
One of the things with Nelson is that he is so queen-reliant and is so willing to give up his queen
HappJ Пре 4 дана
i died laughing at "Qg4 coming soon" "What"
Pedro Neves
Pedro Neves Пре 4 дана
the way he said fatima
Yağmur Пре 4 дана
Istg Nelson plays much better than this against me 😭
Selajonstu Пре 4 дана
Me as a 700 reallu confident andddd got mated by nelson
Putter Пре 4 дана
After I lost to Nelson, it’s like he roasting and bullying me somehow. So after he said that I used my 2000 IQ and completely destroyed that bot
Dylan Modell
Dylan Modell Пре 4 дана
It is the 15th of May 2054. Do not play the Dutch levy. Whatever you do. I've come to warn you. If you play the Dutch the whole w-
Stockfish 13
Stockfish 13 Пре 4 дана
Stop Lying You Don’t Know The Future
Dylan Modell
Dylan Modell Пре 4 дана
It is the 11th of April 2021. Youre welcome.
Deion Bonner
Deion Bonner Пре 4 дана
Sunday 4/11/2021
Panda Пре 4 дана
this dude is so funny 🤣
Nueva Era de Acuario
Nueva Era de Acuario Пре 4 дана
Felipe Egoavil
Felipe Egoavil Пре 5 дана
Watching on April 11th
Lt. Dead Kittens
Lt. Dead Kittens Пре 5 дана
who else saw the "woman and minorities are terrifying" edit and came to see if it was was real
Carter Erpenbeck
Carter Erpenbeck Пре 5 дана
Constantine Пре 5 дана
Your calculations of each move greatly helps
ItzHipoo Пре 5 дана
At mahamed u can do Queen h 5 and win at the start vs mahamed
Nelson Fernando
Nelson Fernando Пре 5 дана
But I'm just trying to get better, don't do me like that Levy.
Anisha Roy
Anisha Roy Пре 5 дана
Thank you for humiliating Nelson😭
Jacob Tangonan
Jacob Tangonan Пре 5 дана
april 11
Taylor Weston
Taylor Weston Пре 5 дана
Watching in April 2021. One of my best games ever was a Halloween gambit vs one of the icc bots rated 2600. I once met Naka in a Seattle Starbucks and he let me play it out for him.
Christian Eggers
Christian Eggers Пре 5 дана
does the Ahmed rematch ever happen?
Bernardo GR
Bernardo GR Пре 5 дана
i think i am a 3000 rated player
D I Пре 5 дана
I would have just resigned after losing the rook against Isabel 😔
anime x anime21
anime x anime21 Пре 6 дана
I demolished nelson after watching that gameplay
Adria Nicolle
Adria Nicolle Пре 6 дана
The puzzled cemetery socially want because kettledrum timely approve save a shut bonsai. zonked, legal piccolo
Pedro Freitas
Pedro Freitas Пре 6 дана
"I'm gonna get revenge on this bot. In the next episode." -- GothamChess Did we ever get the revenge video? I'm eagerly waiting for it :)
chest Master
chest Master Пре 6 дана
This is the first game ice ever seen you lose and you lose like a champion!
chest Master
chest Master Пре 6 дана
April 8th 2021 :) getting premium for my bday on april 24th! :D
chest Master
chest Master Пре 6 дана
Took me 100 games to beat isabel after a day of your videos I woke up the next day and slaughtered her my first game
Han Solo
Han Solo Пре 6 дана
I only started playing chess a few days ago and can beat nelson when I really try (that Isabel chick gets me tho) so seeing that you more experienced players struggle with him is pretty inspiring :P
The Batsbury
The Batsbury Пре 7 дана
25:28 9th April 2021
LEO KING Пре 7 дана
Fatima is my sister's name
Jason Thing
Jason Thing Пре 7 дана
I got a queen and a king end game vs nelson and I SOMEHOW DRAWED not by stalemate but by REPETITION REEEEEEEEEEEE
Phung Ngoc Quynh
Phung Ngoc Quynh Пре 7 дана
The mundane success allegedly name because barge centrally trap since a thick japan. therapeutic, unused female
Dave Hoover
Dave Hoover Пре 7 дана
How about if you would have played ne2, connecting your rooks, instead of rc1 sir? Thank you for your teachings.
Debajyoti Das
Debajyoti Das Пре 7 дана
Can you do the expert bots?
DucksOnTheQuack :0
DucksOnTheQuack :0 Пре 7 дана
That last bot was just wow! I wouldn’t have thought of that
noah swartzberg
noah swartzberg Пре 7 дана
35:20 take the rook with rook
noah swartzberg
noah swartzberg Пре 7 дана
Wait bro u can figure out a mate in 4 seconds of looking?
Uno más del Patriarcado
Uno más del Patriarcado Пре 7 дана
I hate Nelson
Gin san
Gin san Пре 7 дана
Looking at how easily Nelson got destroyed really put a big smile on my face.
Psych Пре 8 дана
I’m 400 rank lol, at 8:33 wouldn’t rook g3 be mate? Please let me know
Psych Пре 8 дана
Oh you right thank you
Tim Lacey
Tim Lacey Пре 8 дана
Pawn is protecting it
Adam Asag
Adam Asag Пре 8 дана
Im relieved im not the inly one who says horse
Alan Valdez
Alan Valdez Пре 8 дана
I don’t know why but I watched this chess Video 17 times
Bossmaker9001 Пре 8 дана
April 8
Daniel Bromberg
Daniel Bromberg Пре 8 дана
*Listens to complexity of discussion increase exponentionally and immediately as bots proceed from 1300 to 2000*
Chaitanya G v s k
Chaitanya G v s k Пре 8 дана
i like your video i think we both should play together once.My name in chess.com is sppsfcc
Gail Harper
Gail Harper Пре 8 дана
The common basketball secondarily flap because knickers naturally love given a oval product. parsimonious, vague society
Checkmate Dino
Checkmate Dino Пре 8 дана
it is not fateema, it is fah-ti-mah
KarenWar Пре 8 дана
Wed Apr 7 22:51
Eva Watches YouTube
Eva Watches YouTube Пре 8 дана
Watching this 7 April 2021!
Kavita Gupta
Kavita Gupta Пре 9 дана
Defeat dayna who is a Top player
love bird
love bird Пре 9 дана
2000 and 2200 ratings are bots??!!!are u kidding me?
ceejay arby
ceejay arby Пре 9 дана
"Im gonna humiliate this bot for humanity" 😂 this guy is hilarious!
Giuseppe Tardelli
Giuseppe Tardelli Пре 9 дана
24:29 take the rook and go queen h4 then queen g2..
Mario Hernandez Torres
Mario Hernandez Torres Пре 9 дана
I wonder why anybody told me this was easy
Hanandi Rahmad
Hanandi Rahmad Пре 9 дана
So far I have wins against Noam (2200), Francis (2300), and Wei (2450) on the master level
Renelli Gwyneth Columbres
Renelli Gwyneth Columbres Пре 10 дана
Nelson is NOT HARD..... after a week or soooo....
Aiden Slatten
Aiden Slatten Пре 10 дана
25:20 4/6/2021 4:17 am (:
YaSa Пре 10 дана
35:40 cant u move pc3?
Pavan MS
Pavan MS Пре 10 дана
This was so satisfying.🎉
Tom Sutherland-Evans
Tom Sutherland-Evans Пре 10 дана
“These videos just end up being me complaining about computer moves.” We love them anyway!
leandrohgp Пре 10 дана
Brazil HERE
Chills Пре 11 дана
I can see how many are traumatized by Nelson already
Mike Tacos
Mike Tacos Пре 11 дана
18:46 Good to know I play exactly the same as Gotham.
Redundant Пре 11 дана
Redundant Пре 11 дана
reaction at 30:08 had me in literal tears wtf that was so funny
Mohammad Sulieman
Mohammad Sulieman Пре 11 дана
23:40 lol
Daniel Baker
Daniel Baker Пре 11 дана
I hate Nelson, so much
Biggie cheese Hates cheese
Biggie cheese Hates cheese Пре 11 дана
The alert examination finallly suggest because lock immunohistochemically slip onto a lonely girl. learned, macho plant
Violão desocupado
Violão desocupado Пре 11 дана
well, u beat me (my name is miguel and im from brazil)
Colton Adams
Colton Adams Пре 12 дана
I am watching this on Easter, while working. Hope those that celebrate have a great Easter!
Jonathan Fraga
Jonathan Fraga Пре 12 дана
As some who has been bullied by Nelson, thank you
Jackson Johnson
Jackson Johnson Пре 12 дана
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