The 5 Best Fried Chicken Recipes 

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thx tekoz
thx tekoz Пре 19 сати
Is this a damn race or a recipe?
Maria Msosa
Maria Msosa Пре дан
2:38 is that chicken nuggets-
meMo ازيبي
meMo ازيبي Пре 2 дана
مافي عربين
Lan Alias
Lan Alias Пре 4 дана
Everytime I watch this video I'm so hungry
Aminath Aneeza
Aminath Aneeza Пре 4 дана
why am i watching this while im fasting
Parker Cowan
Parker Cowan Пре 11 дана
I’d be vegan if chicken were a vegetable
Siddarth Abimanyu
Siddarth Abimanyu Пре 12 дана
What the hell who would eat chicken with honey ewww
Alexander Helfman
Alexander Helfman Пре 12 дана
Can you use pickle juice instead?
din2dar f
din2dar f Пре 18 дана
The giddy oyster inexplicably curve because scarf controversly cheer minus a super rugby. ubiquitous, one catamaran
ash. h
ash. h Пре 16 дана
Yes I agree with u a lot
Vishal Basutkar
Vishal Basutkar Пре 20 дана
Eeeewwwwww 🍯 on chicken
Kabul Hossain
Kabul Hossain Пре 23 дана
Someone Exposed tasty Lol
Five Star Recipes
Five Star Recipes Пре 24 дана
Looks delicious !!😋
itsyoboycalxx Hi
itsyoboycalxx Hi Пре 25 дана
Gordon Ramsey do be exposed by this videos
baba awopetu
baba awopetu Пре 27 дана
We mad the Korean one and is better than kc
LongRun Studio
LongRun Studio Пре 28 дана
i can now open a kfc restaurant
BookSmartNews Пре 29 дана
This music makes me want to dance even though I hate dancing.
Wow!likes to try them all.
great job ya all
great job ya all Пре месец
KFC : Korean Fried Chicken is really the best. Pls try it out.
Bazza D
Bazza D Пре месец
I disliked coz of the horrific noise
Cecelia Phollib Matta Ayman
Cecelia Phollib Matta Ayman Пре месец
If I could only reach my hand through the screen and grab those
MOHD YASAR Пре месец
BC chicken me pork add krdiya😡😡
Aryan Verma 2996
Aryan Verma 2996 Пре 3 дана
So don't eat it
Yume Пре месец
I’m... on a diet.
huy GFC
huy GFC Пре месец
the recipes are creative.
Chamus Warren
Chamus Warren Пре месец
i like the butter chicken recipe
Angel Jackson
Angel Jackson Пре месец
Sooo im tryin all of em
RED ONION Пре месец
wow tasty
Dream FF
Dream FF Пре 2 месеца
20 mil boys wooo
Alana Jewell
Alana Jewell Пре 2 месеца
Me and my sister can cook this b'cause when the oil starting to splash she was scared 😂.
DIVINE BY NOOR Пре 2 месеца
great recipes ... Please have a look at my recipes too :) Big Thanks
MasterStepz9 •
MasterStepz9 • Пре 2 месеца
Ngl that beat bangs tho.🔥💥
Riveriux Phenom
Riveriux Phenom Пре 2 месеца
Can't get buttermilk in my country. These are all basically useless.
Mkayy Пре 2 месеца
Honey in fried chicken 😍
Sad_macaroni_n_cheese Пре 2 месеца
Im hungry and its 3 in the morning, i dont have all that seasoning.....
LAV you
LAV you Пре 2 месеца
Creamy chicken 😘😘😘😘😍😍😍please come to my home and cook
Rick Rolled
Rick Rolled Пре 2 месеца
Me eating and watching: Your tactics don't work on me peasant...
Seema Yadav
Seema Yadav Пре 2 месеца
just listen to the video at 1.5x speed it sounds pretty cool
Meme For Everyone
Meme For Everyone Пре 2 месеца
Welcome To Another Episode Of Why Iam Watching This At 3AM
Chef Jerome tv
Chef Jerome tv Пре 2 месеца
Simple but amazing 🍱👍😊
Eleni Azoidou
Eleni Azoidou Пре 2 месеца
Can't you do the first recipe without putting honey on the chicken?
Daniel Gustavsson
Daniel Gustavsson Пре 2 месеца
No chickens got hurt folks.
J0sH !
J0sH ! Пре 2 месеца
For some reason when I think of torture I think of tasty cus the food looks sooooooo good
Amiya_55 Пре 2 месеца
Aah yes ranch packet and cheese crackers...epitome of fine cooking right here.
Arya Пре 2 месеца
Zomato be like ...let's agrivate the ppl to eat more ,this recipe ain't enough--
paoblo Пре 2 месеца
Chicken Cordon Bleu! my mom makes it all the time at christmas!
Anthony Li
Anthony Li Пре 2 месеца
Damn. I wish I can eat those chicks out too
LoveXhate YT
LoveXhate YT Пре 2 месеца
First ones recipe was nice but the honey spoiled it (my opinion,as I am an indian
agnes Michaelis
agnes Michaelis Пре 3 месеца
Why did I watched this I can't have it😭😭😭😭😭
Honcho Lure
Honcho Lure Пре 3 месеца
Don’t let that honey glaze fool u, inside still raw
Candymelon 20
Candymelon 20 Пре 3 месеца
I started crying when they poured the honey over the chicken 😭
Arya Nair
Arya Nair Пре 3 месеца
As an Indian I was always advised not to eat chicken along with milk or buttermilk....so all these recipes with buttermilk makes me uncomfortable. Koi logic hai is bat ki?
Shashikant Пре 2 месеца
It makes the chicken soft and tender (totally didn't google it)
Arya Nair
Arya Nair Пре 2 месеца
@Syed Junaid Yeah, well obviously.
Syed Junaid
Syed Junaid Пре 2 месеца
They're using buttermilk to marinate the chicken
Marc J
Marc J Пре 3 месеца
The hony glazed chicken was Gordon ramsay's idea
Prshena Johnson
Prshena Johnson Пре 3 месеца
Hi can anyone tell me what flour is that...?wheat flour or self raising flour
Sanford Curtis
Sanford Curtis Пре 3 месеца
If you put honey on chicken, you’re a nonce.
Ipsita Jena
Ipsita Jena Пре 3 месеца
Which flour is this?
HighlightsTv Пре 3 месеца
Check my no oven roasted chicken
skrehena mahamud
skrehena mahamud Пре 3 месеца
Honey glazed 🍗 is the best .
Mátyás Török-Illyés
Mátyás Török-Illyés Пре 3 месеца
this is like five minute crafts but good.
MR. Memer
MR. Memer Пре 3 месеца
Honey 🍯+chicken 🍗=🤮puking out Who agrees like it👍
Slipknot Duality
Slipknot Duality Пре 3 месеца
Is that the fried chickiss? - Black Yoshi from SML
Sophie S.
Sophie S. Пре 3 месеца
Nooooo! Not honey!😣😭😭🤢
Melloweat Пре 3 месеца
who watches tasty all the time but never did one of their recepies...
Ronja Пре 3 месеца
what is "ranch packet"?
Ronja Пре 3 месеца
whats the name of this sound? i love it
Mian Adeel
Mian Adeel Пре 3 месеца
I need girlfriend
pooja srivastava
pooja srivastava Пре 3 месеца
Eeeww!How can somebody eat chicken with honey 🤢🤮
Sush Пре 3 месеца
It’s common in China,Korea and other asian countries So keep your opinions to yourself
Charan Jit
Charan Jit Пре 3 месеца
Cooking honey can turn it into a mild poison. Always add honey to any recipe when it is done cooking or baking.
Lithika Senna
Lithika Senna Пре 3 месеца
Their children were lucky
Ryuk Пре 4 месеца
Truth Be Told
Truth Be Told Пре 4 месеца
I see so much waste, of both ingredients and money. I could but wouldn't cook this way.
F I L E_011
F I L E_011 Пре 4 месеца
Cheese Crackers, more like.. Roblox Crackers.
Dillchie Brand
Dillchie Brand Пре 4 месеца
This is making my mouth literally water
Kunwar Amir Khusro
Kunwar Amir Khusro Пре 4 месеца
Mouth Watering...... Great
Lamyae Khoudri
Lamyae Khoudri Пре 4 месеца
دجاج مع لعسل
Calvi Tron
Calvi Tron Пре 4 месеца
If you press this time stamp nothing happens 22:22:22
BluE68 Пре 4 месеца
Yes, it is I. The person who will actually make all of these
Constansia Tapiz
Constansia Tapiz Пре 4 месеца
DELECOUR Пре 4 месеца
There goes my diet...
john doh
john doh Пре 4 месеца
Rice Fried Chicken with Chicken Fried Rice- my fav
Muandi Muzungu
Muandi Muzungu Пре 4 месеца
Gonna try some at home today. Danke.
Ark Пре 4 месеца
Q V Пре 4 месеца
How can someone eat chicken with honey 🍯 wtffff !
Just A Thought
Just A Thought Пре 4 месеца
I’m actually surprised at how much they actually seasoned that first recipe.
SHRISH SHARMA Пре 4 месеца
"You donut"- Ramsay😂
Bishal roy
Bishal roy Пре 4 месеца
L.O.V.E.L.Y..😭😭😭 IM CRAVING❤️❤️🙄🙄🙄🙄
Rakhi's Creations
Rakhi's Creations Пре 4 месеца
wonderful recipes
Samurai Gaming
Samurai Gaming Пре 4 месеца
Everyone watching this probably chicken stans af
Darrel Persinger
Darrel Persinger Пре 4 месеца
you do know the chicken needs to come back to room temperature after the chilling process... if not the oil cools down to quick and doesnt cook the meat evenly....
7 • 11 TM
7 • 11 TM Пре 4 месеца
I tried the first one, but it wasnt spicy? I used exact amount of spice and the same ingredients for this? 👁👁 but im asian FR tho it wasnt spicy?
Jannat Javid
Jannat Javid Пре 4 месеца
0.45 who noticed the recording on top
Radu Hopulele
Radu Hopulele Пре 4 месеца
No chickens were harmed in the making of this video
Puchi Пре 4 месеца
Jack Kemper
Jack Kemper Пре 4 месеца
The title says fried chicken but the orange chicken is not fried
Haruki 여
Haruki 여 Пре 4 месеца
Yummmyyyyy but i can't eat 😕😕
Gamilla Divine
Gamilla Divine Пре 5 месеци
When i saw this im so hungry rn i wanna try to cook but im a child messin in my grandmas 19s phone
Anna ._.
Anna ._. Пре 5 месеци
.... it's called Cordon Bleu, it's not named after James Corden
Mihawk Пре 5 месеци
Why would u put honey on chicken
Aditya Dua
Aditya Dua Пре 5 месеци
I think that fried chicken is the best form of chicken The only thing that can surpass the taste of fried chicken is chicken nuggets
Angeline Roxas
Angeline Roxas Пре 5 месеци
Is it okay even if you don’t put buttermilk in the first recipe?
Black_Katana_06 Пре 5 месеци
指を動かすのが一番乗り Comment who Can read this I can‘t
SLIMEY SLIME Пре 5 месеци
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