Stephen Sharer - SLUSHIE (Official Music Video) 

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Today is the day you all have been waiting for - the official Stephen Sharer “Slushie” music video is finally here! Stephen Sharer, Grace Sharer, and their Share the love family BEST FRIEND BFFS Chase and Alex hang out by the pool all afternoon enjoying some delicious RAINBOW COLOR SLUSHIES! Throughout this BRAND NEW Share The Love music video vlog you will see Stephen Sharer doing the super epic #Slushie TikTok Dance! Thats right, you can learn these epic TikTok Dances and try them yourself to this new Stephen Sharer Song called Slushie!! Let me know what you love best about this new summer song #Slushie and get your awesome merch! #MusicVideo
Listen to SLUSHIE song out now!
Spotify ━► open.spotify.com/album/73HTL5AC7ZSaZgdqybelvK
Apple Music ━► music.apple.com/us/album/slushie-single/1524995420
Produced and cowritten with: LYRE
Songwriter - Alina Smith, Annalise Morelli, Stephen Sharer
Stephen Sharer - SLUSHIE (Official Lyric Video) rsvid.info/video/2aWTftpklJi1opI.html
Stephen Sharer - SLUSHIE (Behind The Scenes of Exclusive Music Video Reveal) rsvid.info/video/mrzaqLmn3ai-jbM.html
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10 авг 2020






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Stephen Sharer
Stephen Sharer Пре месец
*What if you favorite **#SLUSHIE** Flavor?!* 🥤 Best Answer Gets a ShoutOut!
All about Lia
All about Lia Пре 12 дана
Manggo,strawberry and blue berry
Fathmath Shadhiya
Fathmath Shadhiya Пре 12 дана
Blue berry flavor
Hawwa Mohamed
Hawwa Mohamed Пре 21 дан
meleana tahifisi
meleana tahifisi Пре 22 дана
i like watermelon and strawberry👍🍓🍉
Anayah Quazi
Anayah Quazi Пре 25 дана
Stephen Sharer@ coke cola
Thomas McGinnis
Thomas McGinnis Пре 32 минута
He was playing in snow He was jumping in Now he is getting a slushie
Taash Tube Gaming in rblx
Stephens and carter vids were better when they now started yt working togheter
God brothers gaming
God brothers gaming Пре 3 сата
Ur gf
Aki vlogs To pro
Aki vlogs To pro Пре 3 сата
No no no Nana Nana are you do you Leo do you do do you do about all the things are doing anything Yupic
God brothers gaming
God brothers gaming Пре 3 сата
Is any of them ur t.v.
Elijah C.
Elijah C. Пре 3 сата
Lani Lara
Lani Lara Пре 4 сата
Jacie Campbell
Jacie Campbell Пре 4 сата
Blue Raspberry
Amazing man King
Amazing man King Пре 6 сати
You’re the song is so amazing
jose o perez
jose o perez Пре 7 сати
stephen I know that ellen copyed your slushie music video
Elaine Van Zyl
Elaine Van Zyl Пре 8 сати
James and Logan show Wilkinson
Hi 👊👊👊
Shantel Leverette
Shantel Leverette Пре 10 сати
Hi Stevens family I like your new video music video
sarim shahryar
sarim shahryar Пре 10 сати
I love your songs so much
Darryl Parham
Darryl Parham Пре 11 сати
Trash 🗑👎👎👎👎👎👎
Tung1 Dao Minh
Tung1 Dao Minh Пре 11 сати
I like your song STEPHEN Sharer cool
Tung1 Dao Minh
Tung1 Dao Minh Пре 11 сати
How many Stephen Sharer say SlUSHiE ???
Jody-anne Danne
Jody-anne Danne Пре 11 сати
One of them in a peach shirt on is lizzy she dress you like someone eles
gunner 5207
gunner 5207 Пре 12 сати
Gaming with Gavin and Abby A
Gaming with Gavin and Abby A Пре 12 сати
The nanana part
Vihan Dundiya
Vihan Dundiya Пре 12 сати
Boring without Lizzie and carter. Like down below if you agree
Logan Leonard
Logan Leonard Пре 13 сати
strawberry slushy
Kiki Lol
Kiki Lol Пре 15 сати
fiseha yigzaw
fiseha yigzaw Пре 15 сати
I love slushie
Ashley Moreno
Ashley Moreno Пре 22 сата
Who saw grace flutting with boy
Daisy Martinez
Daisy Martinez Пре 23 сата
Roki Foreign
Roki Foreign Пре 23 сата
carlos sixtos
carlos sixtos Пре 23 сата
Debora Fernandez
Debora Fernandez Пре 23 сата
Best song ever 😉
Nicola Sorn Kimseab
Nicola Sorn Kimseab Пре дан
Hi Stephen
madhey sabtow
madhey sabtow Пре дан
I like the song
Boen Gibbson
Boen Gibbson Пре дан
Share the love around the world
Larriana Hughes
Larriana Hughes Пре дан
Larriana Hughes
Larriana Hughes Пре дан
Do grace like tht boy by him i forgot his name
Kiki Lol
Kiki Lol Пре дан
Sucribe en like like this
Sarika Madan
Sarika Madan Пре дан
Why have Stephen Carter moved away from each other
Maria Concepcion
Maria Concepcion Пре дан
nicemusic vido my favret slushey is the blue one
Rasheed Mohammed
Rasheed Mohammed Пре дан
Love it so much 😊
LEMMIWINKSx424x Пре дан
Being Awesome! Ninja Kidz Music Video
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