"Sober" - Tom MacDonald & Madchild ft. Nova Rockafeller 

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MIXED & MASTERED by Evan Morgan
Special thanks to Ryan Lo




24 јан 2020






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Don Brinkley
Don Brinkley Пре сат
Eminem pt 2? WTF! Make new ideas new music. Tom nobody is mad at you stop with all the color bullshit. Sell out.
Mylia Olsen
Mylia Olsen Пре сат
Literally got the chills listening to this song.. THE BEST. S/O to all the people in recovery and the ones still trying. I love YOU. 💚 You matter.
Misty Blackfoot
Misty Blackfoot Пре 2 сата
I lost my step father to alcohol addiction less than a year ago. I wish, I really wish, he would have come through on the other side. He was a really good man, someone you could count on, even in his darkest moments. I love him. I miss him. Your song brought me to tears because I saw his face there, disappearing from one of those chairs. He lost his battle. The pain was too much for him.
Cormax Kelly
Cormax Kelly Пре 2 сата
Thank me to find you . Thank you u .
Samurai Flows
Samurai Flows Пре 3 сата
It's been 5 years off meth and cocaine. But it's my first day off marijuana
Jaster Пре 3 сата
I wish Juice WRLD was able to take the same rout as this song was fight for
Two Scoops
Two Scoops Пре 6 сати
This one is fire tho. Real shit no cap. Recovery Gang
Michael Stearns
Michael Stearns Пре 8 сати
I cant even leave shit... tom I need to thank you for so much... all 3 of yall.. 813 940 0409. I really hope you see this.
Mackenzie Mitchell
Mackenzie Mitchell Пре 8 сати
I could rap 12 bars that are harder than one of your whole songs
Mackenzie Mitchell
Mackenzie Mitchell Пре 8 сати
Tom micdonald sucks whys he even try like you tryna talk shit about em get real you just a nother white rapper bro
AdamzLife Пре 14 сати
freaking gold
Duane Grogans
Duane Grogans Пре 16 сати
Guessin we all got a story ta tell... Waking up every morning, in hell/ 4am officers threw me jail, family ain't offer ta shoot me the bail.../ Caught wit' new baggies, 2 guns, and a scale...More than they need to assume it was sales.../ Thats when I knew I aint doin' too well... JUST the 2 guns, cost a FEW in a cell./
Emmanuel Kalu
Emmanuel Kalu Пре 17 сати
Your vibes are Cool and sweet
Maxine Schroeder
Maxine Schroeder Пре 18 сати
I just cut myself I was about to go all the way then this song came on and I stopped and realized shit gets better. Depression and anxiety sucks
Jaster Пре 3 сата
@Maxine Schroeder It takes a long time to get out of misery sometimes, and there is always light at the end of the tunnel. You are not completely hopeless.
MS INdependant
MS INdependant Пре 7 сати
@Maxine Schroeder Nothing is ever built in a day you have to work hard to make your dreams come true. You can do it Maxine. Be a friend to make a friend.
Maxine Schroeder
Maxine Schroeder Пре 8 сати
My parents hate me I have no friends I only have my horse and music and my rap career will never take off because I don’t have anything to record videos or even my music so what’s the point
MS INdependant
MS INdependant Пре 15 сати
Your family and the world need you Maxine.
Duane Grogans
Duane Grogans Пре 18 сати
Bro, this song the real dope dope!
Queen Bubbles
Queen Bubbles Пре 19 сати
Time to go listen to madchild and see wat ive been missin!
Allan Northey
Allan Northey Пре 23 сата
This is a Real Deep Song!!! Edmonton street life.... hard days.
Michele T
Michele T Пре 23 сата
It's been 19 months since I lost the love of my life to his demons. I live every day with the memories of counting out chest compressions, and wiping the vomit from his mouth to try to blow oxygen into his lungs, and screaming at the 911 operator to find out where the ambulance is, while praying to God to take me instead. For everyone who's still here, keep going! You may think the world is better off without you, but I promise that the people who love you don't want to see you lose this fight.
619tlrgirl Пре дан
Wow, this one touched home for me. If you have a problem, find a great support system. They’re out there. I promise! The first and biggest step is admitting you have a problem. That’s where it begins...
Joymarie Crowley
Joymarie Crowley Пре дан
17 yrs sober.... This song hits home for sure. Appreciate the focus on the difficulty u go through too hit rock bottom n crawl back from it.
Christopher Ryan
Christopher Ryan Пре дан
Behold, the power of God to snatch wayward souls from Lucifer's grasp.
Your Neighbor
Your Neighbor Пре дан
This song she be called "Step One ' because you're basically accepting defeat and moving on...you could make an entire album something like "12 Step Tales" @tommacdonald @maddchild @Novarockafella
KLagneaux Пре дан
I know it gets better.... i have my scares. I always remember wheni lost it all....
wyndm clark
wyndm clark Пре дан
I will do anything to stay away from booze It was not easy for me to stay away from the monster that was inside me I never want to see him again.
Sam Sosby
Sam Sosby Пре дан
This song speaks so much to me clean for 4 years off meth cigarette free since dec 31st 2020
Katherine Cave
Katherine Cave Пре дан
7 yrs clean from Opiates this month, and man, this touched my soul! I'm so glad to see a artist actually touching the rea issues. 💗💔
Harley Queen
Harley Queen Пре дан
1% of my life story nice recap bro @Tom MacDonald
CchewWitup Пре дан
im just gunna keep relapsing and sobering up till the day i die
Rachael Hohmann
Rachael Hohmann Пре 2 дана
10 million views...17k are from me alone. this song helps me a lot.
Jaydon Beckett
Jaydon Beckett Пре 2 дана
This song brought tears to my eyes BC I'm an ex addict
Ron Manoguerra
Ron Manoguerra Пре 2 дана
I'm coming on 2 years clean from a 8 year meth and heroin addiction, and I find hard to continue this way, since I got clean life has gotten so much harder, I've been diagnosed with diabetes, congestive heart failure, I have cellulitis in my legs, flesh basically falls off my skin if you barely itch em, can barely walk, can't work the normal jobs I've worked my whole life. I live in sober housing called oxford housing, can barely make rent every month, im on suboxone and its my only income by selling my extra. I have 4 kids who don't live with me, they all want to but financially can't have them with me, im buried in child support and other debt that druggie me accrued. Been suicidal and want it all to just end, I've attempted suicide 3 times but somehow am still here. I just can't find any motivation to keep going, I have an amazing voice but can't catch a break with jobs doing voiceovers, I don't know if you know who dukenukem is, the old-school video game character??? But I can sound exactly like him, and everyone thinks it's super badass, but why can't I get a gig doing something with said badass voice, like I've always been a good person, never stole from people, never hurt anybody, always brought people up and took care of others, like why the fuck can't I catch a break. I'm about to have surgery on my feet to try and increase the blood flow, and I know its fucked up but I just want the anesthesia to fuck up and keep me asleep forever. I been wanting to go back to drugs, just so I can end up dead, it's fucked up how badly I want to end my life because I know I will never live with my family or be out of debt. I'm super happy you made it to sobriety and stayed there and things got better for you, and for others too, I just dont know why after all my hardwork and suffering I can't find some happiness in life. Anyways rant over, time to go back to miserable life lol have a good day everyone
Jimmy Di Punizioni
Jimmy Di Punizioni Пре 2 дана
Going on 2 years clean, just heard this song for the 1st time the other day. Everyday is a battle for me & hearing this song couldn't of come at a better time. Thank you Tom, you saved my life 4 real
Grant Lowrance
Grant Lowrance Пре 2 дана
Beautiful song.
Jake Bagby
Jake Bagby Пре 2 дана
👍 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Jasen & Chandler Kohli
Jasen & Chandler Kohli Пре 2 дана
This is the music that saves people’s lives. Thank you.
We Lead Rap Music Records
We Lead Rap Music Records Пре 2 дана
rsvid.info/video/vtzVhtOYlmyuers.html ↑↑ A 15 year old remixed Dear Slim by Tom MacDonald
tyler hart
tyler hart Пре 3 дана
I snorted pills from 12-17 now im 25 and sober for 8 years. This song speaks massive volumes
Danny G Vids
Danny G Vids Пре 3 дана
Dopest artist right now.. Tom and NF ❤🔥🙏
cat meow
cat meow Пре 3 дана
This made me tear up. Your music is amazing. You're a lyrical genius and you seem so nice irl. Stay clean and stay safe. Keep making music. It's great to see someone speak their mind and isn't corrupt. Hopefully everyone can be united and things get better.
Nicole Hoag
Nicole Hoag Пре 3 дана
This song right here touch me the most considering I lost my girl of 12yr this January 26, 2021 to drugs n I been in hospital 3 months from infection from shooting dope, I survived now I'm in rehab n ptsd program at a VA Hospital in Arkansas. I'm from New Orleans, Louisiana. Jennifer my girl is my motivation I been shooting heroin 17yrs my name Nicole.
Nicole Hoag
Nicole Hoag Пре дан
Thank u sooo much
Donna Santiago
Donna Santiago Пре 3 дана
I was on oxys for 9 yrs then moved to H after my doc cut me off. Was doing H for 3 yrs. I've been clean off that stuff 4 yrs this past March 1st. Life is better now I'm off. But now I fight mental demons. But I keep working on it. I know I'm no one to u, but I am so proud u r trying!!! This is a battle, but we will make it! I'm sorry u got an infection and I'm sorry u lost someone to this horrible drug. I wish u nothing but positivity and keep going, keep trying. Much love to u!!💗 Btw, my daughter's middle name is Nicole.☺
Will Mersa
Will Mersa Пре 3 дана
Tom I been listening to this song and still can’t stop . Did u really go through this shit or ur just selling ur art ?
Tiffany Zukowski
Tiffany Zukowski Пре 3 дана
This is so perfect... thank you
Tommy Jones
Tommy Jones Пре 3 дана
Powerful words been off heroin meth n coke only 8 month after 13 yrs addiction n thank u
American Maid Band
American Maid Band Пре 3 дана
Great Job! See ya at BRRF VA
Stephanie Mata
Stephanie Mata Пре 3 дана
This song I’m gonna listen to daily , being in recovery is the best thing that ever happened in my life.
Stephanie Mata
Stephanie Mata Пре 3 дана
I can relate tells it all !
Angel da Amazing
Angel da Amazing Пре 3 дана
Tom Nova madchild to admit where you started to where you are today inspiration to the max I'm fighting addiction as we speak and it's fucking hard
Mendel Cornfield
Mendel Cornfield Пре 3 дана
Master piece
Jerry Andres
Jerry Andres Пре 4 дана
Bad ass keep it up
Alex Moore
Alex Moore Пре 4 дана
Every day love those oxy 3 years doing good I guess
Michael Silvia
Michael Silvia Пре 4 дана
I love the support for man child love y'all this is michaelsilvia2016 lol
emily Pihlman
emily Pihlman Пре 4 дана
Omg best song I've heard to this day that represents addiction and recovery!! This is definitely my favorite song, I choke up everytime when singing the chorus!! Addiction almost took my life twice and my best friends life as well, so grateful to have made it to the other side with her, and sing this song with pride #wedorecover THIS IS A WAR THAT ILL FIGHT FOREVER OH AY OH AY OH, OH AY OH AY OHHH!!!!!!!!
Dark Craft
Dark Craft Пре 4 дана
I want to thank you for this. You will probably never see this but, you have inspired me to keep fighting this addiction demon. Your music is truth. And every time I have cravings I listen to this. And it lights a fire in my soul.
Dark Craft
Dark Craft Пре 3 дана
@Donna Santiago thank you and I wish you the best. Congratulations on 4 years. That’s awesome. Coming up on 4 off of ox myself. But it’s still a battle. Everyday.
Donna Santiago
Donna Santiago Пре 3 дана
I am fighting here too. I've been clean from oxys and H for little over 4 yrs now. But now I'm fighting the mental demons. Been suicidal for a bit, its getting better tho. Its rough some days. But Tom's music does help(however corny that might sound). I wish u nothing but positivity and we r in this battle together!! Much love to u!!!💗
Dark Craft
Dark Craft Пре 3 дана
@Anselmo Rodriguez thank you 🙏
Anselmo Rodriguez
Anselmo Rodriguez Пре 3 дана
Good luck with your journey bro
Janey Sweeney
Janey Sweeney Пре 4 дана
Real people Real feelings Real beauty Real Life Tom yiur amazing! 😘💖💜
Janey Sweeney
Janey Sweeney Пре 4 дана
And Real Strenth 💜
Janey Sweeney
Janey Sweeney Пре 4 дана
Timothy Miles
Timothy Miles Пре 4 дана
If you two want to get away from humans I own a ranch in klamath falls Oregon nothing special guns BBQ and freedom allways welcome
N Harmon
N Harmon Пре 4 дана
All I can say is fuck Xanax 3 years off that shit
Aviva Sings Out
Aviva Sings Out Пре 5 дана
LOVE THIS!!!!! It's a really crazy battle indeed - and this is the energy I NEEEED - staying strong helps us all get along - I just wanna HUG you all in this video and YEAY 10 mil views of GOOOOD ENERGY fixes and FREEEEE! there is one AMAZING "drug" though... open.spotify.com/album/45bPR14OmCmSOHEdDCIfhj
Dan Lamountain
Dan Lamountain Пре 5 дана
I’m a recovered addict since 2014 a recovered alcoholic for 3 1/2 years next to liver failure and been cig free for 275 days and counting y’all can do this don’t sell your self short you’re a LION even if you don’t believe it yet!❤️
Music Is Powering
Music Is Powering Пре 5 дана
Feeling this to MY core. Epic transmission of truths of addiction thanks Beloved Family Bless All who read this. 🙏🕊🥳 tears of empathetic understanding
Panther Пре 5 дана
this song , is making me feel like i can win agaisnt the system for once
X JollyFreak X
X JollyFreak X Пре 5 дана
To all the haters with the dislike button eat a dick
Sion bevan
Sion bevan Пре 5 дана
Wayde Harvey
Wayde Harvey Пре 5 дана
Man I’ve played this song over and over since I heard it. This speaks to me more than any other song I have heard. Thank you Tom, Nova and MadChild for recording this you just made me an even bigger fan of yours than I was before
Lisa Archuletta
Lisa Archuletta Пре 5 дана
Awesome I was there along time it's a process not perfection you give me hope,
Will Mersa
Will Mersa Пре 5 дана
It’s 3am still doing cocaine going on 10 days now Tom thank you bro still can stop any advice? Plz bro can keep DOING IT
Hull Industries
Hull Industries Пре 6 дана
I’m back in treatment at twc in Vancouver. Best decision I ever made. I’m finnaly on the road to healing from my past and building a new future. Thanks Tom, Nova and Shane this song hits home every time I hear it. Love you guys
George Dowden III
George Dowden III Пре 6 дана
You should collab with colicchie and do a "on the other side of sober. "
Christopher Marrs
Christopher Marrs Пре 6 дана
Campbell STFU
Campbell STFU Пре 7 дана
Man... this guy came out of nowhere, and now he's my modern day superhero!
Mary Lohnas
Mary Lohnas Пре 8 дана
Been clean for 33 days off of opiates, never thought I’d get here. Keep fighting all, it gets better I promise it does!
Kyle Penna
Kyle Penna Пре 8 дана
Kinda reminds me of an Eminem song I listened when I liked him.
philip kershaw
philip kershaw Пре 8 дана
My Tiny Keto Life
My Tiny Keto Life Пре 8 дана
He makes me cry. Powerful
I Hellwin I
I Hellwin I Пре 9 дана
It's a war that's only won by never giving up! To all those out there still fighting know you are not alone . Keep ya heads up!
Invader Zim
Invader Zim Пре 9 дана
Wishing I could even be brave enough to even start before I ruin everything...I'm a functional addict so it's hard to let go because "see I can do it all fucked up so why quit?" Unfortunately I don't see an end to this without help.
Faith Amber
Faith Amber Пре 10 дана
I started drinking again after 5 years of sobriety. Pray for me if you do. I got 3 young kids who rely on me. And a husband who always stands by me and my mistakes.
Donna Santiago
Donna Santiago Пре 3 дана
I'm in a similar situation. I have 3 kids too!! I'm clean from oxys and H for little over 4 yrs now. But I do other stuff and that's what I can't stop. I want to stop. But these mental demons got the best of me. Just know I see u, I hear u and we r in this together. Just keep trying....I am. Much love to u and ur family!💗
Micah Parsons
Micah Parsons Пре 7 дана
Please know you aren't alone. I don't know you and will probably never meet you, but I will keep you in my prayers. I know there are others that probably will as well. May God hold you in the palm of his hand.
King Of Games
King Of Games Пре 10 дана
This is my favorite song ever you guys are so cool I don’t you guys are awesome yes where everyone else has been saying
Blupac Пре 10 дана
Paula Massie
Paula Massie Пре 10 дана
I have my scars, ill always remember when I lost it all and never surrendered...Clean 7 years and that line hits soo much harder with me than any other!💪
PinoyGiveaway Пре 10 дана
This guy is a boss he spit facts
Rhaina Inge
Rhaina Inge Пре 10 дана
Still fighting...,every free day is a gift
Carrie Boyer
Carrie Boyer Пре 10 дана
Amen 🙏
alfaV6boy1 Пре 10 дана
Stunning.......................... me? 8 years sober here. Stunning tune...
Anna Kellam
Anna Kellam Пре 10 дана
This gave me chills. Almost 2 years sober. 5/8/19 🙏
zach fisher
zach fisher Пре 10 дана
my leg
my leg Пре 11 дана
MadChild looks like a Who down from Whoville
Brittany Allison
Brittany Allison Пре 11 дана
MIGUEL Boricua SHREK lll%
MIGUEL Boricua SHREK lll% Пре 11 дана
darlene robertson
darlene robertson Пре 11 дана
I'm coming up on my 10 year and I wish this song was around when I was getting sober it would have made it so much easier.
Elena Mitchell
Elena Mitchell Пре 11 дана
Great!! Great! Amazing you are Tom M!👍
Justina Moshana
Justina Moshana Пре 11 дана
Jay Williams brought me here
Milan Sidhu
Milan Sidhu Пре 11 дана
I almost relapsed yesterday after being clean for 2 years and dear God do you help me not you as in Tom McDonald but you as in God and today I have just woken up and the first thing I'm thinking about is fentanyl ,O how nice it would be, today I woke up and thinking let me skip my methadone dose and let me just grab 40 bucks worth of fentanyl even though I only have $80 in my bank account up until next Friday oh how it would be so good touch off a Little Rock on that tin foil cut open a bic pen and just smoke the shet out of it I I can't even put in words how badly I want it right now it's making my brain like twitch out but today I shall go another Day without relapsing thanks to this song thankful for it tom 💔💔✊🏽
Gusten Grodslukare
Gusten Grodslukare Пре 11 дана
Hi🙏🙏🙏 This is not normally my taste in music but this song is wonderful❤ I am a sober alcoholic and it happened that I took amphetamine when the anxiety of alcohol became too strong. All this cost me almost my life and my 3 children had been left without their father. It is on social media we must create awareness of what alcohol and drugs do to people, because here it gets the biggest spread🤗 God bless you for this song🙏 One day at a time🙏 🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪
Dustin Horton
Dustin Horton Пре 11 дана
Your music hits me so personally its not just listening i can feel the pain through your incredible story telling abilities because ive felt that pain myself in identical situations you truly take pride in craft and deliver a message with every song you put out thanks for the most authentic music ever written and ill stand behind what I say thanks for being the voice of those of us who never got a chance to speak so instead we suffered in silence with a broken heart but a bigger purpose your a G.O.A.T no doubt about it brotha You and Nova are incredible musians thanks for music thats i feel deep in my heart and gets me throughmy darkest times......👏👏👏🐐☄🔥🥇🔐
Melissa Arbogast
Melissa Arbogast Пре 12 дана
Thank you for your honesty and your strength I'm in early recovery right now... I've been a mess and I LOVE THIS 💯 you GIVE ME HOPE STRENGTH AND INSPIRATION!!!! 💯💗❤️ LOVE ALL OF YOU!!!! HOG 4 LIFE
Eric Wortman
Eric Wortman Пре 12 дана
Thank you Tom Macdonald. That's the only way to appropriate the amount of healing power in your songs. Thank you for everything you are and represent
Павел Шлейфер
Павел Шлейфер Пре 12 дана
Thnaks for this open mind things! I get it before i listned this track and saw this video, but you said exactly what happened with my life before and after my 12 years "freiendship" with amphetamines...Now i'm sober for 4 years...and i'm proud for man i've become! Love from Russia! Make the peace great again! Really like all the things that you do, Tom!
Jennifer Daniel
Jennifer Daniel Пре 12 дана
I've done drugs since I was around 11:00 or 12 years old if you count weed, doctor put me on pain pills and I was 16 for my back and anti-anxiety medication for my PTSD and panic attacks anxiety start shooting up around 17 or 18 years old. I've been sober 2 or 3 times not for very long. I'm 31 years old now I've been going through the methadone clinic since April 2015 after I overdosed a few states away when I took off with the random guy I met online. I came back home to the guy is dating and he got me back into the methadone clinic as soon as I got back. We've been together for 7 years, I'm still in the clinic, we just celebrate our one year marriage anniversary he was recently diagnosed with cancer and the prognosis doesn't look good. What the f*** am I supposed to do?! I have no idea who the hell I am anymore let alone without him. He starts treatment soon but they have to treat his liver before they can treat the cancer. I've been having using dreams, cravings. I don't know what the f*** to do.
Kayla Adams
Kayla Adams Пре 12 дана
Madchild's voice reminds me of S.P.M. from the early 2000s/Late 90s. Anywho, recovery is definitely a lifelong journey. Hugs n love to y'all
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