Skip & Shannon react to the Patriots signing Cam Newton | NFL | UNDISPUTED 

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The Cam Newton watch is finally over. The former MVP and number one overall pick has agreed to a 1-year contract with the Patriots that is low risk and high reward for New England. Cam reportedly passed his physical and is cleared to play after recovering from foot and shoulder injuries. The veteran quarterback is also reportedly quote, “hungrier than ever.” Hear what Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe have to say about the Patriots signing Cam.
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About Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED:
UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.
Skip & Shannon react to the Patriots signing Cam Newton | NFL | UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED






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Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
Is Cam Newton a good fit for the Patriots?
Darius Mcknight
Darius Mcknight Пре 19 минута
It seems like bill bellechik is trying to compete with Lamar Jackson and Patrick Mahomes. Makes sense.
Pat Bateman
Pat Bateman Пре 20 минута
He's the better option than the other two names they already had and on just a one year prove it deal, the Patriots did alright. But personally I feel this does little to move the needle in terms of winning, a little overhyped by folks even. He ain't played a full season in 2 years due to 2 different injuries so it was gonna be a gamble on if he can hold up a season. Throwing the ball and running around on camera is encouraged but it's not gametime. How will Cam and Belichick really work & will he let Cam play to his strengths running the ball at will? Then you throw in the new playbook to learn during a shorter, more unusual off season due to the pandemic and I just don't see them doing better than 7-9 and that's putting it optimistically generous.
jay rod
jay rod Пре 28 минута
Well BB got his jimmy g back, a QB with legs!
RiBeastie Пре 33 минута
No. I dont like his attitude. He's a me me me guy and the Patriot is a we we we team!
LIL _ E Пре сат
Panther's have a better offense Pat's have no offense just Defense and Eldeman
James Gabriel
James Gabriel Пре 21 секунди
Of course Sharp would go with Cam Hmmmmm😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😕😕😕😕😕!!!!!
Panty Raid
Panty Raid Пре 4 минута
The fact Newton got signed and Kapernick didnt shows that racism is alive and well in America
Elijah Sambe
Elijah Sambe Пре 7 минута
And the panthers treated him bad🤦🏾‍♂️😔
313._ Char
313._ Char Пре 8 минута
His Oline and Front office failed him besides his car crash he was always running for his life on that field
Thomas Purtzer
Thomas Purtzer Пре 8 минута
I hope Cam cuts his hair. I like everything about Cam except his haircut. He would look great with an MJ haircut!! I was hoping to see Jarrett Stidham but waiting another year is no big deal. I hope his injuries get healed and that he has no more injuries!!
Sac Kings
Sac Kings Пре 10 минута
I'm glad cam got his job back god is good man💯
Branded McGowan
Branded McGowan Пре 12 минута
I'm not a Steelers fan but how dumb or stupid that they did not jump in signed him after the Panthers released him when their backups were utterly trash, and that wrecked their season while the Eagles In 2017 and 18 and Saints has in 2019 and now that either went all the way or keep em afloat without missing a beat.
butchbrittany Пре 12 минута
I get Shannon's take. I too think the Patriots are a true contender once again. But I do not think they'll get more wins than the Bucs. That Patriots schedule is brutal. The Bucs division is brutal but their team is better as a whole. I'm rooting for Cam but he has a tough road to redemption ahead.
Angel Пре 13 минута
Zack S
Zack S Пре 15 минута
Never liked Cam. Always thought he didn't take winning serious enough. Now I'm kind of rooting for him cause everybody gets humbled by Bill. Should be interesting.
#knox squad #knox sqaud
#knox squad #knox sqaud Пре 16 минута
I think he'll b great fit for the PATS, if stay healthy an listen he may have shot in the conference championship, against the REVANS#
Jerry Chandler
Jerry Chandler Пре 19 минута
Shannon, that's a nice Cowboy's jacket!
Samuel Tam
Samuel Tam Пре 19 минута
Cam will hate working for Bellichick. I bet it won't last long. I am sorry that the only choice Cam has is Patriots. I wish him all the best tho.
cutiegirl slime13
cutiegirl slime13 Пре 20 минута
Cam is a good dude seriously, I'm happy for him, Go Cam!!!
Dre Walton
Dre Walton Пре 21 минут
Belichick's going to teach cam the same way and have the same relationship as the DeRozan and Popovich so that means they'll make the playoffs cuz the rosin made the playoffs with pop if the Patriots get Jalen Ramsey they'll be cooking in into the Super Bowl
Seb Anapo
Seb Anapo Пре 22 минута
Daymm I missed you Guys!!! No more weeks off please!! 💯😆🤣👊🏼
D Scroops
D Scroops Пре 22 минута
I don't give a shirt I'm gonna put my money on the Pat's making it to the championship
Jeff Maddock
Jeff Maddock Пре 22 минута
Cam is good but he’s only a shadow of what he once was. Hope he has some success though in New England.
D Scroops
D Scroops Пре 23 минута
The shoes fit very comfortable...I wish the Pat's didn't sign him I would of loved for my Packers would of signed him Why do cheap is it Christmas
TheBeardedGaymer Пре 25 минута
Cam Newton has been humbled and I believe his sideline tantrums are over. Billichick will not allow him to have em'. He will make another superbowl appearance.
Gloveberg Пре 26 минута
19:25 ....so because Cam is black he can't be criticized or chewed out like a white qb? Interesting.....
Teddy Ruxpin
Teddy Ruxpin Пре 28 минута
Dude has 8 LOSSES IN A ROW 😂😂 L L L L L L L L
Matthew Corey Villa
Matthew Corey Villa Пре 28 минута
Cam Stans don't get your meat all hard for this. This is a bad look for Newton because he is sensitive and the Boston media is going to eat him alive. He was a tool here in Charlotte and these country bumpkins could 6 yards of his poop. His feelings got hurt (too bad they don't make band aids for feelings) and instead of him manning up he went out like a sucka. His first lost or bad game and he will realize that he is no longer in southern comfort. Beat of luck but the dude is trash so it is going to implode on them.
Cj Пре 28 минута
You are not one yes official word and number game
Shay Perry
Shay Perry Пре 31 минут
Cam is a has been
Doron Bond
Doron Bond Пре 32 минута
Nah Cam and Bill both grown men...at this point I don’t think there will be an issue...funny how they snuck the skin tone card in there nah b
Mike Jackson
Mike Jackson Пре 32 минута
I’m a Vikings fan, die hard but I want to see Cam win a SuperBowl next year
J Davenport
J Davenport Пре 32 минута
Why do people keep saying Bill will coach up Cam. Bill is a defensive coach he has no bearing on the QB.
RiBeastie Пре 33 минута
I don't like it and i don't like Cams attitude. I doubt he will live within the Patriot way and I doubt he will be a good leader in the locker room. I may be wrong but I'm not holding my breath.
GOD IS GREAT Пре 35 минута
I just hope cam comes back and throws for 5000 yards, 30 touchdowns Throwing, 10 rushing and 11 Interceptions and Takes us atleast 11 and 5. That would be a great and win season for the patriots and specially for Cam Newton.
So. Malant
So. Malant Пре 36 минута
If they sign ab and dez they really be srt8 af
Stone Cold
Stone Cold Пре 36 минута
This kills the entire narrative that Bill can win with any QB.
Timothy Ernest
Timothy Ernest Пре 38 минута
Skip, wearing nice threads.
Jonah Hex
Jonah Hex Пре 44 минута
How long before cam is pouting on the sidelines?
unknown far far away usa
unknown far far away usa Пре 45 минута
Don't worry skip, won't change my mind, keep it as is!!! But I actually like this pick up by the pats, I would've made the same move!!!
TheRantGuyYeazy Пре 45 минута
Look at my Dab
Bobby Byford Music
Bobby Byford Music Пре 46 минута
Will miss seeing Cam in a Carolina jersey but I’m happy for him. If he’s healthy I think he could take the patriots from possibly not making the playoffs to being a super bowl contender. He’s a freak of nature physically.
John Kindle
John Kindle Пре 50 минута
Blasphemy, Shannon die on the cross for Panthers. Not a proper analogy
Young Wodi
Young Wodi Пре 52 минута
Chastising Tom worked so don’t argue the result Shannon? So that goes for Jordan chastising his team as well right? Can’t have it both ways Unk lol
kkroyu Пре 54 минута
If they use him in the pistol like Lamar Jackson...😎
Nakamura-ninja Пре 54 минута
This shows that Bill had no confidence in Stidham
DOTT773 Пре 55 минута
On Madden, Bridgewater went to the Pat's and Brady went to Tennesee
Kirk Foret
Kirk Foret Пре 56 минута
Well Patriots had a good run. Looks like their time is up.
PHILLY STYLES Пре 57 минута
Prove them wrong cam🔥🏈🔥🏈🔥🏈🔥
do jo
do jo Пре 57 минута
If you not happy for Cam Newton you have no soul.
T Minchin
T Minchin Пре 57 минута
Cam dnt get the ball out quicker than tom if that oline aint stout all they gna see is pouty cam in ne
Donny Fair
Donny Fair Пре 57 минута
Jarrett gonna surprise you watch
young weez
young weez Пре 58 минута
Oh yeah this show isss a billion times better than first take i don't even watch first take anymore
Dawsohunnid 305
Dawsohunnid 305 Пре 58 минута
I’m a Miami and I actually really want to see how cam plays, I hope he balls out
Charmcityvet Пре 59 минута
Belichick didn’t want Tom Brady. He wanted to trade him and Craft said no
DarkDante Пре 59 минута
Stidham punching the air right now lol
Just my .2
Just my .2 Пре сат
Welcome to New England Cam, I have total faith in you👍 Best of luck Cam
lokilxix Пре сат
I think this blows up in there face. Maybe I am totally wrong, but I feel like they don't have the pieces to really compete. They got bounced last year with a guy who knew exactly what was going on all the time and the only change is now you have a guy figuring out a new team and a new system.
C&L Construction
C&L Construction Пре сат
Ok...so Cam is as smart and dedicated as Brady...both of you are idiots. Brady is like: ONE good year? Again, both of you are idiots.
deacon theseer
deacon theseer Пре сат
Cam has something to prove. Watch out!
C&L Construction
C&L Construction Пре сат
I guess we'll see if Cam can play with the same O-line that Brady was saddled with last year. If he can't ...I guess it's just racism.
djgruv Пре сат
Still trying to picture the Pat's with a mobile quarterback....🏃‍♂️
Ogle - TR-122b
Ogle - TR-122b Пре сат
Cam is inconsistent and will never finish a whole season without drama or running head first into a concussion.
D H Пре сат
This will be a mistake
Trap Swagg
Trap Swagg Пре сат
Jacoby came in as a third string win Jimmy G went down and blew Texas out so I’m not concerned how bill will utilize Cam
Hard Times
Hard Times Пре сат
Well they will win afc east again! Add weapons they could be a play off spoiler.
Johnny mexico
Johnny mexico Пре сат
You can tell the pats have hit rock bottom! No plan B after Brady left! Cam lol wow the scraping the bottom ! Lol
Goldfly Пре сат
Cam always struck me as a bit of a prima donna. Who knows, maybe he'll prosper under a Belichickian tutelage
ffggg Reyes
ffggg Reyes Пре сат
A youtube subscriber hore
Why nobody moaning it's not kap on this hire like they are on every other QB😂
Sam707BFBC Пре сат
Again let the court show Skip has said it more than once now folks. "SHOW ME A GOOD LOSER". He cannot say anything against Isiah and the bad boy pistons of how they reacted to losing to Jordan and the Bulls.
TheNewEmpire777 Пре сат
@5:29 maybe Russel Wilson lol last time I check he has a Superbowl win skip, drew brees don't have one. And if the Seahawks didn't pass the ball and ran it at the 1 yeard line.... You know what never mind 😂
Frankie 4 Eyes
Frankie 4 Eyes Пре сат
It wouldn't matter if Stidham wrote the playbook....Cam Starting Week 1!😂😂😂😂😂Who are we kidding here?
Sam707BFBC Пре сат
Skip should slap himself to question MAYBE Russell WINson( Wilson) would be down to step to the challenge. Skip forgets Russ is prob number 2 for most hit qbs after Cam. And with less has done more than Dak and probably most qbs if their O line was gone , most their weapons were gone if not injured, their top rb and their def was destroyed put any other Qb in tht same RW3 situation and lets see how far they go. Russell carried that team damn near like Cam did the panthers, and u asking if he could step to a challenge to go behind the great Brady. Can u imagine if Russell had the squad Brady had when he was winning?!?! Brady is great by him self but u put Jordan with the Bulls in the mid to late 90s and they winning dynastys. Maybe Russ does not get 6. But he damn sure get 3 to 4 with Bradys teams he won with.
Real Menace015
Real Menace015 Пре сат
He better not fail us
1CENT Пре сат
I thought Andrew luck took the most hits..?
whzpoor Пре сат
My love for Cam outweighs my dislike of Belichick. I can root for the Pats next season.
J Williams
J Williams Пре сат
Cam signed to the PATRIOTS.. trust me they’ll find a way to get him up to speed!! Cheating 🤬🤬
DRIVEN 2 WIN Пре сат
Just like when he got to the Super Bowl and lost to Peyton manning
Marcus Davis
Marcus Davis Пре 21 минут
he lost to Denver Defense. Manning Numbers were terrible in that SB
theuser1045 Пре сат
Skip “hellacious” Bayless
mello the fellow
mello the fellow Пре сат
I getting me a cam Newton Jersey with the Panthers and now the Patriots
David F
David F Пре сат
Will Boston be racist towards him?
Dee Roach
Dee Roach Пре сат
Glad the boys and the beautiful Jenny are back!!!
Jonathan Gilliard
Jonathan Gilliard Пре сат
I was waiting for them to post this
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