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Pioneering brain detective V.S. Ramachandran, hailed as "the Sherlock Holmes of neuroscience," tackles four mysterious cases and delivers mind-boggling conclusions. Investigate his breakthrough research in phantom limb syndrome, and how he discovered how the brain undergoes a massive "re-wiring" when a person loses a limb.
“How can a three-pound mass of jelly that you can hold in your palm contemplate the meaning of infinity, and even question its own place in the cosmos? Especially awe inspiring is the fact that any single brain, including yours, is made up of atoms that were forged in the hearts of countless, far-flung stars billions of years ago. These particles drifted for eons and light-years until gravity and change brought them together here, now. These atoms now form a conglomerate- your brain- that can not only ponder the very stars that gave it birth but can also think about its own ability to think and wonder about its own ability to wonder.”
― V.S. Ramachandran

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2 дец 2014






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Alejandro Simian
Alejandro Simian Пре 7 сати
Not in AP Psych just a curious bitch watching at 5am
Vicky Alejandro
Vicky Alejandro Пре 21 дан
hello fellow ap psych students!!
itsjustme Пре 23 дана
who's an LAU student and here for assignment 2 😐
Ghazal Shall
Ghazal Shall Пре 18 дана
Farhan Omeirat
Farhan Omeirat Пре 23 дана
JuChoi Пре 26 дана
everyone saying ap psych but I'm from human anatomy & physiology... btw i lowkey want to see John talk to an actual philosopher
James McKechnie
James McKechnie Пре 26 дана
2021 physio baby
Ekoluz Art
Ekoluz Art Пре месец
If you're here from psych check out my youtube channel, it's 100 points extra credit!
Charles Williams Jr
Charles Williams Jr Пре месец
This Sherlock Holmes guy is pretty cool🤔
James AKA Kimo
James AKA Kimo Пре 2 месеца
EVERYTHING is the construct of the mind....
sweet potato
sweet potato Пре 3 месеца
If David had a wife at time, that would really be heartbreaking. not having emotional attachment to her thinking she is an impostor. glad they're better now, specially david.
Worth Playing For?
Worth Playing For? Пре 4 месеца
ap psych 2020/2021 gang
ButterKing -28
ButterKing -28 Пре 4 месеца
2020 Psych class?
Teakea Draws
Teakea Draws Пре 4 месеца
9:02 The forbidden gummies-
Tristan Simmons
Tristan Simmons Пре 4 месеца
Sounds like an indian version of Sean Connery!!
Andrew Cooper
Andrew Cooper Пре 4 месеца
why this man rolling his R's so hard
Valerie Beltran
Valerie Beltran Пре 4 месеца
The homie John just had a really bad acid trip
Julia Brennan
Julia Brennan Пре 4 месеца
hi ap psych kids
Abigail28 Пре 5 месеци
david said im truman
Roger Lightbody
Roger Lightbody Пре 5 месеци
29:55 This is me after I play among us for twelve straight hours
Nick Ginwala
Nick Ginwala Пре 4 месеца
Mom lookin sus
Lulu Пре 4 месеца
Daniel Pedler
Daniel Pedler Пре 4 месеца
Roger Lightbody LOL underrated comment
Roger Lightbody
Roger Lightbody Пре 5 месеци
Everyone from Dickson or whatever his names GenPsych class drop a like.
Jennifer Ford
Jennifer Ford Пре 5 месеци
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kaili taylor
kaili taylor Пре 5 месеци
everyone shouting out AP psych but me a neuro science psych student 👁👄👁
Elizabeth Dom
Elizabeth Dom Пре 5 месеци
who’s here 2020 in psych
Pradeep Kumar
Pradeep Kumar Пре месец
@Megan Smith a
Josh Junior
Josh Junior Пре 2 месеца
@Ball Sach aye man I'm just glad my 55 mins of torture was able to help yall
Ball Sach
Ball Sach Пре 2 месеца
@Josh Junior - you just saved me 55 min, thanks man
Neli Playz
Neli Playz Пре 2 месеца
Ryan Powe
Ryan Powe Пре 3 месеца
@Josh Junior thanks bro
Darling Ramirez
Darling Ramirez Пре 5 месеци
Mackenzie Tucker
Mackenzie Tucker Пре 6 месеци
he really be rolling his r's
Aya Ali
Aya Ali Пре 6 месеци
تمنيت لو كان الكلام مترجما لكن لا بأس فهمت بعض الشي لأن لدي اطلاع ع العقل الباطن وانا اومن سأتي يومن ما وانا افهم كل ما يقال 2020/8/24
RS Пре 6 месеци
thats indian scientist
No ThisIsPatrick
No ThisIsPatrick Пре 7 месеци
Watching this bc of Derren brown hehe
Cody Lawson
Cody Lawson Пре 7 месеци
Fuck this I'm not in the class I'm not doing homework if i dont have to 🤪✌
upi zannat
upi zannat Пре 7 месеци
4 is the devil to mista Imao
Kas A. Riter
Kas A. Riter Пре 8 месеци
Everyone else: WHO'S HERE FOR PSYCH! Me, here for that Bio extra credit:
OliverJune Пре годину
An IMDb summary of the video... www.imdb.com/title/tt1406049/plotsummary
Kris keler
Kris keler Пре годину
Thanks it’s my assignment cheez
Daniel Rodriguez
Daniel Rodriguez Пре годину
Daredevil,toph having self
Jenna Roberts
Jenna Roberts Пре годину
poor Peggy
Miguel Orozco
Miguel Orozco Пре годину
Dave Jones
Dave Jones Пре годину
Loons, all of them, loons I say.
Mohamed Abdi
Mohamed Abdi Пре годину
English is not my mother tongue , I could be wrong , but does he sound like a Scottish guy
Nicki nurse
Nicki nurse Пре годину
This neurologist should talk to a magician regarding the blind-sight....they know all about it, count on it, use it against us to perform their illusions
abby kiler
abby kiler Пре годину
ap psych 2019/20 shoutout
Robyn not Robin
Robyn not Robin Пре 4 месеца
Psych 2020
Spring and the Beach Boys
Spring and the Beach Boys Пре годину
Csu east bay?
1XD233 Пре годину
This extra credit should be worth 55 points
Vicky Alejandro
Vicky Alejandro Пре 21 дан
@Hunter Harwood that's trash
Hunter Harwood
Hunter Harwood Пре месец
We only get 4 points on this shit
Ethan Gurwitch
Ethan Gurwitch Пре годину
Who all is doing this for Psych 150? @barnes
Ty H
Ty H Пре годину
I'm doing it two days late. RIP me
Ellen White
Ellen White Пре годину
ayeeeeeee whats up ethan
Aisha T
Aisha T Пре годину
Please add subtitles!
Tempest Пре годину
It’s like when you’re wearing glasses for a period of time but when you take them off, you still try to push them up even though they are not there
James AKA Kimo
James AKA Kimo Пре 2 месеца
I reach up to take mine off and they are not there.... GACK !!!
Maria Alam
Maria Alam Пре 5 месеци
it happens to me the entire time!
Julian Ortega
Julian Ortega Пре годину
AP 2019 shout out
Michael Wilcox
Michael Wilcox Пре годину
A Rosetta Pictures production for NOVA/WGBH and Channel 4 C 2001 WGBH Education Foundation All rights reserved
Gregory Casey
Gregory Casey Пре 2 године
I have feet that I no longer feet. I broke a toe and felt no pain. My feet always hurts from the nerves in the feet I can’t feel.
sally Maruame
sally Maruame Пре 2 године
Believe in yourself in whatever you want or need and work on it! Amazing complexity of the brain could be as simple as believing in change 😁
sally Maruame
sally Maruame Пре 2 године
How about constructive criticism? Or sharing your experience in life when it came to our brains so people would or could learn? I am on here getting information from this and all comments that I get put to use!
Christian Ceja
Christian Ceja Пре 2 године
What is the explanation given for phantom limb syndrome? Explain the brain networks involved in blindsight. What is the end result / long term outlook for most capgras delusion patients? Explain the link between temporal lobe epilepsy and religious centers in the brain. Whoever answers will receive paypal of 20$
Matthew Bennett
Matthew Bennett Пре 2 године
Did anyone else read the intro as "Pioneering brain detective vs. Ramachandran" and expect a psychologist version of Sherlock-vs-Moriarty?
Anshul Shrivastava
Anshul Shrivastava Пре 2 године
Very nice work.
Juju Пре 2 године
hello my psy 300 classmates
flocka thegreat
flocka thegreat Пре 2 године
Who else is here from Cognitive process class?
Rylan Korpi
Rylan Korpi Пре годину
@Josh Truman Nebraska but almost the same. LOVED this video.
Evan Pham
Evan Pham Пре годину
Greeting fellow
Josh Truman
Josh Truman Пре 2 године
U of L? I'm in Brain and Behavior (formerly Physiological Psych.).
Charles Boen
Charles Boen Пре 2 године
Nadia Atia
Nadia Atia Пре 2 године
This was a really one of the most interesting and fascinating documentary. Prof. Ramachandran has just become one of my favorite teachers. He reminds me very much of Neil Degrasse Tyson, another genius that I learned a lot from. Only great talents can explain super complicated scientific matters in an easily understandable way. Thanks for sharing! ٩(●̮̃•)۶
We have this technology in our brains yet we can't regrow limbs like a gecko why have it then?
John Haaland
John Haaland Пре 2 године
I wish I could have this doctor take a look at me. He is one smart cookie. I have a brain problem that is genetic and I cant understand. I only have pieces of a very complex puzzle. HELP!
Caj Holt
Caj Holt Пре 2 године
John Haaland email him
Samantha West
Samantha West Пре 2 године
21:38 😂 i am so very sorry but he says it and the lizard nods and i crack up every time 😂
Samantha West
Samantha West Пре 2 године
Diego Fernandes
Diego Fernandes Пре 2 године
That's a nice documentary. And the indian neuroscientist looks very intelligent and explains really well. His accent is amazing.
edgar valderrama
edgar valderrama Пре 2 године
This guy (Ramachandra) is a genius!
nick ty
nick ty Пре 2 године
43:57 he looks like an older version of Tom Holland
nick ty
nick ty Пре 2 године
Computer programs malfunctioning.
LogicTech Пре 2 године
The doctor is a hero
Ross Nicholson
Ross Nicholson Пре 2 године
The man who failed to recognize his father consistently? Pheromone agnosia.
Stephen Knapp
Stephen Knapp Пре 2 године
V.S. Ramachandran, is mistaken. He's NOT the "Sherlock Holmes of neuroscience." Anybody who's got a name that hard to pronounce, who talks about the little grey cells that much and has that big a mustache MUST be the "Hercule Poirot of neuroscience."
Rachel Rosen
Rachel Rosen Пре 2 године
that neuroscientist is not only a genius but he is sexy as fuck. He's absolutely beautiful. I love his rolling R's.
Bailey kossow
Bailey kossow Пре годину
Tim McCoy
Tim McCoy Пре 2 године
indian neil degrasse tyson
Neli Playz
Neli Playz Пре 2 месеца
@Victor Daley facts
Victor Daley
Victor Daley Пре 5 месеци
i was looking for this comment
Corey M
Corey M Пре годину
Dude I was going to say the same thing. They even sound similar.
Joe Bowman
Joe Bowman Пре 2 године
Nobody rolls his R’s better than Ramachandran. 👌
Joe Bowman
Joe Bowman Пре 2 године
Tim McCoy was going to comment the same thing
Laura Jones
Laura Jones Пре 2 године
Think about psilocybin mushrooms and the research they are doing with that. California, Oregon, and Colorado are trying to make it schedule 2...
Jamie Feather
Jamie Feather Пре 11 месеци
They're studying a lot of psychedelic drugs these days. They use Ibogaine, a plant native to Asia, in certain countries for opiate addiction. They say it resets the opiate receptors of the brain. Interesting.
Charley T
Charley T Пре 2 године
what I trip , this is an excellent documentary, very intriguing the wonders are boundless. I've always been interested in the parable of the mustard seed and this made connections I never thought of
IbnBahtuta Пре 2 године
I think they should keep a close watch on David......just sayin...
Michael Holzberger
Michael Holzberger Пре 3 године
I can sympathise. I lost a finger 11 yrs ago it still hurts and I experience the phantom symptom also
jojojojo5353 Пре 3 године
Jesus thought he was gods son and god , Mohamad had seizures in a cave and came out thinking an angel spoke to him. Both went on to become the god figures of billions of simple minded people. Much of humanity is brain damaged apparently.
Mohamed Abdi
Mohamed Abdi Пре годину
jojojojo5353 people call the last Prophet (Saw) all sort of names some even called him magician .you can diss him with a comment on a RSvid video but the fact remain that we have prove he is the Prophet of God while you are in a state of ignorance and uncertainty. did you create yourself ?
Gregory Casey
Gregory Casey Пре 2 године
jojojojo5353 so the same can be said about man comes from monkey or Global Warming. After att at the end if the day do we even excise? All the we see or seem is but a dream with in a dream. Now who’s simple minded? Everyone but you? Truth be told a humans only uses 10 to 15% of our brain. So who’s to say who’s simple minded? As far as I am concern with your statement you are just as simple minded as everyone else. Hmm
WesMan Пре 2 године
This documentary theorizes that religious zealots have brain damage. You got that right. Jesus, Mohammad, Mary Baker Eddy, Joseph Smith, etc, are perfect examples of delusional wackos.
Mary Morningstar
Mary Morningstar Пре 2 године
Jesus healed many people, he walked on water and changed water into wine and was crucified on the cross and resurrected. That is way more then just believing he was God. Did you ever consider that the brain is a sender and a receiver and that the young man who sees these revelations is actually receiving something from some where else. If you study only the finite matter you will get a finite answer, because you can not see beyond that because that is your belief. If you believe that consciousness in only in the brain, then that is just a belief, and not the reality. Ramachandran is a very intelligent man but he will never receive all the answers to his questions, because he is limiting himself by thinking that the brain has an intelligence of it's own. That is like thinking that a computer has an intelligence of it's own, when actually it is only been programed. It is only an artificial intelligence but not the source of the intelligence. Our bodies and all the life around you has way more to it then meets the human eye or the human brain. God is the creator and without the breath of God you would not live nor would anything exist. It all didn't just happen and come out of no where. If it takes someone to create a computer or a car then it took someone or something to creates all the world and planets around you. You have to be a fool to believe it all came from nothing. Nothing then would have to be intelligence.
Gear2ndGandalf Пре 2 године
The OP is Light Yagami. He'll take an L soon enough.
Vickie Lawson
Vickie Lawson Пре 3 године
Man, the guy with the seizures sounds like he's on a permanent E trip. Lucky.
SquareRootOf2 Пре 3 године
There was a guy about 2000 years ago who also thought he was god or the son of god but nowadays they call you crazy if you believe you're god.
Loveunderlaw Heil Lucifer
Loveunderlaw Heil Lucifer Пре 2 године
Loveunderlaw Heil Lucifer
Loveunderlaw Heil Lucifer Пре 2 године
Loveunderlaw Heil Lucifer
Loveunderlaw Heil Lucifer Пре 2 године
Save Hope
Save Hope Пре 2 године
Love is God. We are more divine (creative constructive cooperative) or or less divine (oppressive destructive competitive) over time
Mystery Meat
Mystery Meat Пре 3 године
Become a TV Evangelist and beg for $$$.
REBEL Пре 3 године
Freud was a man who had some strange theories. Seriously, who has opinions about Freud? I would like to know what people think. I won't be immature or joking about.
Jan Mutea
Jan Mutea Пре 2 године
He opened the doors to treating certain diseases with out the use medicine and opened insight to the human psyche
REBEL Пре 2 године
Nathan Jeffries thank you.
Nathan Jeffries
Nathan Jeffries Пре 3 године
i think he is important for the way he influenced the direction of psychology but I think a lot of his "theories" are, for lack of better words, bull shit.
path finder discovery
path finder discovery Пре 3 године
The one armed mans car is not a chevy, its a dodge
Joel Hernandez
Joel Hernandez Пре 3 године
jane duh
jane duh Пре 3 године
he brainiac..lol
Maria Vlahon-Elgin
Maria Vlahon-Elgin Пре 3 године
Fascinating! I had to stop halfway through to "think" about what I saw and heard. I started getting a headache over my right eye and right temple...I'll be back for sure!
Nadia Atia
Nadia Atia Пре 2 године
@Brian Hurd- 🙄 There's always that one person...🤮
Nadia Atia
Nadia Atia Пре 2 године
@Maria Vlahon-Allen: Same here, i had to take a coffee'break, lol!
Brian Hurd
Brian Hurd Пре 2 године
relax.... now go have a baby with a white man!!
richard pratt
richard pratt Пре 3 године
8:10 in, ITS NOT A CHEVY,ITS A DODGE ,no other gear heads watched this?
SkepticalAtheist Пре 3 године
+richard pratt It sure is, a '66 or '67 Dodge Coronet.
snowinblood Пре 3 године
i have a TBI to my back left and ever sense i have the same thing as that guy that's blind to one side, i'm blind on my left from center or little over center left, my whole field of vision is gone to the left[both eyes] perfect example , thank you
Azribyeet Пре 3 године
We watched this in my bio class because we had to write a report on one of the cases presented in this documentary.
richard wilmot Ph.D
richard wilmot Ph.D Пре 3 године
Does someone with an amputated penis also have 'PHANTOM PENIS SYNDROME'?
MrPliker Пре 3 године
richard wilmot Ph.D yes of course, and it is mapped adjacent to the inside of the right ear. That's also why Q-tips sell so well!
Riza Ali
Riza Ali Пре 4 године
Waffle Wolf
Waffle Wolf Пре 4 године
Shoutout to all AP Psych students watching this!
Satwick Awasthi
Satwick Awasthi Пре 5 месеци
IB psych...
Nancy Morrin
Nancy Morrin Пре годину
Psych at TAMUCC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
iCupcakeMelanie Пре годину
or to Bio Psycholgy
Charles Boen
Charles Boen Пре 2 године
Anyone doing this assignment kindly inbox me _ charlessoimo@gmail.com I have something to ask
Mic Quinn
Mic Quinn Пре 2 године
Going for Health information technology and management and I just watched this for my week 2. Pretty interesting to say the least
TheBeefycarpet Пре 4 године
I love the imposter theory.
lyricaltesting Пре 3 године
it's called Capgras syndrome
Lydia the gymnist
Lydia the gymnist Пре 4 године
Kim mmy
Kim mmy Пре 6 година
Very Interesting
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