Second 2020 Presidential Debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden 

President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden participate in the second 2020 presidential debate at Belmont University in Nashville, TN. www.c-span.org/debates/
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22 окт 2020






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Коментара 100   
watercup123456 Пре 5 сати
WHY dont they cut bidens mic off every time he interrupts!?!??!?!? WHAT THE FUCK??? His mic is SUPPOSED TO BE OFF WHEN THE PRESIDENT IS TALKING. Someone shut this old lying pedo up!
Dinesh Mundhra
Dinesh Mundhra Пре 5 сати
Such powerful individuals and the moderator seems to be the most powerful person in earth in the debate 😂
Equilibrium Пре 5 сати
What's wrong with not paying taxes anyway? Anyone in their right mind will try to pay as little as possible
Lonelle Davis
Lonelle Davis Пре 5 сати
1:28:30 “Kids are displace”. Mr Whump said “Good”! This Mr Whump is a living rectum.
Ça Va ?
Ça Va ? Пре 5 сати
Pourquoi c'est dans les tendances françaises ?
khyung8 Пре 5 сати
Mr vp Biden you have 2mns to answer , then Mr President , you have 10 seconds , please , answer ...
Mark Clarke
Mark Clarke Пре 5 сати
Concerning the topic of race.... Separation/conflict of race seemed to be pushed during the Obama administration. 🤔 I can't possibly be the only person who picked up on that.
ryan Пре 5 сати
Biden is clearly a liar, he will literally say anything and lie to the American people just to get elected.. He claims he’s not against fossil fuel fracking, how can anyone trust him ?
James Kim
James Kim Пре 5 сати
Who be the poor boys
Kevin Treise
Kevin Treise Пре 5 сати
The Moderator is finally acceptable 😃
Roji - Kuriakose
Roji - Kuriakose Пре 5 сати
Trump will be president of America. Biden will be resident of House
phaxos khor
phaxos khor Пре 5 сати
I am not american, so it is not up to me to decide who should be the president. But I am concerned because USA is the strongest country in the world and US president are somehow the president of the earth. And I have noticed that surprisingly Trump didint went easily to war like Obama. Trump seems much more peaceful. I would be afraid if Joe Biden win. I would be afraid to see more war, or even worse: nuclear war. Obama seems to be more respectful and someone better for the USA, and this appeared to be wrong. Trump seems to be much better. Therefore, for the sake of the earth, I hope you will vote Trump.
julius jones
julius jones Пре 5 сати
I’m not taking no fucking vaccine!
PuzzleDotGamer Пре 5 сати
ngl I came in here supporting trump but was willing to hear biden out I would rather stick with trump infact support him more as biden did nothing for me. I remember when obama was in charge every day it seemed like north korea was going to nuke the planet every day since trump took charge the last I heard of north korea was that kim met trump and they have a good relationship just seems like trump doesn't want to go to war while biden wants to start a war and that pisses me off because it makes biden pro-war
Robert Boyle
Robert Boyle Пре 5 сати
Joe biden no solutions just accusations
Tommy Gordon
Tommy Gordon Пре 5 сати
What price will Iran pay? The money you already gave them?
jet flaque
jet flaque Пре 5 сати
1000 people clemency, christ on a bike Joe, thats NOTHING, what you want? a fucking cookie? get bend, You're the biggest threat to the US black community after the KKK
Sitting Bull
Sitting Bull Пре 5 сати
Lock'em up! Go Mr Trump! I'm french and I think you're great!
Matthew Liano
Matthew Liano Пре 5 сати
“Americans Don’t Panic” Me not being able to wipe my ass because Americans panicked and bought up all the damn toilet Paper.
Al Bambino
Al Bambino Пре 5 сати
Youu'se a ball in the White House, I hope you comfortable Cause I spend my nights out, with the lights out Under the safety of darkness, amongst the crashed and the heartless And young soul bros, ready to ride a starship Launch it, leave a man flat for scratch, the Godless I gotta get chips, but you can't understand that Want to ban rap? Stand back, before you get hurt It's the only thing makin' pay besides smoke and work On a mission listen more chips my goal and position First on my decision I realized the same man Trippin' to drastic measures tryin' to get stacks of cheddar People hate cops, wait it ain't gettin' better But you keep, tellin' us, that it is While your troops keep killin' our kids, dig Don't be surprised if you see us Dumpin' with nothing but artillery to free us [...] Heavenly Father may I holla at you briefly I want to meet the President, but will he meet me? He's scared to look inside the eyes of a Thug We tired of bein scapegoats for this capitalistic drug dealin' How hypocritical is Liberty? That blind bitch ain't never did shit for me My history, full of caskets and scars My own black nation at war, whole family behind bars And they wonder why we scarred, thirteen lookin' hard Sister had a baby as an adolescent, where was God? Somewhere in the middle of my mind Is a man on the tightrope, screamin' let him die Can't lie I'm a thug, drownin' in my own blood Lookin' for the reason that my momma's strung out on drugs Down to die, for everything I represent Meant every word, in my letter to the President
Born Queen
Born Queen Пре 5 сати
"The show" will start very soon🤦🏽 come on moderator.
its Mandessa
its Mandessa Пре 5 сати
He says if we catch covid it will go away, but there have been people have cought it and gotten rlly sick and gotten over it, but who wants to feel that sick , and pass it on to our family, no one
Tito Dotto
Tito Dotto Пре 5 сати
I wonder why so many times she tries to stop Trump and not a single time she stops Biden for any additional secs that he is taking.
Kawarir Djazair
Kawarir Djazair Пре 5 сати
Hi.they just thought about corona. They are losing..
4 AlainipINb, has 8
4 AlainipINb, has 8 Пре 5 сати
Three stooge students in
Darren Foley
Darren Foley Пре 5 сати
Great debate! The difference between Biden and Trump is astonishing.
Joseph Stinger
Joseph Stinger Пре 5 сати
Biden is a dirty dog
Manik Jana
Manik Jana Пре 5 сати
Doland trump you are a stupid you dont have any real sence go to hell.
Brown Crayon
Brown Crayon Пре 5 сати
Trump: *Explains plan very clear* Biden: He doesnt have a clear plan
Paulo Correia
Paulo Correia Пре 5 сати
I am not American, and I don't really know what is going on there, every information I receive is from some form of media. So, this questions is for all the Americans, walking on those streets, that don't rely only on the media, that are free thinkers. Who do you think is going to win, and why?
viz360 Пре 5 сати
@ 1:58:00 trump tries to bring melania's hand closer to him and immediately she pulls her hand back omg again lol
Delvin Gullo
Delvin Gullo Пре 5 сати
They don't have to wear mask?
Salman Khan
Salman Khan Пре 5 сати
trump should be stopped
Brandon b
Brandon b Пре 5 сати
Joe Biden’s old as hell😂😂 a whistle as long as a foghorn 😭😭
LBX 1998YJ1
LBX 1998YJ1 Пре 5 сати
Coty Martin
Coty Martin Пре 5 сати
One thing I don't understand, is when Joe talks about opening safely and says his list of things that are needed. When I go out, pretty much everything on his list is done almost everywhere. It's like a list of things already done.
T.j. Taylor
T.j. Taylor Пре 5 сати
Only 36 mins in and Trump already winning lol
All In
All In Пре 5 сати
States in Midwest I’m at school I’m fine SO SHUT THE HELL UP JOE
Riley Hochburger
Riley Hochburger Пре 5 сати
joe thinks trump is the coronavirus?!?! What the hell is wrong with him
ManufacturedReality Пре 5 сати
Is it possibility that they are both corrupt?
Robert Boyle
Robert Boyle Пре 5 сати
Were learning to die with it????this man is fucking sick and depressed
alya Husein
alya Husein Пре 5 сати
im not american but pls vote change ur ,,,,,,,,pls
Robert Nielsen
Robert Nielsen Пре 5 сати
We never asked for this 🤣 Imagine wasting billions of dollars every 4 years just to have a shit show like this, america is losing credibility by the day
Alili Пре 5 сати
Come on man !
Assa Assa2020
Assa Assa2020 Пре 5 сати
The Show ,,,,? ,(President debates)
David Farr
David Farr Пре 5 сати
Biden will be the end of us. We cannot let that asshat win. He has no idea what he is talking about.
B H Пре 5 сати
Good lord RSvid comment sections are a right wing circle jerk
Harley Roberts
Harley Roberts Пре 5 сати
First thing, biden just blamed trump for every death because of covid, as if he invented the virus, and biden saying we should wear a mask that'll help, you idiot. Saying trump didnt take responsibility as he is doing everything he can to cure the virus, and took responsibility, biden is an idiot 🙄
GalliVANting Granny with Ziggy & Gypsy
Starts at 26 mins.
carston lilleberg
carston lilleberg Пре 5 сати
Trump smacked baby joe
Panoo Kalofyris
Panoo Kalofyris Пре 5 сати
If biden wins the worlds gonna go down and china will be the New USA
Marina Marini
Marina Marini Пре 5 сати
Trump doesn't believe Windmills "cause" cancer....he sees how production of windmills pollutes the environment...the pollution is what causes cancer.
Mathew Libertad
Mathew Libertad Пре 5 сати
keep voting for trump... just going to keep getting worse and worse
King Dick dfw
King Dick dfw Пре 5 сати
Biden is just so full of shit. He is crooked, earning money through china and his son, its a disgrace. DISGUSTING 😤
Dhruv Rajnish
Dhruv Rajnish Пре 5 сати
Trump made good adjustments this debate. This is 2016 on repeat !
Allan Guma
Allan Guma Пре 5 сати
Not gonna lie this is very 😂😅 still wouldn't vote Joe. Trump isn't a politician, although sadly supported by white supremacists, wish he would make a statement against them, truth is be is God's vessel for such a time as this
hammerboycb Пре 5 сати
Starts at 24:15
April Morgan
April Morgan Пре 5 сати
I am a 52 year old white woman. My father, who was a state patrolman, told my brother and I to put our hands on the steering wheel if/when we get pulled over for a traffic stop.
Wesley G
Wesley G Пре 5 сати
Audits take 2 weeks, this man has being getting audited for 4 years...
Jill Venus
Jill Venus Пре 5 сати
Better moderator for sure - Joe Biden is a LOSER for sure even with help from Wallace last time he screwed it up lol didn’t stand a chance this time
lytt Пре 5 сати
Damn these two should realease a diss track at each other
Astromyxin Пре 5 сати
Joe Biden is full of such shit. Why is he saying that people are losing their jobs because of government shutdowns when it's *_very_* clear that it's state governors who are depriving them of their rights under color of law? The federal government isn't telling people they can't go to work, *_governors are_* . The feds aren't the ones telling me I can't go anywhere without a mask on, the federal government isn't telling me that my job is non-essential and telling me who I can associate with and when, the governor is.
xJirenJiren Пре 5 сати
52:35 How do you prepay tax? Giving money to the state in advance that doesn't sound like a business move.
A K Пре 5 сати
Wow look who is saying, "I am the least racist person in the room. "
Kathleen DG
Kathleen DG Пре 5 сати
Christopher Field
Christopher Field Пре 5 сати
I loved when Trump called out Biden for his malarkey talk and then changing the topic to families sitting around the table. I was rolling my eyes when Biden started doing the whole talking to people at home thing so it was nice to see Trump just be like cut that political BS and let's actually talk.
Vegeta Пре 5 сати
Trump: You had 8 years to do it and put black young people in jail, why didn't you do anything? Biden:⏱⏱⏱ Because of congress, that's the answer! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Zac Taylor Schindler
Zac Taylor Schindler Пре 5 сати
the new catchphrase: number 1, number 2
David Anderson
David Anderson Пре 5 сати
1:53:09 Bumbling Biden looses the election!
Salman Khan
Salman Khan Пре 5 сати
best of luck biden
Jack McNeil
Jack McNeil Пре 5 сати
Mase Gass
Mase Gass Пре 5 сати
Ben Beck
Ben Beck Пре 5 сати
1:02:52 Biden lookin soo pissy after that one
Curio Advante
Curio Advante Пре 5 сати
Who leaked Covid19?
Virgil Kellogg
Virgil Kellogg Пре 5 сати
Why are these idiots wearing a mask when 10 + get away from others
777 CTU
777 CTU Пре 5 сати
Marker 1:55:11- did I hear Frank Fahrenkopf say PENTAGRAM??!??
holidayrap Пре 5 сати
Who won?! (opinions wanted!)
Just James
Just James Пре 5 сати
Oh man, Biden just looked like a bumbling old man, he's clearly went over talking points with his staff and tried to prepare but he was completely outclassed here, Trump seened strong and factual, Biden looks like a fish out of water. From a Brit with no horse in this race.
Ben Murray-Smith
Ben Murray-Smith Пре 5 сати
Joe Bidens argument on anything: Bla bla bla...come onnnn Come onnnnnn What a crook
Taggle Пре 5 сати
American politics has stooped to the level of the average American since 2016, understandable and digestible by all. The price of this is no citation of any sources, no cognitive information to back up the barrages of arbitrary statements, just his word against his. Gone are the days of intelligent debates truly devoted to bettering the lives of a population, instead we have a meaningless personality contest that will determine which old white man is going to fuck the world next.
xorbodude Пре 5 сати
Ong Trump is a joke
بلاك تايقر BlackTiger
I do not care about Whores
William Craighead
William Craighead Пре 5 сати
33:50 I like how Joe Biden claims that Trump said "China was being transparent, we owe them a debt of gratitude, we have to thank them."...... I'm pretty sure around that time was when Trump started calling the virus the "China Virus" and claiming that China would pay for how they handled the virus...
Janaki Rajan
Janaki Rajan Пре 5 сати
350 million trump calls about Biden..he seems certain. Is it true??.
Übermensch Пре 5 сати
This is far better than most countries. So called largest democracy in the world - India, never seen a civil public debate. Many representatives have criminal charges. A few have been caught watching porn, fought during parliamentary sessions on several occasions. And worst of all.. our beloved incumbent PM doesn't indulge in press conferences. His followers not just okay with that but they've fakakta justifications on his behalf.😄 Largest democracy my B*ll$ 😂
Marco M
Marco M Пре 5 сати
We are with you trump🙏
Vodka Slam
Vodka Slam Пре 5 сати
You do know this is the Third Debate right?
Spencer Jameson
Spencer Jameson Пре 5 сати
This shit really like a tv show.....lets just go without a president and see how shit goes
Jean-Félix Comet-Barthe
Jean-Félix Comet-Barthe Пре 5 сати
Biden is only reading his prompter
Shades80 Пре 5 сати
The big guy is a mess
Craig Collins
Craig Collins Пре 5 сати
Omg lol
G Young
G Young Пре 5 сати
How can someone who talks about immigrants in such a negative way, be the least racist person in the room? Why won’t he denounce white supremacy? The silence speaks volumes.
Darius Hope
Darius Hope Пре 5 сати
Joe u know covid was comeing?
Robert Nielsen
Robert Nielsen Пре 5 сати
Jo Jorgensen for president 😏 2020
Robert Boyle
Robert Boyle Пре 5 сати
Queenly Пре 5 сати
Say NO to vaccine. Trump must win to save the western world. If Biden wins the evil leftwing liberals will destroy USA like they destroyed Europe
lytt Пре 5 сати
Foreigners who are here just to watch the fun assemble! 😂😂
beefybreaker Пре 5 сати
Filthy China 🙈
CondemnedGuy Пре 5 сати
Mute button should've been used more. Trump can't keep his fat mouth shut.
Ethan Baumgartner
Ethan Baumgartner Пре 5 сати
This is such garbage. The moderator is just as bias as the others, she's just a little more polite about it (but not much).
Surreal - Prednost (feat. Ognjen)
Приказа 417 хиљ.
Albino x Nina Todorović - Kutija Cigara
Replay: The final 2020 presidential debate on CNN
Key moments from final presidential debate
Surreal - Prednost (feat. Ognjen)
Приказа 417 хиљ.
Albino x Nina Todorović - Kutija Cigara
Albino x Nina Todorović - Kutija Cigara
Sahrana Bore Drljače - Beograd, 14.10.2020.