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Saved by the Bell is back - to the MAX! Check out this exclusive look at the new series, coming soon to #PeacockTV.
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When California governor Zack Morris gets into hot water for closing too many low-income high schools, he proposes they send the affected students to the highest performing schools in the state - including Bayside High. The influx of new students gives the over-privileged Bayside kids a much needed and hilarious dose of reality in this comedy inspired by the classic late '80s/early '90s sitcom of the same name.
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10 авг 2020






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Laura Eaton
Laura Eaton Пре 14 дана
NO NO NO Please reboot everything from the 80s but NOT saved by the Bell
SexyCrazyCool Anti
SexyCrazyCool Anti Пре 21 дан
They should of ask degrassi how to do a reboot
Dan M
Dan M Пре 26 дана
Not going to work. The only way it works is if ALL the cast is back, and it focuses on THEM.
Andrew Camarillo
Andrew Camarillo Пре 26 дана
Hollywood stop messing up my shows
Sage Parra
Sage Parra Пре 27 дана
That looks terrible.
MrBernad09 Пре 28 дана
KaotikKnight Пре 28 дана
If Mr Belding isn't in this then cancel it.
Milz Пре 28 дана
Dear Peacock, up the game on the marketing, i only saw this by chance
Eric Abner
Eric Abner Пре месец
New generation needs to create their own and stop trying to recreate other generations entertainment, it fails everytime.
Aleck Scheler Logger
Aleck Scheler Logger Пре месец
Dios mio, no hagan eso.
Jennifer Bortolus
Jennifer Bortolus Пре месец
It doesn't interest me. The reboot looks lame
Rob25AZ Пре месец
Nope this is a bad call i could go into to it but
MegaGug 95
MegaGug 95 Пре месец
Devin Rosa
Devin Rosa Пре месец
Looking forward to seeing Zack and Kelly when they’re on it plus watching this looks like Jessie has some PTSD regarding the pills
Promise You
Promise You Пре месец
This zack looks more like Leonardo dicaprio
Asia Parker
Asia Parker Пре месец
A mess 🙄
Jeffrey Torres
Jeffrey Torres Пре месец
This doesn't look or feel like Saved by the Bell at all other than seeing Slater and Jessie. This doesn't even look like it is done in front of an audience like Saved by the bell.
Antony O.
Antony O. Пре месец
I was excited until I saw this...
STILL Пре месец
One doesn’t experience self-transcendence, the illusion of self only dissipates...Non-Duality✌️
BoomerMan69 Пре месец
Why just why
m0t0b33 Пре месец
this looks like a parody of the original... and I've seen youtubers do a better job on a smaller budget so... idk.. the hype doesn't seem to match the trailer so far.
Kickass Joker
Kickass Joker Пре месец
This looks horrible.
walker1984 Пре месец
Why doesn't this feel like Saved by the Bell? It just feels like a run of the mill sitcom that takes place at school.
k dimples
k dimples Пре месец
I just rolled my eyes at this trailer. The best part is seeing Slater and Jessie beyond that Im disappointed!
Skelly Пре месец
Oh look, it's Saved By The Bell 90210.
mabel arias
mabel arias Пре месец
Hey 👋🏼 I just created a new RSvid channel, please go check it out it’s called Mabel & Jo
UndefeatedGaul Пре месец
This looks like absolute dogshit why is this trash recommended
Nora Gruber
Nora Gruber Пре месец
who is this for?
imdas dominicana
imdas dominicana Пре месец
Saved by the bell is a key part of my childhood witch is why im not that excited for this reboot i just dont like what i see
malcolm adderley
malcolm adderley Пре месец
YodatheHobbit Пре месец
Hopefully like Girl Meets World this show is able to have it's own stories with little references to old jokes, but I just saw a lot of things just taken straight for the orignal show, instead of new material, so it's looking unlikely.
Chris Smalls
Chris Smalls Пре месец
triple v 101
triple v 101 Пре месец
Why do they always got to ruin the original stuff?
Shawn McLaughlin
Shawn McLaughlin Пре месец
I remember the episode where Jessie got hooked on, then kicked, caffeine pills. Or something like that.
Ken Hernandez
Ken Hernandez Пре месец
Looks terrible
Nick Lee
Nick Lee Пре месец
This basically a parody of the show.
Mercury Пре месец
No Zack, No Kelly, No Lisa, No Screech... no Saved By The Bell But especially no zack and screech !
cjy152 Пре месец
T E Пре месец
I'm not sure if I like this new direction, but I will for sure check it out! I would've preferred the original concept with the original gang maybe being teachers & parents with a new group of students. And Zack being the principal.
miko foin
miko foin Пре месец
I feel like I’m the only one who’s sorta excited/okay with this...
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