Rich Mom vs Broke Mom / Funny Situations 

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All mothers are so different. Today we will find out how a rich mother differs from a poor one and what life hacks help poor mothers keep track of the rich.
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3 сеп 2020






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Paul Hancock
Paul Hancock Пре 17 минута
The poor one more my family
Andrea Ervin
Andrea Ervin Пре 59 минута
So I’m like none cuz like I’m in the middle I’m not rich but I’m not poor so I don’t know what I am I think I’m like in between both
Leroy Rogers
Leroy Rogers Пре 3 сата
I like how the titles is Rich moms and broke moms I'm in the mall I broke but that's funny I want a hair stylist get it
beatriz Пре 3 сата
People watch these's *disgusted face*
Randomly Awesome
Randomly Awesome Пре 4 сата
How are these situations funny?
aesthetic vibes
aesthetic vibes Пре 4 сата
gacha- lazyʕ´•ᴥ•`ʔ
gacha- lazyʕ´•ᴥ•`ʔ Пре 4 сата
Btw they just learn the "rich personnes" To be à spoiled br### 😤
gacha- lazyʕ´•ᴥ•`ʔ
gacha- lazyʕ´•ᴥ•`ʔ Пре 4 сата
If somoen thinck it was the rly billie will too bad I'm sûre liké at 100℅ fake ther was just somoen degised I'm sûre i dont wanna believe thas Billie Elise was ther 😭
Sofia Marfia
Sofia Marfia Пре 5 сати
There is poor moms and rich moms in the world actually and that is true
Areeba Malik
Areeba Malik Пре 6 сати
I feel bad for the girl actor she shouldn't learn this bragging money thing
Areeba Malik
Areeba Malik Пре 6 сати
I feel bad for the little girl, why is she participating to learn how to brag money?
MihiTheCake Roblox
MihiTheCake Roblox Пре 6 сати
...that is not "poor" that is average..-_-
{Rxes be doing gatcha}
{Rxes be doing gatcha} Пре 6 сати
I tried doing the hair hack for the cheap mom-NO JOKE MY FREAKING HAIR FELL OUT
STAR PLAYZ Пре 7 сати
They’re not poor Their average human beings
Shashni Senthilselvam
Shashni Senthilselvam Пре 7 сати
Yerikball2 Пре 7 сати
Is it me
Lauren Hairston
Lauren Hairston Пре 7 сати
This is so disrespectful they brought an impersonator of Billie eilish so sad
Galih Yuda Tama Tama
Galih Yuda Tama Tama Пре 9 сати
The rich girl looks soooooo dumbbbbbbbbbb
Belle Belle
Belle Belle Пре 9 сати
The poor kid is so grateful I’m i right
Galih Yuda Tama Tama
Galih Yuda Tama Tama Пре 9 сати
Money is for funny
Sasi Vijay
Sasi Vijay Пре 9 сати
This very rude and offensive. Parents work so hard to keep their children alive. Children will watch this and wish they would have better parents. Younger people might not understand this now but they will when they get a bit older. They have to learn how to take of themselves as some day their parents won’t be their for them. Please stop making this offensive content. Ty :3
the F.B.I
the F.B.I Пре 9 сати
We now have this channel targeted and it will be monitored closely for the next 6 months
Tracy Kenny
Tracy Kenny Пре 9 сати
I think that every child can earn any thing evan if they are rich or poor🤑😧🕌🏤🏡🐆🐅🐱🐶📷🔍
Bella Choukri
Bella Choukri Пре 9 сати
Ori Rotem
Ori Rotem Пре 11 сати
אתר עשר אצבעות של אנשים
•Safari Dreams •
•Safari Dreams • Пре 12 сати
10:45 , Usurpation of Billie Eilish ; Ask to billie before maybe...isn't the real
famous farel
famous farel Пре 12 сати
They are poor but have an electric cooker😑
famous farel
famous farel Пре 13 сати
These people trying to encourage people to iron their hair
Laura McEachern
Laura McEachern Пре 13 сати
Bille is definitely not in the vid
Aahana Khadka
Aahana Khadka Пре 14 сати
Why is Billie not in this video I thought that u were rich😒
christy parcon
christy parcon Пре 14 сати
gilbert gavales
gilbert gavales Пре 16 сати
bruh the poor familiy is just a normal familiy!
Fatima Queen Bhatti
Fatima Queen Bhatti Пре 17 сати
They are insulting poor people and its not funny
Women's Wealth
Women's Wealth Пре 17 сати
I love love love how Lilly is trained 😍😍
Jennifer Пре 17 сати
EmeraTheHauning Пре 18 сати
Fake fake that’s not really billy it’s a fake of her because her hair is wrong and her nails and her face sorry but yeah fake troom troom is a lier I’m unsubscribing right now and I’m not a Karen😡😡😡😡
Roechel Cruz
Roechel Cruz Пре 19 сати
Narciso Delacuesta
Narciso Delacuesta Пре 19 сати
umm... broke mom is my family but yet we have to buy my 2000$ dog does not make scene to me
MN Chiro
MN Chiro Пре 20 сати
But thats not even Billie Elish
Lula G
Lula G Пре 20 сати
Yeah that's not Billie....
Yassin Mohammed
Yassin Mohammed Пре 20 сати
"broke" Doesn't have money to buy a hair dryer Also "broke" Buys fast food almost all the time
Artphrodite Пре 21 сат
This is just straight-up offensive! You guys are so used to being rich you don't even know what it's like to be poor. As a "poor" person I have a phone, laptop, and a hairdryer tee hee. Have bad day bitches
it dosen make any sance that rich person or poor person if all people have been poor before and the the poor mom in real life never still staff from rich people (if the mom not a bad person) and IF RICH PEOPLE CANT STOP CORONA!!!! also the poor family they must work hard to find money tho that IS NOT MAKE SANCE THAT THE MOM STILL STAF FROM RICH PEOPLE!!
Francesca Mari Fernandez
Francesca Mari Fernandez Пре 21 сат
Pls tell me that the poor kuds hair is hair extention not bleech
Ariana Corona
Ariana Corona Пре 21 сат
At least she has Billie
Ariana Corona
Ariana Corona Пре 21 сат
I feel the poor is better cuz they are saving up money and not gonna lie the rich keeps spending like bruh you should save up
Monse García
Monse García Пре 22 сата
Mom cooking herself be like Tacos Enchiladas and more
Monse García
Monse García Пре 22 сата
The "Poor" family is not poor they are a normal family
Brooke Anderson
Brooke Anderson Пре 22 сата
The hair tho 🦋
Monse García
Monse García Пре 22 сата
Like🤚🤢🔫 Tumbs down❤💙👸👍
Monse García
Monse García Пре 22 сата
Wasint the "Broke girl" at the rich girls party?
Monse García
Monse García Пре 22 сата
Broke Has no hairdryer Also broke Has a laptop
Marilu Palomares
Marilu Palomares Пре 22 сата
Bro y’all really think that Billie was on troom troom uhhh y’all are dumb 😒😒😒
Pokemon lover
Pokemon lover Пре 23 сата
I like the rich mom
Its BPlayz
Its BPlayz Пре дан
I love bille Elish and that doesn’t even look like her
Foxy Teh Cat
Foxy Teh Cat Пре дан
The broke family has no hair straightener, but how do you explain the Mum’s freakishly strait hair-
Ana Nicolle Pangdan
Ana Nicolle Pangdan Пре дан
this is not the real billie ilish
lilbebenita05 Пре дан
Javef Iqbal
Javef Iqbal Пре дан
Money cannot by love or happiness infact it makes u more greedy
Lisa Mercedes
Lisa Mercedes Пре дан
Omg Billie looks so real
Anfa Abdi
Anfa Abdi Пре дан
I love your videos os mach os fun
cinergy29 Пре дан
Vincent Jenkins
Vincent Jenkins Пре дан
Yes I am not the one that was not going home 🏠 is that we are all the same people that are the only ones we have been in here so much that they don’t want us in a room that
Amie Curtis
Amie Curtis Пре дан
Why some people don't have the money your judging them wait till you know how it feels poor rich kid she probably doesn't even know what 1 + 1
Xoxo Queen.
Xoxo Queen. Пре дан
This is horrible this is just horrible poor people can go to the hairdressers and do a lot of things rich people can do lord this is teaching kids that poor people don’t have money 🙄
Zosha Rozek
Zosha Rozek Пре дан
This is mean
Sunny Squad Gaming
Sunny Squad Gaming Пре дан
When u called them broke its kinda rude because thats a normal family every family tries to save
Areeba Malik
Areeba Malik Пре 6 сати
I feel bad for the girl actor she shouldn't learn this bragging money thing
Carter Ritchie
Carter Ritchie Пре дан
SORD Squad
SORD Squad Пре дан
I’m both
Dinani Reeva
Dinani Reeva Пре дан
i like rich people
Αвву ρlαуѕѕтυff
The “poor” family is the definition of a nice family.(how they make it in the video not in life)
Areeba Malik
Areeba Malik Пре 6 сати
I feel bad for the girl actor she shouldn't learn this bragging money thing
Mahlee :p
Mahlee :p Пре дан
who in the world insults broke people when their parents try so hard to earn money
Mahlee :p
Mahlee :p Пре 2 сата
Areeba Malik ikr
Areeba Malik
Areeba Malik Пре 6 сати
I feel bad for the girl actor she shouldn't learn this bragging money thing
Clover Marquardt
Clover Marquardt Пре дан
You can obviously tell that is not Billie Elish
Mariya Jamali
Mariya Jamali Пре дан
I am zareena
Aari’s Gacha
Aari’s Gacha Пре дан
and then the poor people become successful
Aari’s Gacha
Aari’s Gacha Пре дан
bro why do we even support troom troom when they make videos like this- and bro what are those sound effects lmao
Ibukunoluwa Adedeji
Ibukunoluwa Adedeji Пре дан
Ever one noticed the fake Billy alish
Ibukunoluwa Adedeji
Ibukunoluwa Adedeji Пре дан
Your Billy alish 's is so ugly
Ibukunoluwa Adedeji
Ibukunoluwa Adedeji Пре дан
So stupid your billy alish is so fake
Ibukunoluwa Adedeji
Ibukunoluwa Adedeji Пре дан
So fake
{ Anonymous Lemonade }
Wow, saying no to a child for them to clean. Troom Troom are very dumb, and poor people? DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY PEOPLE LIVE IN POVERTY AND WHAT ARE THEY? SO AVERAGE FAMILIES ARE 'POOR' TO YOU. This channel is absolutely horrible.
{ Anonymous Lemonade }
2:06 I am scared for the child used in this video.
Sunflxwer Plays
Sunflxwer Plays Пре дан
Ya that looks unsafe 😖😰
adventure in the house
I am big fan I like your video
Elisha Lumban
Elisha Lumban Пре дан
But I thought that Billie is there I've been click baited😭
•Bri• the•Slytherin•
I don't rlly think is Billie that
garvita Bountra
garvita Bountra Пре дан
This video is very offensive.... Please don't...
Atethv. v Villanueva
Atethv. v Villanueva Пре дан
Claire Ellen
Claire Ellen Пре дан
Troom troom I love watching the videos very much and I like how you can make your own stuff.
punpangyuk Пре дан
Did D
Rudante Bautista
Rudante Bautista Пре дан
khadeeja omar
khadeeja omar Пре дан
As a middle class family half of these arnt true
Zia Arcilla
Zia Arcilla Пре дан
I have a poor mom
Amy Rogers
Amy Rogers Пре дан
The rich mum is so dramatic
Genissa The Queen
Genissa The Queen Пре дан
Rich mom
Alberto_ Kirsten
Alberto_ Kirsten Пре дан
yea ur soooooooo rich that u can only afford an fake billie eillish to come to ur birthday
Alberto_ Kirsten
Alberto_ Kirsten Пре дан
What I dont get about this channel is why do they have to compare "rich moms" vs "broke moms" like not everyone is super rich idiot and this channel can pay rent only bc of five year olds watching their channel and thinks it's funny
Abhijeet Dehingia
Abhijeet Dehingia Пре дан
I think that the normal mom only have a single room so they can get a laptop
YenLinh Phung
YenLinh Phung Пре дан
Kanaya Aya
Kanaya Aya Пре дан
Thats not real billie eilish
Lovely Life
Lovely Life Пре дан
Really? Just because there are parents who save money doesn't mean that they are full on poor. Also, why must you make it so the rich parents spoil their children for their life?
Amber Mikaela Infante
Amber Mikaela Infante Пре дан
It's should be called Filthy Rich and Average Moms
Ghhf f bht Vvhfghdgh
Ghhf f bht Vvhfghdgh Пре дан
The "rich girl" is spoiled and the "poor girl" is a girl that is amazing
Quentin Oh
Quentin Oh Пре дан
I am 16 years old
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