Patterned Plywood Tambour Bench 

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4 сеп 2020






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Robert Syer
Robert Syer Пре 17 минута
Lance Flanagan
Lance Flanagan Пре 5 сати
I'd love to make this but without a CNC, I have no idea how to re-create the curves in the track.
Lucas L
Lucas L Пре 17 сати
So satisfying to watch your work. Awesome puppy
007JHS Пре 21 сат
"Hi Winston!" From Airedales Phoebe and Riley.
007JHS Пре 21 сат
Classy.... It sort of has a 1950s/Art Deco look about it.
007JHS Пре 21 сат
What was the finish you applied to the interior?
costa corvo
costa corvo Пре 2 дана
Hi Michael, completely off topic, but I couldn't help noticing your W123 in the background. Great choice, plenty room for long stock! ;-). Absolute great piece of furniture by the way. Reminds me of the 70's.
OdinnLee Moriarty
OdinnLee Moriarty Пре 2 дана
i think i just came
Cragas100 Пре 2 дана
Nice 🐕
Aykun Tasciian
Aykun Tasciian Пре 2 дана
like a fairy tale... Sincere congrats...
rudestrudedog Пре 3 дана
did you keep it or sell it? looks awesome.
Criselda Cruz
Criselda Cruz Пре 3 дана
WOW! Great job!
Alan Mooney
Alan Mooney Пре 4 дана
UNREAL! Beautiful work :)
MadameKarkade Пре 4 дана
Дивилась з захопленням! Вийшла шикарна річ! А ще я не розумію англійської і все рівно було цікаво. Дякую.
Mark Vetter
Mark Vetter Пре 4 дана
Wow, love all the details.beautiful design.
Javi Пре 4 дана
And on today's episode of things I'll never build...
Tacticool Fight Club
Tacticool Fight Club Пре 5 дана
youve motivated me to get back into woodworking!
givingtnt Пре 5 дана
Ok this is so freaking cool I want one.
Joey Ramone
Joey Ramone Пре 5 дана
Stunning piece. Good job!!!
Gabe Bernard
Gabe Bernard Пре 6 дана
Aljaz Jelen
Aljaz Jelen Пре 6 дана
at 27:54 I was like "noooooo wrong side" Then you turned it. Great video! You mind sharing how much would you charge for it? I am trying to open my own woodworking business in Slovenia (Europe) and the prices here are mixed up.
Jared Stone
Jared Stone Пре 8 дана
This is one of the best produced "How-To" videos I've ever seen. You have a great presentation on the video that makes it easy and interesting as viewer follows along.
B.C. Пре 8 дана
Absolutely incredible design and execution.
This is awesome
Rod D
Rod D Пре 9 дана
Amazing, very inspiring mate
shaista sajid
shaista sajid Пре 11 дана
For me this is an art piece more than just a furniture...what a beautiful piece..wow
James Thomas
James Thomas Пре 12 дана
This build was an inspiration to me! Thank you for making it! As a design engineer and architectural designer, I applaud your masterful design and engineering! BTW, I noticed a Howler Bros. and Patagonia hat. May I surmise that you're a fellow fly-fisherman?
william sims
william sims Пре 12 дана
You had me with the w123 (Mercedes wagon in the back) 😍
Corey Higgins
Corey Higgins Пре 12 дана
Great build, beautiful design and amazing technique! Your dog though, literally stole the whole show and made me laugh so hard! Thank you.
theBabyDead Пре 13 дана
Wait, was that lady the 3x3 custom lady? Are you a woodworking couple or something?
Luck Wungtanagorn
Luck Wungtanagorn Пре 14 дана
love you work.. Amazing and inspirational :)
Travis Lyssy
Travis Lyssy Пре 14 дана
That Black Flag shirt is rad.
tribal Motif
tribal Motif Пре 14 дана
bro, thats awesome.
здуард михайлов
Собакой обязательно надо было зашкварить
Allu Aalto
Allu Aalto Пре 14 дана
Beautiful build! It was a joy to watch. Thank you.
Dixon Conde
Dixon Conde Пре 14 дана
Truly a Marvelous Piece of Furniture it deserves a like and subscribe.
Paul Slaughter
Paul Slaughter Пре 15 дана
I'd probably used thickened epoxy in the kerfed corners. Wood glue has no structural properties when there is a large gap, as in the large end of the kerfs near the outside edge.
Charlie Smithers
Charlie Smithers Пре 15 дана
It's beautiful. Dark wood has become unfashionable here in the UK but it looks luxurious. The ply herringbone gives it a modern twist whilst the curved ends look art deco. It all comes together seamlessly. Well done
Filipe Vicente
Filipe Vicente Пре 16 дана
First time I saw a 30+ minutes video twice in a row on YT...
RGP B Пре 16 дана
For the 1000th comment how many thousands does a bench like this cost
FENAMEN izm Пре 16 дана
nice , how much is it ?
Kris Parke
Kris Parke Пре 16 дана
Beautiful, man! Im considering getting a shaper origin, and wound up watching that video and this one. Im goin to play with patterned plywood now, too. Thanks for the inspiration!
crunchycheeto Пре 17 дана
Todd Ozaki
Todd Ozaki Пре 17 дана
Yo Winston! Incredible...my mind is blown. Congrats! What was the price tag?
Porkopio Пре 17 дана
Wow! I feel inspired all of a sudden.
Tom Shepard
Tom Shepard Пре 17 дана
I've watched this like 5 times and it doesnt get old. Great artistry and style. cant wait to see more.
nixsound Пре 18 дана
Freakin awesome. Hey Winston
Jeri Shull
Jeri Shull Пре 19 дана
Oh, Winston is a good boy. Great build
BBG-Designs Пре 19 дана
When I put on hpl, Iuse a hardend roller to put preasure on it to make contact with both sides, saves the veneer or hpl from scratch marks. Maybe you found that out already by the time I write this, but just a tip ;)
I’m Rowanda
I’m Rowanda Пре 19 дана
Just w o w ...
Sunnbuzz Пре 19 дана
I hope you know how amazingly talented you are, I am in awe at the perfection and skill you put into your work
maven Пре 20 дана
Magnificent build. Hey Winston!
Andrew Пре 20 дана
Great work!
hollowjones Пре 22 дана
Holy shit! So amazing! Winston living the shop dog dream life.
J H Пре 23 дана
Hell yea! The Talentini Gelato tubs are my "go-to" for hardware/small pieces too! Haha
Arman Sabitov
Arman Sabitov Пре 23 дана
Восхитительный вид
Kristofer Manogora
Kristofer Manogora Пре 24 дана
Amazing skills!!!
Sam Lee
Sam Lee Пре 25 дана
at around the 2 minute mark that's where my table would end
Adrien Pinard
Adrien Pinard Пре 25 дана
The abstracted memory ethically deserve because delivery intraorally hand until a picayune age. funny, past hood
Bucho del la sool
Bucho del la sool Пре 25 дана
good work amazing!!!
Nikolai Пре 26 дана
Nicely done 😊👍🏻
Cee C
Cee C Пре 26 дана
This is art. Beautiful piece
MrRickle’s Skincare Obsession
Wow! What an amazing piece. You did a fantastic job of the whole thing.
Timmy C
Timmy C Пре 27 дана
Hi. I really enjoyed this video. Do you offer a set of plans for this piece?
John Adams
John Adams Пре 27 дана
19MIGUEL66 Пре 28 дана
How many hrs of labor approximately. Great techniques learned a lot from you. Thanks
Ty Finn
Ty Finn Пре 29 дана
God. I should have been a carpenter
John Ketcham
John Ketcham Пре 29 дана
Honestly, who has a half of these tools
Nik Louch
Nik Louch Пре 29 дана
Watched a lot of these types of videos over lockdown, they've become my ASMR and it's inspiring to watch someone take pride in doing something well... But this - it's glorious! Looks so lovely and mid-century, would fit so well into a tiki-bar too!
URBN HMBRS Пре 29 дана
Bamzi Honey
Bamzi Honey Пре месец
You're good at it 👌
Paulo Quaresma
Paulo Quaresma Пре месец
The dog loved the bench. We too.
John Kirke
John Kirke Пре месец
First time I've seen the wood bending process, and must say....very cool my man. Excellent videos. Pleased you showed up in my recommended videos!
Valient Six
Valient Six Пре месец
Unbelievable. Amazing. Just wish the door handles on the outside were mirrored horizontally. Asymmetrical with the sliding door handles. They draw your eye to the cushion and not the chevron tambora.
daniel servin
daniel servin Пре месец
Just.. wow!
JUST!N Пре месец
This is just beautiful! I gotta know, how much you sell this piece of furniture for? One of a kind, handmade to perfection.. and so on. Would love to know!
Shane Hanson
Shane Hanson Пре месец
You are extremely talented 👍
J German
J German Пре месец
Totally sick Michael. Hey Winston. Good boy.
Enki LEDERMAN Пре месец
a lot of meticulous work for a very original result, well done.
Epicurius Пре месец
Woongsin Lee
Woongsin Lee Пре месец
i feel like ive heard the song @12:40 before
How much did you sell it for and how long did it take to finish
Anon Ymous
Anon Ymous Пре месец
Well, this one earned a sub
Jack4789 Пре месец
hi windston
F1RST CLASS Пре месец
WOOOOW! Absolutely awesome and super impressive build. I love this curvy craftsmanship! Did I say WOOOOW! Of course I did. Talk about an endless conversation piece. WOOOOW!
kajakmannen Пре месец
Amazing looking furniture and awesome craftsmanship. Are you in Sweden (Swedish sounding name :) )
Jean Pierre
Jean Pierre Пре месец
I thought this was a tv stabd
Thomas V
Thomas V Пре месец
What an awesome project! The only thing I would advise is with the doors. You cut them at a 90-degree angle, when in fact if you cut it at a 87 - 89 degrees, you compensate for the turn radius of the doors and this gives you more flexibility when adjusting the doors as well. Since the doors will also expand per season you need around 1.5 - 2 mm spacing as well. Awesome job and i love seeing how you made this!
BTDarters Channel
BTDarters Channel Пре месец
Hey, Winston & Michael!!! 😀🙋‍♂️🐶👍
Robert Deberusss
Robert Deberusss Пре месец
Brings back memories. Old skool....
bigtoepfer Пре месец
This is beautiful. I didn't know I needed something like this but I really do.
puslingpaahaender1 Пре месец
Waaaauw. What a beauty!! The bench comes a close second to Winston. ;-) Amazing job!!
Julia Owen
Julia Owen Пре месец
The quirky blow covalently bless because home rationally clear below a gray greasy great distribution. meaty, instinctive soda
flgood Пре месец
Mark Wijnen
Mark Wijnen Пре месец
What a joy to watch and what a beautyfull piece of furniture!!!!! RESPECT!!!!
Reggie Ramos
Reggie Ramos Пре месец
Do you ever measure the max weight capacity of the legs for the furniture that you make? Just curious. Btw, what's up with the 195 people who gave this video thumbs down?
Home workshop
Home workshop Пре месец
Супер 👍! Отличная работа! Превосходный дизайн!!!!!
Bahamian I.T. Guy
Bahamian I.T. Guy Пре месец
Can I buy this?
Maxwell Mooney
Maxwell Mooney Пре месец
This is one of the most brilliant pieces of furniture I've ever seen. Truly gorgeous.
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