Pat McAfee Reacts To Cam Newton Signing With The Patriots 

The Pat McAfee Show
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Can Cam be the talent that the Patriots need?
This is a clip from The Pat McAfee Show live from 10am-Noon EST Mon-Fri.
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29 јун 2020






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ceerw buty
ceerw buty Пре 6 сати
He has an entire Pringle’s can of chips on his shoulder lmao
JBratt Пре 10 сати
Wow Pat is talking faster than Ben Shapiro.
Kelvin May
Kelvin May Пре 11 сати
When all is said and done Patriots WOULDve rather had a fig newton
Malcolm Radosevic
Malcolm Radosevic Пре 11 сати
I think Cam wasn’t signed because teams thought he had become too injury prone. The shoulder injury two years ago that required surgery which hampered the Panther’s offensive attack (and aided in going from 6-2 to losing 7 of their last 8), the foot injury that sidelined him for almost the whole year this past season (which they said healed slower than usual), and the fact that he’s a big mobile quarterback who will take a lot more hits than a traditional pocket passer scared teams off because they didn’t want to sign him and then have him suffer a season ending injury or an injury that limits him significantly. I’ll believe this is a good signing when I see it for myself. He’s got a lot of potential, but he has to execute because Bill Belichick is apparently gung-ho on Jarrett Stidham being their guy for the future.
ceerw buty
ceerw buty Пре 6 сати
There is a reason why nobody wanted cam and the pats will find out why.
Obywatel CG
Obywatel CG Пре 11 сати
I still don't know when he is serious or behind 2ft. thick curtain of sarcasm.
J M Пре 12 сати
Newton is FOR SURE.. NOT the best Panthers player no way no how. Steve Smith,Luke Kuechly,Dan Morgan,Kevin Greene.. could keep naming people who had more of an impact and more impressive career but it probably won't let me type that much
dennis bunner
dennis bunner Пре 13 сати
Pats v bucs would just be funny
mike derocco
mike derocco Пре 14 сати
haha thats a million the pats wont ever get back
mike derocco
mike derocco Пре 14 сати
newton is a joke patriots wont even make playoffs
deedas Пре 14 сати
That Mexican dude was really annoying. Do they really view that guy as a complement to the show?
Jacob Johnson
Jacob Johnson Пре 14 сати
God I love Konnor
Mark L
Mark L Пре 15 сати
I'm a diehard Panthers fan, but quite frankly, I'm glad Newton is gone. Did it never occur to McAfee that the reason all of these teams kept passing up the chance to sign Newton is because the guy is still way overpriced in terms of salary and seriously injury prone on the field? Cam once was a truly great player, but last season before he went out, he couldn't even throw the ball straight. Now maybe Belichick can manage to rehabilitate him, but as a six-time Super Bowl champion, he can afford to take that chance where other teams can't. And he only got Newton for a bargain price precisely because no one else was willing to pay the king of money Cam was expecting, meanwhile Cam knows he has a chance to win in New England instead of playing for another crummy team without a decent offensive line.
jeff scott
jeff scott Пре 15 сати
Just wait when Cam is looking down at the fumble Pats will all feel the same way, sh!t why in hell did we get this guy
Stanley Jointer II
Stanley Jointer II Пре 16 сати
Wait until Cam Newton gets a taste of Boston "hospitality". "He won't be around next year" (pph)
Mike Mosh
Mike Mosh Пре 16 сати
is that punch-out! pic signed by Tyson!?? that's awesome
Paul Collins
Paul Collins Пре 18 сати
The pats will suck with cam
I Vickery
I Vickery Пре 18 сати
There must be a lot of rats in Boston and thus the need for the Pied Piper of football to lure the rats away with his magic pipe. I hope he still dresses the part, and I hope he kills it both on and off the field.
Hugh Janus
Hugh Janus Пре 18 сати
Pat Dorkafee.
Tim Mckeand
Tim Mckeand Пре 18 сати
There is a reason why nobody wanted cam and the pats will find out why.
Psycho Mantis
Psycho Mantis Пре 18 сати
Hoping Cam is on the team next year when Tampa comes to Gillette.
J Cal
J Cal Пре 18 сати
It was only a matter of time, old bill got him for a deal. Pats were never going to tank, Vader ego too strong
Increase Kru
Increase Kru Пре 19 сати
The Browns didn't sign Cam, because that would mean Baker Mayfield would become a backup, some teams would rather lose than look bad in regards to their number 1 picks.
Isaiah Olvera
Isaiah Olvera Пре 19 сати
I’m happy for Cam. I’ve always been a silent fan since I ride for the Saints but I hope he gets back on track this year. He could have comeback player of the year in the bag.
Tom McMahon
Tom McMahon Пре 19 сати
“Greatest dynasty in the history of professional sports” I’m pretty sure that a certain basketball team from the same Boston area with 8 nba tittles in a row would beg to differ.
um me
um me Пре 19 сати
um, he only had one real good year. they got rid of him for a reason. don't even count on him being a lick to be starter.
Brad Sheppard
Brad Sheppard Пре 19 сати
hey clown since you wanna be such a liberal dbag, pack up and move to tye slums of indy, bet you wont!
Cravat Stevens
Cravat Stevens Пре 19 сати
Pat's the dude on the football team who moved to NYC and figured out he was gay all along.
Jarod Rochell
Jarod Rochell Пре 20 сати
Why does pat keep saying he was an mvp two years ago??? Wasn’t that 2015?
SG03 Пре 20 сати
Cam's gonna get exposed or injured, he's not the player he was.
Liam Aiken
Liam Aiken Пре 20 сати
"Jags fans havent seen promise in a long long time" im starting to think 2017 didnt actually happen
Cameron donohoe
Cameron donohoe Пре 20 сати
He wasn’t an mvp 2 years ago😂
mike needham
mike needham Пре 20 сати
Winning a super bowl is so hard. Look at all the wins and losses with Tom Brady as QB. All nail biters. Brady worked magic against Seattle and the Falcons. Foles and Eli played fantastic to beat the Patriots. To put super bowl expectations on this team with Cam Newton is a bit much, but it could be fun. Still, to get past the Ravens, Chiefs etc will be tough.
Nathan O
Nathan O Пре 20 сати
Lol washed up qb good bye Cam get out of NC lol
Gator Country
Gator Country Пре 21 сат
Belichick will have Cam playing better than he's ever played, just watch.
Kieran Light
Kieran Light Пре 21 сат
Patriots dynasty is the second best. 20 years of good teams with six super bowls is insane but the bulls six chips in 8 years is way better
JayScore Пре 21 сат
Pats now have two Auburn QB's
Kenneth Winter
Kenneth Winter Пре 21 сат
NFL wont be around in ten years probably
ImCaliKidOfficial Пре 22 сата
We win again 😂😂😂
Michael Brown
Michael Brown Пре 22 сата
Never forget: Mike Glennon got 16m guaranteed from da bears
Brandon B.
Brandon B. Пре 22 сата
MVP two years ago? Didn’t realize it’s 2017 and not 2020. Thank god because I hear 2020 is going to suck.
Perpetual Negativity
Perpetual Negativity Пре 22 сата
I bro-luv ya Pat, but it was going on 5 yrs ago that Cam was MVP
sean geoghegan
sean geoghegan Пре 22 сата
Good for cam this was his best case scenario. It’s still a high risk high reward . I still like the bills in that division this season
Aj Prentis
Aj Prentis Пре 22 сата
RBs are going to learn a lot from cams abilities to escape the pocket
sfar1 Пре 22 сата
I like this guy. He has a good heart and is kind, funny, and smart. Even though I do not follow football as much as basketball, I am glad I found this channel because he makes whatever the topic universally enjoyable. Thank you for sharing, friend. ✌🏼👍🏼🤝☮️❤️☺️
Aj Prentis
Aj Prentis Пре 22 сата
I love this move, word going around is that Bill B been looking for a mobil qb since 2017
Jerry Golan
Jerry Golan Пре 22 сата
The Pats will be a dominant D team this year they will go 11-5,They need to go for all short distance 4th downs and 2 point extra points with CAM .PATS will be battle tested in playoffs!! 7 not out of the question!!!! Leave BBBrady in his baby strolled in YBOR CITY!!! LETS GO!!
robert holland
robert holland Пре 22 сата
5 years ago is when he won MVP, but this is still an interesting match
David Pieper
David Pieper Пре 23 сата
I'd guess that Can Newton didn't want to sign with those other teams. He's not dumb, he knows a dumpster fire when he sees it.
rick m
rick m Пре дан
I needed that laugh, I'm ready for some football.
Valan Quade
Valan Quade Пре дан
WITH Cam, I say the Patriots best case scenario will be a 10-6 team. Definitely not seeing them making conference let alone the SB. Between the Bills who have an extremely formidable Defense to the Dolphins who built an amazing Defense over the off-season. The Patriots will be lucky to place second in the division
Sheldon C Edward Thibault
Pat McAfee needs to win a RSvid award for his show!
MP15aug Пре дан
This is a bad move like signing AB.
Dakota Brewer
Dakota Brewer Пре дан
Cam is trash and will remain as trash. He done nothing recently
TheRantGuyYeazy Пре дан
Cam wasn't the MVP 2 years ago 😂
TheRantGuyYeazy Пре дан
It's the DeMarcus Cousins effect to Golden state warriors smh nobody wanted to sign him then everyone mad when he goes to a good team smh
15plus2isnot39 Пре дан
As a Pats fan I was interested in seeing what we had with Stidham but was ready for a down year. I was already looking at the upcoming draft at the QB prospects, but now with Cam things got real interesting real quick. Because I believe that the NFL will find a way to play this year, but NCAA might not make it and if they allow an extra year to the players that lost it then we might be looking at a stacked class the draft after next. So we have a year with Cam at least during a very uncertain time and then we have options going forward depending on how everything works out.
The Metal Penguin
The Metal Penguin Пре дан
I hate Patriots fans 😑
The 12th Helix
The 12th Helix Пре дан
So Many had their chance, now they will potentially pay for not taking it.
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez Пре дан
Not a Pat's fan but watching Cam get his first rushing touchdown then do his celebration is going to be 🔥.
Cameron Cruver
Cameron Cruver Пре дан
So Steve Smith don't exist ? steve the Panthers GOAT
Brooks Calderone
Brooks Calderone Пре дан
I don’t think cam is smart enough to pick up the playbook at New England
Joshua Williams
Joshua Williams Пре дан
Pats vs bucs in the super bowl would be crazy
Bro Football Focus
Bro Football Focus Пре дан
Bill replaces the GOAT with a former MVP still in prime age for a $1 million contract on the day that the news drops about the Browns, Bengals spying controversy? Well played Belichick, well played...
D-Rock Gaming
D-Rock Gaming Пре дан
I feel like the patriots be playing madden bro
Carlos Guzman
Carlos Guzman Пре дан
luckyjinxer Пре дан
I think Cam wanted a team that could actually protect him, lol
deaners09 Пре дан
Can newton is not good...
firew0rrior Пре дан
A guy who only throws pick 6s hahahahahaha
Chuk Morris
Chuk Morris Пре дан
Cam Newton, apart of the Patriot way!!! CRRRAAAAAZZZYYY world we're in.
The Future
The Future Пре дан
Hes not gonna start
theo siegers
theo siegers Пре дан
Sign Kap to play behind cam.
Nick H
Nick H Пре дан
Do you think Cam will be worth a last round pickup in fantasy football league?
MrJreed1000 Пре дан
To bad A.B. goofed up.... they would be a pretty great team to watch.. plus Gronk is coming back 😁
PURE_ Gamer713
PURE_ Gamer713 Пре дан
😂😂😂 and welcome to the show 😁
Scott Knapp
Scott Knapp Пре дан
Stop saying Newton won an MVP two years ago. It was 5 years ago.
j 77
j 77 Пре дан
Maybe I'm missing something.... we're still talking about the same Cam Newton, right?
Brandon B
Brandon B Пре дан
Bad teams nor signing 2020 Cam does make sense. Cam likely isnt going to turn a 4-12 team to a contender. Cam will likely win 2-3 extra games and take that bad team out of draft position to take Lawrence sweepstakes. I think NE would've been better tanking as well, but I trust Belicheck
Krohny Пре дан
The GOAT of jersey number 1...Pat Mac!
Matt Hix
Matt Hix Пре дан
Won't make it past training camp.
Vitamin C
Vitamin C Пре дан
Enough with the Baker slander 80% of his interceptions last year hit his wide receivers in their hands
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