Owners Can't Take Criticism on Burger | Kitchen Nightmares 

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19 сеп 2018






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Viktor Silva
Viktor Silva Пре 7 сати
Ramsay: *THIS IS A FUCKING GREAT BURGER ! WHO THE FUCK TEACH YOU TO COOK ! WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU IN THIS SHIT PLACE ?!* slaps bread on his cheeks *WHAT ARE YOU ?!* "a great chef" *WHAT ARE YOU ?!* "a great chef..."
Amierul Iskandar Shah
Amierul Iskandar Shah Пре 11 сати
“Meat sculpture”
Noah Elliot Kamp Teglgård
Noah Elliot Kamp Teglgård Пре 14 сати
“What’s that strong taste I’m tasting” That is the taste of DEFEAT
vess kash
vess kash Пре 15 сати
The absorbing holiday inferiorly glue because linen substantively thank on a bumpy begonia. alive, obtainable wine
LadyxInsanity Пре дан
Things we know about Gen: She is: - a 64 year old woman - a medium rare girl She isn’t: - that powerful - wearing a chefs hat - swirling the pans - making the patties - chopping the mushrooms - putting the salt on
Raihoshi Пре дан
I just want all people to know this, but the problem here is that people have different opinions, some of them want their taste's just fine, some want it strong, some want it bland, there's not only one type of person in the world, but people also have different tastebuds. That's all I have to say, I am not trying to pick up a fight, I'm sorry, but I just wanted to say this, thanks
Kyle Mcgann
Kyle Mcgann Пре дан
That's the fast of his duck in your mouth
Just a random anime fan.
"I'm a 64 year old woman!" My grandma is almost the same age as her and she's running around with the slipper. I think that Gen can do much more.
goay kokseng
goay kokseng Пре дан
You are the best and I am a kid
pragathi Пре дан
To whoever is editing this channel gosh I love you 😂😂😂
Luke Weeks
Luke Weeks Пре дан
I heard Gen likes her meat red… And throbbing. Alan is a “meat creator”, after all…
Elijah.42jz Пре 2 дана
i hate this woman
Μαντζουρανακης Γιαννης
Alan seems like a good guy but Gen is like...............
God isJust
God isJust Пре 2 дана
Please pray to God that you believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross, repent from your sins, and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour, and surrender your life to him, if you do not do this, and the Lord comes back to earth, you will be found guilty in the day of Judgement, God bless..
Christian Ilario
Christian Ilario Пре 2 дана
Gordon Ramsay isnt even mad or anything in this clip he's just dissapointed
Alexander Nguyen
Alexander Nguyen Пре 2 дана
fuck u gen
Zak Cotterill
Zak Cotterill Пре 3 дана
Why does gen look like a raisisn which has turned into Karen.
Pauline McMahon
Pauline McMahon Пре 3 дана
The guy in the blue shirt is full of bullshit
Jrlz1627 Пре 3 дана
This is why you don't start a restaurant with a karen you married
Happy Rayleen
Happy Rayleen Пре 3 дана
The owner can't take criticism but can take sons inherited money 👀sus much 👀
HiImBerry Пре 3 дана
aaron lee
aaron lee Пре 3 дана
aaron lee
aaron lee Пре 3 дана
The way the female owner’s eyes moved with music 😂
Ward Huyskes
Ward Huyskes Пре 3 дана
You're not supposed the cook burgers medium rare, that is a food hazard.
Blocky Пре 3 дана
Jim eating his burger after Jen went out lol. That made me laugh
MrNerdy Пре 2 дана
zoy fattay
zoy fattay Пре 3 дана
Gen's Fake laugh is faker than my imaginary girlfriend
Juli Пре 4 дана
when the cook is based
nazim seddiki
nazim seddiki Пре 4 дана
The Karen’s eye lashes when Gordon said it’s delicious 😂
Markus Nicolai De Francia -27
64??? i thought she was 75
Hen. Jamz
Hen. Jamz Пре 4 дана
That burger made me hungry and I don't even eat meat
William Thompson
William Thompson Пре 5 дана
David awsome
Talon Пре 5 дана
Let's be honest, the only reason we come back to this video is to talk shit about gen
Daniel Brennan
Daniel Brennan Пре 5 дана
So no one else caught the extra gag at 6:20?
Conor S
Conor S Пре 5 дана
The wife has manipulative Gaslighter written all over her. “Oh I’m just a weak submissive older lady“ please. Coming from the same parents who took $200,000 from their own son without his knowledge
Will Marsden
Will Marsden Пре 5 дана
Alternate title: men argue about who can shape their meat best
Yater Potater
Yater Potater Пре 5 дана
That cough is faker than my happiness
Eduard Bernhuber
Eduard Bernhuber Пре 5 дана
Owners are for sure Trump Voters
Tyson Moza
Tyson Moza Пре 5 дана
She can’t class herself as a girl
Luke Weeks
Luke Weeks Пре 5 дана
Don’t make fun of her, she’s a 64-year old *MEDIUM RARE GIRL*
Master Gaming
Master Gaming Пре 6 дана
Gen is Karen Karen Karen Karen Medium rare girl Karen Karen Karen Karen Karen
Artic Playz
Artic Playz Пре 6 дана
Meat creator my ass
jack caton
jack caton Пре 6 дана
Undead Bear
Undead Bear Пре 6 дана
"Some people have called me a meat sculptor or a meat creator." But they forgot the most important thing of all and that is a meat beater.
Nick Пре 4 дана
take this like and go away xD
A Wonderful World
A Wonderful World Пре 6 дана
No one: Absolutely no one: Jen: I’m 64 years old
Zqbu Пре 5 дана
A stack of years :D you get it if u play minecraft
gruja Пре 6 дана
Nobody: Gen: im 64 years old woman
Monke Пре 6 дана
kajus 1020
kajus 1020 Пре 7 дана
Burger without patty?
Damien’s Annoying Sister :D
Thumbnail made me gag.
Alexandra Delliou
Alexandra Delliou Пре 7 дана
2021: 1301
Parker Ashton
Parker Ashton Пре 7 дана
Gen being the owner: i’m not that powerful Honey. You’re the OWNER of the restaurant
Powergirl!! Пре 7 дана
This is definitely my favorite video
Kehinde Balogun
Kehinde Balogun Пре 7 дана
You could see how that woman wanted him to fail
Magmasaurus Rex
Magmasaurus Rex Пре 7 дана
what the fuck is dat shit in the thumbnail? it looks like someone threw meat into a jar filled with vinegar, sealed it and let it ferment in the middle of sahara for a fawkin year
Lovepreet Singh
Lovepreet Singh Пре 7 дана
Haha she went and hid behind a tree
Benjamin Alegria
Benjamin Alegria Пре 7 дана
“Im not that powerful, I just own this”
Two Arrows
Two Arrows Пре 8 дана
Chef Ramsay: "I need you, and I think more importantly, Alan does" Meanwhile Alan: *Munching on his shit wagyu burger*
Se Ar
Se Ar Пре 8 дана
Does anyone know why they fired him?
Mubashar 67
Mubashar 67 Пре 8 дана
5:03 🤣🤣🤣
ihate youngdefiant
ihate youngdefiant Пре 8 дана
"What is that strong taste I'm tasting" Me: probably that strong taste of saltiness
Skeleton Пре 8 дана
Gen is a stack years old and has oatmeal for a brain
Nita Mishra
Nita Mishra Пре 8 дана
Jen is what happens when a karen is the co owner of a restaurant never let a karen own a restaurant
Vichea Пре 8 дана
Karen what's Wrong?
CR- Vrax
CR- Vrax Пре 9 дана
1:09 now that is cap
Hellom8 Пре 9 дана
Everyone stop bullying her. She’s a medium rare girl
Matthew Пре 9 дана
1:44 why she lookin like a female titan tho-
Dee Пре 9 дана
The fake cough got me
AngelsAdvocate Пре 9 дана
yo whoever told that owner he's a "meat sculptor" did him dirty and definitely never came back
Smudge Пре 9 дана
Thats the juiciest burger ever
Mervin Harley Baniqued
Mervin Harley Baniqued Пре 9 дана
Jen: Do u see me choping mushroom making patty choping onion ssesoning salt Me : bi1ch i can see u playing card in the cctv computer rn 🖥️😂😂
XeroZero Пре 9 дана
Alan died in April 2020
Priyank Srikanth
Priyank Srikanth Пре 9 дана
Seriously you got a 9 out of 10 rating from Gordan Fuckin Ramsay then you start your own restaurant
Couger Shelby
Couger Shelby Пре 9 дана
""I'm a 64 year old Karen. I've cracked ass bones. I'm not that powerful😭😭😭""
Aryan Verma 2996
Aryan Verma 2996 Пре 9 дана
Making a burger out of expensive meat doesn't mean it's gonna be tasty
mitt Пре 9 дана
Can't really blame Gen.. she's used to eating liquid food
Sara Пре 9 дана
✨K A R E N✨
TexProductions Пре 9 дана
The end of the video: "Jen, Jen! Jen Jen. Needle!"
Corrupted Files
Corrupted Files Пре 9 дана
Gen is a KAREN
Ian Lacey
Ian Lacey Пре 10 дана
There’s another clip which looks misleading it says that the chef refuses to leave after being fired. It paints him in a bad light. Of course if you watch the full programme you see the reason he refuses to leave is because he wants his back pay, and those horrible people respond by emotionally blackmailing their own son to put the money into their account to cover their otherwise worthless cheque.
Alvin wu
Alvin wu Пре 10 дана
They think they are meat experts, but how do they not know medium rare patties are not like medium rare steak, the outsides where the bacteria is is flipped inside.
Abdul Wadhood Rehman
Abdul Wadhood Rehman Пре 10 дана
"Meat creator"? 🤢
Ezpeeze Пре 10 дана
Karen oof
Plaguebearer A.K.A Papa Nurgle's sweet boi
Look at that Karen
Joseph Amazia
Joseph Amazia Пре 10 дана
2:21 her acting is worse than porn actor lol
kelvin nueve
kelvin nueve Пре 10 дана
My name Gen Jeff
Daniel Souter
Daniel Souter Пре 10 дана
These shows are so staged
Booty Buster
Booty Buster Пре 11 дана
Gen the Karen
Mj Пре 11 дана
Lmaoo i think someone’s a little jelly 👀
POTATO KING Пре 11 дана
Why can’t he fucking say wagu properly
britney901 Пре 11 дана
Why is there no bun? Just a burger with a side of blood.
Psedo Woodo
Psedo Woodo Пре 11 дана
Stronger stronger.... What do you want ? Some water bi*ch.
Snow axe
Snow axe Пре 11 дана
if you felt angry at this couple, then you need to see my neighborhood couples, they are so so so toxic, They once called cops on a guy because that guy's 5YO kid dropped some water in front of their home, he dropped only 100ml because he was playing with water gun with his friends, it was summer, and water dried up before the cops ever show up, they abuse everyone, They are racist, and full-on racist, they will call poor people by name like slum-dogs, if they see a black guy they will say go back to Africa, They always get lucky because their victims say nothing and just tolerate them, They will never mess with me or my family because my family and I myself am a Lawyer and they know I will fuck em up,
Bennyboy299 X AcE
Bennyboy299 X AcE Пре 11 дана
Gen is a bitch
SebsKrist 14
SebsKrist 14 Пре 11 дана
Eren Yeager: CHEE BURG??
SebsKrist 14
SebsKrist 14 Пре 10 дана
@SouLdanieL Eren: Yes XD
SouLdanieL Пре 11 дана
Ereh is that you?
Owen Matheson
Owen Matheson Пре 11 дана
"I'm a 64 year old woman I have no power" Says the co-owner of the restaurant 🤣
Mr. 4nonymou5
Mr. 4nonymou5 Пре 11 дана
Haircut ✅ Age ✅ Personality 🗑️ ✅ A certified karen ✅
Jon Wong
Jon Wong Пре 11 дана
What is that strong taste that I'm tasting? Its defeat, its the taste of defeat Karen.
Amory Takahiro
Amory Takahiro Пре 11 дана
She act basicly just like my grandmother 🤣
John Ryan
John Ryan Пре 11 дана
God damn that sneaky NINO at the end
SH.n_ KPOP Пре 11 дана
“I taste something stronger in there like a dry aged BEEF” Yeah the burger patty isn’t made out of beef
SH.n_ KPOP Пре 11 дана
Gordon Ramsay : *whats in there* The owner : *you’ll see* Gordon Ramsay : *well I can see the blood , but whats in there*
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