Novak Djokovic vs Jannik Sinner | Monte Carlo 2021 Highlights 

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14 апр 2021






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Boris Kostic
Boris Kostic Пре 24 дана
Good matchup. I would love to see them play bit more
Guadalupe Alban carrasco
Guadalupe Alban carrasco Пре 28 дана
mucroon Пре 29 дана
Lol Sinner was destroyed
Avv. Riccardo Ferrari
Avv. Riccardo Ferrari Пре 29 дана
Next time Sinner!!!!!!!!!!go go go
puppy beagle
puppy beagle Пре 29 дана
man this sinner kid can HIT the ball
Борислав Димитров
The new Berdych
Phill Good
Phill Good Пре 29 дана
Jannik è ancora un "cuoco" inesperto... Questa, e altre sconfitte...saranno le sue più grandi vittorie.
gunofpatriot00 Пре 29 дана
Sinner con un poco piu di esperienza queste partite le riuscira a vincere
Maurizio Sanguinetti
Maurizio Sanguinetti Пре 29 дана
sinner la strada e' ancora lunga umiltà lavoro intelligenza sono doti che non ti mancano arriverai in cima alla montagna
Cesare Mezzadra
Cesare Mezzadra Пре 29 дана
LavER, FederER, SinnER...
Борислав Димитров
diga Melo
diga Melo Пре 29 дана
Seems like Covid has completed Djocovic. Hmmmm, l wonder why???
Giorgi Tatarashvili
Giorgi Tatarashvili Пре 29 дана
Immense power coming out from that man! Nole the 'beste'!
Paolo Galliani
Paolo Galliani Пре месец
Sinner too much presumptous and overrated...it takes much more to beat a God like Djoko...greetings from Italy!
Ljiljana Todorović
Ljiljana Todorović Пре месец
Novak King tenisa
7tachyon Пре месец
Djokovic is a genius in tennis, his tennis IQ is incredible.
7tachyon Пре месец
Максим Шарабурин
1:55 He screams against young fellow like he wins set against Sampras. Clinical reaction.
Chopper Fok
Chopper Fok Пре месец
Djokovic very fit for his age.
Andrew Mark
Andrew Mark Пре месец
Sinner is super talented but he's a way off where some people are expecting that he is. I doubt that he'd have reached the Miami Masters final, had so many top seeds not dropped out prior to the tournament. As it was, only half of the top ten played there. Novak, Rafa, Dominic and Roger were all absent. He has a couple of years of hard graft ahead of him before he hits his potential.
MrKpopSucks Пре месец
3:25 this moonball return followed by a devastating BH down the line winner looked so calculated and deliberate it's like he already knew what's gonna happen immediately after the serve. Prophetic
Noah Henderson
Noah Henderson Пре месец
The more and more I seen with Federer, Novak, and Nadal. The more respect I have for Warwrinka and Murray. I hope we can see someone at their level appear before the big three all fade out.
Nebojša Đuran
Nebojša Đuran Пре месец
Doctore Nole
Allan Yang
Allan Yang Пре месец
Drop shot when placed properly can win points, when done poorly can lose points. Djokovic is so good at placing the drop shot, he will just keep doing it if sinner isn’t even gonna try
Hailong Xiao
Hailong Xiao Пре месец
Sinner has a bright future
Ashwin Naik
Ashwin Naik Пре месец
Sinner was so good and some incredible shots and was matching Djokovic shots... But Djokovic just showed why he is the greatest
Eclipse aaterminator
Eclipse aaterminator Пре месец
Sinner is good 🔥
drtash21 Пре месец
Jannik: Forgive me I'm a Sinner Djokovic: Today you shall pay for your sins
Jamie Vidd
Jamie Vidd Пре месец
Next gens are impressive until Djok shows up.
Ivan DeSantis
Ivan DeSantis Пре месец
Nole dismantled him and it was routine. Like Jon Hamm told Ben Afleck in The Town : this isn't tommy hopscotch anymore ! Been in a few back & forths with a couple of Sinner fans recently telling me what a "generational talent" he is and I told them all to dial it back ! What happens is some guy bursts on the scene and nobody knows his game and so he looks scary at the beginning but then as they go on players learn their tendencies, weaknesses etc. Sinner is a good player and he's talented but don't get crazy. Just hush because he has a long way to go.
Ivan DeSantis
Ivan DeSantis Пре 29 дана
@Transistor Jump A straight sets loss is a straight sets loss. Newsflash when you play a match and you don't win a set you were never a threat in the match. PERIOD
Transistor Jump
Transistor Jump Пре месец
No. Djokovic struggled the first set
zezinhoSlb Пре месец
3:30 that is a joke of a backhand
Dylan O
Dylan O Пре месец
"Bravo." 3:20
Leeban Hassan
Leeban Hassan Пре месец
Just shows how great Djokovic is, he basically took the piss without even trying much lol
Casey Пре месец
No one can mess with Novak, the media that keeps hyping Sinner nonstop got taught a lesson
T Tran
T Tran Пре месец
From the ATP website “Djokovic extracted errors with great defensive skill from the baseline.” Typical Djokovic!
T Tran
T Tran Пре 29 дана
@natoskull2 I don’t think they talked BS. It’s very precise about Djokovic’s game. Hard hitters are rick takers and usually can’t beat him. Djokovic has some problem against guys that hit safely. He seems to lose patience these days. One of those guys is Evans.
natoskull2 Пре месец
Well, Djokovic created the PTPA, obviously ATP websites will talk any BS they want. 🤷‍♂️
Will Пре месец
While every season Novak has been motivated to take the French, I think this year he wants it more than ever.
Mavric Пре месец
I think he is going for the golden slam, the last opportunity in his career. That's why he's particularly motivated.
Raffaele Iorio
Raffaele Iorio Пре месец
Non c'è niente da fare....
KUVAC Пре месец
صابر وعابر
صابر وعابر Пре месец
Novak ❤️❤️
Azula Blue
Azula Blue Пре месец
Novak fans being novak fans, toxic as ever. The guy he played with is a 19 year old. No matter how good he is, sinner is still a youngster and Novak is still Novak, of course this result is expected.
Jeff Paxton
Jeff Paxton Пре месец
Why does everybody have this major hard-on for this Sinner guy? Federer. Djokovic and Nadal have won sooo many majors and this guy hasn't even won anything. I don't think Sinner has earned the right to even be mentioned in the same sentence as the big 3.
김테니스 Пре месец
잘봤습니다... 수고많으셔요...그런데 저번에 페더러 스트링텐션이 48.5/ 46이라고 하셨는데.. 날씨에 따라서 다르겠지만요...그리 저텐션으로 하는게 맞는지 궁굼해서 여쭤봅니당...
CHIN0094 Пре месец
Novak can return any shot on his day.
Paul Chang
Paul Chang Пре месец
i noticed from sinners matches that he frequently hits the ball right back at the opponent on difficult shots instead of attacking the open court which leaves him open to be attacked again. rooting for him and i'm sure his game will get much better.
Chay Sayaovong
Chay Sayaovong Пре месец
this is why there is no next gen until the 3 retirement... these young guys take too many loses to the old guys... like fed did to pete or nadal to Agassi
Glinda Conard
Glinda Conard Пре месец
This was a Match 💪🏾💯
Melvyn Khou
Melvyn Khou Пре месец
Djokovic vs Evans 2 set 0 for Djokovic, is amazing but Nadal was freaky he won this tournament for sure
Jason Zhou
Jason Zhou Пре месец
man thats some fast clay
Zachary Sarsaba
Zachary Sarsaba Пре месец
Djokovic was just hanging in there and was not in peak form, Jannik is in his prime game. Just shows the difference between experience and pure genius, but I'm not hating just saying
Florentin Borchard
Florentin Borchard Пре месец
If they don’t stop putting the winner in the thumbnail I quit this channel !!
darko milojević
darko milojević Пре месец
2:32 Nobel price's drop shoot
Bernie Sanders
Bernie Sanders Пре месец
Owned that overhyped noob
MrCrasher96 Пре месец
Djokovic is just what you would call a genius. Incredible set of skills and the ideas at last split of second, are always one step beyond what a smart player would do.
TennisLove Пре месец
He study a lot the rival that's why
Massy Biagio
Massy Biagio Пре месец
Sinner is a real good player, but Novak ...
darko milojević
darko milojević Пре месец
Go Sinner 🇮🇹 go Đoković 🇷🇸
Pasquale Ferraro
Pasquale Ferraro Пре месец
I wish he’d win another RG before he retires, this may be the year
That guy named Daniel
That guy named Daniel Пре месец
It’s quiet unfair putting Sinner against world no.1 in round 2..... unless in Semi final
viwassi adjiwanou
viwassi adjiwanou Пре месец
arts, photography & beyond
arts, photography & beyond Пре месец
Novak being Novak
Tobi Пре месец
Sinner will have it difficult to win a grand slam because it will take some time until the big 3 stop playing and when this happens, others are way more experienced like Meddy, Thiem, Tsitsipas or Zverev angry persons below:
Bla Bla
Bla Bla Пре месец
Sinner still young stop putting pressure on him what I saw today shows promise in the future he can beat him just needs more discipline
Delta keesei
Delta keesei Пре месец
Djokovic now different with Djokovic era below AO2021 now he is very complete technical. .especially in serve. ..he is can champion in every tournament, if he is in top performance, also in Monte Carlo or in FO 2021. ..Insya Allah. .
Fez Пре 29 дана
Lol fail
Kis Katalin
Kis Katalin Пре месец
Poor Sinner, 😏😥♥️
Diego Landi
Diego Landi Пре месец
Più FOGNINI meno bambiniiiiiiiii
Diego Landi
Diego Landi Пре месец
Trump Ameri
Trump Ameri Пре месец
APEX PREDATOR and prey must be ready for him in next few years
Nathan Nicholson
Nathan Nicholson Пре месец
Djokovic is absolutely brilliant, period.
mucroon Пре 29 дана
@D long face is hand some
D Пре месец
dont forget handsome
natoskull2 Пре месец
Marvelous to see.
Aleksandar J
Aleksandar J Пре месец
Ђоковић је већ у овим годинама добијао највеће противнике на туру.
Li Пре месец
To win Nadal on clay, Djokovic may need to reduce dropshots. Last year was a terrible example and a hard defeat.
Miloš Stanojković
Miloš Stanojković Пре месец
Novak is a couple of levels above Janik. Which is expected. I have a feeling Nole tweaked his game i bit. Court moronicly slow
Miguel Barahona
Miguel Barahona Пре месец
This kid is amazing. I´m talking about Nole.
Massimo Galeotti
Massimo Galeotti Пре месец
In 2 years Jannik will destroy Djokovic and the other Big 2. He is only 19yo and he is unbelievable. The future number 1 🔝
mucroon Пре месец
Lol Sinner will destroy so old big 3 in 2023
nakluv Пре месец
Yeah, 36, 37, 42 ...in two years..
Brandespada Пре месец
Djokovic, before match with Sinner: "he is a very consistent player, mature for his age, soon to play at the top tier. After trouncing Sinner at Monte Carlos:" I was a little rusty, but Sinner is a consistent player, very mature for his age" yada, yada yada lol
im_ice 84
im_ice 84 Пре месец
those who thought of a different result make me laugh, jannik is 19 and has been in the circuit for a year, we cannot expect him to beat everyone immediately. Let it grow in peace, the foundations for a bright future are all there, unfortunately some "fans" are a cancer, they don't even watch a whole game and then judge by pretending to be experts
Nole22slamsgoat Khan
Nole22slamsgoat Khan Пре месец
Tennis isnt about Power its about mental game .he Has tge game to be no 1 after Novák hang his racket. Novák IS so strong on All surface . IT will be a tough final but Novák will také his 37 master
hg82met Пре месец
That was a tight first set.
hello there
hello there Пре месец
Who is the Daddy!!
Hritabrata Lahiri
Hritabrata Lahiri Пре месец
If you watch in 0.50x you will see at 3.48 Novak wanted to hug Sinner but because of Covid players are not allowed to do this now. But nevertheless that gesture suggested Djokovic acknowledges the fact that Sinner is the future world no 1.
Volkan Celiker
Volkan Celiker Пре месец
Arun Narzary
Arun Narzary Пре месец
Novak is Novak afterall
Jimmy Hea
Jimmy Hea Пре месец
Sinner is no match to Nole!
Ignacio Sosa
Ignacio Sosa Пре месец
1:01 como le cabio ahí a Djokovic jajaj
ArticruciA Williams
ArticruciA Williams Пре месец
Sinner is going to be scary in 5-10 years once he physically peaks in his mid twenties
ilcacacazzi Пре месец
I think is pretty scary already. I mean, aside the top 3 it's a 50:50 with every top 10. And in a couple of years he's going to go for a slam.
krafthund Пре месец
Nobody noticed that Djokovic is misspelled on the thumbnail.
BrotherTree1 Пре месец
Great quality match, and the score didn't do the match justice.
santi moya
santi moya Пре месец
There won’t be a next gen even those new tenis players are appearing to even get close to the big 3
darko milojević
darko milojević Пре месец
Ko zna da čita sa usana? Šta reče Nole na 3:06 ?!!?
krushfield Пре месец
bb 123
bb 123 Пре месец
0:24 Sinner attempted to kid Novak
B Пре месец
Was that “ New Novak” this Sinner? haha He is far away from “ New Novak”. Keep going Nole, teach them all the lesson
Fez Пре 29 дана
Evans says hi
Bilinmeyen Kullanıcı
Bilinmeyen Kullanıcı Пре месец
Bilinmeyen Kullanıcı
Bilinmeyen Kullanıcı Пре месец
Bilinmeyen Kullanıcı
Bilinmeyen Kullanıcı Пре месец
Bilinmeyen Kullanıcı
Bilinmeyen Kullanıcı Пре месец
Bilinmeyen Kullanıcı
Bilinmeyen Kullanıcı Пре месец
Efehan Eryiğit
Efehan Eryiğit Пре месец
Efehan Eryiğit
Efehan Eryiğit Пре месец
Efehan Eryiğit
Efehan Eryiğit Пре месец
Emre Arslan
Emre Arslan Пре месец
Emre Arslan
Emre Arslan Пре месец
Emre Arslan
Emre Arslan Пре месец
Emre Arslan
Emre Arslan Пре месец
KiиgBecković! Пре месец
Nofuck with Novak!
Cobe Пре месец
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