My Response To Brandon Harding's LIES, Defamation, and Slander!!! His Coaching Plan EXPLAINED 

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This video will explain in DETAIL how I run my coaching plans and in particular Brandon Harding's Plan to defend my Business.
5:30 - Brandon's Plan
7:50 - Recipes
13:40 - Section on HOW TO FOLLOW YOUR PLAN
14:40 - Meal Plan
18:30 - Another Brandon lie.
21:30 - Do you need a 4.0 GPA to figure out my plan?
33:10 - Do I care about my clients?
34:15 - Training / supplements
36:15 - Should I chase my clients down?
37:15 - Prices - when you hire me, YOU GET ME
39:00 - Various Testimonials & My Style of Coaching / Contest Prep
🍽 The Ultimate Anabolic Cookbook: bit.ly/2TDEraC
🏋️ Harder Than Last Time! Training Book: bit.ly/3jHFu4c
🏆👕 Coaching & Custom Programs: bit.ly/2Imx061
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29 јан 2020






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Коментара 100   
i: a man; alex
i: a man; alex Пре 3 сата
Givem HELL Gregie!!
SidTheGod Пре 12 сати
Dunno why, but I really like Greg
Mikel Gomez
Mikel Gomez Пре дан
Respect to Coach Greg for keeping it real AF. He could have come back with details from the survey and have been incredibly petty; however, he was composed (as much as Greg can be :-p ) in his approach and took to the facts, there is nothing wrong with defending your business reputation. Kudos Greg
Brian Franklin
Brian Franklin Пре дан
Brandon most definitely was not expecting Coach to lay out the whole plan bare to prove him wrong. He probably thought coach would not show us what was actually in it and that he could get away with slandering lol. Poor guy definitely didn't see this coming
morenmorefood Пре 2 дана
I appreciate Greg using the word Girl, it beats being called a person with a vagina 🤷‍♀️
Sam Arenas
Sam Arenas Пре 3 дана
7:58 regular ass bread💀
Max Henderson
Max Henderson Пре 3 дана
To be honest you’re hiring a coach for the results, not the journey really
Stefan Ghitescu
Stefan Ghitescu Пре 3 дана
Tell me the truth and nothing but the truth and you have my attention. Much respect my man.
Madame Reynaud
Madame Reynaud Пре 3 дана
I know nothing about body building, powerlifting or gym culture. But, you are such an interesting and engaging You Tuber,, thank you. I think this young lad is at that stage of life so many youngsters go through when their energy and confidence exceeds their wisdom and experience.
Kenneth Impelmance
Kenneth Impelmance Пре 4 дана
Zedo Mutha
xXAlmdudlerXx Пре 4 дана
I was like : Coach Gregg convinced me. Ima buy a custom meal plan. I would but I can’t afford it lol. Maybe I’ll get the cookbook
Kristian Пре 5 дана
Watching this video, I realise that Greg could probably save himself about 4 days of work with a little programming. Look up how to automize the customization, Greg :) I like your videos! Keep up the good work!
vincent fernandez
vincent fernandez Пре 7 дана
I like blueberry coach Greg 😂
Don Пре 7 дана
People who Eminem was too afraid to diss: 1. Dr. Greg Doucette
Psychotic Channel
Psychotic Channel Пре 8 дана
Have no clue who that loser is, he just want to make himself a name by provoking famous youtubers into pronouncing his name
Udit Upadhyay
Udit Upadhyay Пре 8 дана
I did not pay a single penny to my Coach Greg and learn a lot about maingaining which most of the people in my country don't know...And they promote bulking and gain a lot of fat(yo-yo diet)...
Lee Erwin
Lee Erwin Пре 8 дана
I understand why you call it girls and guys but now a days everybody is so sensitive about every little thing. You have to explain everything and watch your self. We need the 80s and 90s back 2000 we have got weak and tender hearted.lol
Wes Santo
Wes Santo Пре 11 дана
I have laser hearing for bullshit. Coach Greg is definitely not full of bullshit. This man truly cares.
bob star
bob star Пре 12 дана
Yeah he has one of those sneaky rat faces.
Bestof Anime
Bestof Anime Пре 13 дана
That feeling when your Doctor is your coach, and your role model.
ASeeker Пре 13 дана
People like this (bum-faced Brandon) are the reason why coaches hesitate to open up with their clients.
ASeeker Пре 13 дана
*grabs apple goop* Here. We. Go. Love all that you do Greg. I hope madness like this doesn't happen to you again. You don't deserve having to deal with such spoiled idiots.
Godspawn Пре 13 дана
We live in a stupid world now! OMG!
Jason Guill
Jason Guill Пре 13 дана
I really like this guy. Just found his videos yesterday... Watching almost non-stop.
Dustain McLovin
Dustain McLovin Пре 14 дана
But Greg....it don't matter how good of a couch you are cause you cant drive them to the gym...key word is "advice"
Chris Fletcher
Chris Fletcher Пре 15 дана
Don't trust a person who's eyes you can't see
JStack Пре 15 дана
Imagine all the scrawny door of death teachers you’ve had, and then picture Greg bench pressing all of them
Ike Seamans
Ike Seamans Пре 16 дана
I loved when he asked if you need 26 different wraps and my fat ass said "hell yeah" outloud at work...
big shlong
big shlong Пре 16 дана
CheeriosGotMilk Пре 17 дана
This is the most custom and intricate plan I’ve ever seen in my life
DHatedOne 1
DHatedOne 1 Пре 17 дана
This video is older but it makes me upset that although I understand why he is that Greg had to waste his talents making this. It's ridiculous that a person who's as qualified with proven results has to explain himself. I wish I could afford you I would hire you right now, it's hard trying to be super bread on your own when you know you're currently just regular ass bread. ❤️
Jose Maya
Jose Maya Пре 19 дана
Man I love greg I wish he was my coach one day though he’s expensive but I know he’s worth it
Amogh Shenoy
Amogh Shenoy Пре 19 дана
One of the few videos above 30 mins and hes not even yelling that much.....
DJ Beynon
DJ Beynon Пре 20 дана
Idk why he blurs out the meal times. 8 hours of sleep implies 16 hours to get 5 meals in just some more simple math after that lol.
Rachel Mahosky
Rachel Mahosky Пре 20 дана
Wanna talk about a bad coach? I had one who gave me a “weight loss program” and I gained over 40 lbs on it (which yes is my fault for continuing it when I saw I was gaining) but I just kept “trusting” him lol frick man
Armando43m MoralesRd
Armando43m MoralesRd Пре 21 дан
I'm not with couch Greg but seems to me that I rather have a no bull couch even if he calls me an idiot if I'm going to get results and no I don't kiss ass or put make up on my commitment 😤
M R Пре 23 дана
When greg says you can learn 95% of what he knows from his videos he meant this video
Eli of Earth
Eli of Earth Пре 24 дана
looking forward to eating some gender neutral pancakes
ELICIT23 Пре 26 дана
Holy crap that’s a ton of variety for a meal plan. Do you offer meal plans like this only?
Dan Johnson
Dan Johnson Пре 26 дана
Coach Greg is 4-way better.
Nathan Shipman
Nathan Shipman Пре 29 дана
Best RSvid fitness channel out there.
Jack Sampson
Jack Sampson Пре месец
There should be no "Girls" or "Guys", for we are ALL Circles. - Doucette 3:16
The Dude abides
The Dude abides Пре месец
I think coach Greg best genetics is his hair genetics. Lol
Dexter Douglas
Dexter Douglas Пре месец
Brandon our here thinking we take his opinion as anything other then Greg’s giant morning shake poos!
Wheeler Fitness
Wheeler Fitness Пре месец
I love how happy greg got about Judge Judy. lol awesome video
a d
a d Пре месец
Wow. That guy Brandon have less subscribers than Gregg. But Brandon been in youtube way longer than Gregg. Brandon is just jealous that Gregg is rocking in the youtube world.
Mad Mike0082
Mad Mike0082 Пре месец
Listen this is all very simple. Brandon is a child. You shouldn’t coach children. Period. These kids have been raised in a way where they are told every single to do step by step like they are morons. Which in turns makes them morons. Which is why both him and his college educated girlfriend couldn’t simply read plain instructions. They needed a RSvid video to say “you need to eat one egg. This is an egg. This is how you make an egg.”
六花小鳥遊 Пре месец
Coach greg , there this Lean brand protein bar im taking, is it really?
Crunchy Best Friend
Crunchy Best Friend Пре месец
The king and I :) Etcetera
Mid Sein
Mid Sein Пре месец
8:39 protein bar recipe
Brian K
Brian K Пре месец
Almost 800k coach. So busy you never respond to me emails or comments.... Not cool bro 😉
Van Steel
Van Steel Пре месец
I honestly have never seen so detailed and custom made diet plan!
Harvey rivera
Harvey rivera Пре месец
I come here for the cats, & motivation. :)
Dwight Hayles
Dwight Hayles Пре месец
I hate lies that are meant to hurt or manipulate people too.
Ollie D.
Ollie D. Пре месец
Don't worry Greg, we are not complete morons to be needed to gender-neutral bs of today life, any can understand gils is because less calories or guys because more calories...and who get upset...is a MORON!
roman ulises silva contreras
Im just re watching this and, Greg was basically teaching him how to be selfefficent/autosuficiient/learn hot to coach himself in case of in the future wants to do the same, and he just didn't get it
Jeremiah Mckenna
Jeremiah Mckenna Пре месец
Good on you, Sir for calling his punk out and setting the record straight. Although it is part of running any business, we can not please all of our clients, and we must tell it like it is when we are wronged. Keep up the good work.
Jeremiah Mckenna
Jeremiah Mckenna Пре месец
I just looked up this guy. What an asshat. He is so conceited and self centered and his most recent video is about how he "never spends money on himself," but just spent tens of thousands of dollars on stuff while living in a really nice house and wearing really nice clothes. He's such an idiot that he put on a coat and was complaining that it didn't have any pockets in it, but his hands were right next to the pockets on the jacket.
Jeremiah Mckenna
Jeremiah Mckenna Пре месец
Sounds to me like Brandon is a little dense and can't figure out how to read the plan and is embarrassed about it and won't admit it, so he lashes out. Maybe his mother coddled him his entire life and he isn't able to figure out how to wake up and feed himself. So sad.
Arsene Wenger
Arsene Wenger Пре месец
Greg covered his chest for this video, ended up staring at his shoulders
Neil Walters
Neil Walters Пре месец
Greg=too much testosterone Brandon=too much oestrogen
Cardonian Пре месец
he basically wanted his podgies tickled.
Benjamin Makarov
Benjamin Makarov Пре месец
haha yeet lol
Ján Farkaš
Ján Farkaš Пре месец
Just by looking at this brandon guy you know its a douche
J.D. Grimm
J.D. Grimm Пре месец
Fairly certain, he just skimmed through, didn’t actually read any of the points. Got pissed, made the video... but after uploading he actually read the plan and said oh shit.
marilyn mcvay
marilyn mcvay Пре месец
I got really offended by him saying potato
Crazy Phil
Crazy Phil Пре месец
Jurre persijn
Jurre persijn Пре месец
Yikes brandon seemed very honest in the videos he made its sad to see him turn out like this
Alexander Davidson
Alexander Davidson Пре месец
Brandon is a fkn knob
Kishan Patel
Kishan Patel Пре месец
people don’t know how hard it used to be for ur average gym goer to find legit information in detail regarding building ur body. very good channel extremely knowledgeable guy . greg, dave palumbo , and dave crosland are the only youtubers who’s information i trust tbh
SirShootyShoot Пре месец
1 thing about cups as a measurement, it's an american measurement, we don't use it over in England, but it's not hard to just look it up
H Town Guy
H Town Guy Пре месец
I won’t hire Greg just because of how he says “potato” Podado
Onion Ring
Onion Ring Пре месец
Everyone knows Plumbers just love the job so much because they have a scat fetish.
Diego Castanedo Gomez
Diego Castanedo Gomez Пре месец
Tristyn Lee still NATTY?
Tyler Stewart
Tyler Stewart Пре месец
If your dumb enough to think something is just for “girls” to eat then you should 100% hire coach Greg because you are a moron.
David Simcox
David Simcox Пре месец
"This Brandon guy is just a Zeerooo Greg!!" We all know you deal in truth bro, keep up the great work bro!
casey dedeal
casey dedeal Пре месец
Coach Greg is one of the most amazing , legit coach out there, I have learned so much just watching your videos and applying it to real life. Much respect!!!!
ProviderMusic Пре месец
Brandon is truly a man child
Findl Ayeee
Findl Ayeee Пре месец
I took so many note for the meals on this vodeo
The Chad
The Chad Пре месец
713 dislikes are from people that go more than 500 calories over their deficit
Nicholas rivero
Nicholas rivero Пре 2 месеца
It shouldn’t be called gender neutral don’t be such a do Gooder . Please !!!!
Thomas Jones
Thomas Jones Пре 2 месеца
Glad you were able to help so many people
Tom Campofelice
Tom Campofelice Пре 2 месеца
Brandon Hard(on)ing is a tool.
Anshul Chandel 1714
Anshul Chandel 1714 Пре 2 месеца
42:18 helped me do 5 more pushups
jesse fay
jesse fay Пре 2 месеца
"Gender neutral" 🤣🤣🤣
Finlay Пре 2 месеца
I feel guilty getting the knowledge you pass in these videos for free. Thank you
rj russell
rj russell Пре 2 месеца
i dont skip the ads, i feel like i owe coach greg this much
Steven Newell
Steven Newell Пре 2 месеца
JuanHarp Пре 2 месеца
I want the free coach, 1.75m and 97kg, can do 4 pull ups, 35 push ups and 12 dips
Luciaana Пре 2 месеца
I guess giving him too many options confused him.
Lucas Pringle
Lucas Pringle Пре 2 месеца
He made the video bc you just gave him a nice big shout out. Regardless of how many people call him out, he's still getting attention and views and yeah watch him apologise and then profit
Xiaxci Пре 2 месеца
what i want to know is why the greek word.
Orhan Karamov
Orhan Karamov Пре 2 месеца
Brandon is a clown lmao he’s saying bs over papa greg and he said lies and bs over papa philion too this guy just wanna put down people to make himself look better
Crash Teas
Crash Teas Пре 2 месеца
Very cool you are a badass!! haters hate becz's they can't do what you can & know more about what they don't understand...or know... So they think they should say same thing about same thing they don't know about.... Keep kicking ads Greg .
Peach Cobbler
Peach Cobbler Пре 2 месеца
screw coach john, all my homies hate coach john
SooJin Cho
SooJin Cho Пре 2 месеца
The fact we are that offended over a recipe being girls or boys is ridiculous...I get it but like...if that's your hang up in life...just no
Bill Watts
Bill Watts Пре 2 месеца
Brandan had a go body but Greg got him sole as duck he blew up
L C Пре 2 месеца
28:53 why hello there little friend 🐱😂
John2.0 Пре 2 месеца
I'm going to go subscribe to Brandon so I can unsubscribe.
Grinix Пре 2 месеца
tilapia is boring? D: ._.
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