my favorite tv shows 📺 (according to a film major) 

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Grab a cup of tea and a snack while I geek out about my favorite TV shows for 29 minutes :) If you’ve been looking for a way to pass the time in quarantine, and have already baked 5 loaves of banana bread, hopefully something I recommended caught your eye! I chat about everything from sit coms to crime shows to stand up comedians, so whether you’re looking for something intense and action-packed or relaxing, I got you :)
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Fleabag (BBC)
Crashing (BBC, available on Netflix)
Fargo (FX, available on Hulu)
Love (Netflix)
New Girl (FOX, available on Netflix)
Parks and Recreation (NBC, available on Netflix + Hulu)
30 Rock (NBC, available on Hulu)
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (Netflix)
Sex and the City (HBO)
House (FOX)
Bojack Horseman (Netflix)
John Mulaney Stand Up (Netflix)
Big Mouth (Netflix)
Daniel Sloss’s Jigsaw (Netflix)
Katherine Ryan Stand Up (Netflix)
Bo Burnham’s Make Happy (Netflix)
Year and Years (HBO)
The Girlfriend Experience (Starz)
Maniac (Netflix)
Big Little Lies (HBO)
Better Call Saul (AMC, available on Netflix)
Bo Burnham podcast ➭ spoti.fi/2AGWV3R
great days by joakim karud (soundcloud.com/joakimkarud/great-days)
charlie brown’s day off by louie zong (louiezong.bandcamp.com/track/charlie-browns-day-off)
what’s your name? ashley
what’s your instagram? @best.dressed
how old are you? 22 (born in 1998)
how tall are you? 5'5"
what’s your ethnicity? half british and half burmese
what equipment do you use to film?
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➭ mic: rode videomic pro+ (amzn.to/2QHfZBU)
➭ vlog camera: canon powershot g7x mark ii (amzn.to/2DfL4cZ)
➭ canon m50 (amzn.to/2Dp1bnk)
➭ editing: final cut pro
FTC: Not sponsored. Some of the above links are affiliate links, meaning I earn a small percentage of sales made via those links, but it doesn’t cost you anything extra!

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21 мај 2020






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Sarah Roloff
Sarah Roloff Пре 5 сати
i highly recommend watching “circle” on netflix! it’s a movie. but my sister and i stumbled upon it one day and it was like a hidden gem. it’s about all of these people who vote someone out of the circle every few minutes and it kills them until the last person. it is really interesting how prejudice comes into play. i recommend watching it with a friend and talking it through because a lot of stuff happens very fast. i also recommend looking up theories after!
Naomi Saddhadhika
Naomi Saddhadhika Пре 8 сати
If u want to be more depressed pls watch when they see us
jovana kostic
jovana kostic Пре 8 сати
havent even watched most of them, but having ashleys word on it, all of them are UNDERATED
yAtsAhHh cRuZzz
yAtsAhHh cRuZzz Пре 9 сати
I love your fashion week vids, they really inspired me😊
Life Lea
Life Lea Пре 9 сати
okay the first 20 seconds and I'm already sold. I'm also a student who studies in communication...
okow tina
okow tina Пре 5 сати
I need to ask you this: have you ever watched “Bacurau”? It’s an amazing Brazilian movie, I think that you will like it
DiamondDigger 63
DiamondDigger 63 Пре 10 сати
okow tina
okow tina Пре 5 сати
you would loooove jane the virgin!!
Natálie Sováková
Natálie Sováková Пре 10 сати
OMG, am I the only one who thought that House was the hot one?
B10MECHANICAL Пре 10 сати
Fleabag is so good! Its got that dry Brit comedic sense with a bit of US black comedy sensibility thrown into the storytelling. I was trying to describe it to a friend and ended up saying ‘like Peep Show with a Bojack Horseman streak’. I didn’t think of Fargo but it totally sits in that vein too. Also sorry to be nitpicky but didn’t Boo get hit by a bicycle, then a car and then another bike?
arielzshell Пре 11 сати
I’m watching Jigsaw, it’s a bit hard to continue, I still watched until now he’s talking about vegan, and the cow Lucky and how she was killed so he can eat the steak... makes it very hard to continue
helloxrai Пре 12 сати
definitely watch extracurricular btw.... its a korean drama..available on netflix
Julia Alves
Julia Alves Пре 15 сати
One show that everyone seems to overlook but deserves the attention would be DARK. It's a german TV show that takes the idea of time travel to a whole another level. It is crazy, it will give you goosebumps, you will not sleep, it is that good. Changing the topic, I would really like to say, I am so glad that someone finally recognized the TV show Maniac, it is such a good show, soooo unique and worth watching.
Olivia Pasion
Olivia Pasion Пре 16 сати
omg right as you said "I would kill a small child" a family walked by my house and their baby started screaming... I thought you edited that in and I got lowkey disturbed hahahah
Ariana Bellchamber
Ariana Bellchamber Пре 16 сати
Love is so underrated!!!!
Caro S
Caro S Пре 16 сати
Stay strong, most of us are feeling the same way, just lacking the usual, general drive and finding it hard to find joy within your same old four walls while literally all days blend together. I'm not writing that to say that you shouldn't complain, but to tell you that you're not alone girl 💓 Also, I thoroughly enjoyed this video, hearing your thoughts on all those shows was really thought-provoking. Thanks for brightening up an otherwise rather bad day! :D
bon Пре 18 сати
You owe me nothing ever
bon Пре 18 сати
I officially applause your choices
bon Пре 18 сати
Make your experience about you at my expense... I dare you
Rowan A.
Rowan A. Пре 20 сати
I also have a mind-blowing relationship advice: “If someone gets to know you and chooses to leave , how can they be right for you ?"
Katherine Beal
Katherine Beal Пре 21 сат
you should watch community!!!! it's my most favorite sitcom ever
Laurianne Brisebois
Laurianne Brisebois Пре 21 сат
you would loooove jane the virgin!!
pumpk Пре 21 сат
I need to ask you this: have you ever watched “Bacurau”? It’s an amazing Brazilian movie, I think that you will like it
Stephany Quinto
Stephany Quinto Пре 21 сат
Little fires everywhere!
Pumidi Пре 22 сата
The first 30 seconds, were the hardest thing in the entire video, to me. A German that has never spoken to an American in Person.
Juliette Ciullo
Juliette Ciullo Пре 22 сата
I would reccomend Russian doll!
Veronica Zavel
Veronica Zavel Пре 23 сата
Jeez spoiler alert for Flea Bag real quick, it's much better if you learn the information of her friend while watching the show.
chibika moshi
chibika moshi Пре 23 сата
Fleabag and bojack horseman are some of my favorite shows! The characters are so relatable and the themes are also interesting.
Irina M.
Irina M. Пре 23 сата
if you like katherine ryan you should definitely check out taskmaster. she stars in season 2. it's a great comedy show and the first 5 seasons are on youtube
Amarainie Marquez
Amarainie Marquez Пре 23 сата
Ooooh you should do a series of videos for movies and each vid can be a different genre!!
TheCausation Пре 23 сата
I'll have you know the PC term is "SEX WORKER", as if that means anything.
Effie Kee
Effie Kee Пре дан
BoJack Horseman is a gem
Laura p
Laura p Пре дан
Ashley I highly recommend Sharp Objects (hbo), it is very explicit and triggering but I think you would enjoy It! I cried a lot but I think it is very well done
Arub Пре дан
Honestly I used to be a Tina Fey stan too but she is a white feminist and Kimmy Schmidt is the greatest example of this. From a whitewashed Native American character which drew criticism - Fey's response was doubling down on that storyline - to Kimmy's Vietnamese boyfriend's name being the butt of the least imaginative joke. That's not even including the episode supposedly critiquing outrage culture that somehow ends up being at the expense of Asian Americans. Sorry, but Tina Fey is not someone I would sacrifice any child for.
Lenora Yoder
Lenora Yoder Пре дан
Dead Like Me is on hulu now and it was suuuuch a cool show! I think you would really like it
_just breathe_
_just breathe_ Пре дан
If you're looking for a funny show you should check out "Jane the Virgin" it is very over the top, but in a good way, because it doesn't take itself to seriously.
katjaluginbuehl Пре дан
Love is sooooo goooodddd 😍😍😍😍 i am so happy that you talked about it 🥺🥺🥺🥺
CaitlynMackie Пре дан
I didn't know that I needed this so thank u!! So many good ones
Emma Vinzent
Emma Vinzent Пре дан
YOU NEED TO WATCH CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND. I can't even express the frustration I'm feeling rn knowing this show seems tailored to your interests and sensibility !! Mental health, feminism, self-hatred, realism... It has seriously NO equivalent in the musical/comedy department.
LION_ox Пре дан
You should watch The OA on Netflix
alexandra blendea
alexandra blendea Пре дан
thank you for Fleabag , such a good one
Xrrhyy Kcckiemiiez
Xrrhyy Kcckiemiiez Пре дан
New subscriber! Love all your videos!!!
Maria Lucrezia De Santis
Does anybody watch The good place?
Lily Elkings
Lily Elkings Пре дан
i very much recommend brooklyn 99 it is such a funny show and sometime handles ruff topics like racism. the characters are written really good. and also it includes Stephanie Beatriz and Andy Samberg
Jaime M
Jaime M Пре дан
One more show to recommend: OZARK. Best show on Netflix.
Stephanie Gerson
Stephanie Gerson Пре дан
Ok but why are these all of my favorite shows🥺 Big Mouth, Tuca & Bertie, Bojack, Fleabag...ALL SO GOOD
Klara Пре дан
i could imagine that you would really enjoy watching the handmaids tale and mr robot. Have a nice day!
i recommend you to watch ¨The bold type¨, 3 girl friends, they are feminists, powerful, smart , and fearless, ur gonna like it because it have a fashion sense and one of the characters is actually into the fashion world, and she is trying to discover what she wanna do in this major, she tried to be stylist, designing, and modeling, and this show represent women issues, and it also have an lgbtq characters, it is the best, it represent all the women.
Kikimomo Пре дан
do you like community? definitely my favourite!
Hannah Lee
Hannah Lee Пре дан
if you haven't, i also recommend daniel sloss' special "X" on hbo, different from his specials in netflix but just as powerful
Moira Grehan
Moira Grehan Пре дан
Sorry I just wanna make sure you watch it😂 Dear White People it’s an amazing show about african american college students and the daily racism they suffer, which is sonething you mentioned on instagram you wanted to know more about. Plus the editing style is very different from everything i’ve seen and I feel like you will really like it
Joe D
Joe D Пре дан
She's just hot, and probably only watches films for just the actors and not for the directors
Moira Grehan
Moira Grehan Пре дан
Watch Dear White People en Netflix!
Moira Grehan
Moira Grehan Пре дан
Watch Dear White People en Netflix!
Moira Grehan
Moira Grehan Пре дан
Watch Dear White People en Netflix!
Moira Grehan
Moira Grehan Пре дан
Watch Dear White People en Netflix!
Chris This
Chris This Пре дан
Ima just review your reviews. I didnt watch fleabag, so i‘m intrigued. Crashing was fine Fargo seems cool, i might watch it.. Love: i hated both characters. I still kinda liked the show because i‘m sad and lonely myself but goddamn these people are unlikable Love new girl, agreed Fuck parcs and rec. Didnt watch 30rock, but iwanna watch it Unbreakable: thought it was unfunny and predictable so i stopped watching at some point but maybe it has some merit. Didnt watch sex and the city. Dont trust the b in apt 23 is very chill and enjoyable. Jane by design, NO CLUE what it is.. House is a dick, but decent show. Stopped watching at some point tho Bojack horseman is probably the best animated show i‘ve ever seen (🎶back in the ninetees i was in a very faamous tv-shoow🎵 fucking amazing) John mulaney is cool, i like him too. Big mouth is cool too. Daniel sloss, who dis? Katherine ryan is cool af. Love her too Bo burnham is honestly the best Years and years, dont know of this show The girlfriend experience, no clue. Maniac is surprisingly good. Jonah hill is way too talented Big little lies is also unknown to me Friends from college. Like the cast, disliked the show. I stopped watching tho, so once again, it might be good. Better call saul is soooo good. Fucking love the show. (I know my comment would be better with timestamps but i‘m lazy, so i‘m sorry) You missed some shows i like: Hollywood Mindhunter Community Vikings (first 4seasons) Love death and robots Mad men Dogs of berlin The end of the fucking world (s1) Peaky blinders F is for family (bill burrs animated show) Master of none Ozark Brookyln99 Suits Castle The menatlist Lucifer Prisonbreak (s1 especially) People probably know most of em but some might be unknown. My favourite is californication btw. Loved that one.
Julie Nghiem
Julie Nghiem Пре дан
Hey Ashley, I've enjoyed listening to you for the past few years and feel like I can really relate with you. The way you express the intricacies of life is something I especially admire. Some of the shows you recommended that I've watched are John Mulaney and Love. Idk if you watch kdramas, tbh I don't really, but there's this one I recently watched that I think you might like called Itaewon class. It touches on social taboos in South Korea "A sociopath. An ex-convict. A transgender. A high school dropout. And a guy of half Korean, half African descent," and overcomes it in the most bad ass way with an OP girl who isn't that delicate dependent-on-a-guy-type. In fact, she is a girl that helps save and heals the main guy. Anyway ahhh I'm so grateful to be able to hear your brain during this time. I have such few friends and the few that I do I don't get ones that do deep dive conversations like you - this includes my SO that I live with -sigh-. It's quite refreshing. Cheers! P.S. I really think you should pay a visit to your family and take a break some time with everything going on :')
Camila Galeano
Camila Galeano Пре дан
Ash, you have to see 'The Good Place'. You are going to love it
Chris This
Chris This Пре дан
day Пре дан
love these recommendations but i would love shows w more diverse casts
day Пре дан
like insecure, never have I ever, high fidelity and community
AmyAroundTheHouse Пре дан
Please tell me you don't want kids... ;)
Mackenzy Barry
Mackenzy Barry Пре дан
I really liked The Handsmaid's Tale and Schitts Creek!
K Slaney
K Slaney Пре дан
Hiya, loved the video and all the reccomendations. Just one little thing... you may want to look into some literature behind why some folks have begun to advocate for the use of the term sex worker versus prostitute.
bitch lasagna
bitch lasagna Пре дан
You should watch Sherlock!!! Martin Freeman(from Fargo) is on it too.
Steven Baum
Steven Baum Пре дан
I re-listened to the Bo Burnham You Made it weird episode too!... soo, when do we get married?
ccap3211 Пре дан
Do you still keep your channel a secret from your parents? I remember you saying that a long time ago.
alienvsshredator Пре дан
You're telling me I have to get a degree in film so that I can have taste this basic?
bitch lasagna
bitch lasagna Пре дан
Emma Cheney
Emma Cheney Пре дан
babe please make a podcast I love your thoughts not only on TV/movies but also on life and culture. We need more voices like yours! ~( ◕ᴗ◕)~
Sana Twice Shy shy shy l
Am i the only one who thinks that Ashley has this really homie chill friend *vibe*
Jenn Susie
Jenn Susie Пре дан
Hey Ashley I just wanted to say I got your choker in the mail today and I LOVE it! And I especially love your note; you did think of a thing and now it's real and some random on the internet bought it. I appreciate you and your content and hope it stays for years to come. Cheers!
Anni Uurasmaa
Anni Uurasmaa Пре дан
i'm almost dissapointed you didnt mention patriot act :(((
Mibbitmaker Пре дан
My recs: Arrested Development (if you can overlook the ugliness from more recent behind-the-scenes. Jefferey Tambour's an ass, but Mitch Hurwitz is a genius) Community Veep New Adventures of Old Christine (created by a woman) Veronica Mars The Good Place Old School: M*A*S*H Cheers Moonlighting NewsRadio Kate & Allie Mystery Science Theater 3000 - Might be interesting to a film major, dealing with the B movie dark side of film.
estefania alegria
estefania alegria Пре дан
i could watch a video by ashley for literally hours
Becca Cleveland
Becca Cleveland Пре дан
I cannot believe the people taking your "I'd eat a child" comments seriously 🥴
La Flor
La Flor Пре дан
Ugh I love youuu
Baba Bobo
Baba Bobo Пре дан
I went back and watched Ashley's oldest video and bbroo😂 she should make a video about watching her old videos
Alexandra Florea
Alexandra Florea Пре дан
I recommend the shows „Brooklyn 99“ (as a lot other have) and also „dead to me“ (Netflix) - these are so good. Also love the shows you’ve suggested and how you described them!!
Yoshi E
Yoshi E Пре дан
Ashley, the overwhelming desire you have to be friends with Bo Burnam is what I feel to you.
Dragonsx and xButterflies
I recommend Good Omens! It's a TV show based on a book with the same name that's written by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett. Neil Gaiman also wrote the TV Script for Good Omens! It's about Armageddon(The End of the world Bible Version) but it's very funny. An Angel and a Demon who have lived on earth together since the beginning of it are the main focus.
Skylar Gann
Skylar Gann Пре дан
Hey you should probably respond to the criticism you’re getting right now.
tsering lama
tsering lama Пре дан
i want to see a GRWM video of ashley
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Agust D '대취타' MV
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getting ready for my first awards show :D
what i wish i'd known about college...
a day in my life in quarantine *alone in nyc*
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Mladi krompir iz rerne - topi se u ustima
DAN SA MC STOJANOM *snimamo pesmu?*
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