My Decaying Mind in Quarantine 

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8 авг 2020






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Коментара 40   
El Yiyo Gastón
El Yiyo Gastón Пре 25 минута
Hello jeims ( i dont now your name in english...) I'm talking to you because I wanted to tell you that your videos have switched to Spanish, I mean that your videos in English have been translated into Spanish (and I love them!). Your videos make me laugh and I love them :), I wanted to tell you so you know that here in the Spanish countries you are also known ... well Goodbye!
AM PIX Пре 28 минута
you should make a third book all about suobway stories.
Sabrina Goldring
Sabrina Goldring Пре 33 минута
But, what’s the addition?
Emma Carr
Emma Carr Пре 33 минута
I love the videos he makes it’s funny but like in a Suttle way which is the best way honestly
Bpasser Loot llama
Bpasser Loot llama Пре 38 минута
You sound like the guy in asdfmovie that says have no fear I’m a doctor of phycoligy
Alan Olvera
Alan Olvera Пре 42 минута
Make more vidoes
Cheetosburitos Fretoos
Cheetosburitos Fretoos Пре 43 минута
I’m going crazy in quarantine
Jaidenelle Diaz
Jaidenelle Diaz Пре 47 минута
3:26 bro why does rose look like she has hairy legs like I'm a Filipino and I ain't that hairy bro .-.
Juanchez Пре 54 минута
James' open tabs: - How to talk to girls - How to get girls to text back - Girlfriend ASMR Cuddling and pl... - What does simp mean - Anyone wanna be my girlfriend? - Desmos calculator - How to record screen Like if you noticed too
James Parker
James Parker Пре сат
James video make me laugh all the time
Adamson Olivero
Adamson Olivero Пре сат
Where is the next video
Clark Пре сат
i love how dj is dressed up like jotaro from jojo
Green T
Green T Пре сат
0:43 flying eyeball is a gravity falls reference
ZeroViewers Пре сат
I should have suspected you'd know Alan Becker. You know just about every animation youtuber I've heard of.
Some boi in the internet
Yes I know what TLC means Tiny Loser Chamber
Seer Пре сат
Why does this feel Longer than a month
Kaci Talasek Richard
Kaci Talasek Richard Пре сат
Dixie Dixie
Isaiah Barillas
Isaiah Barillas Пре сат
I want to break free quarantine
THESPIRIT 2007 Пре 2 сата
Whats taking him so long?
Kai Lian
Kai Lian Пре 2 сата
Wait... you r friends with Alan Becker? he showed us the card he made!
Reese Rumley
Reese Rumley Пре 2 сата
Can you react to That Vegan Teach on Tik Tok? She tells kids to change their religion to become vegan.
Reese Rumley
Reese Rumley Пре 2 сата
Can you react to That Vegan Teach on Tik Tok? She tells kids to change their religion to become vegan.
Dino Dragon Gamer
Dino Dragon Gamer Пре 2 сата
For my exercise I ride my bike but it has um problems... me and my dad had to remove the brakes completely so I made my dad buy my shoulder and knee and pads and a new helmet that ACTUALLY FITS and wrist protectors...
heyanyhey Ramos
heyanyhey Ramos Пре 2 сата
Hey james! Do you play among us?
Kevin Arthur
Kevin Arthur Пре 2 сата
Post more video
Dino Dragon Gamer
Dino Dragon Gamer Пре 2 сата
I hate quarantine I love school and I miss it and my friends...
Scp-zilla Пре 2 сата
You gotta watch Kid Natio n It's amazingly awful Except for Mike
Capt_Sykes Пре 2 сата
James, can u help me with my math homework
Itz Kat Playz!
Itz Kat Playz! Пре 2 сата
Remake one of your old videos!!
King Fox
King Fox Пре 2 сата
Hi love your cad game
Daniel Barbi
Daniel Barbi Пре 2 сата
When is your next video coming out
Official CovertToe23
Official CovertToe23 Пре 3 сата
I agree with you James! ♥️♥️♥️ But Don't Worry Next Year It Will Be great again! *Pat On James Head* I Hope...
Msa Apollo
Msa Apollo Пре 3 сата
Hey the last soubway made me cry and love your vids james
Henk Zandvliet
Henk Zandvliet Пре 3 сата
hey @TheOdd1sOut, can you do a video about what you think about the world war 2. i think it will be a good video. anything by you is good. ok bye.
Whisker QQ
Whisker QQ Пре 3 сата
0:55 Revise that Thanks
why_does_this_matter Пре 3 сата
"As i watched more garbage," *puts theamaazing on the screen*
rosario rodriguez
rosario rodriguez Пре 3 сата
James me the spain the argentina Córdoba arguello norte te Albert fake 161717
Ethan Sargent
Ethan Sargent Пре 3 сата
idk why but when I watch the video the second it comes out. The month I have to wait for another video to come feels like 3 years!
Caleb Nunez
Caleb Nunez Пре 3 сата
Henry Young
Henry Young Пре 3 сата
We need new odd1sout please crying
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