Monstermax Drives in the Ocean (Police, Coast Guard, EPA, DNR Called) 

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FLORINDIANA MAN DOES IT AGAIN. Maybe next time people won’t doubt me lol. Tik Tok and Facebook were covered with a truck driving at Long Boat key in Bradenton yesterday. Definitely the most insane thing we’ve done yet haha. Huge thanks to @316.speed for the help with the boat and chopper and to @wtf_logistics for always helping beyond hauling the load. #FLORINDIANAMAN
Music released by Carbon Citizens
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John Wood
John Wood Пре 2 месеца
as an old guy , 68, who always loved a challenge. WAY TO GO GUYS !! That was worth a measly $70 fine.I was told 40 years ago I couldn’t ride and “park” my hours on my College Campus. So I got my horse “Registered” on Campus as a Vehicle and had a Campus Parking Sticker for it. Drove people crazy ,but they had OFFICIALLY given me a Sticker.
FartknockingSQuad Пре 20 сати
@Michelle S "Waste" not waist and "Dollars" not dollors. Also bring your hate somewhere else 😔
ThatOneVehicle - Gaming
If you don’t know what I’m referring to, #1, horses are fast, #2 getting the horses registered is just taking power over the campus.
ThatOneVehicle - Gaming
That’s called horsepower.
ProspectingRon 2.0
ProspectingRon 2.0 Пре дан
@Andrea The Mennonites in Ontario, Canada do it, its a really cool sight to see...
ProspectingRon 2.0
ProspectingRon 2.0 Пре дан
@Michelle S WHAT TAX DOLLARS???? AND, its w-a-s-t-e & d-o-l-l-a-r-s...lol
SlimeTime Fishing
SlimeTime Fishing Пре 12 минута
u can buy boat sticker sets at walmart fo like 10 bucks hahah i love how much yall dont give af 🙌🏻😂😂yeyeee
TccFly Пре 50 минута
"Shake and bake"
Sean Bastert
Sean Bastert Пре сат
I would buy one
Jay Frederick
Jay Frederick Пре 2 сата
It’s a shame that there’s so many people in this “free” country, that just want to stop other people from having fun.
Cody East
Cody East Пре 2 сата
Keep fighting the good fight!
Hilario Gomez
Hilario Gomez Пре 2 сата
Manatee 😒county Florida sheriffs office you suck such a buzz kill you can’t even put your -salty -ass rules (zing )aside to represent the city
Elwyn Carrol
Elwyn Carrol Пре 2 сата
Florida are haters they mad because you all got a lot of attention
Adam Teves
Adam Teves Пре 3 сата
Bad to the bone . Here in Florida we love our monster truck s.
Alexander 2 ses
Alexander 2 ses Пре 3 сата
I like that U don’t give a sshh just do what u want friend.
I was enjoying the content until the Lousy Laws kept showing up!
Freddie Gamesz
Freddie Gamesz Пре 6 сати
He's reckless but smart reckless keep having fun and keep making content
michael huetten
michael huetten Пре 6 сати
Just short of the navy
Bionic Пре 7 сати
Free car wash 😀
Spencer Protsman
Spencer Protsman Пре 8 сати
Bro i just heard your .50cal hit you in head.. rest up!!! Love you man!!
Rosella Hernandez
Rosella Hernandez Пре 8 сати
If you're gonna talk trash go and outdo this guy, link your videos in the comment section.
aweba25 Пре 8 сати
This was beautiful! Murican ingenuity.
Larry robison
Larry robison Пре 9 сати
Fiddy Tree Fiddy
Fiddy Tree Fiddy Пре 10 сати
Ahem rsvid.info/video/36m0kbmRrmzHr68.html
kiegan barrett
kiegan barrett Пре 10 сати
Your fucking awesome bro haha. My favorite RSvid forsure!
Kai Zer
Kai Zer Пре 11 сати
Joelynn Carter
Joelynn Carter Пре 13 сати
So you're a trouble maker and a douche
Baqca Sanke
Baqca Sanke Пре 13 сати
“We’re hauling at about... half a naught” 😂😂 thats when i subscribed
Why Not
Why Not Пре 13 сати
This is awesome
Rashid khan
Rashid khan Пре 13 сати
Cool 😎
Ben Turnbull
Ben Turnbull Пре 13 сати
Next do it with the challenger
Heavy Hauling big Ballin
Heavy Hauling big Ballin Пре 14 сати
Too bad you didn't have some type of paddles on each tire built on it so that way you could tread water faster and turn around you're on your own..
Colt Roberson
Colt Roberson Пре 14 сати
that's so cool
Bonecold Пре 14 сати
You need to put more stuff on the tides so you can move forward in the water easier and faster I think
Alfonso Magee
Alfonso Magee Пре 16 сати
Looks slow as fuck tho
Vic Mmoo
Vic Mmoo Пре 16 сати
Next, the monster truck will ride the clouds.
dylan Пре 17 сати
There are so many legendary channels who have commented on this video that's amazing, congrats to you dude I'm sure you'll find more ways to amaze the world!
ShrubbyCaleb014 Пре 17 сати
for the content, this is worth the $70 fine
Bambi Guptill
Bambi Guptill Пре 19 сати
I would suggest pattle tires next time. But this was amazing
Mike R
Mike R Пре 19 сати
Thank you i had ear to ear smile love it bro
Wrestling Wrestling
Wrestling Wrestling Пре 20 сати
Jesus love you all and repent ,believe in your heart and confess with your mouth that Jesus is lord and y’all be save.
Klifter Phleefin
Klifter Phleefin Пре 20 сати
Great video!
j Пре 20 сати
This is probably one of the best videos
Wesley Seaman
Wesley Seaman Пре 22 сата
Love this wish he would ignore the hate, it’s mad annoying, just make cool videos
Jake Barrett
Jake Barrett Пре 22 сата
We saw you all over the news a few months ago when you did this and everyone I know thought it was the funniest fuckin thing
Inaros Ramses
Inaros Ramses Пре 23 сата
I bet if he had two rotars, he could pick up enough speed to have his wheelss dive the ocean like gravel
mrico3777 Пре 23 сата
Awsome good job let them hate
Rocky Dee
Rocky Dee Пре 23 сата
im thinkin of flying a Sub next time.
Squeek Frogman
Squeek Frogman Пре 23 сата
I will never understand why some people have to be bitchy, whiny, shit heads that thrive on meddling and doing everything in their power to make others as miserable as they are. Cop calling beach democrats just can't leave people alone.
DTA 4321
DTA 4321 Пре дан
Take that b**** to Alaska and then drive over to Russia
Rodolfo Oromuni
Rodolfo Oromuni Пре дан
GOD DAMM THATS AWESOME!!! any haters can go and eat a BIG ol bag of DICKS!!!
Eeyton Bakonbits
Eeyton Bakonbits Пре дан
Trevor Bates
Trevor Bates Пре дан
this is the best vid ever
bubucorn07 Пре дан
florida man next level nocap
SA༒LA༒ZAR Пре дан
Classicmind Tv
Classicmind Tv Пре дан
Gary n Doris Lawson
Gary n Doris Lawson Пре дан
The only thing I see is ya need a better rudder and a some tires with a little more paddle.....
Gary n Doris Lawson
Gary n Doris Lawson Пре дан
Omg .....what a joke im coming to demote you to skip mate .....lol... Just kidding....man that is awesome, ive always wanted to do that in a lake but I got old and retirement only pays so much, but congratulations 👏....thats just so cool ......
Tony Lazarus
Tony Lazarus Пре дан
Pentagon contract for a cheaper amphibious vehicle?
tennis time
tennis time Пре дан
Should have put paddle tires on.
Should of made some chains that had flaps on it like paddles
Tobias Bassauer
Tobias Bassauer Пре дан
Hey man, you're doing great content, but please stop talking about your haters, you dont have to proof anything, just let them fck themselves. No ones gonna pay attention to idiots and haters anyway. Stay grown as you are and walk your line of beeing an awesome person. cheers
Stephen R M Maher
Stephen R M Maher Пре дан
This was really awesome... next you should mount paddles on the rims... something I would like to see... nice truck!
Ryan Sager
Ryan Sager Пре дан
Stop the farting in videos it's not cool bro it's nice t ok with us nofartes
Wesley Davidson
Wesley Davidson Пре дан
This has been done many times.My friend Allen Piezo who owns the Predator and Prowler monster trucks and a bunch of other monster truck owners raced across a river in Ohio.Props to him though.Its a lot of time and money to set up to do this.
Cams Cam
Cams Cam Пре дан
How do you have time to do ALL this & beat your wife?? Crazy!!!
Shelton Hull
Shelton Hull Пре дан
Maximum Florida.
Obolobo Пре дан
Assholes just trying to find a reason to stop them.
James p
James p Пре дан
Arrested even with the boat tag? Wow..
Richard IJames
Richard IJames Пре дан
Thats awesome
Jeremiah Randall
Jeremiah Randall Пре дан
Truck boat truck
shawn grisso
shawn grisso Пре дан
"truck is mint condition, absolutely rust free and never abused. $225,000 obo" lmao
AnCap Asuka
AnCap Asuka Пре 2 сата
"No lowballers, I know what I got"
Alex McNeely
Alex McNeely Пре дан
That was so badass
Leecifer Voorhees
Leecifer Voorhees Пре дан
Sean Manning
Sean Manning Пре дан
Boss Man!
Steven Brennick
Steven Brennick Пре дан
I spent many fun days in this exact location. Happy to see you enjoying it in a different way.
lou Пре дан
Pretty bad ass!!!!!
1951RKP Пре дан
Just hang a outboard off the back and boost your speed dramatically. The ribs on those tired don’t grip much water. Real test would be some big swells. Lol
Garrett 93
Garrett 93 Пре дан
Lol, awesome job, but your jaded
ProspectingRon 2.0
ProspectingRon 2.0 Пре дан
WOW !! That is THE craziest coolest thing I have EVER seen in my short 56 years alive !!!
Jeffrey Wrangler
Jeffrey Wrangler Пре дан
This was awesome
Sss Пре дан
U need an engine in the pickup box with an outboard pusher prop to assist the wheels
EpiccGamer _YT
EpiccGamer _YT Пре дан
Put paddles on the wheel
Jackson Headley
Jackson Headley Пре дан
cmon he wanted to go traxxas xmax mode cops :(
Mason Schwartz
Mason Schwartz Пре дан
Heck yeah man
ill will
ill will Пре дан
Love this! Wish I could have rode lol
The Real YahNation
The Real YahNation Пре дан
I have a really stupid idea and I want to know what would happen if you grabbed the tire and went full circle with it
Pius Bayo
Pius Bayo Пре 2 дана
simon fish
simon fish Пре 2 дана
Most wtf video ever
Clay Farnet
Clay Farnet Пре 2 дана
The $70 ticket is such bullshit. How many morons does it take to right a ticket? 12 How many normal America loving citizens does it take to find the loophole? 1 I respect the Coast Guard and Police, but sometimes, just lighten the tr - uck up. 👍👍👍 Now get that cuisine ship licenses boys. Ya gotta love America!!!
Revan EA
Revan EA Пре 2 дана
That was insane! Awesome
Clay Farnet
Clay Farnet Пре 2 дана
“How do we top this?” Next, drive a boat down the street.
Clay Farnet
Clay Farnet Пре дан
@Corey Allen Does it have 20 foot tires? 😂😂😂
Corey Allen
Corey Allen Пре дан
Look up spokane, WA boat car lol
Nate Пре 2 дана
This is why florida now has a law forbidding trucks to sail lol.
Rebecca Danby
Rebecca Danby Пре 2 дана
hey man you do good at what you do i like the creativity in your videos keep up the good work i hope to see more videos like this
catfish and trout
catfish and trout Пре 2 дана
This is amazing
Daniel Speer
Daniel Speer Пре 2 дана
I am sorry, but, this was an awesome video! lol Obviously not very practical as a boat! Lmao
Theoutdoorsman Пре 2 дана
This is great haha!!! My gosh!!
Romel Rodriguez
Romel Rodriguez Пре 2 дана
Maybe put some paddle tires
Hellojk Malayali's
Hellojk Malayali's Пре 2 дана
😲👌Good job❤
Gian Rhay Pardillo
Gian Rhay Pardillo Пре 2 дана
Motor Boy
Motor Boy Пре 2 дана
Its a jeff
SubliminalMindSet HTD
SubliminalMindSet HTD Пре 2 дана
Tiffany Abernathy
Tiffany Abernathy Пре 2 дана
can I have monstermax I love you're vids and how you trash you're trucks
Tiffany Abernathy
Tiffany Abernathy Пре 2 дана
why did you do that to monstermax I know you love to take you're trucks and going muding but in the Ocean p.s I am subed
Michael Miner
Michael Miner Пре 2 дана
You guys are nuts. Why to make it work. Damn that tide
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