Mike Tyson - The Hardest Puncher in Boxing Ever! 

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In the spring of 1985, one special young man had his debut fight. Back then no one knew that he was aught to become the most recognizable boxer in history - Mike Tyson. He broke into the ring demolishing one opponent after another on his path, youth, speed, and onslaught made the fights with his participation bright and spectacular. In this episode, we will show you the destructive power, the lightning speed and malicious aggression of the legendary Mike Tyson.
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17 дец 2019






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GTO Racer
GTO Racer Пре 3 сата
Sad that Cus wasn't there for him in his later years.
Havik Awakened
Havik Awakened Пре 15 сати
So u put Mike vs Butterbean on the video cover but showed 0 footage of Butterbean vs Tyson 😆
Havik Awakened
Havik Awakened Пре 15 сати
Frazier got smooookkkeeddd
Havik Awakened
Havik Awakened Пре 15 сати
Hosea was scared af haha
Tony England
Tony England Пре 17 сати
*Finally, RSvid recommended a video to me that was good to watch.*
jp gautam
jp gautam Пре 23 сата
Imagine Paying a 1000 dollars and the fight doesn't even last for a minute 😂 Why Bruh.
baca350 Пре дан
Mike był grzeczny chłopak w sumie. Nieco głupi ale to inna sprawa. Zwierz ringowy.
Mete Can Karahasan
Mete Can Karahasan Пре дан
3:13! Where is his mouth piece?
lance ross
lance ross Пре дан
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Auwal Muhammad Idris
Auwal Muhammad Idris Пре дан
Mike 20 knocking out opponents who a twice older!!! All time best!!!
Auwal Muhammad Idris
Auwal Muhammad Idris Пре дан
Credits to the RSvidr who made the video!!!
Celso Almeida
Celso Almeida Пре дан
A lenda
E Williams
E Williams Пре 2 дана
George Foreman... Don't argue with me.
Matt A.
Matt A. Пре 2 дана
Matt A.
Matt A. Пре 2 дана
7 mins 20 seconds 7:20 the guy literally pussies out against Tyson and gives up 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
bluebandit834 Пре 2 дана
Losing your mentor, wife and dealing with users afterwards might have a bit of an effect here and imagine just growing up with that voice in HS. Worse than the boy named Sue. Yeah he bit a guys ear off and gota bad attitude towards the end but people forget how young Tyson really was. Tragedy like that is hard t deal with when you are a troubled young man upstairs to begin with and 95% of the time he still practiced some of the best sportsmanship I have ever seen in the sport. Especially early on. Always checking if his opponent is ok and even hugging many at the end. Yeah he had a rough patch . .... Could have been a lot worse. You can tell his heart is gold... wounded.. but gold.
Silent Mode TV
Silent Mode TV Пре 2 дана
Power Tyson
John Sheppard
John Sheppard Пре 2 дана
clubber lang
Clinton Dunn
Clinton Dunn Пре 2 дана
maiker eSpinoza
maiker eSpinoza Пре 2 дана
Y de la biblia hablada que es ex un
Hồng Nam Võ
Hồng Nam Võ Пре 2 дана
I thinks an black and white tiger fighter together ....and do you think.... who ' win ?
axtra boxed u
axtra boxed u Пре 3 дана
Eduardo Almeida
Eduardo Almeida Пре 3 дана
Tyson punches you in the ribs, you need a new torso and kidneys
Vasanth VELANKANNI Пре 3 дана
Upfront Fanatic
Upfront Fanatic Пре 3 дана
Imagine getting to Heaven's gate and God saying, "In order to get in, you have to take a left hook or a right uppercut from Tyson. Your choice."😄 What would you do?
Izzy Porter
Izzy Porter Пре 3 дана
Click bait.F.Y.
Bruh Пре 3 дана
9:44 Imagine going to the restroom when the fight starts just for the fight to be done already
Dost Bakış
Dost Bakış Пре 3 дана
16:38 refree obviously gave the right decision.
Deon Van der Westhuizen
Deon Van der Westhuizen Пре 3 дана
I like Mike.
Invercionex Dominicana Dinero RPD Y fasir
Esa son la pelea Que me encantava
G Nugroho
G Nugroho Пре 3 дана
The Real Legend
Maplestory pro
Maplestory pro Пре 3 дана
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Maplestory pro
Maplestory pro Пре 3 дана
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That Boxing Lad
That Boxing Lad Пре 3 дана
This is the real king and goat. Actually fights opponents of his own level and bigger size, wins and actually fights more than twice a year in his prime. Nobody can match Tyson's greatness, Not even Mayweather, Not even MMA dudes like Khabib or McGregor
Aurobinda Mohanty
Aurobinda Mohanty Пре 3 дана
I am love that boxer. Powerful punch.
Kyle K
Kyle K Пре 4 дана
@7:20 Dude realized he just lost 5 years of childhood memories and decided to quit while he still knew his own name
Reg Profant
Reg Profant Пре 4 дана
He had to bite of H. Ear to stay in that fight
D C Пре 4 дана
Losing to Mike looked painful, a bit like a nasty car crash.
David Baynard
David Baynard Пре 4 дана
Tyson can hit almost as hard as butterbean. Almost.
Thumper Пре 4 дана
2:15 that ref almost took a left hook to the dick by Tyson lol
The One Who Knocks
The One Who Knocks Пре 4 дана
When you say you're the best and everybody actually agrees with you
Paulo modesto da silva Modesto da silva
Oh o cara luta, é uma locomotiva,tô fora, Paulo modesto Barretos sp 2021
Hello Handsome
Hello Handsome Пре 4 дана
Pinklon Thomas had a great chin,,,, I think Mike was getting tired of hitting him
Craig Lewis
Craig Lewis Пре 4 дана
Back in the day entering the ring with Tyson, was a guaranteed way to end up with brain damage.
Aryan pers
Aryan pers Пре 4 дана
Tyson is the profeet of the boxing. God bless you Mick!🙏💪👊
warhammer 0413
warhammer 0413 Пре 4 дана
"imagine getting hit by Mike Tyson" No, no I don't think I will
Texas Hunter
Texas Hunter Пре 4 дана
This video should have more ads !!!
The T-Man Show
The T-Man Show Пре 5 дана
Mike NEVER knows wat corner to goto... isnt this against the rules???
Rambo j
Rambo j Пре 5 дана
its like playing new game plus with a fully maxed game character and restarting on easy difficulty
Eric Lickatysplit
Eric Lickatysplit Пре 5 дана
No matter how you looked at it Mike is and has always been the greatest fighter to ever fight and I even include Ali....only problem and down fall for Mike was Don King.... He was a crook and destroyed what Mike created and should been put in the ring with Mike to get delt with
SD Water
SD Water Пре 5 дана
He would then go on to solve mysteries with the hardest hitting comic of all time.
Elmer Pacheco
Elmer Pacheco Пре 5 дана
I don't care much for the white white yellow orange red pink BUTTER BALL LARDASS
Lasse Fredriksen
Lasse Fredriksen Пре 5 дана
Picture of Butterbean against Tysen, were is Mr. Bean ??
Lucas Пре 5 дана
@bram krikke
Sirjack Haji
Sirjack Haji Пре 5 дана
Gun shot boxing
Nic Sanford Belgard
Nic Sanford Belgard Пре 6 дана
Why in the hell are you going to have a shot of the Butter Bean fight but no video of it?
Merle Beck
Merle Beck Пре 6 дана
robert dean
robert dean Пре 6 дана
Two boxers that go down in history Mohamed and Iron Mike.
Qdesnik Пре 6 дана
Из года в год новые боксеры выходили против Майка, что они чувствовали, каково это стоять против чемпиона обречённо?)
tom rae
tom rae Пре 6 дана
imagine having your arms up guarding thinking that's going to help
현지호 Пре 6 дана
My bucket list #1 = doing toads with Mike
BattleSloths Пре 6 дана
Ok so cut off an arm or go 1 minute with Tyson in the ring?
Anthony Gibbs
Anthony Gibbs Пре 6 дана
Never beat lennox lewis
Gilson Cristóvão da silva
Gilson Cristóvão da silva Пре 6 дана
Sorry, but i dont like see Tyson punch in white guy, is like an children
Mr Cube
Mr Cube Пре 6 дана
He was amazing but his only flaw was that he never walked into the correct corner after a knockdown
Da Ruler
Da Ruler Пре 6 дана
Tommy Morrison and Tyson would have been interesting
John Maglight
John Maglight Пре 6 дана
That's Why Southpaw Punchers Are Lethal 😎
Jenn Hambran
Jenn Hambran Пре 7 дана
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Deeniesh R
Deeniesh R Пре 7 дана
i will see this video recommendation in 3 years, again.
Radrick Davis
Radrick Davis Пре 7 дана
Pavan Пре 7 дана
Most people just didn't want to get up!!
Jacobus Basson
Jacobus Basson Пре 7 дана
Definitely one of the best boxers of all time
M Lussini
M Lussini Пре 8 дана
Tyson went in the ring not to box but to annihilate his opponents.
Mc Penguin
Mc Penguin Пре 8 дана
The boogeyman checks under his bed every night, to make sure Tyson isn't there.
black6turbo Пре 8 дана
Lmao ummmmmm NO
Andy Forrester
Andy Forrester Пре 8 дана
Power power power
tomas roca
tomas roca Пре 8 дана
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Sebastian Eckes
Sebastian Eckes Пре 8 дана
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Did he say “I is”
Joe Shmoe
Joe Shmoe Пре 9 дана
I like Mike, and he was a wicked puncher. Especially watch for that left, but some of these fighters were tomato cans no doubt. They just weren't qualified to fight at this level.
Eric Munoru
Eric Munoru Пре 9 дана
Tha black shrimp
markymarcaurelius Пре 9 дана
Why have Butterbean in the pic?
Henry Tuttle
Henry Tuttle Пре 9 дана
Imagine being a heavy weight boxer in contention for a championship fight and being so utterly TERRIFIED of Mike? Some of these guys look like they want to cry!
跳跳叔叔 Пре 9 дана
Kevin Kile
Kevin Kile Пре 10 дана
Kevin Kile
Kevin Kile Пре 10 дана
Kevin Kile
Kevin Kile Пре 10 дана
Ooooooooo no wonder call me wonder woman
Kevin Kile
Kevin Kile Пре 10 дана
Kevin Kile
Kevin Kile Пре 10 дана
Kevin Kile
Kevin Kile Пре 10 дана
Kevin Kile
Kevin Kile Пре 10 дана
Rick Salyers
Rick Salyers Пре 10 дана
In his day
Mike Mckibbon
Mike Mckibbon Пре 10 дана
I seen Don Kings hair standing up there in the crowd.
eshetu yirdaw
eshetu yirdaw Пре 10 дана
He is a real boxer
hippie in training
hippie in training Пре 10 дана
Mike Tyson the highest boxer ever!!!
Mike Jones
Mike Jones Пре 10 дана
Mikey was a beast !
All in 1 Tube 4 u
All in 1 Tube 4 u Пре 10 дана
Muhammad Sunhaji
Muhammad Sunhaji Пре 11 дана
Majulah negeriku Indonesia dgn olahraga ok
JCL Пре 11 дана
Junk statement. Frazier and Foreman almost certainly hit harder. Tyson fought in an era of chumps.
Michael McCrobie
Michael McCrobie Пре 11 дана
Mike Tyson was the biggest disappointment in boxing history he's never Avenged a defeat he never come back from behind or gotten off the canvas to win with the exception of Razor ruddock he never beat any of the elite fighters of his era he's been disqualified he quit on his stool he had all the tools to be the best but he wasn't
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