Maximillian - Hollow Days 

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Music video by Maximillian performing Hollow Days. © 2018 Copenhagen Records




10 мај 2018






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Anisa Mutiara
Anisa Mutiara Пре месец
Anisa Mutiara
Anisa Mutiara Пре месец
im in love with him. right after listen to his angelic voiced song.
Hera Jaimee
Hera Jaimee Пре месец
❤️❤️❤️ I'm so in love Max!!
Umar Пре месец
The acoustic version of this song is bliss
Shema Samboangnon
Shema Samboangnon Пре 2 месеца
Love from 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭❤️
Saranya Chaiket
Saranya Chaiket Пре 2 месеца
Your voice made me feel like.....a crazy girl. Luv you from somewhere
Terry May Liezel Fortin
Terry May Liezel Fortin Пре 2 месеца
Just became your fan few months ago, i thinks its one of the best decisions I made in my life ❤️🥺
Rubathra Suseelan
Rubathra Suseelan Пре 2 месеца
Hey I got a free pass for tomorrow online m&g would like to join to watch him?
Terry May Liezel Fortin
Terry May Liezel Fortin Пре 2 месеца
This song deserve million views! 🥰🥺
Teresa Wanglcfc
Teresa Wanglcfc Пре 2 месеца
princess scot
princess scot Пре 4 месеца
im your fan from Philippines
Adriano, Jonaliah C.
Adriano, Jonaliah C. Пре 5 месеци
J. Claveria
J. Claveria Пре 5 месеци
Time to shine ❤
Carlos Leo Santos
Carlos Leo Santos Пре 5 месеци
All your song is masterpiece wanna give you the recognition you deserved!!! - ♥️ from Philippines
Mary Love Juanico
Mary Love Juanico Пре 5 месеци
Hello, maximillian. I'm always listening to your songs. ☺️ Thank you for creating such wonderful songs. ❤️
Precious Joy
Precious Joy Пре 6 месеци
Just came here straight after his IG Top 5. :)
aine kings
aine kings Пре 6 месеци
I love you 🇵🇭 from Philippines kyahhhhh
aine kings
aine kings Пре 6 месеци
I love you 🇵🇭 from Philippines kyahhhhh
Offline Games
Offline Games Пре 7 месеци
so underrated but DAMN SO GREAT SONGS
ツAiko Пре 7 месеци
What a beautiful voice u got there❤️✊🏻✊🏻
Steve Walker
Steve Walker Пре 7 месеци
I Love You Sona ❤️
Sanghadeep Ghosh
Sanghadeep Ghosh Пре 7 месеци
Love your songs....
gucci king
gucci king Пре 7 месеци
New Subscriber here Heard Ur song for the first time .It makes me feels good
Denisse Perdomo
Denisse Perdomo Пре 7 месеци
Just heard your last EP, you're amazing! This song and Still Alive are my favorites ❤ New fan from Honduras 🌎
Az ree
Az ree Пре 7 месеци
aside from the Beautiful scars, i also like this song🖤
John Excel Cabansag
John Excel Cabansag Пре 7 месеци
new fan here! i love ur music ❤
Ej Bellizar
Ej Bellizar Пре 7 месеци
The kind of song I will play everytime I feel sad, I will never get tired of this 🥺❤️
Ron Tepan
Ron Tepan Пре 7 месеци
Benn Almario
Benn Almario Пре 7 месеци
why this song is underrated??!!
Anisa Mutiara
Anisa Mutiara Пре месец
thats definitely questionable
Alice Snow
Alice Snow Пре 7 месеци
I love it💙
taste buds
taste buds Пре 7 месеци
you remind me of lauv but in a completely different vibe idk i hope you get the recognition deserved ASAP :(
Saowakhon Suksompuech
Saowakhon Suksompuech Пре 8 месеци
Always support you. Really love your voice New fan from Thailand.
Haide Alger
Haide Alger Пре 8 месеци
❤️❤️❤️😊😊i love you Maxi
Mikay Julian
Mikay Julian Пре 8 месеци
Lester Canceran
Lester Canceran Пре 8 месеци
Anammm Пре 8 месеци
hey just subscribed, just so you know you're really amazing and you absolutely deserve recognition. That's just unfair to people who are gems yet they are underrated. DUDE KEEP THE SAME SPIRIT!
Nadine Salvador
Nadine Salvador Пре 8 месеци
love you so much
leony amanda
leony amanda Пре 9 месеци
😭😭😭 i love ur music so much!!
Stephanie Monding
Stephanie Monding Пре 9 месеци
underrated song is worth listening.
Im a Bad B*tch
Im a Bad B*tch Пре 10 месеци
Love from PHILIPPINES😍 More music please 🙏🤗😚
Celestia Kolang
Celestia Kolang Пре 10 месеци
LOVE FROM PHILIPPINES 😳💞🙋😭 Im in love 😳🙈
J. Claveria
J. Claveria Пре 5 месеци
Also Philippines
Queen Sisa
Queen Sisa Пре 7 месеци
Hi im a filipino fan too. ♥️
Marie '
Marie ' Пре 10 месеци
Officially become your fan😍
that one SIMPleton
that one SIMPleton Пре 4 месеца
Shin Chul
Shin Chul Пре 7 месеци
Me too❤
patsy Пре 10 месеци
Wth? Your songs deserve millions of viewsss!!!! Aack new listener Here!
Dr. jrey
Dr. jrey Пре 10 месеци
i can see BTS junkook singin this
Veerpal Kaur
Veerpal Kaur Пре годину
Keep it up.....u r going long way..best of luck!!!
Lasol Dodo
Lasol Dodo Пре годину
Hollow days without you MAX😂
Lauren M Lichty
Lauren M Lichty Пре годину
new music coming soon??:)
Samira Saltakhanova
Samira Saltakhanova Пре годину
this deserves more views
Símon Пре 2 године
Oh yeah yeah
NIGHT VISION games Пре 2 године
How do you find more of his music?
Teseter Пре 2 године
I was looking for maximillian dood and this shit music popped up. Either change your name or stop singing this shit is trash.
bournesach Пре годину
silly fanboys will always be silly fanboys. dum dum. this music is great and Maximillian is an awesome human.
Cat Strange
Cat Strange Пре годину
Who are you to tell someone to change their name and stop doing music? You seem like a bitter hater
nathalie bim bam bum
nathalie bim bam bum Пре 2 године
sorry what
Oliver Hinrichsen
Oliver Hinrichsen Пре 2 године
Moeller Laessoee
Moeller Laessoee Пре 2 године
What! Sygeste sang jeg længe har hørt! 👌
Palo Sweet
Palo Sweet Пре 2 године
Your song is so underrated!!! Discovered it via Apple Music and I couldn't be happier, your voice is amazing Max :) Xxx
Gerrie Cherry
Gerrie Cherry Пре 2 године
would you like to make mv for higher? man please make mv too for higher
Gerrie Cherry
Gerrie Cherry Пре 2 године
found this song on spotify a months ago, and then i started to listen all of your song. MAN YOUR VOICE IS AMAZING! KEEP IT UP, LOVE YOU!❤
wildcard.edits Пре 2 године
Shanti Gurung
Shanti Gurung Пре 2 године
Came from Spotify; why tf does this song has so less views: deserves atlease a million.
Jenny Boldt
Jenny Boldt Пре 2 године
I heard this song in a store, I love it
Misa chan
Misa chan Пре 2 године
That voice. That mood. That light. Fire.
WUNDER Пре 2 године
Ganske enkelt GENIAL 👏😍🌠
Bekir OZGUR Пре 2 године
Super cool
David Olafsson
David Olafsson Пре 2 године
INSANE voice. love the video
Sigurd Пре 2 године
Tim Kuzmin
Tim Kuzmin Пре 2 године
Are you planning to make a music video for “strangers”?
Dana Coulson
Dana Coulson Пре 2 године
This is amazing 🙌🏼🙌🏼
Anony Mous
Anony Mous Пре 2 године
not available in US
Um estranho no YouTube
Um estranho no YouTube Пре 2 године
Just amazing voice!!!
Kobi K
Kobi K Пре 2 године
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