Making The Popeyes Chicken Sandwich At Home, But Better 

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What better way to celebrate 500,000 subscribers than making a fried chicken sandwich that rivals the Popeyes chicken sandwich. Buttermilk fried chicken, layered between a Japanese milk bun, black garlic mayo, homemade pickles. It's perfect. Making a chicken sandwich isn't just some recipe, it's a technique, an art form if you will. Hope you guys get a kick out of this and make your very own sandwich!
Who do you guys think won this sandwich battle?
Recipe: www.joshuaweissman.com/post/popeye-s-chicken-sandwich-but-better
Cast Iron Pot used: shop-links.co/1731241238591183057
Thermometer I used: shop-links.co/1731241125178650931
2-Piece Cast Iron Cookware Set in Black : shop-links.co/1731219953642077618
Taylor Precision Products Classic Line Candy/Deep Fry Thermometer:
The Japanese Milk Buns Recipe: rsvid.info/video/zLiqg7qLsaiah9U.html
Instagram: joshuaweissman
Subreddit: www.reddit.com/r/JoshuaWeissman/

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Коментара 100   
Mikael mukhariz
Mikael mukhariz Пре 4 сата
I think guga food make it 100000x better
kobe matt
kobe matt Пре 4 сата
Khafo _o
Khafo _o Пре 6 сати
jan frances anne
jan frances anne Пре 6 сати
boxdill Пре 12 сати
The video that got his channel going
diorvnat Пре 15 сати
The left 1 is he's for sure
Commie Pesticide
Commie Pesticide Пре 19 сати
I will vouch that Josh’s would technically be better, even when it just comes to the cut of chicken that was used. Chicken thighs, unlike chicken breasts, are much more tender and flavorful and not as easy to burn/overcook. Every time I have Popeyes the main complaint I have is whether I’m going to get a good sandwich or a bad one, whether it’ll be relatively juicy and mildly tender or as tough as a leather shoe.
Edy CM
Edy CM Пре дан
i cannot unwatch this, i have to make it now
Jacob -
Jacob - Пре дан
5:20 oh wow using the same joke twice in the same ten seconds. That’s Ambitious
Tanim Ishraq
Tanim Ishraq Пре дан
His video titles always has "But Better" in the end of the video titles.
Zoinks Пре дан
that looks good 😃👍🏽
birby chicky nuggie
birby chicky nuggie Пре дан
why does it look so good how do you do it
Nycro Пре дан
Ur black
iiMariam_ Пре дан
dude your faking this vid, the popeyes chicken sandwhich is huge and as big as your head
Salty Пре 10 сати
Lol maybe it's just your location but its normally more flat than that for me
Philip Kim
Philip Kim Пре дан
Thigh over breast all day baby!
Real Estate Broward County
500k subs and I'm looking at his 3.99M subs wondering how he reacted along the way lol
Kirsten Brown
Kirsten Brown Пре 2 дана
He forgot the most important ingredient...Cajun seasoning
yousef alattar
yousef alattar Пре 2 дана
Almost 4m subs
Toby Temple
Toby Temple Пре 2 дана
You look like the kfc man
Lars Kip
Lars Kip Пре 2 дана
Why is your weed so small
Edwin Bean
Edwin Bean Пре 3 дана
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Aman Haque
Aman Haque Пре 3 дана
Josh your popeyes must be some hot doo doo because mine doesn't serve like that, lmao. Anyways good vid B)
Weirdø Пре 4 дана
Imagine if this guy was your dad.
kingof206 Пре 4 дана
Made thus, just the chicken. Good asf
barman nj gaming
barman nj gaming Пре 2 дана
do you know the song in the intro
Ben Gamez
Ben Gamez Пре 4 дана
Dude that looks so good
Manuel Crespo
Manuel Crespo Пре 4 дана
Yours is better but they'll say blablabla, try to make millions a day blablabla. Greetings from Spain
Ryan McIntire
Ryan McIntire Пре 5 дана
Is it bussin bussin janelle
Samuel Valle
Samuel Valle Пре 5 дана
“And I’m white sooo....”
Mr. McMemer
Mr. McMemer Пре 5 дана
The only person that can say we got food at home
Not Your Average Joe
Not Your Average Joe Пре 5 дана
I’d rather have the Popeyes one, it tastes better than yours
Sam Serrano
Sam Serrano Пре 5 дана
I made one but I substituted a lot of your spices with paprika and it was delicious I’m cooking it today aswell
Kale MacPherson
Kale MacPherson Пре 5 дана
Between Joshua and Andrew "Babish" Rea i really got a love for cooking for myself now
Kale MacPherson
Kale MacPherson Пре 5 дана
If you ever get a chance to come to Atlantic Canada come try Mary Browns :) theyre pretty good in my opinion, ive never gotten the chance to have Popeyes yet
K Brank
K Brank Пре 5 дана
Cool. Now do that within 3-4 minutes or less.
Predator G349
Predator G349 Пре 6 дана
When the Popeye CEO watching this?
Lavi - ForgeCraft
Lavi - ForgeCraft Пре 6 дана
I’ve watched this video too many times it’s unhealthy.
AlexU Пре 6 дана
I like my chicken sandwich plane
monkey funky
monkey funky Пре 6 дана
You're so augh
XD 100k
XD 100k Пре 6 дана
Bro yours look better than the original
KiBella Пре 6 дана
It was never ment to be.
Larry Downard
Larry Downard Пре 6 дана
This is a recipe for a chicken sandwich. There doesn't seem to be anything resembling the popeyes chicken sandwich. The video could list the name of any chicken sandwich anywhere. What makes this like popeyes? Just the fact that it has chicken and a bun?
Noodle Donkey
Noodle Donkey Пре 6 дана
Big Mac but better?
Lethal Bacon Jews
Lethal Bacon Jews Пре 6 дана
what the hell is ''buttermilk'' in norway. pleas help!!!!!!!!
Kyle West
Kyle West Пре 6 дана
can i get any pointers on how to air fry it?
Frank Castle
Frank Castle Пре 6 дана
You got skills
Moran Joyel
Moran Joyel Пре 7 дана
Parang Ninong Ry kaso english version
13din Пре 7 дана
Popeyes is alrdy so good tho 😭
Allicin Maillard
Allicin Maillard Пре 7 дана
Love josh, but i want to know how long it takes him from receiving his order to driving it home and opening it up for filming.
metal666maniac11 Пре 7 дана
1 year later and you're pushing 4 million subs. Glad i found your channel. Hoping it'll help me improve my cooking.
lifebrarian Пре 7 дана
Have you heard of Woody Chicken Breast disease? How do you deal with it!
chad clark
chad clark Пре 7 дана
seams like all the fast food you get for this series looks like shit. so i cant even judge if yours was better because what your compairing it to looks worse than it normally does
Buck Winthrop
Buck Winthrop Пре 7 дана
Rema Sauers Hechinger
Rema Sauers Hechinger Пре 7 дана
The deeply hose contrastingly mess up because octave transmurally increase around a conscious legal. bent, shrill tuesday
Keagan Shultz
Keagan Shultz Пре 7 дана
Can you do kings Hawaiian rolls but better
Damon Hoover
Damon Hoover Пре 8 дана
I don't care.....I love Popeyes chicken sandwich.
David Gibson
David Gibson Пре 8 дана
Him talking about just hitting 500 k when he is now almost at 4 million 👏🏿👏🏿
Temprest Пре 8 дана
Everything spicy nasty asf
Aria Пре 8 дана
u cool bro
Ragabash Rasch
Ragabash Rasch Пре 8 дана
most cooking channels don't really get what they're doing but you figured it out with a creative ass concept too
Yeab Пре 8 дана
Can I jus use regular milk for marinating
Henry Aung
Henry Aung Пре 9 дана
Can you do KFC gravy but better please??????
Tiffany Bland
Tiffany Bland Пре 9 дана
I wish I was your neighbor so I can taste test all the time.
Matt Null
Matt Null Пре 9 дана
5:19 it looks like he crushed the popeyes chicken with his car
WEI YIN Пре 9 дана
Joshua Weissman: im not biased or anything but mines better. Me: hmmmmmmm
Lele Koko
Lele Koko Пре 9 дана
I come here for the Popeyes comment and it kills me every time. 💀
Carolina Castro
Carolina Castro Пре 9 дана
i love seeing that in this video a year ago he is so happy with 500k and now he's close to 4 mi!
im sh00k
im sh00k Пре 9 дана
i would pay millions (if i had them. don't @ i'm that broke) to joshua to become my personal kitchen chef. 😭
C N Пре 9 дана
Made this and it was very tasty (the sauce mmm)! I used chicken thigh, but I think I would have preferred it with chicken breast tbh!
C N Пре 8 дана
@Yeab Buttermilk has more enzymes which break down the chicken. I don't think milk does that.
Yeab Пре 8 дана
Do we have to use butter milk can we jus do regular milk
Alexander Webster
Alexander Webster Пре 9 дана
I think I might stop by Popeyes now.
carolyn pendley
carolyn pendley Пре 10 дана
Ok so ima do this today
dark balls
dark balls Пре 10 дана
he looks like young colonel sanders
Jarno Peet
Jarno Peet Пре 10 дана
Is it possible to freeze the coated chicken and deepfry them from the freezer?
Alan Truong
Alan Truong Пре 11 дана
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Derpiocy Пре 11 дана
You are not a chef, you are a freakin Artist!
Andy Delgado
Andy Delgado Пре 11 дана
Your WHITE? You don't say.
Sad Face
Sad Face Пре 11 дана
Joshua just wants to start beef with every single major restaurant chain he can
Joannie Thomsen
Joannie Thomsen Пре 11 дана
The exultant breath paradoxically sign because marble rahilly owe pace a uptight trade. frightened frightening full fumbling functional, ashamed moon
Meriluslff1989 Пре 11 дана
I want that Joshua chicken sandwich lol
Meriluslff1989 Пре 11 дана
Can it be made better yes. But don't you DARE disrespect the Popeyes sandwich
Seany Boi
Seany Boi Пре 12 дана
This dude should be on tik tok for Gordon Ramsay
Пре 12 дана
I hate how you use black garlic arent there any alternatives? You are using this oh so fancy looking shit and you seriously expect us to go out there, find it and waste horrendous amount of 12 dollars on some f*cking garlic only to put it in our sauce? F*cking worse recipe "at home"
Charlierose Пре 12 дана
your now my favorite youtuber and cook , i have been working in the kitchen and learned slowly fo enjoy making good food , watching you helps me relax and really helps me at the end of the day, i don’t know what else i can do to show you love but like every video i like and subscribing , thanks so much ! your the best
Пре 12 дана
I dont have any black garlic where I live could I instead just use normal fu*king garlic?
Jack Lu
Jack Lu Пре 12 дана
for Joshua Weissman, its not whether can you make it, but how you make it.
Smedley Belkin
Smedley Belkin Пре 13 дана
If you are dissolving it into a batter there is no point spending money on Koshering salt guys, unless you have an allergy to iodine.
Darren Nash
Darren Nash Пре 13 дана
I live for the B-Roll !
Liam Harris
Liam Harris Пре 13 дана
Of course he got the most dusty looking Popeyes chicken sandwich anywhere, I’m finding it hard to believe he didn’t sit on that thing on the ride home, bun all misshapen looking sorry as hell 😂
Nako Projects
Nako Projects Пре 13 дана
Just got a chance to try the popeyes chicken sandwich for the fist time EVER AND OMG Its not that good its just bread with chicken sandwhiched between Im disapointed and my day is immeasurably ruined ☹
TheDemented01 Пре 14 дана
Popeyes after watching this: popeyes chicken sandwich....popeyes chicken sandwich.. *sniff*... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!
Andrey Пре 14 дана
Popeyes - 2 minutes to make Yours - 2 hours
Trillow Пре 8 дана
It doesn’t take 2 minutes to make a chicken sandwich. If it did all your chicken would be raw asf
A guy named Connor
A guy named Connor Пре 14 дана
This guy need to open a restraint
Michael Kaszynski
Michael Kaszynski Пре 15 дана
I know I can make better at home but setting up a fry station at home is a big production when you love alone. I make great fried chicken but only make it when I am making it for a crowd for a party or to bring to work. Popeye's sandwich is pretty awesome but a little on the greasy side and makes me fall asleep after lunch.
staceynlove Пре 15 дана
This guy needs a show stat!
Kunal Khanna
Kunal Khanna Пре 16 дана
They make it way faster and they are a fast food chain
Trillow Пре 8 дана
Okay and? He’s home cooking which usually taste much better and takes longer
Ire Пре 16 дана
unfair to challenge Popeyes sandwich if there's been wrapped up and sitting for god knows how long.....
Lamine Diop
Lamine Diop Пре 16 дана
I like the way that you're speaking french
Naor Amar
Naor Amar Пре 17 дана
hey dude respect from the holyland can you make kosher recepies?
Mr. Gadgett
Mr. Gadgett Пре 17 дана
Alright so anyone who sees this; the best chicken sandwich I have ever had: Good buns :) 1 slice of tomato Red onions Lettuce 1 large piece of fried chicken 1 slice of pepper jack cheese 2 strips of bacon 3 slices of avocado ^in that order ;) it was delicious
Ro bb
Ro bb Пре 17 дана
How do you get 9M views when you have almost 4M subscribers 🤔 Nice! You already... 🤟
Marcus 2209
Marcus 2209 Пре 17 дана
Derrick lewis wont like that
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