Lobster Sausage 

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It's a sausage made out of lobster tail.
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26 мај 2020






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Dharmjit Kaur
Dharmjit Kaur Пре 3 дана
Do a turkey sausage
Taka Brute
Taka Brute Пре 5 дана
I am watching it now
Taka Brute
Taka Brute Пре 5 дана
i forgot how much fun this one was to watch
Sean Grogan
Sean Grogan Пре 6 дана
😂😂😂😂 he sang rock the casbah by clash😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Bastian Tapia
Bastian Tapia Пре 7 дана
Ordinary sausage: *buys lobster* Subs: we want water sausage
Johnny Screwya
Johnny Screwya Пре 9 дана
A little fecal salt would of taken this dish to all new heights.
Moiz Ahmad
Moiz Ahmad Пре 12 дана
I can't believe he spent $782 on this sausage
ben Пре 13 дана
I just realized that sausage is misspelled in the thumbnail
Letter of the Law
Letter of the Law Пре 14 дана
The melody is Rock the Casbah. You're welcome.
moskymark Пре 16 дана
Revisit with added 1% by weight salt in the sausage! Better texture and flavor.
Letter of the Law
Letter of the Law Пре 16 дана
*Lobster sausage, lobster sausage*
Conrad Dickinson
Conrad Dickinson Пре 25 дана
I really like your videos
max H
max H Пре 25 дана
.w a t e r s a u s a g e.
Natasha Triplett
Natasha Triplett Пре 26 дана
When he made the sausage sing i nearly screamed
「Crackhead • Midáya」
「Crackhead • Midáya」 Пре 27 дана
Wait make a hot sauce or something spicy sausage.
LukeDaDuke Пре 28 дана
I miss seeing the kitchen aid sausagefier
KACZKA lol Пре месец
When i heard poop i was like:run baba boi RUN!
Hip Пре месец
Gabe Hebert
Gabe Hebert Пре месец
I have a idea mac and cheese sausage
Elio Yousif
Elio Yousif Пре месец
Do a sausage
Atria Wulf
Atria Wulf Пре месец
Plantain sausage!
Dirtman101 Пре месец
Everyone: Make a water sausage! Ordinary: Okay but I spent- Everyone: Make a water sausage. Like, now. Ordinary: but- Everyone: IDC MAKE A WATER SAUAGE Ordinary: BUT WHY?! ITS JUST WATER. Everyone: J U S T. D O. I T. Ordinary: ALRIGHT SO I SPENT OVER 40 DOLLARS FOR A LOBSTER SAUSAGE, AND YOU WANT TO SEE A WATER SAUSAGE. Everyone: Yeah. Ordinary: sighhhhhhh... fine.
Minato Kazuma
Minato Kazuma Пре месец
lobster glizzy
deku Пре месец
Pizza sausage :)
Charlotte Platt
Charlotte Platt Пре месец
I’m allergic to sea food ;.;
pog champ
pog champ Пре месец
Ever heard of ketchup :-:
hill Пре месец
@1Love It's not safe if you have allergies to lobster
hill Пре месец
@1Love lol
Joe Smoe
Joe Smoe Пре месец
Yea mans a god a glizzy god
kinggyRBLX Пре месец
1Love Пре месец
when did they give peter griffin a cooking show lol
1Love Пре месец
im allergic too shrimp but my whole life i been wanting too try lobster .... will i be okay ? someone please tell me
Timothy O'NEAL
Timothy O'NEAL Пре месец
sausage sausage
Kaden Fuller
Kaden Fuller Пре месец
what has life come to......
Aiden Hepworth
Aiden Hepworth Пре месец
Mohsan Ayub
Mohsan Ayub Пре месец
Make a every meat and seafood sausage
:D Пре месец
It looks like banana sausage
Clara's Creative Corner
Clara's Creative Corner Пре месец
Make an earth sausage (dirt) so you can have all four elements
Śupęr Døg Broš
Śupęr Døg Broš Пре месец
Hamburger sausage please
C.I .A
C.I .A Пре месец
These are the school meals you miss if your the last one too the cafeteria
shlinctorz games
shlinctorz games Пре месец
People who hate seafood: -5/5! Get it OUTTA my house! Thats me
Scrambled _
Scrambled _ Пре месец
2:34 lobster sausage
MowBizzare Пре месец
The myth, the legend, the lobster sausage
Jolly Rancher
Jolly Rancher Пре месец
He sounds like a chef youde see on interdimensional cable on Rick and Morty xD
PhunnyPhatBoy Пре месец
Dream’s Great Grandmother
Dream’s Great Grandmother Пре месец
“I spent FORTY-FIVE DOLLARS on lobster tails and this is what you guys wanted? A WATER sausage?!”
Loemie Frankjansens
Loemie Frankjansens Пре месец
I really hated when he said there was poop
NeeNeeMonkey Пре месец
I whant my grape sausage and yes I spelt want wrong.
Roblox Noob Remixes
Roblox Noob Remixes Пре месец
peanutbutteroven Пре месец
He sounds so calm in these old ones. I think the water sausage broke him.
The Holzhecker
The Holzhecker Пре месец
This is really interesting, I mean this is original content we need, but I can understant all dislikes. I love this and at some point it makes me sick.. so my feeling is "why tf I love it?" Btw like
Gioppo Peppo
Gioppo Peppo Пре месец
Sm!lez Tub3z
Sm!lez Tub3z Пре месец
Sushi sausage
Sm!lez Tub3z
Sm!lez Tub3z Пре месец
Whattt am I missing
teodor hedelin
teodor hedelin Пре месец
it looks like rice pudding 1:18
Aiden Nelson
Aiden Nelson Пре месец
The water sausages was the wurst
Emanuel Munoz
Emanuel Munoz Пре месец
*L O B S T E R S A U S A G E* *L O B S T E R S A U S A G E*
aid Пре месец
I will eat it
Your average idiot gamings
Your average idiot gamings Пре месец
make a sausage with real pork
Kaptain Koleslaw
Kaptain Koleslaw Пре месец
This show is hosted by the real voice of Peter Griffin
Frances Jones
Frances Jones Пре месец
This is the most interesting stuff I've ever seen
Sean Purcell
Sean Purcell Пре месец
This man is peter griffin
Theboyz Gaming
Theboyz Gaming Пре месец
Ooh meat
Elvis Sanchez
Elvis Sanchez Пре месец
What's the membrane made out of? Hahahah and he plays with it. 😂🤣😅😁👍
BuVi Kristan
BuVi Kristan Пре месец
November: 2:14 After November: 0:40
pancake destroyer
pancake destroyer Пре месец
The classiest sausage
PLXlook FC
PLXlook FC Пре месец
Ten_Plates Пре месец
green bean sausage
Re- Blitz
Re- Blitz Пре месец
Sounds yummy and looks yummy Gimme 4
Sandwichify Пре месец
Dislikes be from the lobsters friends and family
Thing Пре месец
That feels ready to me *drops sausage*
liberal applesauce
liberal applesauce Пре месец
uugh .. you forgot some poop.. but its just extra flavor ig
Donuttheturtle 2.0
Donuttheturtle 2.0 Пре месец
The water sausage that broke him
MrBeastAlt _Offical
MrBeastAlt _Offical Пре месец
idk if he eats it with the sausage wrap thingy or not...
MrBeastAlt _Offical
MrBeastAlt _Offical Пре месец
@Quartz Skull oh.... I take it off....
Quartz Skull
Quartz Skull Пре месец
That's literally how all sausages are
Armand Ronan
Armand Ronan Пре месец
pls pls do a burger sausage
Ayqal zilla
Ayqal zilla Пре месец
He literally sounds like a mix between Peter Griffin from family guy, porky pig from looney toons and soos from gravity falls. I'm gonna comment this same comment on his other videos
Panda`s Playhouse!
Panda`s Playhouse! Пре месец
Hey, I've seen you too!
Erik Zeng
Erik Zeng Пре месец
Lakh'broan Jah'mes
Lakh'broan Jah'mes Пре месец
what about a human sausage?
Gunner Theman
Gunner Theman Пре месец
BACON Susage
Gunner Theman
Gunner Theman Пре месец
@OmegaWilliam95 S i saw so srry
OmegaWilliam95 S
OmegaWilliam95 S Пре месец
He already did.
Phoebe shirasawa
Phoebe shirasawa Пре месец
do a noodle sausage. i dare you..
Wretchedegg Пре месец
if this the first video you watch form this channel , this is it, this is ground 0, where it all began...
Roland Bischof
Roland Bischof Пре месец
Yay sausages
PassTheCemeteryGates Пре месец
let us sausage
Alvin Sydney Moll
Alvin Sydney Moll Пре месец
are you peter griffin
M3RK Fire
M3RK Fire Пре месец
Peter is good at cooking
Donald Trumpet
Donald Trumpet Пре месец
Feather Moreira
Feather Moreira Пре месец
Try grilled lobster way better 🤤🤤❤
Roshni Benasrie
Roshni Benasrie Пре месец
Who else is watching this right after the water sausage
Playboy Izzy
Playboy Izzy Пре месец
he sounds like bobs wife
You cant beat K
You cant beat K Пре месец
Gordon Ramsey should see this.
Robert S.
Robert S. Пре месец
I don't understand how I just found out about this. This is fantastic.
No T4co For You
No T4co For You Пре месец
Crab sausage!
Non-ex -yt
Non-ex -yt Пре месец
For some reason this shows oddly satisfying to watch
ShownIncryption Пре месец
stop fkin with my ears
MR. SHIT Пре месец
It looks like a d**k
Zitanium Пре месец
I clicked on this vid fully expecting him to keep the outside of the lobster, I’m dissatisfied
Rex_Coter Пре месец
I'm convinced this guy is Adam sandler
LYNX Пре месец
Jonah Da Don
Jonah Da Don Пре месец
Peter Griffin at 12yrs old
KDgames Пре месец
fastfood sausage
brice hicks
brice hicks Пре месец
do a tomatoe
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