JP Saxe - If the World Was Ending (Official Video) ft. Julia Michaels 

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Official Music Video | JP Saxe ft. Julia Michaels - If The World Was Ending
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Directed by Jason Lester
Produced by Laura Burhenn for Our Secret Handshake
Cinematography by Powell Robinson
I was distracted
and in traffic
I didn’t feel it
when the earthquake happened

but it really got me thinkin’
were you out drinkin’
were you in the living room
chillin' watchin’ television
ah it’s been a year now
think I've figured out how
how to let you go and let
communication die out
I know you know we know you weren’t down for forever and it’s fine
I know you know we know we weren’t meant for each other and it’s fine
but if the world was ending
you’d come over right
you’d come over and you’d stay the night
would you love me for the hell of it
all our fears would be irrelevant
if the world was ending
you’d come over right
the sky’d be falling and I’d hold you tight
and there wouldn’t be a reason why
we would even have to say goodbye
if the world was ending
you’d come over right
If the world was ending
You’d come over right
I tried to imagine
your reaction
didn’t scare me when the earthquake happened
But it really got me thinkin’
that night we went drinkin’
stumbled in the house
and didn’t make it past the kitchen
ah it’s been a year now
think I've figured out how
how to think about you
without it rippin’ my heart out
I know you know we know you weren’t down for forever and it’s fine
I know you know we know we weren’t meant for each other and it’s fine
#jpsaxe | #IfTheWorldWasEnding




17 окт 2019






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JPSaxeVEVO Пре месец
A little Bit Yours is out!!! been wanting to share this one with you for a really long time. I hope it makes you feel things. it always has for me.. and feel free to share those things with me below. love all of ya (also if this one extra resonates right now, I promise it gets better. i promise i promise). JPSaxe.lnk.to/ALittleBitYours/youtube
Carla Ranson
Carla Ranson Пре 23 сата
This sad
Stacie Goodman
Stacie Goodman Пре дан
How do I know if someone hacked my phone is Android
Nyary Kabra
Nyary Kabra Пре 2 дана
Do watch my song The night we met onrsvid.info/video/vtrFYpZ70JeVkLs.html
Hermione Horace
Hermione Horace Пре 4 дана
@Benji Sheng r&n
sam chiu
sam chiu Пре сат
this reminds me of when i had the best of friends but i had to move away, i havent been in touch with them for so long, and i really miss them
Aubrey Williams
Aubrey Williams Пре 4 сата
I was literally listening to this song when an emergency alert popped up on my phone. "State of Utah: COVID-19 is spreading rapidly. Record cases. Almost every county is a high transmission area. Hospitals are nearly overwhelmed." The irony. 😢
Harsh Shah
Harsh Shah Пре 5 сати
Why are u still living, if you haven't heard this song?
Слични но различни
Literally while i was listening to this song the person i was thinking about phoned me...❤️❤️
Maria Scicchitano
Maria Scicchitano Пре 5 сати
Why are the subtitles in Japanese?????
Maria Scicchitano
Maria Scicchitano Пре 5 сати
1:38 right when she hit that note i started crying 3:22 i thought they would kiss. If they kissed i wouldve been like *"O! M! G!"*
Maria Scicchitano
Maria Scicchitano Пре 5 сати
_"Sky'd be falling while I hold you tight..."_ 😊 *Awwwww.....* We're all in this together, we'll get through this together! 🤗 Hugs for all Covid survivors and the world, we'll make it through. This beautiful world will always stay strong.
Teekam besties
Teekam besties Пре 6 сати
"its been one year now...i think i have figured how to let you go"...feels like was just yestarday
Zoey Springer
Zoey Springer Пре 6 сати
I really like it i sing the song all the time
paraboloid Dudley
paraboloid Dudley Пре 6 сати
Fun fact: Not a single person on planet earth cares if you're watching in October 2020.
Steven Swint
Steven Swint Пре 8 сати
We aren’t meant for each other.
paraboloid Dudley
paraboloid Dudley Пре 8 сати
Congrats Dodgers! Glad to see Kersh finally get a ring!
Raymond Mines
Raymond Mines Пре 9 сати
BRIANNA COX Пре 12 сати
if the world was ending you'd come over, right?
BRIANNA COX Пре 5 сати
@Maria Scicchitano yh
Maria Scicchitano
Maria Scicchitano Пре 5 сати
Skyd be fallin while i hold you tight
Nurul Farhana
Nurul Farhana Пре 13 сати
Julia Michaels kinda reminds me of Ellie Goulding. Other than her hair, her music genre is like, alternative and dream pop. And sad. ☹️ Like "There's no way", "hurt again", I miss you" it hits hard ☹️ same like Ellie Goulding "hangin' on" "lights" "beating heart" "under control" it just all sad songs. ☹️
Nurul Farhana
Nurul Farhana Пре 13 сати
Hi guys personally I find this song scary. And other song I find scary •Why don't we - falling •Travis Scott - highest in the room •Billie Eilish - no time to die •halsey - I'm not mad •Zayn - cruel •sam Smith - Dancing with a stranger •ariana Grande - one last time Because this songs are songs about loss, grief, hallucinations. This is what we are facing now on this pandemic. I hope everyone is okay. God is testing us. Be patient. Stay strong. ❤️🌹🌺🌻
Padmini Chanda
Padmini Chanda Пре 16 сати
Heres a hug to all the heartbroken souls in the comments *hugs tightly*
Maria Scicchitano
Maria Scicchitano Пре 5 сати
Thank you
Shauntoris Пре 17 сати
If you read this "click click" 😔
Ruthless legion
Ruthless legion Пре 19 сати
Madeleine Allenbaugh
Madeleine Allenbaugh Пре 19 сати
when "the world is ending" the tv starts saying national emergency everyone "OMG ITS A NATIONAL EMERGENCY STAY INSIDE ITS CORONA VIRUS WHERE GOING INTO QUARINITINE" my friends "OMG THIS IS A NATIONAL EMERGENCY" me, " ugh why did he eat all the pop tarts"
Logan Hector
Logan Hector Пре 19 сати
This hits different when the world is ending
Sagar Jadhav
Sagar Jadhav Пре 21 сат
2020 help me realise real meaning of these song.
ELROHIT Пре 21 сат
This song hits hard when you know that the world is ending ...
Grand Chawhee
Grand Chawhee Пре 21 сат
lol 2:19 me singing to this in the car as a 34 year old man...luckily no one can see you in you're car.......right?........right?
Akira Kuzumi
Akira Kuzumi Пре 21 сат
even though they weren't meant for each other, they wanted to die together and that freaking hurts like hell
Mia Kawakami
Mia Kawakami Пре 22 сата
I'm here cause draco malfoy
LØLE Aloaa
LØLE Aloaa Пре дан
I love it the is Ousm 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗
Iren Fodor
Iren Fodor Пре дан
I will... Come over ❤️
ugly potato
ugly potato Пре дан
damn this song is 1 year ago? it's feel like 5 months.. time runs too fast..
Gideon Richards
Gideon Richards Пре дан
who els is watching in 2020 because the world is ending
Maria Scicchitano
Maria Scicchitano Пре 5 сати
No it's not we're all in this together and will overcome.
Khouloud Loulou
Khouloud Loulou Пре дан
Ayanna Lowery
Ayanna Lowery Пре дан
Julia’s part hit different
Kelly Kenney
Kelly Kenney Пре дан
"The Kelly Kenney Story" NOT FOR SALE FOR MY SON CASH LAWRENCE-LEROY KENNEY Cash if you see this? Call me (360)-809-5056 WE ALL LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! rsvid.info/video/ltHUad57vmfMf9E.html
T Qistina
T Qistina Пре дан
Robert McComas
Robert McComas Пре дан
This is hard to listen to, when you just got your heart broken
D P Пре дан
Zayn Yassine
Zayn Yassine Пре дан
I look up “how will the world end and when” on RSvid and this came up
arpita sahoo
arpita sahoo Пре дан
"Right?"....... Hits different!
medium cold
medium cold Пре дан
This song is really annoying
Yeongjin Park
Yeongjin Park Пре дан
this makes me really miss my girlfriend, she lives 45 mins away from my, but we can't hang out much, i hope she'd try her hardest to come over or the world was ending, cuz i know i sure would try to get to her.
Siane Leal
Siane Leal Пре дан
Ethan Proctor (2021)
Ethan Proctor (2021) Пре дан
At the beginning i was so confused
Raroj Mangalino
Raroj Mangalino Пре дан
she won't come over no matter what and it will be fine hahhahaha tite
Aiman Khan
Aiman Khan Пре дан
*Covid Enters the chat*
Gracelynn Adair
Gracelynn Adair Пре дан
looove it its a master piece!!
Laura Marques
Laura Marques Пре дан
Why are the words China
Laura Marques
Laura Marques Пре дан
Good music
Mateo Paloma
Mateo Paloma Пре дан
Since you were a baby, I love you. I taught you to walk, to talk and I hugged you so much.. you didn't realize it was Me, but it was Me. It's true, you got away from Me, but I NEVER got away from you. Who told you that I am a punishing Father and that I just sit and do nothing to save you and to save this world? Remember, son (daughter): I am still in control of everything you see and believe it or not, my goal to change this world still stands. But my main goal is you. If you feel pain and do not understand why so many things happen.. Do not hesitate to come to Me, I really know how you feel and what you are going through, and remember, it is not that I do nothing to change it.. because there is no storm that lasts forever and the darker the night, the sooner the dawn comes. I know that sometimes it is very difficult to understand things and I understand you, believe me I do. Tell me everything you feel with your words even if you think you don't know how to do it, because from the first time you stopped to think about who I was, I heard you. And no matter how distant it was, do not see how important it was for Me.. Or if even many criticize you for doing it.. Here I will be and we will go through "shame" together. I will not stop showing you all my help and all my Infinite Love that no one else can feel for you, as I have done from day 1. Here I am and I want to save you. Do not forget.. - That is God who has spoken to you through my comment, because he knew that you needed to know and what he hopes the most is that no matter how difficult this moment is, go and leave everything that does not allow you to speak with Him, because believe it or not, He still has something prepared for you. Go and make it possible❤️ ;).
Motunrayo Adeleye
Motunrayo Adeleye Пре дан
in 2020 ever time it rains I listen to this song i even shared my Secrets with my friends and they shared theres
Raymond Mines
Raymond Mines Пре дан
Laura Gouveia
Laura Gouveia Пре дан
hearing it non stop for months and still not tired
Eric Brown
Eric Brown Пре дан
Baby come back home
Isabella Morgan
Isabella Morgan Пре дан
Are Gup
Are Gup Пре дан
Kaleb Warren
Kaleb Warren Пре дан
Would u love me for the hell of it” 🙏🏾😪
Monica Michelle
Monica Michelle Пре дан
Love Connection - Rachel
My ex of 2.5yrs left me the night of lockdown uk.... this song still breaks my heart and reminds me. But you know.... of he was so amazing... he would have never ever done that. If he came back, how could I ever forgive anyway 😭
Samantha J
Samantha J Пре дан
The dislikes were people's tears touching the button
Dave Fritz
Dave Fritz Пре дан
The humanity says what if one day the world ends and we didn't know that'll be happens
Cecil Shorts
Cecil Shorts Пре дан
There's always the one that we let go.
Cecil Shorts
Cecil Shorts Пре дан
There's always the one you let go.🌞🌹🌠
Rushabh Honale
Rushabh Honale Пре дан
I was wondering what Sheamus been doing after WWE, here he is making music.
Emilynn Price
Emilynn Price Пре дан
I love this songs
Gian Torres
Gian Torres Пре дан
Srta. Daliz ❤️
Nu-Unique Choice
Nu-Unique Choice Пре дан
fawzia ulr
fawzia ulr Пре дан
I can feel the message from this song, make miss someone who far away from me🤗♥️
Jayy Cruz
Jayy Cruz Пре дан
Would hear this song a lot with an amazing girl whom I'm really going to miss and I'll always hold dearly in my heart. You're in a better place now and watching over, one day I'll see you again.
Desiree Sanchez
Desiree Sanchez Пре 2 дана
I use the app sumsl and I se
Deshiaz Johnson
Deshiaz Johnson Пре 2 дана
i need to find somebody befor the world end if it does...
Meet Lora
Meet Lora Пре 2 дана
I understand the lyrics
Briana Galaz
Briana Galaz Пре 2 дана
cally tejada
cally tejada Пре 2 дана
Song still gives me goosebumps ❤️❤️❤️
kaalok Пре 2 дана
stuck in the same way, i just go silent when i listen to this, cant explain
Tanasia Cooper
Tanasia Cooper Пре 2 дана
Ok but did anyone else think the alert was real
abdoulaziz diallo adou
abdoulaziz diallo adou Пре 2 дана
can someone plz explain me why the subtitle are in japanese ?
Amanda Fisher
Amanda Fisher Пре дан
omg i was waiting for someone to say this
Cenzo Пре 2 дана
She barely speaks and looks at him weird lol
B.L. Moore
B.L. Moore Пре 2 дана
This song is dedicated to my love Dear Knight, Wishing you a great day You will continue to make me proud No matter what you do I will be supportive of you Because I’m the only man You are my one man And our love will grow Continuously On this Wednesday At this halfway point Where we are closer Did I mention it’s Wednesday But don’t go humping nobody Anyways I love you dork Love, Your Prince
Duda Lima
Duda Lima Пре 2 дана
Essa música é perfeita
rzv rzv
rzv rzv Пре 2 дана
dumbest song of 2019
Bacon Пре 2 дана
Bacon Пре 2 дана
tvtime2121 Пре 2 дана
This song and “Clover Cage - Lost Then Found” are the only two things keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better..we are in this together..
Menace Пре 2 дана
lmao ded
Ligia Galindo
Ligia Galindo Пре 2 дана
Estoy aqui por YOLO AVENTURAS❤❤❤
harry styles' medicine
harry styles' medicine Пре 2 дана
tiktok ruined this for me 😭 when it says' if the world was ending you'd come over right' i say ✨no✨help
Aurea Alcera
Aurea Alcera Пре 3 дана
This is the best song in the whole wide world. ❤❤❤
Karas Crow
Karas Crow Пре 3 дана
Heard this song on the radio for the first time today. Made me think about all of the women I’ve dated. I wished them well and never held onto any bitterness. Even kept in touch with a lot of them, from time to time. Many of them found the right one after things fell apart. The sadness in this song hits very differently, knowing that you don’t have anyone that would want to see you at the end of all things.
Araceli Romero Araceli Romero
Jacky Zamora
Jacky Zamora Пре 3 дана
Soy el comentario en español que buscas :) y sí, vine por la versión con Evaluna. Shauu
Versión con Eva Luna español me gusto mas🥰🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍😍 rsvid.info/video/xtDZoc6H2p7TqcU.html
Beattothegods Burton
Beattothegods Burton Пре 3 дана
i love this music vid but when my sis heard it she said when it said ( if the world was ending ud come over right?" she said no XD i think that this is the most bootiful vid ive ever seen in my 9 years of life ;-;
Primera vez que la escucho.. es hermosa 😍 💖 😭🥰🥰
David Davis
David Davis Пре 3 дана
David Davis
David Davis Пре 3 дана
I love this song it is the best
Gracelynn Adair
Gracelynn Adair Пре 3 дана
this is a very beutiful and inspiring song but it can be sad to sometimes!! love it!!
Detric Ward
Detric Ward Пре 3 дана
pain just pain
Paydeath 11
Paydeath 11 Пре 3 дана
this song makes me fell like my ex girlfriend because she died of a earthquake
Alexis Karraker
Alexis Karraker Пре 3 дана
Everyone here has these sad stories and I'm just here because I like the song 💀
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