John Oliver: HBO Will Never Find Out How Much All The "Last Week Tonight" Mascots Cost 

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John Oliver says they no longer keep the very expensive mascots from "Last Week Tonight" in a closet at the office because too many children were terrified when they stumbled on the headless costumes. #Colbert #LastWeekTonight #JohnOliver
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10 феб 2021






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Mr.A Пре 11 сати
John looks so fucking good in a casual black hoodie!!! Damn John!!!!
Prashant Sarkar
Prashant Sarkar Пре 12 сати
John Oliver in a hoodie just feels wrong
Ouga Ouga Oink Oink
Ouga Ouga Oink Oink Пре 2 дана
Once City Rat always City Rat.
kamtihu guqurteh
kamtihu guqurteh Пре 13 дана
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Nathaniel Jordan
Nathaniel Jordan Пре 14 дана
I need John Oliver to know that watching his show has been a weekly date between me and my partner for most of it's existence.
NoteFox Пре 16 дана
"HBO Will Never Find Out How Much All The "Last Week Tonight" Mascots Cost" I can see why xD
SirAndischa Пре 18 дана
"5 nights at John Olivers"
Judith772ov Green10mk
Judith772ov Green10mk Пре 19 дана
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SEBBARU Пре 22 дана
He's GONZO!!!!
Mister Joshua
Mister Joshua Пре 24 дана
I just want to watch these two talk about The Muppets for hours.
Kelley Mason
Kelley Mason Пре 26 дана
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Dallin James
Dallin James Пре 26 дана
For the record, my wife and I love watching John Oliver for our date-nights. One of our favorite things to sit down and watch together. He can mock it all he wants.
alexis farrington
alexis farrington Пре 28 дана
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HarryBallsOnYa Пре месец
Insert some joke about how awkward this convo was :|
damon kehl
damon kehl Пре месец
I love these guys chemistry together
purity remedy
purity remedy Пре месец
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Skynyrd Jesus
Skynyrd Jesus Пре месец
Let's be honest, there's no way around it, John Oliver isn't and would never be a muppet. The man was born to be Big Bird, full stop.
Clay Sanford
Clay Sanford Пре месец
Sarah Palmer
Sarah Palmer Пре месец
John Oliver is Gonzo and you cannot change my mind
pepe the frog poops on right wingers
if 'John Oliver+' existed would we get to see his ostrich legs that are his real legs the footage of human legs are fake legs!
RP Productions
RP Productions Пре месец
You either die a host or live long enough to be invited by another host
Joolz Godfree
Joolz Godfree Пре месец
Soonafter this I watched one Muppet Special I've been watching countlessly for ages. As soon as I saw Swedish Chef, my jaw just dropped.
Nhật Hà Trần
Nhật Hà Trần Пре месец
@John Oliver please make some Chiijohn merch 🥺🙏
Shane Dixon
Shane Dixon Пре месец
Mascot talk starts around 3:50
Mormodes Пре месец
I'd literally pay for a show with these two + John Stewart just all talking to each other.
Mack Burrows
Mack Burrows Пре месец
Last Date Tonight with John Oliver
Jeffrey Draper
Jeffrey Draper Пре месец
I love when these two talk. They just love being on TV together, and they know that their banter is more entertaining than most anything else on television at that moment.
Rousseau Phillips
Rousseau Phillips Пре месец
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S D Пре месец
What has happened to Steve? Used to love him, now it seems he is just phoning in.
Milano Xiel
Milano Xiel Пре месец
Chitan x Chijohn yiff artwork is something i would love to see and never would I thought that I would saw it last week.
Jody B
Jody B Пре месец
Love how Stephen Colbert causally name drops Frank Oz
Trisha Ellen
Trisha Ellen Пре месец
John oliver is the literal best first date show. If they can't handle sitting through john oliver get out.
Hell On Wheels
Hell On Wheels Пре месец
John Oliver is correct - The Muppets are just fantastic and Jim Henson should be memorialised with a holiday.
Noreb Пре месец
john oliver and the cookie monster is still one of my favorite sketches hes ever been in
Kelsey CoCa
Kelsey CoCa Пре месец
this is so delightful, especially talking about Jim Henson and the muppets 💕
Karen Пре месец
In mascots, you forgot the most important: Hamie!
Cyber Net
Cyber Net Пре месец
So at the end of this video I go to the search bar and type "J" and literally the first thing that autofills is "jim henson frank oz camera test"
Tom Clifton
Tom Clifton Пре месец
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Zii Mpondo
Zii Mpondo Пре месец
They are so OLD. They know ALL the muppets 💀
Matthew Carauddo
Matthew Carauddo Пре месец
Dear John Oliver... I would love to 'run the races' and be the first guest on your show. Via video, of course. While wearing masks, because I hear "internet corona 2222" is coming in like, well, 199 years. Never can be too careful. :D
Senna Taylor
Senna Taylor Пре месец
Get yourself a significant other who you can watch LWT with
sajid bashir
sajid bashir Пре месец
Desperadox Пре месец
The best America & England has to offer.
Lauren Пре месец
You can tell they are actual friends because of how much they genuinely smile and laugh while chatting, it's honesty heartwarming.
KCs Funhouse
KCs Funhouse Пре месец
I had no idea that Stephen was in a studio I honestly thought he was in his home.
Ali Zahid
Ali Zahid Пре месец
I watched this particular episode of this show just for John Oliver
Julian Verrat-ich-nicht
Julian Verrat-ich-nicht Пре месец
Alright people! I need the links to aaaall of those muppetshow-vids! anyone knows where to find them?
Don Omar Ramiro
Don Omar Ramiro Пре месец
1:13... -Thats was JUST last year? IS A MOOD.
owenbf Пре месец
"Puppets hanging on hooks is something no child should see." I was a bike messenger in NYC in the 70s and early 80s and often made deliveries to CTW where they filmed Sesame Street and all but one time just left the delivery at the front desk. Once they sent me backstage to hand off the package and I walked by all these muppets on a dark stage hanging on hooks with their ping pong ball eyes wide open. I'm sure their gazes followed me across the stage and back. Muppets hanging on hooks is something no adult should see either.
Vaperius Пре месец
I love the implication that it had to happen three times before they moved the mascots somewhere else, as to not scar children that stumbled upon the mascot storage closet.
Dave Joria
Dave Joria Пре месец
Muppet trivia: The second half of the Swedish Chef story is the best part - Normally, one puppeteer does the mouth and one of the hands, and a second puppeteer does the other hand, following the main puppeteer's lead. But with the Swedish Chef, Frank does BOTH of the hands, and Frank and Jim were constantly F^%$ING with either, trying to make the other person crack. Frank's hands are constantly squirming all over in random ways, occasionally INTO THE CHEF'S MOUTH, just to mess with each other.
jx_oxbeats Пре месец
the frank oz camera test they talked about rsvid.info/video/yM2cl7WM0qTNgLs.html
djlilpp Пре месец
John Oliver is most definitely a Beeker.
David Armillie
David Armillie Пре месец
rsvid.info/video/yM2cl7WM0qTNgLs.html This is the link to the clip John talks about at the very end, the Muppets just full out in character for a camera test in 1979! This is why they were all so deeply in character at recording time; they were in character with or without the camera rolling.
Flo Rete
Flo Rete Пре месец
Oh yes, the most crackling sexual tension was on that trade bit. Or the one on student loan forgiveness... there are some many great bits to end your relationship with... Still... I love that show...
Brittany Bertolin
Brittany Bertolin Пре месец
The only people I want ti get into a serious relationship with are people who want to watch a 30 minute piece of the opioid crisis on the first date
T J Пре месец
The Muppets Sound Test John was talking about: rsvid.info/video/yM2cl7WM0qTNgLs.html
D Пре месец
I liked Sam the Eagle
Neon God
Neon God Пре месец
Obviously he is Gonzo come on
AMT Пре месец
"I'm not so confident as to claim to be Kermit !" - "I loved Rolf ... he did good 'takes to camera' - always got a laugh!" "Full Daniel Day Lewis, in Muppets"
Sherrie Thomson
Sherrie Thomson Пре месец
Boy they really yes-and-ed each other into some fun corners
Ellen Douglas
Ellen Douglas Пре месец
WTF with the dad vest? lol
M.J. Loria
M.J. Loria Пре месец
Anybody else doing that thing with their hands now?
Altamiro Allebrandt Junior
Altamiro Allebrandt Junior Пре месец
Wait. They are two different people ? WTH, I just thought it was the same people im different times of their lives, at the start and at the end of their career. /s
TomG1013 Пре месец
Sam The Eagle
D-RgK Pink
D-RgK Pink Пре месец
The furry community loves John Oliver As a furry I can confirm
Veronica Пре месец
John Oliver, give yourself some credit my man. My partner and I look forward to your show, we watch it together Monday's after work. Keeping our romantic evening interesting by calling which part of the updated intro image we will read. We love your show and we need more than just one show a week!!!!
Максим Малюта
Максим Малюта Пре месец
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Максим Малюта
Максим Малюта Пре месец
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667mumble Пре месец
I love that story of how the Swedish Chef is the only Muppet with human hands. I mean it's clear he has human hands, but the reason behind it is so 😂😂😂
simon wang
simon wang Пре месец
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Rozay Cy
Rozay Cy Пре месец
Tenet vibe at the beginning
Calcifer Boheme
Calcifer Boheme Пре месец
I love that camera test footage, and now just want to see these two talk muppets for hours!
pida siouy
pida siouy Пре месец
Late Show rules: you will always watch Stephen interview John Oliver and/or Jon Stewart
Jesus Barrett
Jesus Barrett Пре месец
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ZeketheZealot Пре месец
Lets be honest we all know JO would be Big Bird.
ayannababii Пре месец
Bruh, Colbert and John Oliver are both aging like a fine wine 🍷🍷 I'm here for the gray, babes
pida siouy
pida siouy Пре месец
One day when World opens up You and Jhon are most welcome to do a show here in Bali.( will give more info about Jhon in PM)
Curtis Millar
Curtis Millar Пре месец
Leading with the notion of appealing to the furry community, I was actually expecting to see a pair of rats embracing on the other side of that card
tingley21 Пре месец
Tatum Metzger
Tatum Metzger Пре месец
john oliver joking about how un-romantic his show was me and my ex boyfriend’s thing. i introduced him to last week tonight and then we watched it whenever we saw each other lmao
Максим Малюта
Максим Малюта Пре месец
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Pug Young
Pug Young Пре месец
JO's mind was just blown at 6:30. Pure shock and elation.
miko foin
miko foin Пре месец
in tiny speedos, the mating foxes of Kent not to mention Adam Driver can't deny that John has a very real and disturbing sexiness in most of his shows.
Theo Carney
Theo Carney Пре месец
yura skmm
yura skmm Пре месец
1st time seeing John in a Hoodie 👍👍
Stoopeed 1
Stoopeed 1 Пре месец
WHY WAS THIS GUY PRESIDENT > rsvid.info/video/2s2sYJ6jz5S7etE.html
miko foin
miko foin Пре месец
Jon B 🥺 oh how I've missed u
Atticus Kirkpatrick
Atticus Kirkpatrick Пре месец
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Julia Ward
Julia Ward Пре месец
Valentine’s Day first date?! No better way to find out who you’re dealing with than watching John Oliver ❤️
Julia Ward
Julia Ward Пре месец
Never liked muppets😅 my mom made me watch those marionette movies, really freakin scared the crap out of me as a child🤣🤣🤣
Shin Yagami
Shin Yagami Пре месец
Stephen & John side by side do look like Statler & Waldorf a bit 😂 Always spot on
Sarah Anhäuser
Sarah Anhäuser Пре месец
Americans don't want to compete in globally played football so they created American Football, a sport that is neither played with a ball nor mainly with feet, so they can win it each year. Even the roof organization is CONCACAF (... football) but Americans were too scared so they called it MLS. And it's reeeeaaally embarassing that Stephen thinks that "there is a world championship in football in UK each year".
Naga Visions
Naga Visions Пре месец
One day when World opens up You and Jhon are most welcome to do a show here in Bali.( will give more info about Jhon in PM)
Ajmal safi
Ajmal safi Пре месец
Looks like colbert IQ take a hit every time he talks with John oliver.
SVURulez Пре месец
Oh John, if only you knew how many of my dates have involved watching Last Week Tonight (AND Colbert!). If they don't appreciate John Oliver, they're getting ghosted.
Timothy Graham
Timothy Graham Пре месец
Football, or Soccer, doesn't last long enough to have an intermission. It does have one, but the game isn't long. While I'm Irish, I can probably safely say we watch games in the afternoon, in a pub, and it's up to the bar to provide food, not you or your partner!
aola wili
aola wili Пре месец
By quick research on google: Oliver 3 cm taller than Colbert, 3 cm shorter than Cena
zach shapiro
zach shapiro Пре месец
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aola wili
aola wili Пре месец
No Snow Leopard representation yet from John Oliver, can't have this furry's vote till then.
cbrockabilly Пре месец
willie Thomson
willie Thomson Пре месец
Did you hear the Scouse coming through
Sean Keys
Sean Keys Пре месец
Scooter, John Oliver is definitely Scooter.
Parker Gunther
Parker Gunther Пре месец
Jon B 🥺 oh how I've missed u
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