Joe Rogan Experience #1477 - Tony Hawk 

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Tony Hawk is a professional skateboarder, actor, stuntman, and the owner of the skateboard company Birdhouse.



20 мај 2020






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Keith Lovebride
Keith Lovebride Пре 30 минута
2003 in a nutshell
Gekokujo76 Пре 35 минута
Tony didnt mention a lot of things about his story. He mentioned the cool punker kids who were skating that he wanted to be like, but he didnt mention that they were the ones who called him robotic and literally spit on him. Tony's dad was THE organizer of skate events for the area Tony grew up in....and Tony's mom often judged the competitions Tony would compete in. This doesnt endear you to the punker guys you look up to. Tony never mentioned that he busted out his teeth while skating a pool at 10 years old, and that he was taken away in an ambulance..or how he immediately went back to skating aerials in pools at that age (something sane kids usually dont do). Tony is an amazing guy and he didnt mention a lot of things. He didnt mention that he is the most famous skater of all time, but he would likely tell you that Rodney Mullen was the best. Shows the humility of Hawk and proves the greatness of future JRE guest Rodney Mullen.
Devin Miller
Devin Miller Пре 36 минута
Joe “Staircases, Railings” Rogan 🤙🏽
Allen Achterberg
Allen Achterberg Пре 40 минута
I lived in a small town when rollerblading was big. We skated our courthouse daily, so they decided to build us a skate park, we were so excited, we went and skated it after city workers left even though it was unsafe and a work in progress. One night, we hopped the fences to skate and the workers were there, we scattered. I got caught. Others got away but it rings true, the desire to skate and live on the brink is a unique feature. We love life so much, we will live at the edge of it to feel it to its fullest.
Pee Wee
Pee Wee Пре 46 минута
Just watch Lords of Dogtown, will explain everything about skateboarding evolution.
Sammi R.
Sammi R. Пре 49 минута
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2170">36:10</a>
Michael B
Michael B Пре 56 минута
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="61">1:01</a> I’m sure Jamie feels like a man, breaking his butt bone on a fucking hoverboard after Tony Hawk just said he broke his pelvis on a loop.. 😂
basspool Пре сат
I won’t be going to Spotify joe I love you and hate RSvid but Spotify podcasts just sound awful :(
Ocelot Пре сат
Tony fraud hawk watch the net flix documentary about him
Joe , the only way i listen to.you is on youtube and google...will your show still be free ? I hate to let you go joe
Randy Dube
Randy Dube Пре сат
I'm curious if if he was referencing Duane Peters as the hater.
Dillon Jennings
Dillon Jennings Пре сат
Love ya Tony, but Gonz is goat!!
MrG!MM!X Пре сат
So I just found out skateboarding is going to be in the Olympic's next year. Wow Bboying ,now skateboarding. I think it'll be awesome to watch!
Dave123 6
Dave123 6 Пре сат
BAM margera JOE
Aiden Finney
Aiden Finney Пре сат
Joe watch king of the road
D E Пре сат
Joe “my name is Joe Rogan” Rogan
Dee W See
Dee W See Пре сат
Get Rodney Mullen on here !!
Sean Goold
Sean Goold Пре сат
Joe: you should really try strength conditioning and supplements Tony: yaaaaaa.... Naaaaaaaa
Hugo Vega
Hugo Vega Пре сат
Tony Hawk the boss much respect and wish nothing but blessings 🤘🏽
Carly Hanvey
Carly Hanvey Пре сат
Not to be a dick... But can you believe that Tony and Joe are the same age? 😳
Hugo Vega
Hugo Vega Пре сат
You need to get Rodney Mullen
WeGameDough Пре сат
Tony's mic arm in this video lined up perfectly on my phone screen with my charge cable, it looks like his mic arm flows Into my charger cord lol
Who tf else hates the new comment section??
Twobarpsi Пре сат
Tony "I guess I just don't wanna be that guy that's like, Hey man! Doing my podcast" Hawk Joe "I'm worth $100,000,000 sucka" Rogan
California lockdown
California lockdown Пре сат
North county San Diego is a hidden gem I know I'm in Oceanside right now Hometown born and raised. I'm in the ghetto but it's a 10 minute walk from the beach.
California lockdown
California lockdown Пре сат
@Twobarpsi It's OK we have camp Pendleton there's a lot of bullets there
Twobarpsi Пре сат
Warm weather makes you soft.
keegan groves
keegan groves Пре сат
Please have Andy Roy on the podcast!
Kyle Stroud
Kyle Stroud Пре сат
Yo joe let me get that richard Pryor shirt
Milo J
Milo J Пре сат
Joe shoulda lit up a blunt. Woulda been interesting
HipHopBeatSource Пре сат
Birdman is a legend. Rodney Mullen would be a great interview. Make that happen Joe.
Matt_Hilburn 21
Matt_Hilburn 21 Пре сат
Now he needs to talk to rob dyrdek he has so many stories
M G Пре 2 сата
If a scientist showed me DNA 🧬 evidence that Tony Hawk is 52 I wouldn’t believe him.
NZ CREST Пре 2 сата
Tony hawk haha!
Hugo Vega
Hugo Vega Пре 2 сата
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="61">1:01</a>:05 dude not even the same Tony was do a big as loop Jamie’s a bitch (the hawk man is to nice)
Hugo Vega
Hugo Vega Пре 2 сата
Shiners >< shin kick - Slip out >< jab - concrete Ko >< mma ko
Andrew Stubblefield
Andrew Stubblefield Пре 2 сата
There needs to be a RODNEY MULLEN episode!
Be The Ball
Be The Ball Пре 2 сата
I think Joe tries to be a helper
Eric Pierce
Eric Pierce Пре 2 сата
I wish you’d have Rodney Mullen on. Him and tony would be great. I think this may be my new favorite. It’s hard to say the Graham Hancock series has been pretty great.
Tyler McVittie
Tyler McVittie Пре 2 сата
oh my god, I love everything tony says after 15 minutes, its so fucking true, we were labeled as this other thing for a long time. So true!
BB Пре 2 сата
I fucking love San Diego too❤️
Tim Nester
Tim Nester Пре 2 сата
The best was ridiculed. Lol. You're the one Hawk a beacon
valo_cs Пре 2 сата
Tony Hawk is the oldest teenager I've ever seen.
Hugo Vega
Hugo Vega Пре 2 сата
Skater never quits once you love it there’s no going back. Even if it mean you can only do slappys and Cruz it’s the best feeeling.
Michael Richards
Michael Richards Пре 2 сата
This episode is actually 150 mins long. 103 for JRE plus a 47 min interlude for watching skate slam vids.
Cpt. James K Morgan
Cpt. James K Morgan Пре 2 сата
Tony Hawk is still one of the coolest human beings on the planet.
OverGrown Life
OverGrown Life Пре 2 сата
Why does his skin look grey?
Just call me Q
Just call me Q Пре 2 сата
Joe is really going downhill with his interviewing ability, such a big guest on the show to not do well
MALO_ 213
MALO_ 213 Пре 2 сата
Even in the hood ....Tony Hawk is a legend !
ivivince625 Пре 2 сата
Joe Rogan is is looking like deep state he used the term “new normal” so Illuminati confirmed.*conspiracy twitch*
Jason Reviews TECH
Jason Reviews TECH Пре 2 сата
best video game ever. LOLs.
Arnoto Пре 2 сата
Tony hawk really an old ass teenager 😂😭
Wander Пре 2 сата
Joe "I get in the sauna everyday" Rogan
Gary Elkins
Gary Elkins Пре 2 сата
Hey Joe Rogan! Who put sand in skateparks? DEMOCRAT GAVIN NEWSOM!! Who said no parking at beaches? DEMOCRAT GAVIN NEWSOM!! VOTE REPUBLICAN!!
Nicholas Cayton
Nicholas Cayton Пре 2 сата
“I turned pro when I was 14”
Azraf Khan
Azraf Khan Пре 2 сата
My first PlayStation game was on Tony Hawk
Maaq Trkk
Maaq Trkk Пре 2 сата
i remember Ace of Spades for my whole life cuz' Tony Hawk :'D pro skater
neonknees Пре 2 сата
I've raced BMX against a 70 year old. He is hella fast.
Nicolas Martinez
Nicolas Martinez Пре 3 сата
Consider inviting Travis Pastrana !
24JesterKings Пре 3 сата
"U know he's gonna talk to you about working out right" :)
Darcus Пре 3 сата
Scotty Cranmer would be a good guest
eoh33 Пре 3 сата
Dr. Hogly Wogly's ... Hell Yeah 818
Matt Strader
Matt Strader Пре 3 сата
I quit skating in college because I kept hurting my ankles...switched to rock climbing. My parents HATED skateboard culture, but that shit helped make me.
StickyIckyTRaiiN Пре 3 сата
14 damn
V95 Aaaap
V95 Aaaap Пре 3 сата
I love how tony hawk is so SHOOK that he is irrelevant and not famous anymore haha he’s stuck in 2003
More Skittles
More Skittles Пре 3 сата
who's looking forward to the tony hawk pro skater 1 and 2 remaster????
Jason Olinger
Jason Olinger Пре 3 сата
I bet Brian Redban is on suicide watch realizing that he missed an opportunity of a lifetime because he did not take jre as serious as he should have and now signing the new deal i'm sure Jamie is getting some serious pay raises smh
Cody Scott
Cody Scott Пре 3 сата
Being a skater, I am super jealous that Tony Hawk gets to skate at literally every park in the world.
RawrStickers Пре 3 сата
Can we get Rodney Mullen on JRE now?
dylan sarver
dylan sarver Пре 3 сата
Joe, get Rodney Mullen on this!!
Richie Mcinnis
Richie Mcinnis Пре 3 сата
Ps to Tony hawk everyone yells do a kick flip to everyone on skateboards lol there being jerkoffs lol
jesse stevens
jesse stevens Пре 3 сата
He did so well to deal with the fame and money he had so early in his life. So many people have been destroyed by stratospheric success in their teens. He seems so balanced and content now. Good for him.
Mike Lennon
Mike Lennon Пре 3 сата
Gotta get Rodney Mullen on here. Dude is a legend and always an interesting interview.
Manuel Iniguez
Manuel Iniguez Пре 3 сата
If you had Tony Hawk on here then you also gotta get a podcast with Rodney Mullen amazing skater and amazing individual some call him the father of modern skating you should have em on sometime
Evil Friend
Evil Friend Пре 3 сата
Dont even pay any attention to skating, i think its cool though, that being said i don’t understand how someone could dislike tony hawk
Dominic Carioti
Dominic Carioti Пре 3 сата
The best skateboarding video game of all time is THUG.
LAESA Пре 3 сата
Neen Williams needs to be on the show. Plenty to talk about fitness, skateboarding, and heelflips.
ashaaib Пре 4 сата
the only reason he is famous is the video games
More Skittles
More Skittles Пре 2 сата
lol u must not have been around in the 90s. Video Games was just icing on the cake.
Eddie Garcia Jr
Eddie Garcia Jr Пре 4 сата
So fucking cool man! Wow. I’m 28 and still thrashing. Awesome pod bro! Rohan is fkn stoked.
Bryan Spence
Bryan Spence Пре 4 сата
Tony saying "people used to say this to my face" talkin bout how unaffected he is by social media is GOAT talk
celtic forst
celtic forst Пре 4 сата
Thanks for havin--- lol
TRAF71C TOU6E Пре 4 сата
Images talking to your younger self explaining 2020 entertainment .. Older self -it’s a thing called a “ podcast “... Younger self - a what ? Older self - it’s kinda a big thing I guess Younger self - it sounds dumb Older self - Tony Hawk is a guest Younger self - OH! it’s like , a big deal then
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