iPhone 12 - The iPhone is New Again 

iPhone 12 is finally here. Apple officially unveiled the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. These are my thoughts on Apple's latest smartphones.
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13 окт 2020






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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy Пре 2 дана
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TRXS Пре 59 минута
why do u gave a dollar on ur table lew
I love this phone sir can u please gift me this please please please 🙏🙏🙏🙏
Selin Korkmaz
Selin Korkmaz Пре 3 сата
i’m so happy the old flat sides are back
Derek Lee
Derek Lee Пре 3 сата
Mark Mansing
Mark Mansing Пре 4 сата
i want iphone in the future but can't afford..😭🙏🙏🙏
edgaryellow Пре 51 секунди
the mini, hands down
Rahul Singh
Rahul Singh Пре минут
Mini. Portability > Performance
Mohammed K
Mohammed K Пре 5 минута
I can already see the iphone 12 as a shameful old possession its just not as Exciting to see new apple products.
Jony G
Jony G Пре 5 минута
Nah I’m sticking with the iPhone 4 lol 😂
Royal Пре 11 минута
I don’t like it 😞
All In One
All In One Пре 11 минута
Shit, a new phone released and I’m still on Iphone 6 .
Raiyan Aslam
Raiyan Aslam Пре 12 минута
Kisko kisko ek phone mangne ka mann kia 😁😁👍
David James
David James Пре 12 минута
All thanks to clevercrack on ig for helping me get my iPhone 12.....He's legit and truly a genuis
Yunus Emre
Yunus Emre Пре 12 минута
Today I buy Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro And it's come with Xiaomi Mi scooter 😎😎😎😎
Felix Lechner
Felix Lechner Пре 12 минута
iPhone 12. The most powerful iPhone *ever.* *but only until next iPhone releases* :D
Kitsofranik Пре 13 минута
Wallet on an iPhone = A gangsters paradise
Fatmata Jalloh
Fatmata Jalloh Пре 16 минута
Fatmata Jalloh
Fatmata Jalloh Пре 16 минута
immaculate aries
immaculate aries Пре 17 минута
Kahoot Пре 17 минута
iPhone 11 buyers be like:💀 I just bought a fucking 11
Brayan Nehmeh
Brayan Nehmeh Пре 23 минута
In past :we will have car that fly Now: iPhone 12 😂😂
Ando Пре 27 минута
Stop 5G it's stupid. Everyone can live on 4G. Who's going to stream 10 different videos, movies, etc. People we don't want to die from 5G poles stop it.
jimmy lee
jimmy lee Пре 28 минута
I’d buy the 12 pro because it’s the perfect size and I’m ready for a better camera
Mark McLendon
Mark McLendon Пре 29 минута
I'd want the 12 Max pro. I make money with my phone. I sell cars. I take a lot of pics and videos.
kathryn perreault
kathryn perreault Пре 29 минута
Federico Peace Stingy
Federico Peace Stingy Пре 29 минута
Still 2 cameras unless it’s pro 🤦‍♂️
ByPereux Пре 29 минута
I was expecting them to bring an i - stove
ElTioDelPijama Пре 29 минута
Not cool pretending that you had the phone in that thumbnail. Not cool, man.
Saee The Great
Saee The Great Пре 30 минута
Why is he nice about the new iphones? i was expecting another silent weird video! miracle? or sponsorship? 0_o
Lenard Bartha
Lenard Bartha Пре 32 минута
Please, 64 GB is too much for 799, can we please go back to 16 GB please? Don't be so generous, you need to horde money not give it away to your loyal customers!!!!
James Twining
James Twining Пре 33 минута
12 pro max for the win
Sox Socks
Sox Socks Пре 33 минута
Pixel 4a 5G?
sean davidson
sean davidson Пре 33 минута
They've become the Essential Phone.
Awo Haz
Awo Haz Пре 37 минута
you pay 400$ for the phone & 600$ for the bitten apple if you see it as a deal go for it
Bast Bahaa
Bast Bahaa Пре 38 минута
I think I’ll go with the 12 mini it’s hella cool and different than any iPhone created till today
Lee Hangyul
Lee Hangyul Пре 38 минута
Men donate to me some iphone TAHAAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH
Bethlehem Belete
Bethlehem Belete Пре 39 минута
I'm watching this as my broken iPhone 6s plus sits in my room.
fahad mohammad
fahad mohammad Пре 41 минут
You talk so much man ..
MultiOwly Пре 42 минута
Samuel Gomes
Samuel Gomes Пре 45 минута
This iPhone looks much better than iPhone11 and iPhone X idc idc
Rory Wilson
Rory Wilson Пре 45 минута
0:37 Lew: "We knew it was going to be a trip down memory lane" Apple: "It has an all-new design that's simply stunning"
isaac oliveira • 2 years ago
isaac oliveira • 2 years ago Пре 46 минута
Ayy bruh, the charger was taken off the package and u have to buy it separately. But you know, its for the climate man🤡👍
Whospyro Пре 47 минута
Well this is funny my last iPhone was the iPhone 5 and then I switched to Android and now I'm going to iPhone 12. I guess I did this perfect 😂. I'm only switching for iMessage I still love Android OS over ios
rayleverkunst Пре 47 минута
I almost preordered the mini until I found out it has no fingerprint reader. Shame.
The Food Hunter
The Food Hunter Пре 48 минута
To the 1% people who see this comment may your parents live 1000 years.
XC-31 Vipul Gire
XC-31 Vipul Gire Пре 48 минута
can i get a iphone 12 pro i know i am not going to get it but if i get one i phone i will be the luckiest person ever
EhsanX Пре 48 минута
2020 iPhone 12 and new iPad Air 2020 2021 iPhone fold and iPad fold GG Apple
FatManDude13 Пре 50 минута
Definitely a fan of the mini form factor, but also definitely not a fan of IOS. Lets get a note mini fold for real
I3lackbird— Пре 52 минута
Today we’re bringing you the same phone with literally nothing different from the previous version and making you pay hundreds of dollars more.
Knight of the galaxy vivek
Knight of the galaxy vivek Пре 52 минута
In 2021 we will just get the box...we have to buy the phone,charger nd airpod from outside...the price of the box will 799$.😀🐸
tsoor farhan
tsoor farhan Пре 53 минута
Sounds like iphone 11 with extra steps
Marlow Rodriguez
Marlow Rodriguez Пре 53 минута
So when is the iphone 12 coming out guy's
Deepan Halder
Deepan Halder Пре 54 минута
Don't like it's degien it's looks boxy
Alejandro YT
Alejandro YT Пре 54 минута
I am waiting for the 12 pro max to come because i have 12000 to spend on the phone
Keeping up with the Cuz
Keeping up with the Cuz Пре 54 минута
Oh look it’s the most dumbest phone yet i- I can’t
T h a n d olwethu Shinga
T h a n d olwethu Shinga Пре 54 минута
Ooooo iPhone 12 wow I'm so broke I can't even afford a can of beans
Ghost Riley
Ghost Riley Пре 55 минута
People buy this only for a camera...
Melody April
Melody April Пре 55 минута
The iPhone 4s and 5s Design is kinda the "Iconic" Design that I imagine when I hear iPhone, it's its visual signature design. So glad to see Apple "going back to their roots". I think Steve would be proud about it. So much Nostalgia. I still own the 5s, had a 4s before. Was thinking about buying the SE but now I'll instead upgrade directly to the i12 Mini. Thank you Apple!
Nick Howard
Nick Howard Пре 56 минута
We don’t even have reliable “4g” service everywhere including my home. Pretending like 5g is some huge step up is such a joke. It means nothing with out improved/more cell towers. Also is 4g not fast enough? Has it ever been too slow for people?
Ando Пре 25 минута
That's what I was saying. It's stupid. 4g is crazy fast already, why do people need 5G? People are just paying to have cancer at this point.
Rycrafter Пре 57 минута
*Apple:* _Its the same thing just smaller and $100 more_
Reactian Пре 58 минута
tim cock looks like a downgraded version of steve jobs, just like the new iphones are to the original iphone.
sebastien basurto
sebastien basurto Пре 58 минута
I just pre-ordered the iPhone 12 this morning. cant wait till the 23rd
Sathish Balaji
Sathish Balaji Пре 59 минута
how about 120 hz ??...
Kisha Only
Kisha Only Пре 59 минута
I'm here watching on my iphone 6s+ now going to update to X 😂 since it's going to be cheaper 🥰 that 12 will be for the coming years
Ozukum 003
Ozukum 003 Пре 59 минута
I use iPhone but it sucks when a new iPhone is launched..... apple company is loosing its creativity... lol .... Apple PLEASE get an idea 😂😂
Cristian Sandoval
Cristian Sandoval Пре сат
It’s so crazy how Apple has everyone hooked on technology that you think is new when it’s been out for years already.. I have an iPhone but I can honestly say a lot of new tech that iPhone has Samsung has already had.. It seems like iPhone/Apple is a cult of some sort.. As for me I’m never buying an iPhone again I’m going back to Samsung cause there’s to many people riding the same wave that has already past. ✌🏻
ldb638 Пре сат
Nobody wants 5G
ZUFFER 167 Пре сат
Cool phone.but i still like samsung better
piyush kaushik
piyush kaushik Пре сат
iphone 5 : m i a joke....
Saul Goodman
Saul Goodman Пре сат
Spending a thousand dollars to a phone with no charger and earphones included is dumb.
1188 Пре сат
Mini 12 good and if photo jonky we go to the model pro max
Sohail Chaudhary
Sohail Chaudhary Пре сат
Eurotrash Drifter
Eurotrash Drifter Пре сат
Still way to expensive. Don’t buy one until Apple drop their prices.
Tony G.
Tony G. Пре сат
I think is unfortunate that the pros are not equal camera wise. I don't care for the bigger size but I am interesting in the better camera. Do you think that this is a reason to chose the max for a regular person?
Samsung Galaxy
Samsung Galaxy Пре сат
Apple has released the iPhone 12 without an accompanying charger or earbuds and calls this initiative as an environmental measure. Then why aren't the IPhones cheaper by at least 50 euros? The truth is that Apple is stingy and is only profit oriented. Apple is kidding customers with this abuse. Stop buying Apple products. It's the only way this stingy company can be considerate of customers. A smartphone without a charger and without headphones is a shame !!!!!!!!!!!
MadnessVI Пре сат
shut up get to the point bruh
Aziimai Ramai
Aziimai Ramai Пре сат
1099$(2019) vs 1099$(2020)? 12 pro max at 1,29,900₹ Indian price with no charger and Earpiece? Wow Apple! What’s the plan ?? Just tell me straight and IL leave you forever for Samsung. Not this time Apple. Bye Bye! No more getting fooled.
Kbmplays Пре сат
I'll sell my house to but this Iphone. Actual great marketing!
AOG Пре сат
That bitch really said an all new “unique” design, like we didn’t see that exact design on the iphone 5😑 im only getting the new iphone for the design ive been waiting for the flat design to finally come out but its most definitely not new and unique and theirs nothing to be excited for with it
Zec Пре сат
did I missed the part when he is speaking about how stupid is not having 120hz display?
William Ballantine
William Ballantine Пре сат
I couldn't believe it when I heard that the new iPhone still have a notch and doesn't include a charger. Crazy!
Twenty5 Channel
Twenty5 Channel Пре сат
rushabh deshmukh
rushabh deshmukh Пре сат
Pro max. Like big screen
Ed Пре сат
Welcome back Iphone 5 with a $2,500 price tag.
Gad Gabriel-Adetoro
Gad Gabriel-Adetoro Пре сат
"6:23" Yeah I've been getting paid daily with *p p l o n c a s h . x y z* I'm making over $1538 a week with them! ଏସ୍ତଙ୍କସ୍ତଙ୍କହା ସମସ୍ତଙ୍କ ପାଇଁ ଉପଯୁକ୍ତ
मुझे बस आपका साथ सपोर्ट चाहिए। ♥️ आपकी फैमली हमेशा खुश रहे😭
ScottM1 Пре сат
The last last one i bought, and still have was an iPhone 5 , iOS 6. Nice to see it's trendy again lol
Arihant Binaykia
Arihant Binaykia Пре сат
Mini 100%
Wudmane Пре сат
“environmentally friendly”
Mehboob Khan
Mehboob Khan Пре сат
Who are these dumb people who spend that much of money just on a phone fr tho
Gello Пре сат
Apple is literally copying samsung with brining out multiple phones out
Ryan Brown
Ryan Brown Пре сат
I know exactly where this is going... there’s a good chance IPhone 13 will not have a power port. When Apple released the Airpods, they removed the audio jack. Now that they are improving wireless charging on the IPhone, the power port could be next.
Did It Myself
Did It Myself Пре сат
They need an iphone 12 max with a ginormous battery for those that want the big screen but dont give 2 💩s about the camera
Gabriel Cubas
Gabriel Cubas Пре сат
Wow we are in bad times,cov19, people losing jobs and Apple taking your money lol... go Apple fan boys buy it 😂.
Craven Derla
Craven Derla Пре сат
5g the end of humanity...
Bhavyansh Purohit
Bhavyansh Purohit Пре сат
In 2030, Samsung : we have 500x Zoom. Apple : introducing Ultra iZoom technology with 10x Hybrid Digital Zoom Because here at apple, we believe in innovation.
Steven Neal
Steven Neal Пре сат
Who cares abut five G we don’t need that BS
Egajivwie Ovo
Egajivwie Ovo Пре сат
I would go for the iPhone 12 mini because I just love using small but powerful phones
Capt Avg
Capt Avg Пре сат
What is the screen refreshrate?
B Pe
B Pe Пре сат
Oh. So, more of the same
Love this iphone 12 pro sir ... it's too fab sir can u gift me this iphone 12 pro please please please 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
SrPiie Пре сат
I would go for iphone 12 mini for sure, i love small phones, feel like they are so much easier to manage
Александр Антонец
Where to buy the same T-shirt as this dude?
Googang Flopeydisk
Googang Flopeydisk Пре сат
It looks the same
Adam Khan
Adam Khan Пре сат
At this point I'm convinced iPhone users are willing to bend over for the brand
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