Ingenious Woodworking Workers At Another Level // Amazing Woodworking Skills Of Young Carpenters 

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Use Woodworking hand tools and Machine to Create Amazing & unique furniture from Big Monolithic Hardwood... and Today is How to make A Carved Table with Design Neck and Decorate is very sophisticated, extremely beautiful!
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17 мај 2020






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Domenjoz Cedric
Domenjoz Cedric Пре 11 сати
Bonjour les protections . Bravos joli travail
آبّـنٌ آلَذٌهِبّـيّةُ ICTF
واوو ☹️👏👏
John Thomas
John Thomas Пре дан
The truculent jumper notablely remind because mosque distinctively moan despite a exotic column. worried, ill-fated gosling
زياد اسامة
زياد اسامة Пре 2 дана
guitarhack210 Пре 2 дана
Do the acronym ppe mean anything to you? IE ( safety shoes) or just shoes period
Douglas Smith
Douglas Smith Пре 2 дана
I'm a retired cabinet maker. This is the poorest quality work I think I've ever seen.
Timothy Kreski
Timothy Kreski Пре 2 дана
I think you have some difficulty with the ingenious concept
Bill Rodwick
Bill Rodwick Пре 2 дана
Nice workmanship but way too many ways to hurt yourself from toes, hands to eyes.
ersu Пре 3 дана
no masks, no shoes, no guards on the equipment, and thats why everyone is young coz they all die before their old. Come on glasses, shoes, a metal guard their not expensive get your shit together. Your lives your hands, eyes are worth more then a table?
John Giff
John Giff Пре 4 дана
Those are really comfortable looking safety boots
Lin Cravens
Lin Cravens Пре 6 дана
That is gorgeous! Thank you for showing me how its built.
Eric McGinnis
Eric McGinnis Пре 6 дана
What a great piece! Very talented young man!
Peter Webber
Peter Webber Пре 6 дана
Are saw guards illegal there?
Lee Goldman
Lee Goldman Пре 6 дана
OH Lord if only I could afford a table like that, expertly done and absolutely beautiful...
muprock Пре 7 дана
I recognize the good skill and practice, but I don't see how this is "ingenious" and "at another level". Anyway, congratulations on getting 8 million views. Hyperbole wins again on RSvid.
pvn wong
pvn wong Пре 7 дана
It seems unsafe, but just another day for this guy.
DIY Creatives
DIY Creatives Пре 8 дана
Great job my friend.Thanks for sharing.Don't pay attention to the negative comments.Those people can't even join 2 boards with nails together.
Charles LaDue
Charles LaDue Пре 9 дана
They don't even have shoes on, pathetic
Keith Brown
Keith Brown Пре 10 дана
glueing all sides of a piece of wood would likely result in splitting.
Homepros NYC
Homepros NYC Пре 10 дана
Work shop must have a no shoe policy.
RiDeR oo7
RiDeR oo7 Пре 10 дана
I'm just watching this for a good sleep
RiDeR oo7
RiDeR oo7 Пре 9 дана
@Yrtk wts your Instagram I'd..?
RiDeR oo7
RiDeR oo7 Пре 9 дана
@Yrtk but it's not working 😂
Yrtk Пре 9 дана
Me too.. 😁
Prince Somorin Osifeso, Snr.
Prince Somorin Osifeso, Snr. Пре 11 дана
You created a family heirloom. Bravo.
Pets House
Pets House Пре 12 дана
Good job
Nice Machines
Nice Machines Пре 12 дана
awesome creative
K Tec
K Tec Пре 12 дана
YungFredoWTG Пре 13 дана
craftsmanship my ass
Chris Hall
Chris Hall Пре 14 дана
Bare Foot ??? What about Safety never mind splinters is that a good idea ?
Kai Schwab
Kai Schwab Пре 14 дана
NO protection whatsoever. This video makes me sad. :-( This is not "ingenious woodworking", this is modern slavery.
Bill Пре 14 дана
Like the closeups.
zane lile
zane lile Пре 15 дана
I caught myself setting her trying to smell the saw dust.
Pawiro Farm {PM Grup}
Pawiro Farm {PM Grup} Пре 16 дана
good looking
Peter Miller
Peter Miller Пре 16 дана
Pathetic third world worker spraying with hardly any protection. This poor man will be dead at an early age. Is it really worth it to buy this stuff.
Abdirahman Mahdi
Abdirahman Mahdi Пре 17 дана
Abdirahman Mahdi
Abdirahman Mahdi Пре 17 дана
daseeyesh Пре 18 дана
Safety first! And far from fine woodworking.
bfjb70 Пре 18 дана
So this is where our second-hand shop equipment goes I guess? I think I recognize that thickness planer from high-school wood shop.
Bodes Bodes
Bodes Bodes Пре 18 дана
As a form of torture I want to strap a dozen OH&S auditors to chairs and force them to watch these guys work for 12 hours straight.
Han Da
Han Da Пре 18 дана
ya allah plz forgive me stop watching this.
sari sari
sari sari Пре 18 дана
grandpa amu is the best 😃😄😀
The Best Way
The Best Way Пре 18 дана
For 16.000 Step By sSep Plans Of WoodWorking watch this video rsvid.info/video/0si3ot2Aupmyf5I.html
Bu Nhan
Bu Nhan Пре 18 дана
When someone loves you, the way they talk about you is different. You feel safe and comfortable.
demo3d Пре 18 дана
"Big Spinning Unprotected Blade Of Safety!"
bfjb70 Пре 18 дана
Blade guard schmade guard.
Daisy Greer
Daisy Greer Пре 19 дана
Danghuynh Vy
Danghuynh Vy Пре 19 дана
Is my is my mother goose club out.
Forrest Turner
Forrest Turner Пре 19 дана
Hu Nam
Hu Nam Пре 20 дана
0:40 she is hot girl and sexygirl.
Nora Sheffield
Nora Sheffield Пре 20 дана
Dayum!! How much?
Art Mensch
Art Mensch Пре 20 дана
Vietnamese woodworkers, nice job but how were the carvings created? CNC?
King Mona
King Mona Пре 21 дан
The poor doggie had to suffer and watch dis XD.
Gdatta Gdatta
Gdatta Gdatta Пре 21 дан
aljun dating
aljun dating Пре 21 дан
I wish to live in a country where there are lot of good woods that I can modestly cut legally so that I can personally make furniture. Here in the Philippines, illegal logging was tolerated by corrupt people. And now that seldom are the trees, there are a lot of requirements to obtain a permit to cut softwood (not good lumbers like narra because their cutting is prohibited now). Plans by the government on replantation fails.
aljun dating
aljun dating Пре 21 дан
The circular saw is amazing and powerful. It doesn't bounce back even though there is no guide.
The MM Gamer
The MM Gamer Пре 21 дан
why tf isn't he using the other handle? Swear to f*** he's going to lose a finger or 4 the day the saw binds hard...
Marvin Moran
Marvin Moran Пре 21 дан
Yang pilih Allah like yang pilih Dajjal abaikan.
Rajnesh Dubey
Rajnesh Dubey Пре 22 дана
Beautiful .
peter m
peter m Пре 22 дана
copycat carpenters making something new look older than it actually is ,just think some poor mug will get caught out paying through the nose for this only to find out when they get it valued for insurance it's not worth what they paid and it's new not old.
Gedeon Shvalov
Gedeon Shvalov Пре 22 дана
Beauty 🥳🥳
Nik Boldrini
Nik Boldrini Пре 23 дана
I watched the whole thing because I wanted to see the "carving" of the panels. I guess the most important part and probably the most difficult ended up on the cutting room floor.
Davide Paganini
Davide Paganini Пре 23 дана
great 👏👏👏👏
Hòa Nguyễn Văn
Hòa Nguyễn Văn Пре 23 дана
Thợ trẻ làm rất nét , nhanh và đẹp ! Mỗi cái án thế này gỗ gì ? Có giá bao nhiêu vậy ?
Samsgarden Пре 24 дана
TST Zoophoojywg
TST Zoophoojywg Пре 24 дана
It is a wonderful piece of furniture, it’s amazing.
Pete B
Pete B Пре 24 дана
Im surprised these guys still have all their fingers and toes !!!
卫随德 Пре 25 дана
The acrid river constitutively advise because hand fourthly hum from a detailed pressure. wrong, overjoyed mailman
UnforgivenTrucker Пре 25 дана
Pitter patter, let's get after 'er.
Francisco Carrera
Francisco Carrera Пре 25 дана
veri good
Nikolaos Mastorogiannakis
Nikolaos Mastorogiannakis Пре 25 дана
1:30 the wood is already cut ....wtf !!!!!
Go Ahead Make My Day
Go Ahead Make My Day Пре 25 дана
your going to tell me that they don't get splinters on their feet.
Luis Henriquez
Luis Henriquez Пре 26 дана
Todo nuy bien pero, para que sirve ese mueble?
norton snale
norton snale Пре 26 дана
OSHA does not exist here.
The Brexiteer
The Brexiteer Пре 26 дана
Very nice finished article, not sure it would look right in my house though! and don't think it would be classed as a work of art, being put together with a nail gun!
Sujad Alam
Sujad Alam Пре 25 дана
Thanks again
Servic Plaser Fantasma
Servic Plaser Fantasma Пре 26 дана
muito bom trabalho pura arte em madeira parabens
tsumugi kamihara
tsumugi kamihara Пре 27 дана
The wasteful island gradually fit because plot neuropathologically protect during a astonishing boot. furry furtive, optimal apartment
Patrick Fouhy
Patrick Fouhy Пре 27 дана
Impressive work. Hope no one from OSHA is watching. haha.
Mike Merc
Mike Merc Пре 27 дана
My meniscus hurts watching this video
tarukana falu
tarukana falu Пре 27 дана
Amazing. What size is this handsaw? Please, answer! Thank you
Mike Lavigne
Mike Lavigne Пре 27 дана
Safety Eighth...
Andy James
Andy James Пре 27 дана
The terrific bar neurologically clean because dipstick ultrastructurally twist onto a needless eagle. needy, mammoth columnist
wilfried hielscher
wilfried hielscher Пре 28 дана
Ralph Dealca
Ralph Dealca Пре 28 дана
Ice cream
DSc DR KEL Пре 28 дана
CasperE. Пре 28 дана
Brought to you by craftsmen Lefty and Stumpy.
Louis Beaupré
Louis Beaupré Пре 28 дана
How much for a table like that!! Awesome!!!!
daniel yumbato
daniel yumbato Пре 28 дана
it is just incredible¡¡¡¡¡
Teixeira Пре 29 дана
Habilidade fantástica.
Pappa Pace
Pappa Pace Пре 29 дана
What a beautiful piece of furniture... I just hope it sells for enough to get this poor man a respirator.
Kroo M7K5
Kroo M7K5 Пре 29 дана
Not seeing the ingenious part of this
scott morse
scott morse Пре 29 дана
i was impressed, until he pulled out the nail gun
Dallas M
Dallas M Пре 29 дана
mind blowing craftsmanship. The lack of safety apparel is a little concerning.....
K. Cashman
K. Cashman Пре месец
BobsArtGallery Пре месец
Amazing and beautiful work indeed...
Einer Schnudfuddy
Einer Schnudfuddy Пре месец
Gaiters block out all the bad things. 😵
Einer Schnudfuddy
Einer Schnudfuddy Пре месец
I'm just waiting for a finger or a toe to go flying.
Vc é uma inspiração. mais uma inscrita @
Erick Eysseric
Erick Eysseric Пре месец
This is a very old tree,
Carla Watkins
Carla Watkins Пре месец
The tense harbor unexpectedly shelter because wine unfortunately wriggle amongst a protective ceramic. disgusted, barbarous lung
H Michael
H Michael Пре месец
Nicely done.
Its THAN not THEN FFS Пре месец
What is the value of that object? From which of its components does the worth come? The labor of the workers is what gives it value. Its beauty (granted by centuries of accumulated knowledge and skill gained through experience passed down) makes it desirable... Is it the allure? I would be incredibly surprised if these artists could ever afford one of the pieces that they spend their entire lives cranking out for people who are not capable of making a single object for themselves or anyone else. The world would be better off without tables like this. At least until we who cannot create can learn how to honor our artists by giving them at least a living wage and acknowledging them while they live, instead of lavishing wealth and recognition upon the vulturesque estates of dead artists and creators of art.
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Приказа 8 мил
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